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Found 295 results

  1. Guest

    De Facto or not???

    Hi all Sorry no news on the visa yet ... still waiting, nearly 8 weeks now :sad: I have another issue that POI may be able to help me with. My eldest daughter is 23 and is currently in Australia on a working holiday visa (she went travelling after Uni). I originally included her in my 457 visa application but the migration lawyer stipulated that because she was over the age of 21 she could not be included. Therefore, can we apply for a de facto visa in that firstly when I get my 457 and move to Australia (flights booked for 22nd August 2011) along with my other daughter and husband, she will have to return to the UK with no family and nowhere to live. Having graduated last year and went travelling for a year she doesn't have the 3 years experience required to apply for any visa by the looks of it. Any help would be appreciated because if she has to come back and all her family are in Oz then we are not going. :no::sad::no: Jane
  2. Due to the nature of my australian partners job, we found out we would be moving to australia literally last month, and we need to be there by october. Ive sent off for my police checks, got practically all the evidence ready, but then was worried when i saw processing times applying from the uk would be 3-6 mnths or longer! Ive read a few people have gone over on a tourist visa and applied as soon as they got there, are you given the bridging visa straight away meaning when my tourist one runs out im ok to stay there even if they havnt granted the de dacto one yet?? Im sure our case is a pretty straight forward one, we have been together for 3yrs and living together for 2 and have plenty of evidence to prove this! I just cant help but worry!! From a v stressed member!! Thanks xx
  3. I recently applied for subclass 885 visa. I have been thinking to include my partner to my application. We had been living together for over 12 months period. However, my partner has returned to her home country because her student visa has expired. Since she is not currently residing in Australia, is it still possible to include her to my application? If she were possible, would her visa category also be subclass 885? (My friend who included his de facto partner into his main application for 885 also got partner 885 visa recently)
  4. lucky8

    De facto Visa Need Help !!!!

    I am going to apply the De facto visa but i don't have 2 letters statement to prove that i m together with my partner.and my partner and me don't have any friends who are permanent resident or citizenship of Australia...What should i do? I have all the documents ready like joint account, utilities bill , photos together .I am so worried
  5. andrewwita

    de facto subclass 309/100

    Hi all i don't know if any one has asked this in the past I put in my visa on march 1st - fully loaded with med and police checks i had my docs they don't need any more back a week later And that is it - so just over 4 months in has / is any one in the same boat i have not had any phone calls for interviews or requests for more info - So what i wanna know - IS THIS THE NORM ? Thanks in advance Andrew Wita 32 yrs old lives Heathrow London but am from Ammanford in south wales
  6. Hi! My partner and I lodged our application for the de facto visa on 21/06/2011. We had confirmation of receipt and that the money had been taken from our account on 22/06/2011. (My partner is Australian and I am currently living in Australia.) Does any body know how long it is currently taking for case officers to be assigned and/or how long current processing times are?! Immingration advised us that it is now between 9-12 months...this seems like a really long time...does anybody know of any cases where by applications for this visa either made by themselves or friends has gone through any quicker? The whole process is just making me feel a little anxious!I would be great to chat! Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, Myself and my partner are currently compiling our De Facto Partner Visa. I am looking for advice and ANY opinions anyone has on our situation. Details are as follows: I am from Scotland and i immigrated to Australia in 2006 with my family, so i hold a permanent resident visa. I comeback to the UK in April 2007. Then i met my partner and it all changed to today's situation. Met my partner in my home town - April 2009 Moved in together - January 2010 - I moved in with my partner but i was not on the lease Decided we wanted to live together in Australia - September 2010 I moved back to Australia - April 2011 - Partner is still in the UK and hoping to come out with the visa whilst she finishes completing her college course and saves money. I am working away and now have the money to pay for our visa. Evidence: I have various letters with my name at her address, car insurance, hospital, bank statements, holiday itineries etc wide selection of photos with friends together lots of stat decs from friends and family very detailed statutory declarations from when we met joint bank account opened in April 2011 Looking at the above, the application looks very weak but our statutory declaration is a fantastic love story that makes all of the above make so much sense! I don't want to be here in Australia if i can't have my girl here with me :unsure:
  8. Hi Folks My partner and I are busy pulling together the evidence of our de facto relationship to support our visa application, I'd like to sound out what we have and see if people think this is likely to be enough or if we would be required to provide more/different types of evidence, what we will have is Statement from me regarding the relationship Statement from my partner regarding the relationship Statement from our parents regarding the relationship Statements from our professional friends about our relationships who are a social worker, immigration officer, teacher, nurse and psychologist - these will be on 888 docs and witnessed by a solicitor. Joint invitations to us as a couple for weddings and christenings, photographs of us at these events and other key times such as Christmas. Photographs of us on holidays and breaks away to Manchester, London, Ibiza and general photographs of us socialising with friends. Joint council tax bill, bank statements showing transfers of money between the two of us for household bills and car insurance policies with each other named on the documents - we don't bank jointly, have savings together or have other bills that in are both of our names. Thanks in advance Drew
  9. Hi Everyone, I have been spending weeks on forums to try to find the answer to my question. I even have contacted the immi by mail a week ago and I am still waiting for a reply! Here's my case: I am holding a 457 and I cant stand my job anymore. In the meantime I have applied for a de facto visa 3 months ago. I cannot have a bridging visa as I am already holding a visa. The question is.... If I leave my employement will have be given a bridging visa whilst I wait for the de facto visa to be assessed? I was willing to wait for another 3 months (it should have taken 6 months for the visa to be granted) but I heard from the immigration departement that they are only assessing application logged in August 2010! I am sure that I am not the only one in this situation, Cheers,
  10. Guest

