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Found 295 results

  1. :wink:hi all, g'day. i previously made a thread on De Facto Australian Visa 820 - documentations. i've got some really helpful info from some of u here, so thanks again to those who gave me these great replies. here are some quick questions that im confused about. im actually planning to lodge my 820 application in late june, can i... 1. do the medical check now? 2. do the aussie police check now? will they both give me the reports back? so i can mail my application with those reports? or they will actually post these reports to the corresponding department like how i did those with my 485TR visa?! im getting a bit confused here... :confused: what im planning to do now is, get these 2 checks done in here. then, go back hong kong to do my police check there too. get that report, birth cert. from home etc. come back and lodge the whole application with all the required documentations. are all these sounded logical?! :err: i kind of know what sort of documentations i have to include with my application, but im a bit confused on how i actual do it... thanks in advance for the help from anyone of you. much appreciated. spzzzzzzzz
  2. Guest

    De Facto Visa

    Hi, I am wanting to move to Australia from South Africa (I hold both a South African and British citizenship) with my boyfriend. At the time of the application, around November time, I am wanting to move to Australia to be with him. We would have been together then for a year and 4 and a half months, but would only be living together for 6 months starting this May (he is currently in UK, where we met, and is moving to South Africa to be with me), as I am here for education reasons, and that's why he is going back as well. A few questions, I was wondering if I could work and study in Australia with a De Facto Visa? Based on this information, what would be the (rough) likelihood of me being granted it? I will only be at the age of 20, and him 19, at the age of the application, would this be an issue, being so young? The only way we have of proving this is, when we went to Rome together last year, and it came off of my bank account, and then the lease for when he moves here in May. What else would I need? We have been living apart for a few months (I moved here end of Jan, a plan made before I met him, he's coming in May) while he works to save money to come to South Africa, would this be bad, as well, or would it work in our favour that he's moving here to be with me? I'm sorry for all the questions, but I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Many thanks! (: Lara
  3. Hey, Myself and partner have finally submitted our de facto visa (subclass 309 and 100). He is from Australia and I am from the UK. Prior to meeting, I had obtained a place on a 2yr radiotherapy course in England. As I planned to live and work in Australia for a yr, this course was deferred and then deferred again due to the situation with my partner. Although course fees are paid in the UK, living expenses for 2 yrs would not be and so we decided my doing the course was not affordable (he has a yr left on a UK work visa, but we were quite certain if he managed to obtain work that it would be difficult to pay rent, bills etc with me studying) and so we went ahead with the de facto visa. However, the day I posted off the visa I had a call saying I could now be given a wage to complete the training and so this option has now become feasible. My question is that if granted the subclass 309 visa, what would happen to it if the majority of the next 2 yrs were spent in the UK completing my course? I know I have to enter Australia to validate the visa if granted, but I am assuming if I don't reside in Australia for the majority of the 2 yrs then my visa will be cancelled and I couldn't gain PR on the subclass 100? Once the course is completed and I have worked for a year, we would hope to return to Australia. Is there any rule that states that you cannot apply for a de facto visa again if you have previously had one that you did not use to reside in Australia? Any advice or anyone who can point me in the direction of answering this question would be appreciated. I have been googling and getting myself more confused! Thanks!:huh:
  4. Hey Guys, I am just having a few problems. I got another letter from CO requiring new letters from friends and they need to sign 888 forms as well. what bothers me is that somehow our friends (I am applying for the defacto, partner is Aus) are afraid of being contacted by the immigration (since in the letters the timeline of us living together might be pushed higher). Does anyone know or have experienced that the CO have called or invited the supporting letter writers for an interview? I just don't want to get them into trouble. thanks in advance.
  5. Guest

    De Facto Visa Help

    Hey All, I am looking to apply for the Partner visa (de facto) while in Oz and was wondering if anyone could give me more info? Is there any documentation I should get while I am still in the UK? I was going to get a police check, is there anything else that will be of use that I should get before I leave? Because I'll be in Oz when I apply for the de facto visa, I will have to stay there until we are granted an 820 and don't want to be blind sided by something forgotten! Anything you could tell me would be a help, thanks
  6. Guest

