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Found 203 results

  1. Hi all, Just starting to explore 188a as a way to migrate from the UK to OZ. Currently, we meet all the eligibility criteria... my question is around how best to source a partner/agent to help with the process. I'm sure many are finding it as much of a minefield as we are. Having approached 3 agents thus far, we've had varying degrees of costs ranging from $8,000 right up to $50,000. Has anyone any advice... or recommendations on agents to help us. Also, an idea of the costs we should be expecting to pay. Thanks in advance for any help navigating all this! Cheers
  2. Scottst

    Excessive Mara agent fees?

    Are these fees unreasonable?
  3. We are waiting for the decision on our subclass 190 visa application. In meantime I wanted to check something about preschool(kindergarten) admission for my wee one. She turns four this August and in case we get the visa granted anytime soon we might make the move to Melbourne say by September. My first questions is, would my daughter get admission in a preschool in a full time basis( 15 hours) that time of the year and second questions is there a fees ? I have read that the child should be 4 years old by April of the year to get admission to free one year preschool before proper schooling.
  4. Hi what would people say the best bank is to go with over here? i signed up with ANZ but they charge me a monthly fee for having the account and have just charged me for transferring money from the UK when ive already paid fees to my UK bank for the transfer. I find this appalling.
  5. Guest

    SCHOOL FEES 457 visa

  6. Hi I have researched the amount of money that is needed to be held by myself in ordered to get a 190 / 489 visa in Queensland. It states that for an applicant +1 other the total value of assets must be Aus $35000 with Aus $ 15000 being cash. It also states that proof is only required for the cash part. I have assets that I could sell to get the aus $35000 but I don't really want to sell my British properties yet. Once I have proven the cash part do you ever need to provide evidence of the rest ? If anybody out there has been through this process I would be very greatfull if you could help kindest regards , ollie
  7. Can anyone on here give me some info on the best and cheapest way to transfer money from the UK for my 76 year old mum who has just received her contributory parent visa. I have spoke to the commonwealth bank in London who will transfer to the commonwealth bank in Australia for free if its over £10,000 Anyone had any experience in this?
  8. Hi, I wonder whether it's possible to use MoneyCorp services to transfer money to OZ from Israel? If yes, where can I see the details like transfer rates, fees, etc.. Thanks! Eugene
  9. Guest

    RSMS 857 visa issues

    Dear all, I was on a student visa 573 (just done with my masters). I was employed just after I had finished my Masters. My employer and me had decided to go for RSMS 857 visa option. It is a small business firm and he has obtained regional certification which will enable him to nominate me for RSMS. The real problem now is "who pays the visa fee". Both of us know pretty well that this position is hard to be filled and he doesn't want to let me go. Still he is reluctant to pay the visa fees. I am quite not ready to pay the money as I am not sure whether I will get the visa or not. Is there a hard and fast rule regarding who has to pay for the visa fees and the lawyer fees. My second question is "if the employer decides to fire me after an year (RSMS visa rules -commitment to the sponsoring employer for 2 years)- whether my visa will be canceleld?" Because I have made a genuine effort to continue in the job, but he has not let me do so.. Please help me out.. thank you
  10. Hi all, Myself and my boyfriend are at the very beginning stages of out application for WA state sponsorship. I qualify through my job title and I have booked my english test and awaiting to sit it at the moment. We are wondering whether or not to use an agent for our application. Is it really neccessary??? Has anyone done it without an agent? I really dont want to spend money if I dont have to!! Also what are the average processing times? Ive had really mixed responses on this?! If any one has any advice/tips on the State visa at all it would be really appreciated! :biggrin: Thanks in advance!
  11. jo123

    school fees!!!

    Hi everyone, My OH has been offered a job near newcastle, NSW, and our 457 visa application is now lodged (woo) but just got really depressed looking at the school fees for our 10 yr old daughter. We are not even a tiny bit religious but i could pretend to be if it meant getting her into a good , cheaper school. So, my question is this, Is there anyway around paying the fees? If not, can anyone recommend a good catholic school near belmont? Thanks. Jo:sad:
  12. The Pom Queen

