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Found 861 results

  1. Hi, me and my sister are both over 18, and are dependent in a de facto(temporary) visa application for our mom and her partner. We stated that we are still studying as to why we are dependents even if we're over 18. We lodged the application last Dec 2016 and we're still waiting for the approval til now. We're currently in a tourist visa in australia. My first question is: how likely is it that our visa will get approved? We've been waiting for 6 months now, and we havent heard from them yet. this end month, our tourist visa will expire and i am planning on going back to our country but my sister and mom are planning on extending for another 3 months. My next question is: is me going back to our country alone and separated from my mom and sister will affect the decision of the embassy to our application? please help. Thank you!
  2. geex3

    Primary Schools Melbourne

    Hi, I am moving to Melbourne in June 2017 with my husband and two children (7 & 4). My husband will be working in Bundoora. We have been looking into living within areas approx. 20 km from his work place...Eltham, Templestowe, Research, Diamond Creek etc... I am hoping for some local knowledge and recommendation of the local schools (they all look good online). We are moving from a small east coast village in Scotland and from a primary school with approx 100 pupils, therefore a smaller school would be desirable. Any local knowledge on the different suburbs would be greatly received. Thanks.
  3. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  4. Beachbum

    Biggest Mistake of my Life!

    Hi Everyone. Not even sure how to begin this as I'm so confused right now, and so desperately unhappy. I've been in Oz since September, following my Australian husband out from the UK. It was traumatic, but the excitement and anticipation kind of eclipsed the bad stuff, and I felt pretty settled as we enjoyed our first 6 weeks or so in Sydney. Things started to go bad for me when the tenants vacated our house and we made the move to the Blue Mountains (aka the Blues Mountains!). I've always HATED being cold and damp, so the climate here in the upper mountains has been my worst nightmare, with temperatures sinking below 12 degrees and ghastly, freezing fog that is worse than any English winter - and this was in the summer! I feel horribly isolated, and as time has gone on, starting to wonder why the hell I moved here. It rains nearly every day, everything is constantly dripping water, my arthritis is giving me hell, and my dog and I were both recently covered in leeches from the quagmire that is our back yard. I have to say I'm not that impressed with Sydney either as every time I go there it's either p*ssing down with rain, or struggling with pathetic, insipid temperatures. My parents were good about me going, all things considered, but this is where the nightmare is really kicking in. My Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before I left the UK, and although it is benign and has now been treated, my Dad keeps having seizures and ended up in hospital (first of a number of admissions) on Xmas day. I feel so desperately, utterly guilty for leaving my parents, and the images of our goodbyes are haunting me to the point where I feel as though I'm losing my mind. I can't stop crying - I burst into tears for no apparent reason, and anything can set me off. Music, a film, even words in a book. Tears are pouring down my face right now. My doctor wants me to see a psychiatrist but I can't afford to -my financial situation is absolutely dire, and another reason for me being so depressed. I have nobody to talk to as I'm frightened of upsetting people. I don't want my husband to start hating me as I pushed so hard for this move, and if I mention any of this to my parents, I'm scared I'll give them false hope that I might come back. I just don't know what to do - I was desperate to leave the UK, but now I'm desperate to return. But I don't know if returning really would make me feel better as I've wanted out for years. I just wish to God that we'd moved to Spain or France - somewhere easily accessible to the UK. I'm really hating Australia right now. Overpriced, overrated! I'm so sick of being ripped off every time I go shopping to feed us - the prices here are beyond a joke. The weather is utter cr*p - you certainly can't rely on it, and I honestly think it's WORSE than the UK! I hate the way drivers crawl all over your bumper the minute you get on the road - but the police will have you if you go 1km over the speed limit. (My husband got an $800 fine recently on a trap). I hate being so poor, but most of all I HATE being so far from my loved ones. I just don't know what the hell to do. Either way, someone's going to end up being really badly hurt, whether it's my husband because I've walked out and headed home to the UK, or my family, if I decide to stay here. The price of my "dream" lifestyle is proving way too high - the dream wasn't anything like I thought it would be and has turned into a nightmare. All I can see is the pain in my parents' eyes as they waved goodbye to me and my dog. Knowing they'll probably never see my dog again - who they loved dearly. That our two dogs will never run together again. That it could even be the last time they saw me... I feel as though I'm going crazy with grief. I honestly believe I have made the biggest mistake of my life!
  5. Guest

    Liverpool family

    any liverpool families awaiting visa who are off to perth, we have 4 children and would love to chat and swap moans on our visa wait :arghh:
  6. I'm curious as to what the responsibilities of an immigration sponsorship from an uncle would be, and what the sponsoree has to do as well? His family and himself are Australian citizens, and I'm his niece looking to immigrate to Australia. I can't seem to find too much information surrounding what a sponsorship entails for this type of relationship. Help!
  7. Guest

    subclass 600 visa questions....

