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Found 858 results

  1. mamfa0345

    Newbie wanting to say hello :)

    Hi I am new to this forum/site and heard good things so thought I would give it a go. Me, my fiancee and our two boys are getting close to finding out the outcome of our visa application. We were one of the applicants that were stressing over the July 1st 'dreaded deadline'. How stressful! Luckily, a few weeks of rushing round like headless chickens paid off and we got our ITA two days before the cut off point. We should be hearing back in the next week or so that we have a DIAC caseworker. Hopefully they will be kind and not too picky :eek: My fiancee is a first class welder and I am a web designer/content copywriter. We have two boys ages 3 and 9 and are looking to move to WA. Ideally Bunbury / Bussleton area. I hope everyone's application is running smoothly? :biggrin: Sam
  2. Hi My husband, son and I intend to arrive in Sydney early next year. Our son will be 2 at the time. Where's the best places for a young family? Ideally, we would like to be by the water but realise that this would also be expensive. Any thoughts? I hear the Inner West is good. Thanks Sal
  3. Hi, My wife and I are expecting our first child (due in September). We currently live in the eastern suburbs and would be interested to meet up with other Poms that have decided to raise a family over here. As much as we love being over here (we've been living in Sydney for a few years now), it's a bit overwhelming with all our family living back in England. Love to hear from other people regarding their experiences. Andy
  4. Hi, I am a 40 year old professional pommie male with a 35yr old wife and two kids (3yrs and 0.25yrs) looking to meet up with other families with kids in Mona Vale/Warriewood/Newport areas. Does anyone know of any groups or places to meet up? I have seen a british flag in a tree in the flying fox care park in Mona Vale and wondered if this was an Ex-pat group meeting point? Thanks Chris
  5. jonnyhalifax

    Dad in Oz..want to move too.

    Hi, my 62 yr old father is a resident of Oz (QLD) though not yet a citizen. he's married to an australian. i am 38 would like to move over there with my unmarried partner (36) and 2 children 3 and 4yrs. neither of us have a profession on the skills list. my father and his wife are fully prepared to sponsor us and even keep us until we get on our feet with jobs etc. is there any visa that will allow us to make this move? please help as i would love to join him over there. thanks in advance
  6. Jasonhewitt

    What sort of visa?????

    Hi everyone, can someone suggest what visa I would need. I am a mechanical fitter, I want to move to perth. I have a partner and 3 children. When should I apply for a visa and how long does it normally take to get granted? I ideally want to move within the next two years. Any help would be gratefull.
  7. Myself, hubby and now 2 year old daughter moved out to Perth in January, were now 8 1/2 months down the line and loving it !! Just wondered if anyone would be interested in me writing about how I've found it all etc ? Or if anyone has any questions about anything or how I've found it, I'd be happy to answer them so far we absolutely love it and have no regrets. Looking forward to the summer coming back around
  8. Hi, Myself and my partner are living at the Northside of Brisbane. We have a beautiful 8 month son and would be keen to meet other Irish/British families in Brisbane for BBQs, play dates etc. It would be good to connect with more people from our part of the world. Cheers x
  9. Snowblind

    hi all

    Hello family of 4 me my husband and two boys, living in the western suburbs of brisbane and been here 10 months
  10. Jillyg65

    Sponsoring a Sibling??

    ​I have recently moved to Adelaide through my husbands State Sponsorship (permanent resident) My brother is currently on a skilled graduate visa going through the long haul and very expensive trade recognition route. Could anyone please tell me if I am eligible to sponsor my brother for him to gain his PR?? Thanks for any help...
  11. sammiei09

    Child visa help!

    Hi all, my parents, younger brother and sister are all permanent residents in perth and are soon to become australian citizens. When they moved down under 4 years ago, i was 18 and chose not to make the move with them. I have now started to think about joining them as i miss them so much and since holidaying there, i have fallen in love with the aussie way of life! I started looking in to the child visa but soon found out this wasn't an option as i have not been in full time education since the age of 18. I have worked as a travel agent for 3 years and i am now 22 years old. I have spent so much time looking at other visa options but due to my profession, it looks impossible to get a permanent visa ;( any advice will be greatly appreciated! Sam
  12. Cam