    WHV to ETA to De Facto

    Hi all! I am currently in Australia on a WHV... I have been doing some fruit picking work as my original intention was to apply for a second WHV... However I am running out of time and in order to get my full 88 days I have to pretty much work everyday until my visa is up which isn't very appealing or practical at the moment... So, I am now looking at doing the following; staying here until my WHV is up, I have a return flight back to the UK booked so I am thinking about flying home for a few weeks then coming back out here on an ETA, my primary purpose for this, would obviously be to see my partner and also to do a bit of travelling as some of our friends are travelling out to see us (as my original intention was to have this second WHV)... The ETA would also mean that my partner and I can well and truly pass the 12 month living together requirement for a de facto visa... The questions I have are as follows, firstly my partner would not be flying back to the UK with me as he has work commitments here and therefore there is going to be a period of separation of about 2 weeks, will this be badly looked upon when we apply for a de facto visa? Or will it be okay as long as I explain that it was because of my visa restrictions and his work commitments that we were apart and give supporting evidence that we remained in contact during this time? Secondly, is there likely to be any issues getting a ETA so soon after my WHV?? And am I likely to face much questioning upon arrival in Aus?? I will have a return flight booked when I enter on an ETA, as I said previously my main reason is tourism but also to spend time with my partner. We also have open tickets to New Zealand booked, so I'm presuming it would be a good idea to book these for some time during the first three months of my ETA to support what I'm saying about traveling?? We originally were going to apply for our de facto visa on the last day of my current visa but we have decided we don't want to risk it, and would rather wait until we are certain that we meet the 12 month requirement... I hope this makes sense, sorry it's so long!! Any help would be very much appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you all!! Thank You :biggrin:
  7. :cute: hi all, i am new to this forum and i'm currently living in Sydney with my boyfriend. we've been together since 2003. i'm currently holding a 485TR which will expire in July. i've been reading some previous post in regards to visa 820. i just wanna ask some questions in preparing the correct documentations before i sumbit my application forms. 1. I don't quite understand what the character check is. So, is it like a police check in both Sydney and Hong Kong (where i'm from)? 2. Is there a page limit on "Evidence of genuine and continuing relationship"? 3. I've got lots more evidences than the checklist stated. Should I give them more than what they ask for to support my genuine relationship with my boyfriend? 4. I don't share a property with my boyfriend because we live together with my boyfriend's parents too. If we only have a joint account, and the car insurance has got both of our names in it, would it be a bit hard to prove that we've been living together? thanks in advance for the help from anyone of you. much appreciated. :biggrin: spzzzzzzzz
  8. Hi all, Firstly - I love this website! Although I'm sure my boss won't be too happy if he checks my internet traffic... oh well. Would be great to get some advice, anecdotes or hints/tips from anyone who applied for their visas in a similar way: We met in Sept 2009 Moved in together 27th August 2010 OH is an Australian citizen and an Irish citizen too, hence we've been living together in the UK. We want to get to Australia as soon as possible, and I've had a job offer for a start date of 5th September 2011. Therefore, this is my reasoning: Apply for Working Holiday Visa around 1st June (in order to be able to save up the financial amount you need to evidence) and then book flights to Sydney for around 28th August 2011. I'd start my job on 5th September and apply for the de facto partnership visa and have it granted (hopefully!) just before the six month with one employer rule kicks in. I'm currently debating whether to lodge on/offshore as the processing times for offshore seem to be much quicker, but having to leave to activate the visa is such a pain. So, we'd either lodge onshore on 28th August so that it is definitely one year since we've lived together or offshore in Australia House on 28th too. We have the following proof for the de facto: - tenancy agreement - stat decs - wedding invites/christmas cards etc - individual bank accounts with statements highlighted to show joint purchases or holidays e.g. both buying stuff in Paris on the same weekend - council tax in both names - bills in separate names e.g. TV licenses in my name, Virgin Media in his name, Electricity in my name and then account changed to both names - pictures of us together and with stat dec witnesses - facebook message screenshots, emails, skype history etc - travel arrangements (but no tickets... why do I not hoard?!) - mirroring wills (e.g. all my stuff to him, all his stuff to me) Any comments welcome Leah and Rory xx
  9. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if someone might be able to help me here as I've read all over the official immigration website and can't seem to find anything that gives a definite Yes or No answer to this. Basically I am an Australian citizen and I have a girlfriend who lives overseas. We're now tired of the long distance relationship and only visiting each other every few months so she would like to move to Australia to live permanently with me. So what we would like to do is get her a De Facto partner visa so she can come live with me. However there is an unfortunate 12 month living together requirement for this which we are unable to meet. I am studying full-time in Australia and I'm unable to do these studies where she is so me going to live with her for 12 months there is not an option. The only thing we can do then is have her come live with me for 12 months so we can apply for the De Facto partner visa. Sounds simple in theory but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an Australian visa designed for this purpose. She is not eligible for any working visa so that is not an option. Basically that only leaves her 2 options... either to get a 12 month Tourist visa or a 12 month Student visa (and study something here). Both of these can apparently come with the "No Further Stay" clause which means she will need to leave Australia after the 12 months. So I guess my question is... if we get her a 12 month Tourist or Student visa... can she come live with me for the 12 months, then return overseas to her home country and immediately apply for a De Facto partner visa then (using the 12 months she lived with me on a Tourist or Student visa to meet the living together requirement)??? Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to shed any light on this. Tried ringing DIAC about this and just get told tourist visas aren't designed to be used for a permanent residency visa but I can't get any Yes or No out of them as to whether or not we can use this as a workaround since there's no other visa we can use to get her over here.
  10. Hi everyone, Our de facto off shore application is almost ready. I just wanted to ask about how many bank statements to include. I have included the last 18 months of mine, as that shows transfers to my partner for rent, holidays, tickets to gigs etc over that time. I wasn't sure whether to also include 18 months of his, or whether this is a waste of trees seeing as it will not show much more than mine. If I do just include mine, should I write a statement saying why my partner's have not been included? Also, I am struggling to pin point exactly what transactions relate to our grocery shop. Up until recently (I am now on a tourist visa not working and so my partner pays for the shopping) we shared the shopping but this was in a haphazard way. Either I paid on card and he paid the next time, or he might pay on card a couple of times in a row and I gave him the cash....we didn't have a set routine. Therefore, I haven't highlighted our shopping in my bank statements but left any Coles or Woolworths transactions clearly visible, and have written a mini statement explaining. Does this sound ok? Thanks!
  11. Guest