    SO! I want to go back to AUS to visit family and friends after going there on a Holiday Working visa back in 2013-14. I can't apply for a second Holiday working visa, so I believe the subclass 600 visitor visa is my best option since I want to stay for as long as possible (ideally for the full 12 months). I miss it so much! That being said, I feel like the government website is missing some details I need before I apply, so HALP! My questions are: If I have financial support from my mom in Canada and my Uncle in AUS, does that increase my chances of a longer stay? Or do I have to pay for everything myself? How much money should I have when I apply? Does your bank account influence the application process? Could I apply for the visa without having all the mandatory funds and continue to save until my departure? I have my family's home in AUS that I'll be staying at, does that help? If I get granted only 3 months or 6 months, can I reapply for more time? Or do I have to leave? I really want to make this work. I want to do it right, and I want to make sure I have all my t's crossed and i"s dotted. Any insight would be looooovely! Thank you! <3
  8. Hi, looking for some general advice please. I'm a qualified midwife with ten yrs experience hoping to move to Melbourne in January with my family. Can anyone recommend which hospitals are the good ones in Melbourne for midwives? What salary could I expect, and lastly, which areas are the most suitable for raising a young family within commuting distance to the hospitals. Not asking for much then :smile: If anyone can offer any advice that would be great xxx
  9. Hi, Sometimes life is really strange, 2 years ago a girl asked me to come down to aussie but it didn't work out and here I'm today with a job offer to Australia and about to move to Australia with my new girlfriend I found out yesterday that I was selected for a job as project manager for a huge project so me and my girlfriend from Sweden got sponsored Visa to Australia. We are getting apartment payed for 3 months, they are paying for the shipping of our stuff from here, health insurance and a lot of other benefits to move. The job is located in Brisbane. This project needs to be completed within 14 months so the contract is only 14 months but I have the possibility to get my job extended. This is a dream come true for many people I guess, get awesome well paid job, Australia etc.. and for me, but, im nervous. I'm swetting all the time, thinking of my family and relatives, because I'm very attached to my family, what if something happens to me, can I handle the job, because I will be responsible for a project with is veeeeeeeery expensive, my head is spinning faster then the earth It self... For those who have migrated, have you been in same thoughts or for those who need to do same trip as I? Have you been nervous, what were your biggest fears. Please share your stories and thoughts.
  10. Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing well. I would like to ask for some advices and information in one matter. I am about to get a PR visa to live in Australia and I would like to know the faster way to bring my mother to Australia, even if it is firstly as a tourist or student or something similar. Of course what I want is her to get a resident visa as well but due to the fact that my country (Venezuela) is going through for a really difficult situation and it is extremely unsafe I need to take my mom from Venezuela as soon as possible. In addition, I have three siblings and at the moment I would be the only one who would have a PR in Australia so we do not meet the requirement that says that half of the sons must be PR in Australia to bring a parent. I know this is not easy but please I would appreciate any help any of you could give me, I am really worry because, as I said before, Venezuelan situation is worse and worse every day. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!
  11. Im currently working for my uncle in a transport company, but my 6 months are up in 2 weeks. My 2nd year visa ends in august so i was hoping to stay on until then! I was thinking, what if i got an ABN, i would be classed as self employed but working under my "business name" so would i still be able to work for them? how does it work? Can someone shed some light please as i would love to keep working!! Thankyou in advance for any responses. Ollie
  12. Hi all I hope you don't mind but I just wanted to get in touch and create this thread as think this might interest a few of your british family members out there. Just to give you a bit of background, I am a british TV producer living and working in Sydney and I have a fab opportunity for three british families living out here. This is a project with a household multinational brand of which would like to fly 1 set of grandparents over from the UK in a surprise to the grandchildren. We are casting for British families based in Sydney that have children between the ages of 5-18 years of age that are schooled here. In conjunction with this, we will highlight in the film that it’s time to forget about technology distractions and bring the family together around the dinner table. This will be produced as short online film of uniting families together. If you wish to hear more or would like to suggest this to friends of yours in Sydney then please do get back in touch with me: annabel.jewers@clemenger.com.au Filming will be across 1 day. We are flexible to film any day on either w/c 22nd February or w/c 2nd March 2015. Annabel Jewers Producer, Clemenger BBDO
  13. Hi! Is there anyone in the central coast that want to go out for a couple of beers or meet up of some sort? My husband and I are both 27, we have a 1year old son. Iam a stay at home mum and Jon works out in penrith so have found it pretty hard to make local friends since moving to the coast last year. happy to go out for a few drinks as we have my mum to babysit in the evening...otherwise park dates, picnic, beach or barbie in the day or anything else going on. we love wake boarding, camping, exploring... doing new things etc.... loving life on the coast. hoping to make new friends for life!
