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Found 858 results

  1. JapieDownunder

    Balance of Family Test

    Hi I need some advice please. I have been resident in Australia for nearly six years now and got my citizenship last year. My brother has just got his PR and will be moving to Oz with his partner next year. My sister is still in the UK. We would now like to bring my parents across to Oz as well on an Aged Parents Visa but I am a bit worried about the Balance of Family test and when it is applied. My brother's partner is an astronomer and could work anywhere in the world. What happens if they get an attractive job offer from another country and decide to move there whilst my parents are in Oz on a bridging visa and still waiting for their PR visa to get approved? Does that mean we would no longer fulfil the BoF requirement? Does my brother have to remain in Oz until my parent's visa is approved? Thanks Sebastian
  2. Guest

    17 and in a pickle

    So I currently live in the U.K with my mum and my Dad is out living in Oz. I am currently working full time and my life seems to be going nowhere fast. I have been invited out to Oz to stay for a couple of months to see if I like it or not. I have been out there twice before for a month and have really enjoyed it but then again have got homesick but when I am back in England I really do miss Australia. I am just questioning to see what peoples opinions are on the big move is it worth it I know now England is going to take a massive hit with the Tories making all their cuts so if I did go would now be the best time?? Just wanted to know different peoples opinion thank you.
  3. As I a have mentioned before I collect British medals from regiments that have served in wars and conflicts over the last 200 years odd. My specialty is QSA (Queens South Africa) and KSA for the Boer War and earlier, I also collect British medals fro WW1 I have to subscribe to Ancestry.co.uk for obvious reasons to research medals before I buy them at auction or private.(£135 a year):mad: If anyone knows the details of any relatives who they think might have served in the Boer War or WW1 if you give me their details I might be able to bring up their military records for you. Th full name regiment and soldier number would be great bot if you only have the name I will give it a go, the more details the better e.g where he lived, where he served, what regiment etc
  4. Hi All, Been on the site a while, gaining loads lots of usefull info, thought it was about time i said Hi! Paul (37) Nicky (35) Lucy (2yrs 5m) Holly (17wks) We have started the Visa process (176) state sponsored (WA) going the diy route. Nicky is a nurse so will be the main visa applicant ILETS test done in July and skills assesment has been sent off and hopefully about halfway through processing as soon as thats back ready to send off state sponsorship and when thats back main visa application. It looks like things are being processed alot quicker in the last few months so if everything is straight forward and keeps moving hoping to have visa by middle 2012. Then to get a job and move asap, hoping to be somewhere close to Perth maybe a liitle south. Would be good to get in touch with people on the same timeline heading to the same area or anywhere else for that matter! Paul. :biggrin:
  5. cartertucker

    Best car for family of 6

    Which is the best car for a Family of 6 that I can buy in Australia ? I really like a sliding side door & have been looking at Chrysler Voyagers What would you recommend please? :wideeyed:
  6. Hey Having migrated two years ago to SA, I am considering a job offer in Brisbane. We need good access to the University, CBD, airport and Springwood!! We are considering areas such as Bulimba / Balmoral / Seven Hills and would really appreciate some advice on great primary schools in this area. Alternatively - any other options for areas. Look forward to hearing from you (and yes, I know Brisbane is hot!!) Weasie
  7. I have applied for 485 visa before 8 feb 2010.so I am eligible for transitional arrangement.Please tell me what documents are required.My wife is secondary applicant and her aunt is going to family sponsor. Thanx in advance.
  8. we were granted our visas on Monday and we are excited about validating them next summer. I am a teacher so we will spend 5 weeks next summer looking around. My husband works in insurance and has contacts in Sydney, but we are not clued up on the best areas for young families. I am 31 and myhusband is 32 and we have 2 children, a 3 year old and 4 month old. some friends of ours suggested Terrigal but that seems too far from Sydney. Can anyone recommend areas closer? I've heard Coogee is good and Kingsford? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. From excited and aprehensive Tinkerbell
  9. Hello all A newbie here with a question to which any advice would be much appreciated... I am a Permanent Aussie resident living in Sydney, I have been here 6 years but as of yet have not got round to organising my citizenship yet. I am married to an Aussie. I have one sister (44) who lives in Dublin with her husband (57) and 1 daughter (8). Both our parents are deceased. Without going into the nitty gritty details, things are seriously tough for them financially and my bro-in-law is having to close down his shop (he works in food retail). My sister runs a small design business which has been financially hit badly too. They are seeing little way out of their work situation and now considering other options previously they wouldn't. What are my chances based on my above info. of getting them out to Oz to live? Based on their age and employment situations, is it a total no-hoper? I am guessing it is the latter but interested to know if there is any glimmer of hope what I could pursue? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello dear forum members i think a was another victim of this confusion , i lodged a subclass 175 application on March 31st , in which when i got the question of mentioning my parent ( mother and father ) , i mentioned them in the area NON migrating dependents , as i thoughts it was the logic answer 2 days ago i got the e-mail from the CO , which advised me to add further documents ( PCC , MEDs , form 1023 ) here is what was mentioned in the form 1023 section " You have included in your visa application your parents. If you have included these applicants in error please submit the enclosed Form 1023 Notification of Incorrect Answers, requesting their removal from your visa application. " now i understand that i must have added them as OTHER family members So , i am filling now form 1023 , but there is a problem question 11 : do you have a partner and / or any dependents who are / were included in your application ? as i did actually wrote my parents as non migrating defendants by mistake in the application , i think i should list them in this answer . BUT , this means that i am going to be giving wrong information in 1023 i am confused , any help ?
  11. Guest