    Visa Approved - De facto Spouse

    Hi All, Just wanted to give hope to everyone out there..... I applied for my de facto visa on 25th January 2011 and was granted it on 22nd June 2011....... I sent in as much information as i had, didnt leave anything out and all that was requested as additional info was for my OH to have a full medical and a police check as he is a NZ citizen living here and the letter was sent a day after the additional papers were sent! Mine was a very complicated situation so anyone that wants any advice please dont hesitate to ask.... Can also make the very happy announcement that we are a expecting a baby, due in October!!!! Good luck to everyone out there, all i can say is if its real it will happen!! :yes::smile::wink:
  11. Hi, I've read through a great number of threads about Stat Decs, but most of them refer to Spouse visas... I hope there are some guys who know similar situations. I'm from Low Risk country, my boyfriend is British. From my side I want to get Statuory Declarations from my Mum and my cousin, as they know us best as a couple. We visited them several times and they live in different part of my country. For certification I will pick notaries, because they seem to be most recognised worldwide. I assume the Stat Dec is to be written in our native language, signed in the presence of a notary and then it goes to the sworn translator? Second question- while notarising their declarations, should the witnesses attach the copies of their IDs /Passports (also notarised as valid copies of originals) ? Last thing - is it OK that from my side only family gives declarations? We live in the UK, so when I go home I obviously visit family in the first place. Me and my boyfriend had some contact with my friends a couple of years ago, but now, because of time and distance, we're not very close. I'll be very grateful for any tips and advice!
  12. I am due to apply for PR this November which is when my 2 years is up on the temporary spouse visa. i''m thinking of having a 6 week holiday in the UK around this time- am I allowed to leave and still apply for PR? I was an onshore applicant when i got my visa. How might this work if I am out of the country when the 2nd stage visa is due?
  13. Does anyone have experience of a relationship breaking down before PR is granted? I am due to apply for PR around November this year, but have hit some difficulties and don't know if I can continue living with my partner. We have a child together who was born here and is a Citizen. I'm feeling very vulnerable as I have no family here, no money of my own and at the moment not sure if I even want to stay- but having a child complicates the process- I can't afford a lawyer at present and haven't told DIAC as the split is not finalised. Will myself and my child be made to leave? Would they make me leave but not the child? Anyone been through this? I even wondered if ironically I would be MADE to stay because of the child. Thanks all.
  14. Guest

    De facto visa evidence list!!