  14. Hey all, I'm making my way through the De Facto Partner Visa paperwork (just been assigned a case officer, woohoo). Our original plan was to move to VIC because my partner's family are based there and it would give us an easy start (somewhere to stay while we look for jobs). Naturally we're going to settle wherever the best opportunities are for our respective careers, but I wondered if anyone has cautionary tales or advice on the pros and cons of crossing the world to live near your partner's family? It seems practical to do so, but socially it doesn't put us on a very even footing (my partner will easily integrate back into a community he knows well, while I'll be slightly out on a limb -- whereas if we both move somewhere new we're forging a new adventure together, and can still visit his family a short flight away (e.g. if we went with NSW). It feels more exciting for my partner and I to head to a totally new city, rather than move down the road from his mum and dad, but what do you all think? Any stories or similar experiences would be great! -- future melbs
  15. Hi everyone, I really hope you can point me in the right direction. I've been researching all day and my head is starting to hurt due to all the visa options. My husband, me and our three kids are all PR. We are currently in the UK for a year or so, and our fourth baby will be born here in the UK. We are likely to return to Australia next year. How do we go about 'adding' our fourth child to our PR visa? Is that even possible? I did see a 1022 Change of circumstances form? Or, do we need to apply for the child visa (101) to allow our unborn child to also be PR like us? Is there any ways around this - like taking baby to Australia under a temporary visa of some kind and applying once in Australia? We obviously can't do anything until the baby is born and we have a UK passport issued, birth cert for the baby, but I am trying to plan ahead before baby arrives.:laugh: If you have any advice, please do share your wisdom. Thank you!:wacko:
  16. Looking for experienced child carers to look after my nearly 4 year old daughter - in exchange for FREE room and most meals. Big room with double bed - can easily fit in another bed (or more!). Would suit single, couple, two friends, or single mum and child. House is in Paynesville, East Gippsland, Vic. A 2 minute walk to lake, with swimming beaches, bush walks, koala island... the list goes on! Need help with child care on Wednesdays & Friday IMMEDIATELY and throughout school holidays. I work from home, so will be close on hand to deal with any problems. Daughter is 4 just after Christmas, in to everything and very easy to entertain :-) I would love a little help with cooking, cleaning and gardening (we have a organic vegie garden going strong!) ...but for most of the week you will be free to enjoy summer on the lake! Looking for fun, creative, trustworthy people who'd like to spend some time enjoying our home and our beautiful town. Qualifications / references would be fantastic! If you are interested, please pm me I can send photos & more details - will be listing it on Helpx etc. but thought it might be worth trying a forum first. Thanks for reading! :-)
  17. Hey everyone heres the situation.. I am currently here in Australia on my 2nd year working holiday visa with 9 month remaining. My dads cousin lives here (my second cousin i believe) and I'm currently working for there own business, driving trucks. I need to no what is the best visa to go on and how to go about sorting it out, as truck driving isn't on the occupation list. i am very desperate and determined to stay here as I've fallen in love with the place!! I haven't really got the money to go and see an migration agent as they are very expensive. :wacko: My mum and dad are desperate to come out to so can his cousin sponsor them to come here? does that mean i can stay here to if they can sponsor them? Any help would be an advantage as I'm at a dead end and not sure what to do next. Much appreciated. Ollie :wink:
  18. My family and I live in Australia ( QLD ) and we are having my wife's Mum come to visit and stay with us. She is 71 yrs old and in very good health. It appears she can get a 3 month visa with no real problems, but to apply for a 6 month visa, she is expected to meets lots of criteria; provide a medical cert, have private health insurance & be able to demonstrate £5000 in an English account. We know that you can apply for a visa extension, so our dilemma is ....do we jump through hoops and try to get the 6month visa or get the simple 3month visa and attempt the extension once she is here.???!! The DIAC have advised that visa extensions are usually granted, but we didn't really want to blatantly cheat the system..!?! Any advice is most welcome..!!. Stephen...
  19. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    Hi, I'm looking to hear people's experiences of living outside the major cities. I have previously been sent as a nurse to a tiny NSW town called Molong for 6 weeks and loved it and had such a sense of community Can you tell me about life in the small town you live (in any state)? whats the job market like? what is your house like? what do you do for fun? How accessible is it to the next major city? Were emigrating back next year and i cant face living in a big bustling city again - we now have 2 dogs too which makes it impracticable - thanks
  20. Hi guys, we are thinking (for the second time) about a move to Perth but are worried about the cost of living and potential salary when bringing up a small family (kiddies are costly at the best of times At present, my hubby and I own a flooring a furniture shop in Norfolk. He has 14 years flooring experience (fitting and retail) and I have a degree in Graphic Design and a small amount of flooring knowledge. We have two children (3 and 2 years). Does anyone know the type of salary hubby could be looking at for fitting in the Joondalup or Mandurah areas. He fits carpet and vinyl and is soon to start a course in safety flooring. In comparison, Mandurah appears cheaper to rent etc - does that mean salaries and general cost of living are less too? Any answers will be grateful! This is our second time round of looking into Oz - the first time we got as far as reserving flights for a reccy trip - then discovered we were having our second baby! So, here we go again!
  21. Kymmbo