    Perth V Sydney

    Hi, I know this is risky posting this in a WA area, but if I posted it in NSW, I know what the answer would be. We've been living in Sydney a year now & have to make the decision whether to go back to the UK or stay, long story short we have jobs in the UK and we need to be back in March for our daughter to get into our local schools that are really good. Sydney we are finally 'over' I think. We're looking for a work-life balance, with affordable housing, good community, good childcare, good schools and not a long commute. Currently Sydney is not winning on these (and we find it quite pretentious and unfriendly, but we do live close to the Eastern suburbs), hence why we are thinking of moving back to the UK as we have a big tick on all of the above. HOwever Oz was always our dream, partly because I have citizenship and have spent 18 months and 8 months in Sydney on other occasions. However, when we've decided on going back, there's still something nagging in the back of our minds, what if we'd done something different, everybody is always dreaming about going to Oz, when people talk about it I get jealous. I have a friend who loves Perth, but now lives further out, and she wouldn't live anywhere else. I know it's quite a bad time in our lives for moving which is why we need to get it right, we had our second child out here this year and oldest will start to school either Sep/ Jan, so that may well attribute to us not loving Sydney anymore. So, to the end of a long blurb. What is Perth like? How multicultural is it? Can you get homes that are within 30 mins public transport to CBD for 650,000 dollars? What is the market for IT jobs - my husband has had no problems getting work here. And friendliness, community, childcare, schools, childcare waiting lists, kids activities?.... I guess hearing pros and cons always help. Thanks loads :biggrin:
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hope I'm posting this in the right place. We're a family with 11month old twins considering a move from Birmingham to Melbourne. Looking for some advice from those with a bit of experience. 1) Quality of life - what is it really like when compared with the UK? We have a good standard of life here and would hope to improve on that. 2) Finances - with the exchange rate against us, are house prices out of our reach? We would like a 4+ bedroom family home in a good suburb with good free school. Any ideas on guide prices? 3) Suburbs - we've been to Melbourne once but are not sure on what are the decent, family friendly suburbs. My husband will likely be working in Dandenong but we don't want to live there - so something commutable from there would be good. 4) Schools - are the free schools any good? I know some friends who all recommend fee paying schools but I presume this is quite expensive. 5) Childcare - can anyone give me an idea on childcare costs - ie nursery/childminders/nannies etc? My husband and I will both be working and finding someone trustworthy in a country where we know no one would be paramount! 6) Renting a house - I presume we will initially rent a house - any ideas on prices for this? Also, how much should we budget for groceries/utilities/phones/broadband etc? 7) Visas - Are there any benefits on arriving with a PR as opposed to a 457 visa? Any ideas on timescales for both? 8) Healthcare - do you have to pay to see a doctor there? Is the standard comparable to the UK? 9) Family oriented - generally how do you spend the weekends/free time with your family? I am quite limited here in the UK and it would be great to have more things to do with my children. 10) Any tips/advice etc for moving over? How long did it take before Melbourne felt like 'home'? Thanks very much in advance for anyone who's taken the time to reply to my myriad of questions! Jessica
  14. This sounds like a wish list. We're on the verge of going back after 12 months as the area we live in which is very nice we don't feel is particularly family friendly, and we wouldn't ever be able to afford a 900,000 plus for a 3 bed house without really cutting back on everything else (Ironically we both earn fairly decent wages over here). But, as a last ditch attempt, can anyone recommend any family friendly areas that are 30-45 mins from the CBD with good schools and ideally 3-bedders for around 650000 to 700000 (the fact that most places go to auction doesn't help with ascertaining prices). Mainly because house prices are forecast to keep on going up & up we need to jump on the property ladder asap, so would need to move to the area to rent and be in the catchment for a good school ready for admissions in June/ July, and then possibly after another 6 months be looking at buying. If it's not feasible we kind of need to know so that we can finally make our decision that Oz was an adventure that we loved, we will miss it, but it's time to close the chapter and move on. If it is, happy days!!! Thanks!!:biggrin:
  15. Hi everyone! thought some family people (especially with young children) might be interested in this comparison! I have recently had my child tax credit/and working tax credit back - telling me I'm now entitled to.......67 pounds a month!!!! I have two children under three, i work (20 hrs) earning minimum wage and my husband is an a contracted electrician - usually working 60 hours a week - earning about 25 grand (after tax) HOWEVER, he is at moment working away (as due to economic crisis there are few jobs local to us) so he has to pay about 120 pounds a wk i just cant believe how much we are being penalised for being married and wanting to be a family! I dont expect the gov to support us, it just annoys me how it doesnt support married couples and/or family units. In contrast after doing a bit of research I've discovered that with my hubbie working full time, me as STAY AT HOME mum and with three kids, we'll be entitled to around $1200 in Australia - because the gov there has a scheme to support families with only one breadwinner, where one parent wants to stay at home!!! WOW! i cannot believe this we're actually not going to be penalised for being a family! i think we need to get on a plane quick, because with rising costs here in the UK we won't be able to survive much longer!!!
  16. Hi, We are looking at Family/State Sponsored Visa 489 for WA. We can claim points for English Language, Skilled Employment, Qualifications, Partner Skill Qualifications, Family Member Sponsorship which gives us 65 points (need 60). Can someone tell me if we need State Sponsorship too? I keep reading things in different ways, and getting confused.....! Thanks!
  17. Guest