    Hi all!! I'm currently putting together my de facto visa application with the plan of handing it in mid June time. I am a little worried with regards to the 12 month thing as we will be relying heavily on the full 12 months living together here in Australia whilst I have been on a WHV. We did live together in the UK, buttt the only things we will have to support this are statements off family/friends and ourselves. However I am hoping that from the evidence we submit they will see that we are totally genuine and have been living together for the 12 months required in Australia, (not including the time we lived together in the Uk) even if that is to the day we submit our application. I hope that all made sense!! So here's the list of things we will have and I would appreciate any input on other things that we can include Immigration Document Checklist Maybe my own Contents Page, what do people think?? Cover Letter Form 47SP Applicants Birth Certificate (certified copy) Applicants Passport (certified copy) Applicants Current Visa 2 Passport Photos of Applicant Form 40SP Sponsors Birth Certificate (certified copy) Sponsors UK and Australian Passports (certified copy) Sponsors Grant of Citizenship (certified copy) 2 Passport Photos of Sponsor Documents relating to Sponsors last 2 years of employment (still not totally sure what we are going to be able to get hold of) Form 886 - Settlement Details Form 80 UK Police Check Australian Police Check Medical Documents Relationship Timeline Applicants Statement of Relationship Sponsors Statement of Relationship Stat Dec from Sponsors parents (with copy of Australian passport) Stat Dec from Sponsors brother (with copy of Australian passport) Stat Dec from Sponsors best friend (with copy of Australian passport) Stat Dec from family friend (with copy of Australian passport) UK Stat Dec from Applicants mum (with copy of UK passport, I know this isn't necessary but I'm going to put it in anyway) UK Stat Dec from Applicants sister (with copy of UK passport) UK Stat Dec from Applicants best friend (with copy of UK passport) UK Stat Dec from Sponsors sister (with copy of UK passport) Joint Statement Regarding Finances Individual Bank Statements Joint Bank Statement from when we opened the account in March Copy of Applicants UK Bank Statement highlighting the purchase of our flight tickets from Emirates and a transfer from the Sponsor to the Applicant of money for his ticket Some bills from when we first moved to Australia, we were living in Sponsors parents house, not paying rent but paying bills so we will match these up to transactions in the bank account. Copy of Sponsors employment contract which shows for the last three months our accommodation and bills were included as part of his job Sponsors CV Applicants CV (showing employability, especially with regards to my qualifications and it shows I have never been out of work since I was 14) Joint Statement Regarding Social Context Invitations addressed to us both Good luck in Australia cards and welcome to Australia Cards addressed to both of us Postcard from Sponsors parents Graduation Cards from Sponsors parents to Applicant Numerous Christmas cards addressed to us both 12 Photos ranging from before we came to Australia and right through our year here Flight tickets out to Australia Flights booked for New Zealand, we did in the end have to cancel these and leave the tickets open because we were unable to go when the Sponsor got a new job but will explain this in the joint statement Flight tickets booked by Sponsors brother as he is flying us up to Brisbane in a few weeks to look after his children Receipts for Melbourne F1 tickets which were for the Sponsors birthday, we also have Qantas paddock club tickets which Sponsors brother gave us and the receipt for our hotel Receipts from presents for the Applicant and the Sponsor to each other going back to early on in their relationship Receipts from the ps3 the Applicants parents bought the sponsor for Christmas Pictures drawn by Sponsors nieces and nephews for us (for example one is just of a tree but he's wrote t and p at the top which are our first initials; these probably won't have too much weight but I thought they were nice and show acceptance of us as a couple even by the really young family members) Thank you letter from Sponsors parents to Applicants parents (for a present) letter says about Applicant being a lovely girl and a treasure to have with our family etc etc Joint Statement Regarding Nature of Household Both Applicant and Sponsors Australian driving licences showing same addresses Correspondence addressed to us both at the same address Sponsors phone bill showing many calls and messages being sent to Applicants friends and family members (Applicant and sponsor share the phone, it's in the Sponsors name but they both pay the bill) Joint Statement Regarding Nature of Commitments (plans for the future etc) Applicants Superannuation binding death nomination - nominating the Sponsor Sponsors Superannuation binding death nomination - nominating the Applicant Applicants phone bills from the UK (Sponsor was on a pay as you go so no phone bills there) showing 70+ calls and messages to Sponsor a month, also I may use this as evidence of when the sponsor moved in with me as you can see that night time phone calls stop Phewwww, so there we go, that's everything I have found and thought of so far... Any other ideas of what I may be able to dig out?? We are going to front load everything... Hopefully it will all be okay! Thank you for any feedback, its much appreciated!!
  15. Hi guys, another question from me.. Still have a few months before my boyfriend and I have done our 12 months living together (end of Sep '11), but wanting to get organised as soon as possible. So I know about all the bits and pieces of 'evidence' etc that we can provide. Do we send all our supporting documents WITH our application at the end of September? Or are we requested to send them at a later date once we have a Case Officer? How about Police Checks and Medical Examinations - do we send them in with the application or after? Are these essential for every application or will we be asked to do them if needed? I understand that these are valid for 12 months (correct me if I'm wrong!), so if they are essential, can we just do them now to get them our of the way so we're ready when it comes to applying? ALSO how soon can we get stat decs and all that good stuff? Would love someone to dumb-down the whole process for me (i.e., what we submit with application, when we would get CO, what gets submitted later). Just want to get as much organised as we can in advance. Mostly so we can keep our money organised as it's gonna be a big job to save up enough for us, but also just so we're not rushing around in the last couple of weeks before we have to apply. Also a massive THANKS. :biggrin: This is my third post in just a few days, but this forum has been hugely helpful already, and we're right at the beginning of our journey. Seems like I'm spending all day every day browsing this forum, but I've definitely learnt a lot or helpful stuff in the last week or so, so thanks! :wubclub: Sophie.
  16. Guest