    2012 Australian Visa Fees

    The Australian federal government has announced changes to the cost of applying for Australian visas from next year in an effort to return the budget to surplus. According to the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen's release on November 29, Australian student visa application fees will drop by 5 percent while other Australian visa application fees will increase. The Minister indicated that the decrease in the student visa application fee would help to increase the competitiveness of Australia's international education sector. In contrast, fees for a range of skills and business visas will go up by between 5 percent and 15 percent. Fee increases will also affect dependants of visa applicants and applicants who make paper-based visa applications where there is an 'e' visa option. "If people are bringing family members with them to Australia, the fee will reflect the additional processing and checks for these family members," the Minister clarified. Australian visitor visas and humanitarian visas will not change as a result of these changes. "These changes will bring Australia's visa application charge structures in line with comparable countries." stated the Minister. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship is expected to apply a consumer price index (CPI) increase to the majority of visa application fees from July 2012. Additional information about visa application fees amounts will be published closer to their implementation.
  13. Guest

    Budget Surplus & Visa fees

    Not sure who it will effect but a couple of issues in addition to the main one cutting the amount of the baby bonuses elate to migrants LAFHA and visa costs http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/cuts-to-baby-bonus-to-get-back-to-surplus/story-e6frea6u-1226208977130 Says it is only some visa categories.
  14. WonnaBeInWA

    University fees

    Hi just a random question! My dad is in Perth and in two years me my partner and my 2 children can follow through him (when he applies for permanent residency). My question is that when we make the move does my girlfriend who wants to be a nurse pay international fee's or Australian citizen fee's if we travel over as a permanent resident? Thanks in advance for any information.
  15. samfarren

    help please on 176

    Please could anyone help........ can anyone advice the best way to make payment to ANMC for my skills assessment and also, does anyone have a template that my manager could use for my professional reference - she has said that if I write it a bit like a cv, then she will sign it but I am not sure if this is acceptable or does it have to be in letter form I am trying to do this whole process without paying £2000+ for an agent and have received some fabulous help on the site so far Long may it continue :rolleyes:
  16. Trudiva

    Cost of public school fees.

    Hi everyone, i am so glad i came across this website, my hubby and two kids are moving to central coast in January and one of my concerns is getting a good school for the kids. Does anyone knows of a good public kindie in the central coast possibly in and around tuggera, and finally can i have an idea of how much will go into school fees. We are on 457. Regards
  17. jamesnparry

    NSW School fees

    Hi Guys Can you clarify something for me please.... Would I need to pay school fees if we come over on a RSMS permanent visa? Our girls will be 6 and 4. So 6 yr old will be in school and 4 yr old in kindergarten. Thank you.
  18. Guest

    Letting agent fees

    Hi there Moving to Brisbane in a couple of weeks and was wondering what I can expect to pay in terms of admin fees when using a letting agent? Thanks!
  19. HI there, Can you guys share your experiences of UK-based agent's and their fees please? They seem to vary wildly...Is there an average rate? In the case of a 457, if you went with an agent, how much did you pay? Thank you for any and all feedback, OzB
  20. Guest

    School fees under 457 visa

    Hi, We are only starting the whole process, so know doubt we will be checking out a lot of info already on threads. Can anyone tell me if the state school fees apply to different states? Hoping to be moving to Queensland and wanted to clarify it applies accross the board on the 457 Visa. If yes, is there much of a difference between Private fees and state school? Many thanks
  21. Cal2

    Paying tax on MA fees

    I'm in the UK with a MA in Oz, should I be paying tax on his bill, quite happy to, but I just wondered thanks Cal
  22. Guest

    Uni fees, PR and Citizenship

    I am aware that uni students with PR are eligible for domestic university fees in Australia but not HECS and so have to pay fees upfront each semester and without the discount. Is this looked at on a year-by-year basis? So, if the student is eligible to take their citizenship part-way through the uni course and do so, can they then apply for HECS/discount for upfront fees for the next semester/academic year? Also, is there any other financial assistance at all for PR uni students - scholarships or help from the university they apply to? Has anyone else with children at uni managed the upfront payments ok or is it crippling?
  23. Guest

    Goverment and vetassess fees!!

    Can anyone please clarify to me what the true costs are to do the vetassess test and apply for a state sponsored visa. I have been told a$1500 for vetasses when i thought it was a$600 and around a$3000 for the goverment fees. Is this right? Any help would be much appretiated, thanks.:eek:
  24. Guest

    Agent fees?

    Can anyone tell me if £5500 seems a fair amount for everything required for a 176 visa? That's a total costing for 2 adults and 2 kids?