    Budget-friendly suburbs

    Apologies for posting another 'which suburb is best' thread but would love some advice! My partner and I lived and worked in Sydney for a couple of years, been back in the UK for 5 years now but hoping to emigrate next year on a permanent visa. We lived in apartments in Kings Cross before and loved it but now have a 2-year old in tow, so priorities change! Looking for advice on family friendly suburbs to rent in that won't break the bank. We will probably only have my income as a nurse to begin with so really have quite a tight budget, but don't want to end up in a really dodgy suburb! I know Sydney is expensive but there must be others in our position, with a pretty tight budget. Sutherlandshire seems to crop up lots on the threads but think this is maybe out of our reach...And don't want to head too far west... Any tips/advice would be much appreciated! :cute:
  22. If anyone needed evidence of just how dangerous the internet can be then surely this is enough
  23. perthlove

    Family sponsored 489 visa timeline

    I lodge visa application on 15 Feb 2013. Status is in Progress. Attached documents. Done medical checkup. What will be next and how long to get final result? Can anyone share me please?
  24. Calling all family sponsored 176ers there are not many of us, and we are a dying breed, also we wont be seeing any more after July 1st (as being sponsored by a family member gives you no points,) There are a lot of other threads i.e SS ones cat 2, 3 and monthly lodged gangs, But really need to see how everyone one is doing in their family sponsore app, we lodged the other day and have uploaded all docs, my sister is just finishing off stuff her end, Looking to move over to Perth (Freo) after the Olympics next year and I would like to think it should be tied up by then, hopfully, Would be good to hear how you are all doing in your timelines. It would also be good to hear those who have recently got their visas and how long it took them. Cheers JTC
  25. We've been in Australia for 7 years, living both in WA and in regional NSW. We've loved it, it was hard initially to get settled in but we have made a nice life for ourselves. But, I've never stopped missing my family for a single day since we left the UK. I thought it would ease, but as my parents age, I feel horrid being so far away and miss them terribly. I've found making friends in Australia much harder than anticipated. We're a sociable couple and have met nice people, but there's a big leap from acquaintance to friend. The friends we have made have been English. I never wanted to be once of those Brits who surrounded myself with English only friends, so this was not by design. I think when amongst folk from home, we just get each other better. But with no family and limited friend network, life here can be very lonely, although it affects me more than my other half. We've been able to afford ourselves a lovely home on a few acres here, so moving back to our busy & crowded old home town would not be an option. We have been spoilt I know, but we do like the space of the country so would want to keep fields & rivers around us if we chose to move back. Unfortunately those areas don't offer the best work prospects. Much as I feel it would make my heart happier to be closer to my loved ones, we have to practical and look at the price of houses and lower earning potential in the UK. If we go back and can't get reasonable jobs, it'll be so tough resettling and it costs such a lot to move across the globe and we can't afford to pingpong.