    De facto 3 Year Criteria

    Hi Guys, Currently on a Subclass 309, Does anyone know if I can apply again (onshore this time) now that the rules have changed on 'long relationships' from 5 to 3 year (which they hadn't when i applied) so that I can become resident rather then having to pass my 2 year wait time. ( I now meet 3yrs criteria) Thx
  17. Hi all, Have had some great tips and advice from my other post. Just had one last thing to ask and didn't want to drag my other thread on.. I keep reading on here that to apply offshore for a De Facto visa works out cheaper and faster than applying onshore. The DIAC site is pretty confusing for me so maybe someone can clear it up for me. Firstly, is a De Facto visa the same as/a different name for Spouse visa? Please can somebody outline all the costs involved, both for offshore and onshore applications. Is there just the one main fee? Processing times would be helpful too. Thanks! Sophie.:confused:
  18. Hi, I am new to this forum and desperately seeking advice from anyone that has already applied for a de-facto partner visa who is originally from a non-English speaking Country. I have been trying to get in contact with the local Aus Embassy in my current Country but they never seem to respond. I'm looking to know what document/s you provided in your application that must have been accompanied by an official English translation? I am not to impressed with a quote I received on having my documents translated, if I need all bank statements translated etc, rental receipts, it's more than the offshore visa charge and the price of a 1-way ticket combinedso hoping to avoid having things translated when it's not really needed. Is it possible just to send one page of a rental receipt translated in English and accompanied by the original in it's official language just for a CO to have a rough idea of what it is or they will request page by page be translated? I want to be able to send the originals just for proof of cohabitation as it has both our names addressed on the receipts, I don't want them to care what the letter is about - if that makes sense, it just has both our names addressed on the letter/s! If anyone has any idea, please let me know... Thanks in advance!!!
  19. Although I am patiently (not) waiting on our 457 sponsorship and nomination being approved, in advance of this happening I would quite like to have all my documents sitting ready to go ahead with the e457 as SOON as the reference number ever gets here. My query is this, I will have to provide documents to prove de facto relationship within my e submission, I gather the ozzies love their proofs. My fiance and i have been together for 5 years but we have very little documentation relating to our everyday life that is "Joint". We do not have a joint mortgage or utility bills or anything like that, although he of course has his own mail to prove he lives at this address, car ins, letter from accountant and Inland Revenue etc, but nothing "joint" as such. ALthough we do have two babies together, one born 08 and one born 09, my question is, surely their parental details on their full birth certs would be ample enough proof of de facto relationship, would it not? I am in the armed forces as my full time job for 8 yrs now and my direct line manager (Sgt) has provided me with a letter within his professional capacity detailing he knows my fiance and that we have children and reside together etc etc and that he has been my line manager for 5 years etc. Does anyone know if the babies birth certs and this letter would suffice? I would rather get it right first time after the sponsorship/nomination taking soo long. Thanks in advance... __________________
  20. Hi, While filling the 175 online application I came across following doubt. I was planing to claim 5 points for partner's qualifications and found that his occupation is not given in the drop down list in on-line application. He is an ICT security specialist and hold the code 262112 in SOL schedule 4. Any idea whether you cannot claim points for partner when his/ her occupation is in SOL 4?? Tx
