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Found 14 results

  1. I was looking through this forum and someone mentioned a DEFRA permit to export dogs. I already have my aqis permit for my dog but have never come across this DEFRA permit anywhere.:confused: We are living in Greece and exporting my little buster (sad eh!) from here so was wondering if it was only required in UK? Does anyone know? We are getting buster his 30 days prior to export vaccinations very soon as are looking to move end of feb. thanks anyone who knows anything!
  2. I've seen the daft prices of cars when in Aus and I've read the threads on PIO. I know about the tax on ordinary and luxury cars when exporting to Aus. There must be a cut off point on price that makes is it worth buying a car (or two) over here and shipping across. Has anybody done the sums? Does anyone have any advice? Cheers John
  3. mporting my van with my tools and clothes etc inside? Hi there, great forum I've been reading through a few threads which have been very informative, but i have a specific question. i would like to export my 2004 Ford Transit Connect SWB ( value £3500 ) from England to Aus with my work tools and my clothes, computer, books etc inside the van. My thinking is that i can turn up in Aus with everything i need to live and start work. I know about the modifications that may be necessary to the van and the cleaning of the tools etc and i'm not bothered if it costs me as much as buying the van in Aus So my question is, am i allowed to put my belongings in the van ( in crates ) and export it? Connect's seem rare in Aus and i think it would be unique and eyecatching once sign written plus it's a diesel ( most vans are petrol in Aus ) so would be much better on fuel, also commercial vehicles only attract 5% tax or so i'm led to believe A good plan? Or not? It doesn't have aircon but my mates car doesn't either and he lives in Sydney. Thanks, Aaron.
  4. Wozza

    Exporting Vehicle

    Does anyone have any experience of taking their vehicle to AUS!!! :mask:
  5. I applied for an export document to ship my car from the UK to Brisbane and have just been sent the following info, which may be of use to others considering shipping their vehicles: In order to process your Application for a Personally Imported Vehicle Approval, I require the information listed below. · Overseas Drivers Licence · Every page of your Passport including the blank ones · Due to Legislation changes on 18 November 2009, all applicants are required to provide evidence of their intention to remain in Australia indefinitely. You must be able to provide documentation equalling at least 100 points. Please see the table below for acceptable documents. · Documents used to establish an intention to remain in Australia indefinitely · Primary documents that applicants can use to substantiate Australian residency · 50 points documents · the recent commencement of Australian employment (eg, a letter from the new employer). · the recent cessation of overseas employment (eg, a letter from the previous employer). · a recent rental agreement / purchase agreement for the applicants Australian residential property (ie, longstanding holiday or second homes dont count). · a recent sale / cancellation of the applicants overseas residential property. · Secondary documents that applicants can use to substantiate Australian residency · 20 point documents · the shipment of the applicants household goods to Australia · the enrolment of the applicants children in an Australian school. · 10 point document · other documents relating to the applicants Australian residential property (eg, telephone / electricity accounts). · Additional documents, that foreign citizens can use to substantiate Australian residency · 25 points documents · the applicants Australian Tax File Number · the applicants Australian bank account. · the applicants registration with Medicare. · the applicants Australian medical insurance. · the applicants Australian drivers licence. Julz
  6. Guest

    Vehicle exporting to Australia

    Hi All, Just wondering if any one has any advice on shipping a car to Australia to save buying one when there. I was not even considering this option, but it seems that there are not many good 2nd hand bargains to be found in Oz. I have a 2001 model BMW which I bought for £4k, for the same amount of money in Australia it seems I will have to drop down to a car manufactured in and around 1995. I know that shipping will cost me as well as paying for customs inspections, roadworthiness inspections and import tax as it is considered a luxury brand, but does anyone have any ball park figures or advice on doing this? Thanks in advance, Glen.
  7. Has anyone got any advice re: exporting a porsche - classic car - is there a certain age it has to be deemed tax exempt or free from Luxury Car Tax etc etc - any ideas?? :jimlad:
  8. Guest

    Exporting my dog

    I am taking my dog (once she has cleared all the blood tests etc). Could anyone who used Eastern Creek, Sydney quarantine station, tell me about their experience and any useful tips. ie nearby b&b accommodation (so I can visit her), whether you can pay extra for kennel maid to excercise her. Im thinking of using Air Pets to do the arrangements, has anyone used them? Im so stressed as I had her annual vaccination done in March so hoping she will be clear by October to travel. Not going to buy my ticket till she has cleared. Any advice gratefully accepted. This is my first posting, so please excuse any errors. Veronica
  9. Hello again guys Following on from my previous thread about car insurance, I have been looking at the cost of buying a motor in Australia compared to England at a rate of 2.25 I think that you pay a lot more in Aus for a car compared to the UK. So i am now looking into exporting a car from the UK. But I have to factor in the associated costs to see if it would be worth while or not. Can any who has gone through this experience give me a guide as to the costs associated along with time scales Thanks in advance Mark
  10. My OH has a 4ft aquarium. Pickfords said that if it goes in the container when it gets to Oz customs will disinfect it which means it can't be used again. Are Pickfords correct? He has tried to sell it but had no luck and does not really want to give it away. Just wondered if anyone might have any answers? Thank you Claire (god, I love these glitter things)
  11. Hi Everyone, I have 2 cavalier king charles spaniel dogs both 1 yrs old. We have just applied for our 457 visa's but have no clue on where we start to get things moving with our beloved dogs. We need to put an address on the forms (which we don't know yet!) we don't know when we are going out yet as we havent had much info. we are being put up in a serviced appartment for 3 months so won't be able to have them with us in them. we need to get jabs 30 days before they fly but havent got flights yet as don't know when they will be ok to go plus you have to book quarenteen places 3 months before you wnat them to go !! OMG where do you start how stressful
  12. We have decided to take our car to Oz, and we'd love some advice about the pitfalls of paperwork / customs etc. Any lessons you have learned? We plan to fill the car with toys etc to give junior some stuff to play with when we first arrive! Any information about your experiences would be very gratefully received. Thanks Andy, Bev and Hugo
  13. Guest

    Exporting motorbike

    Can anybody give any advise on exporting a motorbike, do you need to own the bike for 12 months before exporting Thanks Will
  14. has anyone exported a car ? would be interested to hear of the costs involved.