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Found 203 results

  1. Guest

    School fees under 457 visa

    Hi, We are only starting the whole process, so know doubt we will be checking out a lot of info already on threads. Can anyone tell me if the state school fees apply to different states? Hoping to be moving to Queensland and wanted to clarify it applies accross the board on the 457 Visa. If yes, is there much of a difference between Private fees and state school? Many thanks
  2. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    I'm in the UK with a MA in Oz, should I be paying tax on his bill, quite happy to, but I just wondered thanks Cal
  3. Guest

    Uni fees, PR and Citizenship

    I am aware that uni students with PR are eligible for domestic university fees in Australia but not HECS and so have to pay fees upfront each semester and without the discount. Is this looked at on a year-by-year basis? So, if the student is eligible to take their citizenship part-way through the uni course and do so, can they then apply for HECS/discount for upfront fees for the next semester/academic year? Also, is there any other financial assistance at all for PR uni students - scholarships or help from the university they apply to? Has anyone else with children at uni managed the upfront payments ok or is it crippling?
  4. Guest

    Goverment and vetassess fees!!

    Can anyone please clarify to me what the true costs are to do the vetassess test and apply for a state sponsored visa. I have been told a$1500 for vetasses when i thought it was a$600 and around a$3000 for the goverment fees. Is this right? Any help would be much appretiated, thanks.:eek:
  5. Angela820

    Primary School fees on a 457 visa

    We are moving to Canberra in December and Im getting in a tailspin about my son who is starting school in Feb there. I am completely confused by the school fee structure and enrollments for Canberra and really hope someone can help. It seems that as we will be on a long term temp visa, we have to pay 9K for a years kindergarten fees to government education dept BEFORE we can apply for a government school. If we go for a Catholic, Christian or Grammar school there are separate fee structures, what I would like to know if this is in ADITTION to the 9K or INSTEAD of. Does anyone have any experience of this? We dont know where to start with the primary schools given this and given we may not have secured permanent residence when we arrive. Also - we may be arriving mid December when all the schools are about to close ~(arghhhh). If we decide to go Public school route, would we need to ensure our temporary accomodation is in the catchment area to get a place for Feb 2012? The private route seems easier assuming the fees are stand alone and not in addition to the government 9K as we then dont have to worry about being in the right catchment- would this be the right assumption to make? I would really value some input on this as Im currently tempted to tell my husband to go to Canberra alone till we get my sone a school place and house to live in and then we will go!!:mask: I am still considering an exploratory visit in November but not sure what I may be able to achieve given the above. My other panic is arriving 10 -15th December and have no time to apply before the schools close and not being considered for the schools we may want as we will be in some temporary apartment for the first month till we find our permanent residence. Angela:arghh: i hope someone can help.
  6. Guest

    Agent fees?

    Can anyone tell me if £5500 seems a fair amount for everything required for a 176 visa? That's a total costing for 2 adults and 2 kids?
  7. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    Hi, we're in the UK and paying a migration agent in NSW, we pay via our bank account in Australia, hoping to emigrate later this year. Can we claim our tax on the MA's bill back from anywhere, we pay our tax in the UK at present thanks Cal
  8. Cinders5055

    Notary Fees

    I have 8 documents that need certifying for APHRA. I have been e-mailing and ringing round all afternoon for quotes and the cheapest I have found in London is Grovensor Gardens SW1 and they have quoted me £100 if I bring my own copies with me. Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper? Or do you think this is a good deal? The next cheapest I have been quoted is £175 and the most expensive is £370! :arghh: Lisa
  9. Education fees for foreign students' children 'breach' UN rules. INTERNATIONAL students and other temporary visa holders are being forced to pay thousands of dollars a year in fees for their children to attend public schools in a potential breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  10. Guest

    How much is the 2nd VAC Fees?

    Salaam and Hi everybody, Would anybody please tell me how much is 2nd VAC installment for those applicants who applied in 2009? Thanks Kind Regards
  11. J&T

    School Fees

    Hi the answer is probably here somewhere but after a day on here and speaking to agents about visa's and everything i hope someone can answer this for me. We will be coming over on either a state sponsored visa 163 or a student visa. Looking at the Adelaide area, wife wants to study at Uni, plus 4 kids at school age, 6,8,12&13. Need clarification on how much each year it will cost to have the kids at school prior to getting PR. Any figures would help me out enormously. Cheers Jon.
  12. VDubber

    Which Bank?

    Hi, Looking at opening an Australian bank account before I arrive in 3 weeks time... My fiance will be staying in the UK for the time being to arrange removals, rent out our house etc, so I will need to send money bank to the UK to pay mortgage etc. Does anyone know which bank is best for this? I notice a few charge $20 for each online bank transfer! Thanks :hug:
  13. Guest

    Fees for Queensland SS??