  21. Hi there, I'm planning on moving to Melbourne after Christmas this year (or ASAP thereafter) and am a little confused as to my best option and would be grateful for any help: 1. I am a Part Qualified ACCA Accountant, and hoping to complete this year. I also have a BA (hons) Accounting degree and 6 years work experience as a Management Accountant. 2. I have an Australian girlfriend of 5 years, but she moved back there in December 2010. The plan is for us to get a place and live together from day one, but I'm worried the fact we've been apart for this year may rule out any partner visa options. A bit off the point but I have a friend who works in finance, but with no qualifications, who moved to Melbourne last October on a Working Holiday Visa to live with his Australian girlfriend who's UK visa ran out. He seems to think he'll be able to get a de-facto partner visa easily enough as they'll have lived together for a year come this October. Which is what I was planning to also do but because I have more qualifications, and have been with my partner for much longer, I am hopefully in a better position and don't want to go down this route if it it might be better to wait a few more months and apply for a longer term visa from the start. If anyone can recommend a good agency to talk to please recommend, I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for some sort of initial consulatation. I apprecite people don't do their jobs for free! Graham
  22. Hi all, Hope everyone's visa is being granted quickly! Just a quick question: when I applied for the 3 month tourist visa last year, it was granted but I was given no 'visa grant number' or 'reference number' on the letter as it was done by my travel agent. Any suggestions how I could go about getting this information? I assume I need to supply it when applying for my onshore de facto visa? Slightly worried as the 'very silly' Flight Centre travel agent who did it for me last year apparently mucked up the application the first time, so a little worried I have a 'rejected visa' stamp on a record somewhere... Any help/advice much appreciated. Leah
  23. Hi, I was hoping someone could clarify when the time on the two yr temporary visa starts ticking? Does the two year time period before becoming a PR start when you lodge your application, or is it two years from the initial entry date they give you when the visa is granted? I lodged my de facto visa in the UK on 12th April with the plan being that I could work whilst it was being processed (I spent 5 months in Oz unable to work). I have been offered a position but it is a yr long contract. I have had an email stating that the current visa processing time is 5-6 months, so potentially around half of the yr contract could be visa processing time. However, I wondered when it came to the point that my temporary visa could become PR, would it be frowned upon that I remained in the UK for an extra 6-7 months after the visa was processed? My partner will remain in Oz, although he is going to be staying here with me for July and August and then come for 2 weeks next January (this is already booked as it is for our friends wedding). Having discussed it, we have planned that I will go and stay with him for 2-3 wks in November or December (this will then allow me to validate the de facto visa) and then I would move over in May 2012 (assuming they even grant us a visa!). I know the above sounds complicated but just thinking ahead. Don't want to have got this far and then jeopardise our future plans by spending too much time apart for the sake of fulfilling a contract! Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  24. ...I lodged our visa application in the UK last week and yesterday received an email with a ref number and what I assume is the name of our Case Officer?....if someone could confirm that it is a CO, that would be great, as I wasn't sure if it was just acknowledging they had received it.....Anyway, back to the concern....I today received an envelope containing: a receipt of payment, two original credit card statements, 1 australian stat dec (I had sent 4) and 2 supporting statements from people in the UK (I sent 3). There was no note with the documents. I understand the original bank statements coming back, but not the stat dec and supporting statements. I had got the impression these were important and I personally thought the stat dec that was sent back was the most impressive one. Has anyone else had parts of their application returned to them and returned so soon? Makes me wonder if they were properly read. Thanks....so anxious about the processing and I had thought the worse bit was going to be putting it all together!