    De facto documents...?

    Hi, We are just finalising our off shore de facto application and I wanted to clarify that I have sufficient identity evidence. I am from the UK and my birth certificate only shows my name, my date and place of birth. My parent's names are not on it. I have a certified copy of my passport to hand in with the certificate, but no family book or official document from the government to confirm my identity. Is this enough? Thought I had everything ready to go until I stumbled across this problem! Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, my partner is an Australian citizen and I am preparing the documents needed for my De Facto Partner visa application. However, we do not have any evidence of joint bank account, tenancy agreements or any other joint financial commitments, as we have been quite financially independent during the course of living together. We lived together for a bit over 12 months and during this time, we had all our bills sent to the same address. The apartment that we rented was under his name as he first rented it before we even met, and I moved in after we started dating. My partner had to move back to OZ in Aug last year as his mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I am still in my home country. As such, we have been maintaining our relationship long distance via daily phone calls (Skype, Whatsapp) and monthly visits. I even stayed in OZ for a month last December to be with him. Evidence-wise, we have 4 statutory witnesses - his mom, cousin & mates, photographs, correspondences sent to one address, wedding invitation cards addressed to both of us, air tickets and our own statement of history and future plans. Did anyone here have the same experience, and if so what are my chances if I am not able to show financial commitments with my partner? Will the stated documents be sufficient? Thank you in advance for your advices, we really appreciate it.
  13. Guest