    Family moving to Oz

    Hello, I am interested in finding out what the options are for me and my family moving to Australia. I am a 24 year old graduate with a degree in media and performance. I am considering studying for another year to gain a teaching qualification if this would assist in my migration to Australia. I have just returned from a year of working in Australia with a working visa. Whilst in Oz i completed 88 days of fruit picking work to assure I can obtain a second year working visa. After this my hope and aim is to live permanently in Australia. i am unsure of the best way to make this happen but I know there are various options available to me. I would be keen to begin the process as soon as possible but as i have a second year working visa to apply for I am not too worried yet. My main concern is for my family to be able to migrate as i don't want to live on the other side of the world from my parents and also they want to have a new beginning as we have had many bad experiences in England. Both my parents are 56. my mum is a qualified teacher and still works. she is excellent at her job and would be happy to work in Australia. my dad has no real skilled trade, he once owned his own camping business and he now works for the council helping with temporary housing for the homeless. I have 3 siblings all living in UK. My brother is 26 and works in media advertising. I have one sister who is 21 and studying to work as a drama therapist. my other sister is 17 and is in college. she hopes to study further in either teaching or medicine. My siblings are all interested in moving to Australia but only providing my parents can get citizenship. What are our options as a family applying for citizenship and also what are my options as an individual? My parents would be open to business opportunities and trying something new if this would make a difference to our application. we are basically all looking for a fresh start out of England and running a pub, shop, hostel or farm would be something we would be interested in if possible. Please help with any advice. Im pretty confused at the moment after my visit to Oz made me realize there is no way I can plan to live anywhere else but my family ties are so strong its a real conundrum. Thankyou
  12. Hi there, we've finally got our visas and moving soon to Perth:biggrin:. We are a family of 5 and going through some important bits as you do! We are set on a 4x4 now, but which one and make? We are on a fairly tight budget so we're looking at about $10.000 for a second-hand reliable car - not bothered about age particularly, more about a good model, space and parts/servicing. We still need 3 x car seats so are looking for a 7-seater. Is there someone that's got some idea of the best vehicle for that money? Thank you, Rachel
  13. We are always hearing terrible stories of small businesses failing to survive, I read this & thought I'd share this amazing little tale of success. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8868803/Britains-oldest-family-business-opened-when-Henry-VIII-ruled.html [url=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/8868803/Britains-oldest-family-business-opened-when-Henry-VIII-ruled.html][/url]
  14. Angela820

    Good Grocery Shopping for family?

    We are finally arriving in Canberra this week and will be staying in Short term acccomodation in Civic. We are a "foodie" family and I want to know where the best and cheapest places are to shop for fressh food and meat etc. I dont mind a "trek" anywhere - which are good markets - and are supermarkets vvvv expensive. we tend to shop in Tescos here in Blighty and I go to a local markst for fresh veg and fruit - but NOT the overpriced farmers markets here in England - Im talking about a proper market. I then go to to ethnic stores for my specialist spices/herbs/condiments etc. We dont really shop in "farmers" market here in the UK or dlis are they are all too expensive but we eat well. Any advice on this would be so appreciated. The hardest thing for me about shipping all our stuff was saying goodbye to all the spices and cooking things I have built up and collected over a number of years. All went to a good home but I want to start rebuilding the collection without breaking the bank. Are the markets in Canberra - like the overpriced farmers markets here? If anyone could advise that woud be great. We arrive on Tuesday!! leave tomorrow.. Places to avoid would be great to hear about too and is Costco worth joining. Whst kind of things can you buy in bulk. We do buy some things in bulk - rice, pasta, flour for breadmaking etc... but not sure what the costso there sells. We have a massive chest freezer being shipped so we stock up on bargain meats here in the Uk - where is good for this - and fish??? Angela xx
  15. Hi we are back and forth with the idea where to live when we apply/arrive next year...... Other half is a nusrse, i will be house husband (dreaming of course - will end up doing anything around school hours) and we had first set our sights on sunshine coast. comparsion came with rainy season, humidity, and then the need for kids ( 3&5 ) and wife to have it bearable to live in. I am not bothered where we live as long as its QLD, or Tweed heads. Can anyone give advice on where its bearable for fair skin family Coolganta or sunshine coast, or further in ipswich or coofs harbour ? Could we survive in townsville, We will be going on a RSMS. Helpful advice any one ?
  16. Hi all My wife and I will be moving from London to Melbourne mid January with our 2 daughters aged 4 years and the other 6 months. Can anyone recommend a decent stopover that will be suitable for children of this age? We would be looking at 1 to 2 weeks? Look forward to your responses Cheers Shane
  17. Guest