    Hi Everyone, I must be going blind but I can't see any reference to fees for the Q'land ss app on the website, the form or the checklist. Anyone have any idea how much it costs? Also anyone have any idea how long it takes to process?? Thanks so much. Kate.
  14. Hi I am cosidering North Woodvale Primary School in Perth for my children when we arrive in September. From their website, I am aware that it has become an Independent Public School but I am unsure if it is fee paying. Could someone please advise me? Thanks in advance, Gillian
  15. Do we pay for schooling in victoria on a 457 visa kids 9 and 7?
  16. We emigrated to Oz in 2009 with our sons who were 16 and 15 at the time. My eldest had completed his GCSEs. Unfortunatley for lots of reasons we ended up coming back to the UK after 7 months and have now been home for about a year. We have permanent resident visas which don't run out until January 2013. My eldest is due to complete his A levels in July 2012 and my youngest will finish his GCSEs at the same time. My eldest is starting to think about University - he wants to study marine sciences. With the increase in fees here in the UK he is also considering whether to go to University in Oz. It may well be that we all move back to Oz before our visas run out. What I am trying to find out is would our son be classed as an international student or because we have permanent residency as a home student. If as a home student would he be eligible for any loans etc for payment of fees. Could any one help with this or does anyone know where I go to find out the answers?
  17. clonesred

    School Fees on a 457

    Going to be relocating to Brisbane later this year on a 457, I've being trying in vain to work out if Qld charges fees for 457 visa holders for state schools. I can't find a definitive answer anywhere. Does anyone on here have kids at a state school and if so do you pay fees?
  18. regan

    Visa fees

    Could anybody please give me an idea of the cost of an agent to arrange a 176 skilled visa.
  19. Guest

    Uni fees on 457

    Hi all, Similar to the School fees on 457, I thought I would ask the same about Uni fees. Here's my situation. I have a 475 regional visa granted in April and was heading for regional Perth in feb next year however, yesterday I was offered a position in Sydney and am now applying on 457. I have one son who is mid way through Uni in Swansea and will be staying here to complete it and join us later however, my youngest son is yet to start Uni and was due to go to Manchester Uni in Sept. My question is, on a 457, doe’s my son/me have to pay International Uni rates for Sydney or are they subsidised? Any help gratefully received Regards Mike
  20. Hi, Hope someone can help answer this question. I've just got WA SS and am now ready to apply for the visa itself on form 1276 without partner/kids etc. Form 990i says that the first instalment cost is $ AUD2575 and the 2nd installment is $ AUD 3575 (any dependants included in application, 18 years or over with less that functional English). This made me think that I might not have to pay the 2nd installment however further down the page under 8b one of the criteria says the 2nd installment 'is payable immediately before the grant of the visa'. Does this mean that all 176 visas include the costs for the 1st and 2nd installment or have some people managed to just pay the 1st installment alone? Big difference in cost of this is the case! thanks
  21. We recently move from the UK to Australia. As part of the move we received 3 quotes from shipping agencies. Unfortunately we chose the one that was initially the cheapest. Unfortunately the hidden costs made it far more expensive> They have refused to accept that the costs aded on at a later date were unreasonable and that there were definitely not mentioned in any Terms we received prior. The way they have handled the process has left a distinct bad taste in our mouth. Coupled with this were numerous breakages which they have failed to acknowledge despite their "partners" in Oz making note of this on delivery. Overall their customer service has been unbeleivably poor and in hindsight the other quotes, initially marginally dearer, would have been the better deal. I would avoid this company at all costs for cost an customer service. Please PM me for details if you so wish. Other friends and colleagues have had positive results with PSS
  22. Hey guys, Just been sent a contract for my brother to consider for gaining a 457 visa from the agent myself and my partner are using for our PR visa. They want to charge him £900+VAT up front and £900+VAT with the submission of his application to DIAC. I can't put my finger on it but this seems very high to me. Maybe because a) they're asking for it before we have even found a sponsor and b) because unlike mine and my partners application where we don't have to pay the 2nd instalment until after we have been granted our visa he has to pay before he knows if he has it or not. I have tried to explain to the agent that my brother had to leave Oz after trying to gain a sponsored visa onshore because he had worked too many hours on his bridging visa whilst applying. Making us a little nervous that he might be refused offshore but they aren't really having an open discussion about this. I'm guessing most people find a sponsor and then apply for a 457 visa but do they use agents and if so how much did they pay? Did anyone find an agent that helped to find a sponsor? The agent has said he has a few contacts looking for someone just like him (chef) but should he wait for a job offer before paying the first fee? It's a lot of money on top of the actual visa fees too. Thanks Jade
  23. Pretty much as it says. I'll be depositing over $2k a month, so I'm not fussed about the $5 monthly fee, but is there a bank in oz that doesnt charge you for using other banks cash points? cheers!!
  24. family of five

    Private school fees set to rise?

    Dear All, Just read this re private schools fees, does this mean that fees could be going up and if so by how much? Was looking at private schools for my kids but don't want them to start and then have to pull them out if the fees go up lots, anyone know any thing about this? Thanks all Tina, Family of Five x http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/sunday-mail/private-school-fees-in-600m-funding-hit/story-e6frep2f-1226047555084
  25. Guest

    ACT school fees

    Hi all, I am so glad that we have PIO.......questions, questions, questions....... Hubby has been offered a job (121) in Perth, I believe with this we will have no expensive school fees (son 13, daughter 15)?????? Also under consideration is ACT (457) anyone help with the school fees????? We have been told by a nursing relocation agency that there are no school fees in ACT. Is this right????? Only considering ACT as it will get us there quicker, less expensive....well until we do the PR after 6 months. and the relocation is excellent....however....if the school fees are really high then it will be Perth for us........I would rather go to Perth anyway;) Any help would be GREATLY appreciated... Thanks in advance. Sharon.xxxx