    de facto dilemma

    hi everyone..i will be applying onshore for a de facto visa shortly and was hoping for some advice. I have been with my aussie partner almost 18 months. we met and started dating september 2009 in Byron Bay when i was on my 2nd year WHV, i moved into his home january 2010. In april we moved upto cairns for four months before my visa came to an end. We decided to head to NZ to be together, so i went home to UK (since it had been 2 years) while he went home to Byron. I sorted out my visa from home whilst visiting everyone and he sold his car and some other possessions in prep for NZ. In NZ we lived together and worked for four months before deciding to return to Oz (me on a tourist visa) because of a knee injury he sustained meant he could no longer do his job and we couldnt survive on just my wage. So now we are in Oz preparing for the de facto visa. My main worry is because our relationship isn't a "typical relationship"...we moved around so much and never stayed in one place for longer than 4 months! but we did all this just so we could stay together!! this is the evidence we have so far: 2 stat declarations. including one from his sister stating when i first moved into his home a statment from our landlord in Cairns stating we rented a double room for 4 months a letter i sent him from uk (with dated envelope) a phone bill from UK with $300 worth of calls to him while we were apart dated postcard from us in NZ to his family loads of photos flights we went on together dating back to july 2010 joint account statements from NZ showing rent being paid and food shops mail for both of us at the same address character checks and meds all came back fine! Do you think this will be enough??
  14. Guest

    spouse de facto visa

    I have some questions that need to be asked and i hope somebody can give me the answers. I will be sending the forms and the information into the immigration branch Australian High Commision Strand in London when i have received my police certificate here are my questions. (1) it says on the forms to send my passport in with the forms and information is this correct (2) my partner has just recently got laid off work will this effect in getting the spouse de facto visa (3) my partner is 69 will be 70 this coming November will this effect in getting the spouse de facto visa i have been living with my Partner for 12 months from February 2010 to February 2011 all we want is to be allowed to live together for the rest of our lives in Australia
  15. Hi everyone! People on this forum have been immensely helpful to me in the past and I was wondering if any of you lovely chaps could help me oiut again I am due to submit an onshore defacto partner visa application in just over a month, but we are still collecting stat. decs. from everyone. We have people all over Australia, and in Canada and the UK, writing them for us! However none of the information that I have seen makes it clear whether we have to provide orignal hard copies, or if we can provide scans, of these declarations. If it has to be originals we are in trouble as it will take quite a while for some of them to reach us through the post! If anyone had any advice that would be great, All the best, Rose
  16. yoyo333

    Help - de facto and form 47A

    Hi, Hopefully someone can answer this question for me. I've included my partner in form 1276 section C. Do I still need to fill out a form 47A aswell? Cheers Yoyo333
  17. I am currently in the 12 month period needed to be in a 'de facto' relationship. At the moment I am trying to compile together as much evidence as possible that our relationship is genuine. We both have shared electricity, gas bills with both names on it, along with a tenancy agreement and council tax bills. We also have a joint bank account which all of these payments are made from. Will this evidence be enough when we ultimately have to send it off to a Case officer or do we need more!? If more is required can anybody help with what items are needed or which items may help as evidence? Also could anybody advise whether or not it is helpful to apply via a visa agency or if it's simple enough to send off your own file without any external help? Thankyou in advance!
  18. Hi, I am lodging a partner visa off shore and wanted to clarify when it is your temporary residence is altered to permanent residence (provided the application is successful in the first place!). I know it takes two years, but is it two years from lodging the application, two years from when they grant a partner visa or two years from when yo first enter Australia on your partner visa? Also, once the visa is granted, how long do you have before you have to enter Australia? I am just thinking ahead, as now processing times are pretty long in the UK I plan to go back and work and want to know if I could commit to a long term job, or if I would have to re-appear in Oz the moment they grant the visa (fingers crossed!). Also, say I had gained a long term position and had to re-enter Australia before I was ready to do so, can you enter for a few weeks i.e a holiday and then return permanently a few months down the track? Thanks for your help! :smile:
  19. Sarahelle