    Another New Family

    Hello My family and I (hubby and two girls 6 & 4 1/2) are are due to move to Melbourne in Feb 2012 on a 457 visa. OH will be working in the CBD and I will be a stay at home mum for the time being. I have been looking at areas to live, mainly looking at Berwick area or Sandhurst. We are looking to rent and pay $550 - $600 per week for modern 4 bed house. Sandhurst seems to have plenty of these properties but they seem to be lacking in Berwick. All nice modern retals in Berwick don't appear to have hardly any garden and this is a problem with 2 small girls. There is loads of information about Berwick online but seems very little on Sandhurst, so any info would be appreciated. We only really want to buy one car and husband will be travelling to CBD by train. He rides a bicycle in the UK to the station and back but not sure if this is feasible in these areas. Maybe a scooter? if not too dangerous.
  18. whichway

    Estranged family

    Hi Folks, Just wondering what people's thoughts, experiences or advice would be in this sort of situation. For some reason unknown to me, I decided to make contact with my deceased dad's family. He has been gone for over 20 years and we were children. His family have never ever bothered with us since then. Lately, I have felt that I should contact them, so I contacted a sister of his. She said she was very glad to hear from me, had been looking for me for ages and they all missed us and stuff like that. But then I got scared and said I had made a mistake and didn't really want contact. ANyway, then, I made contact again, first of all apologising for messing her about. I said how I am so confused and I cannot understand why they never bothered with us bla bla bla. And why are they saying they care about us when they clearly haven't? She said back then they all did things they regret and didn't mean to hurt us. I mean they did do horrible things. I cannot understand why I am getting involved with this. WTF is up with me? I have lived all this time without them, haven't missed them and suddenly I want to make contact. Do you think they are really interested? Should I just forget and go back to my pre contact life?
  19. Hello everyone! I am looking for a bit of advise here, we have just started the visa process going down the 176 route. With this in mind the state which is most likely to sponsor us is WA, we are more than happy with this but would like the views of people in WA regarding areas that are best suited to UK Expats with a young family (3 kids 10, 7 & 3) We have started to reseach the area on more detail and have been drawn to Fremantle and Bunbury, can anyone give us feedback on these areas / suggest alternatives. Getting the family settled is one of my main drivers along with work so any information with regards to Oil and Gas, Uitlity, Pharma and Chemical industries in WA would also be very helpful. Thanks Ewan:wink:
  20. Hi Guys, we have been in Perth for 3 and a half years now and although we love it we have only made a handfull of lovely friends. We are from Fife in Scotland and have an 18 year old son and a 14 year old son. We are young parents, 39 and 42 and love the outdoors and nature. We love BBQs and would love to meet more friends for socialising and having fun through Summer. Would love to hear from any lovely families out there.
  21. hi, just recieved visa grant confirmation last week. after thinking we would be waiting another year or so before even being allocated a CO we are planning to move early 2012. the problem is......i have not told my parents yet. when the subject was spoken about last year they did not take it well at all. they were actually quite hurtful with thier comments. no iam not sure how to tell them as i know its going to cause major divisions within the family. we should be celebrating but this has made me feel terrible. does anyone have any advice or anyone been in a similar position? thanks.
  22. Hi I'm hoping our 457 visa comes through anyday now and wondered whether the whole family has to travel together when leaving the UK? Cheers
  23. I have a question regarding an application, has my priority group been changed from 3 to 4 with the July 2011 changes? I have learned after a phone call that a case officer was allocated Aug 2011, does this make any difference? Lodged online Oct 2010 - Systems Analyst ANZSCO Code 261112 - 176 family sponsored
  24. Hi there great forum and really helpfull. I have a question and hopefully someone can help me. I am scheduled to emigrate to sydney in November. The job i am going to pays 48,500 a year. which ive been told equates to around $700 a week in hand. I have a wife and baby boy and another baby on the way. Can anyone advise whether i am making a big mistake moving to sidney on this wage. Ive looked at properties and was trying to get a place for $350 a week, but really have no clue about costs of amenities and internet etc and more importantly how much nappies cost ha ha. anyway i would be really chuffed if someone could give me any pointers because my wife and i are in a real quandry over what to do. visas are through and shipping company have been to measure up. Were fearful we are going to get over nd realise we cant afford to live and have a new baby to bring up. The company im going to covers the medicare if that makes a difference. Atb and thanks Col