    176 family sponsored

    Hi, once again i am bored of waiting, has anyone else applied for a 176 family sponsored visa? Anyone got one granted recently? Do we know how long they are taking or when they are likely to be processed?:skeptical: My Occ is community worker, anyone any idea how to get the visa any quicker?? i think i would feel better if we had our PR in our passport when we leave??:cool:
  18. Knowing that we have a wide range of skills on this forum I was wondering if there was anyone with knowlege of how to find information about one of my relations?? I am seriously thinking of commisioning someone to do my family tree professionally so if you can recommend someone I would be grateful. But the more urgent request is that my Dad was talking about his father and mentioned that he was drafted into the Navey but spent most of the war (WW2) at home, so we want to try to find his records of service, Dad has a suspision that it could something he (his father) would not want known as it was never talked about. So does anyone know if you can search military, Naval, records of service and discharge for the years 1936-1942ish and can you point me in the right direction please??? thanks Karen
  19. Whilst living in the UK one thing I really appreciated was the importance people used to give for being with the family for Christmas. It was one day that the roads were virtually empty and each house on my street had three or four cars parked out in front which I presumed were children staying with their parents for the holiday . Whom are you celebrating this Christmas with? I will be spending it with my immediate family- OH, and kids. In the evening we will go out to a friends place as they have invited us over for dinner along with some of their other friends. So the kids will have fun and we can enjoy an evening.
  20. Hi everyone, Just joined this forum as it was highly recommended by a lovely lady I met on the tram today on our way to Victoria Gardens, and her on the way to Balwyn. I was so thankful that I sat opposite from her with one of my sons leaving my hubbie dealing with the youngest a seat back. We had a very eventful tram journey where we all gto kicked off as the tram lost its brakes Her name username is Special Kay and if you know her would you please guide her to this page and also thank her for all the information she gave me in the space of 15 mins. I have moved here with my husband, who has been given a job with an AV comapny. We arrived on 23rd Nov and he has worked most days since then. We are in short term lease apartment supplied by the company which is lovely but not where we are hoping to be in a months time. We are presently based on St Kilda Road, and shall be for the next few weeks. I am hoping to meet some other mums out there that may help my sanity. We have two sons. William who is 6 and Matt who is 5. They are adorable but have really missed being at school and having time apart, as have I . Would be lovely to hear off anyone who is in the Melbourne area and looking at meeting up and possibly becoming friends. Danielle x
  21. Hi all, we moved over to Brisbane from Scotland at end of May and have now managed to get sorted with jobs, place to stay (Wavell Heights), school for our 4 year old daughter anda car. Now just need to get some mates! Im 37 and love my football (the real stuff :-), running, cycling, and maybe even the odd game of golf - though I'm really crap! Ideally would be great to meet up with some fellow Scots and Brits for coffee, BBQ, trip to the park at the weekend. Got a new phone and no-one to put in it! Game of five-a-sides one night during the week would be amazing but think I may be asking for too much... Hope to hear from you soon Martin
  22. we are in the process of moving to perth, hubby will be starting a company based in perth and im looking for advice on suburbs to look for houses.. we are almost 30, have a 2 yr old and would ideally like to be near train to perth if poss? there is just soooo much to think about!!!!
  23. We have a Toyota Camry Hybrid up for sale, only done 12,000kms and one owner from new. There is warranty on the car until 2013 July and has been serviced with Grand Toyota in Perth. Brand new these cars retail for $39,000, due to receiving a work car we are selling this for $22,000 or nearest offer. This is the perfect Car for a family. Unmatched economy for a petrol car this size, 6L/100kms or around 800kms on average from one tank of fuel. Comes with Phone And Audio device Bluetooth, rear reversing camera and park sensors. When in traffic the car will automatically brake when the foot is taken off the accelerator. Thanks for reading my ad.
  24. blobby1000

    Melbourne smells

    Does anyone else find Melbourne to be a depressing, graffiti ridden, litter strewn smelly hellhole and its suburbs to be largely soulless endless depressing and unfriendly?
  25. My wife has commenced application to work as a specialist GP and has secured an offer with a practice in southwest Sydney. We are currently getting all qualifications recognised by AMC AHPRA etc and she will be looking to move over at the end of this year. I need to remain in the UK to sell our current house but will be looking to move over between 6months to a year later than my partner. Can anyone advise what type of visa I would need to join my already working partner? I will be needing to find work once I am over there, I'm not sure if I need to have secured a position from the UK before I can travel or would I be able to stay under my partners working status until I could secure work? Any help gratefully received. Keith L