    De facto worries

    Hey all. I've found this forum very helpful so far and have just joined so hello to you all! My issue is this - My boyfriend is Australian and we moved to Brisbane a few months ago. I am presently gathering information to apply for my De facto visa but I am fretting! We've been together for over 2 years and consistently living together for 14 months both here and in the UK. My problem is that I'm having trouble piecing together the evidence we need for proof because we moved here earlier than we expected to for employment reasons and so just didn't keep everything and may not have documentation for every single month of the 12 month period DIAC require. We've been here since September and so have everything from then onwards and some from home from a few months before. We have things like cards, photos emails and joint holiday reservations. What if we aren't able to obtain anything for the missing previous months? I would be really grateful for any advice anyone can give. Many thanks, Sarahelle :unsure:
  20. Guest

    De Facto Evidence

    Hi, We are currently putting together our de facto application, ready to lodge off shore in April. The following might be silly questions but...... Just wondered with regards to things such as ticket stubs, christmas cards, post cards, invites etc should I send all of these things in and supply an envelope so that they can be returned to me? Or is it best to just photocopy all of these items (with cards I am guessing we only need to copy the inside page where people have written)? If we go for the second option of photocopying, will these copies then need to be certified? Obviously photocopying will make the application less bulky, but not sure what is preferred at the immigration office. Thanks! :cute:
  21. Hi all, I am in Melbourne at the moment and about to apply for a de facto visa. I have all the documents ready but I have been told I need a UK police check and health check although the 47sp form does not have it on the checklist - do I need it? Can i get it from Oz? Please help! Thanks, Aaron
  22. hi there, me and my aussie girlfriend have been together for 5 years now. we lived together for a total of about 3,5 years until nov 2009. we have been working together for the same empoyer for about 1,5 years. unfortunately my girlfriend injured her back and decided to go to oz for a treatement . on arrival home she started working (to support herself and pay for all the medical stuff of course) and came back to europe in summer 2010 to join me to do bit of travelling. as she was offered a managerial position at her aussie job we decided that the best thing for us to do is to get a partner visa and move to australia permanently. i went to oz personally in november 2010 and stayed with her for about a month. now the time has come to finally get all the docs together and send my appication. it is a pricey process and with my earnings i couldn't do it any sooner. my question is, how will our last 12 month together or separately rather, be treated by the visa people? i read that in some circumstances a 12 months period may be waived...how can we proove to an immigration office that our relationship was alive while we were separately? we have a great deal of documents for our 3,5 years of co-habitation together while in the uk..ihas anyone been in a similar situation and got his visa granted? any help will be more than appreciated. thank you
  23. Guest

    De facto dilemma

    Hi ! I've been browsing this site for a while and there's some great info but I'm still a bit baffled about what to do next so I thought I'd explain my situation and see if anyone could advise me: I live in the UK and my partner lives and works in Oz. We've been friends for about 12 years and finally got together as a couple when he was visiting the UK in September 2009. Since then I visited him in Oz for 3 months earlier this year and he came over here for 5 weeks (October - November 2010). We are trying to work out how we can live in the same place together permanently. The most obvious solution would be for me to move to Oz but I'm not sure how to fulfill the requirements for a Partner Visa. I am currently unable to work due to long-term disability so could only go to Oz on either a visitor or Partner visa and he can only get to the UK for a few weeks a year due to work commitments. I'm trying to work out how we can fulfill the 12 month requirement for a Partner visa given that we have been together for more than 12 months but have only lived together for less than 5 months of that time (not from choice, just because of practical problems with me living in the UK and him having to work in Oz). Can I apply for a 12 month visitor visa to go to Oz with the intention of applying for a Partner visa during that time and would I have to have a return ticket in order to get the visitor visa ? Another possible option would be for him to get a 6 month sabbatical from work, come to the UK on a visitor visa and then both of us go to Oz (me on a visitor visa) at the end of the 6 months and apply for a Partner visa either before we leave the UK or after we arrive in Oz. Any ideas/advice would be gratefully received as this is doing my head in ! :arghh: