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Found 383 results

  1. Hi, I am having a profile of an IT professional with almost 6 years of work experience.Out of that 6 years 2 years and 10 months of experience was in testing and rest of experience is in design, development and analysis. I applied for ACS and got the +ve assessment in 2010 March as a computing tester.But I was n't able to apply for PR.Now when I tried to go for PR, I came to know that I again have tpo get the ACS assessment. But my consultant said that the testers are not getting PR for Australia now as they are denying testers in ACS skill assessment.Although out of 6 years only 2years 1o onths is in testing. Someone could please let me know if this is an issue or could I reapply with my current profile for ACS asessment. Thanks
  2. Please see my thread in Job Vacancies - "Midwives wanted in NSW" Also looking for nurses with Special Care Nursery/NICU experience wanting to make the move to Australia... PM me for more information
  3. Guest

    Work experience for 176

    can anyone clarify if the12 months WE hasto be post qualification if u have dne a standard apprenticeship? thanks
  4. Hi, We are set to send off our GSM application in the next month or so but now i am looking at the QLD regional SS option, simply because it appears a visa will be granted much quicker. So correct me if i am wrong but you are given a list of postcodes where you must live, can you look for work outside of these areas? If so how far? Some of these areas look remote and the chances of finding work in them could be none at all. cheers Carl
  5. theskeers

    Query About Work Experience

    Hi there hope someone can help please. Theres me my wife and 2 children looking at starting the visa process by the end of the year. My wife would be the main applicant (she is Plumber/Gas Engineer) but she has been on maternity for last 12 months and wont be starting work again til September so in all she would of been out of work for 16 months(12 of which were maternity). So my question is, Is maternity classed as being out of work so she would need to go back to work for 12 months before we can start the application process??? Hope that makes sense Cheers.
  6. We are currently looking for 6 Mechanical Fitters with CAT experience to work in South Australia.UK citz of English speaking background.AUS$110k pa.5 weeks holidays good rotations.Excellent conditions.2 year contracts 3 months probation 457 Visa. Interested e-mail me at rlmartin1954@aol.com Blue Chip employer Look forward to hearing from you.I am based in Tweed Heads NSW
  7. Guest

    176 work experience evidence

    Hi all, I've just submitted SS and now looking towards the 176 visa to see what documents we need. Can I ask did people submit only a reference and 1 payslip from their current job for the recent work experience bit or did you put more in? Extra payslips/contract etc? I'm reading "Evidence to attach" and it seems to indicate 1 payslip and reference is enough but I thought there would be more to it? Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone, I am new to this and would like to ask your advice on a slight problem I have I have gotten WA sponsorship and applied for my 176 visa however in my application i ticked the 'specific work experience', however i then realised that I didnt need to claim these points as I already had more than enough without them!! I would just attach the documents anyway except I am already in Perth on a 457 visa and I no longer have any payslips etc to prove the full 3 years - it would be quite a hassel to try get references etc so................my question is if I just dont upload any of the documents will they just take the 10 points off my application and process it on what I have submitted or would they cancel the whole visa??? Im sure you all know how stressfull visa applications are (Ive done 3 now at this stage and they dont get any easier!!) so im hoping someone out there can help settle my brain on this one Thanks so much
  9. Just thought I'd add a suggestion myself. We just took a seaplane and restaurant trip for two last week in Sydney, which was by far the best thing I've ever done in Australia. Um... Let me think.... Actually, I did a lot of amazing things here when I was here for holidays a few years ago, but, yeah, it was up there with them. The downside is that apparently it cost around $700 for two, so not cheap at all. The upside is that it was a leaving present from some very generous workmates, so we just had but to enjoy it. In short - we turned up at the Seaplane pontoon on Rose Bay, near the ferry terminal, around 11am. We met our pilot, and it turned out we were the only two passengers on the DHC-2 Beaver seaplane that he was taking us in. So I sat in the co-pilot's seat, and my wife sat in a rear seat. We taxiied across Rose Bay, which took a few minutes - passing various moored yachts and a couple of kayakers - found a gap in the boats, and took off. Turned and climbed over the bay and towards Watsons' Bay, headed out over the Ocean, and then flew north all the way along the coast at around 90mph, 1000ft and half a mile offshore, watching the beaches pass by: Manly, Freshwater, Dee Why, Curl Curl... Didn't see any dolphins, or sharks, but did see a large shoal of fish which the pilot orbited to get a better look. 15 minutes took us to Pittwater (on the landward side of Palm Beach); again, the amazing freedom of descending over water, turning past the forests and headlands, aiming for a gap in the boats, and, dammit, landing in the bay, then taxiing to a buoy. A small boat, a minibus at the waterside, and after another 15 minutes we were at one-hatted Jonah's restaurant for a sublime, relaxed meal. All 3 courses were included in the package for both of us, with no worries of supplements or extras; our total bill came to around $40-50 for the bottle of wine. And then the same in reverse on the way back. Since we were the last flight out, our pilot Andy had decided to hang out at the beach and wait to take us back; again, we had the plane to ourselves. This time, he flew several turns in his approach to Rose Bay, such that we flew over virtually the entire harbour East of the Bridge; plenty of views of every sight to be seen, and a setting sun behind the city skyscrapers. Landing, disembarkation, some chatting and photos, and then a ferry back to Circular Quay - again, very quiet, and we were treated to the sight of a cruise liner barely squeezing under the Harbour Bridge as we arrived, and all the 5pm commuter ferries launching out of CQ for the Friday evening rush hour. So - probably not something to be booked lightly, but perhaps for a special occasion - aniversary, wedding present - I can't fault it. I've been in a seaplane one before, but let's face it: taking off and landing in Sydney Harbour; what can top that? GBR... maybe! I'd suggest trying to go in a quiet period - say off-season, a weekday (Friday, when everyone's winding down for the weekend), and last in the queue, to try to get the plane to yourself. Maybe during whale migration season - that could be special! And go for the older aircraft, not the new one; they're slower, fewer seats, from a golden era - more of an experience, more time. I can't actually remember the package name/website, but I'm sure googling will find it! I think the seaplane operator was Sydney Seaplanes, or somesuch; I doubt there's more than one in Rose Bay! D
  10. We are in the process of filling out the 175 visa, however we are unsure what actually classifies as nominated occupation work experience. We understand it means work experience in the teaching occupation however we are unclear if my PGCE year counts as a years experience. It will make a huge difference to our application and are hoping it does allow for that year!!! Any help is welcome!!! Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  11. Could someone tell me what are the work experience requirements for state sponsorship to: WA, NSW, VIC, QSL. I know that in SA its 12 months in the last 24... And what is "recent work experiance in closely related occupation" I'm a Quantity Surveying graduate in 2008 and worked in my father construction company as a General Labourer/Site Manager for 3 years, would this suffice for Quantity Surveying? Regards.
  12. My partner and myself are looking at applying for a skilled sponsored (176) visa. We meet the points, however we just have a question regarding the recent work experience criteria. I understand its at least 12 of the last 24 months in the occupation which you are applying under. My partner has 6 months working as a child protection case manager in Australia. However the other 6 months were in a child care centre in the UK, which we think may not be eligible to count. How is the recent work experience assessed, does the experience have to have 'social worker' as the job title? Any help would be fantastic.
  13. Hi, I'm Daniel, new to this forum, and I'm browsing around already for a while, as here's such a wealth of information. Maybe someone knows the answer to my little question: I'm working in Perth on 457 visa, and almost ready to apply for an 856 (finally). One of the possible conditions to me is to have worked for two years in the nominated position, 1 for the employer. That certainly applies to me, but how do I provide evidence for this? I first thought the department will look into their own records, i. e. 457 visa which is tied to my occupation at that time: Support Technician. However, that was changed to a software developing position 3 years ago (incl. necessary pay rise), which the department was informed of, but they didn't change the record. When I enquired about my status, I learned, I'm still a Support Technician. But they indicated that there are other ways to prove my two/one year work experience. I'm thinking - my CV, a statement from my employer, the emails that my employer sent at that time to the department, telling them of my promotion... Am I on the right track, or do I actually have a problem here with my application? I'd be grateful for some insight in this matter, and thanks for your time, of course :-)
  14. Have been advised that a 163 0r 161 visa may be best for my situation. But,as I`m already 44 don`t think I`ll qualify for the 161 as 45`s the cut off age. For the 163 it say`s you must have `substantial capital` to take with you i.e. $500k:elvis: but the cut off age is 55. Plus the visa application price is $4900 + agent fees. Has anyone had experience with these two Visa applications, and as I`m looking to buy a small business and are way off $500K is there anything in between the 161 and 163 ? cheers Tony
  15. dundeeboi82

    175 visa + work experience

    Hi guys, Quick question for everyone - the 175 visa requires you to submit various items to prove you have at least 12 months work experience (or 3 years to get extra points) in your skilled occupation. I have read that even though you submit reference, payslips, P60s, employment contracts etc, they may still contact your employer directly to verify. For people who have been through it, especially those from UK, did the DIAC contact your employer during your application? What's the likelihood of it happening? Reason I ask is that I can get all the evidence you could possibly want and get the reference without bosses knowing what it's for, but if DIAC phone them then of course they'll find out! I'd rather wait to tell the bosses once visa is approved and I have a leaving date, otherwise the next year in work will be very awkward! Anyone with experience of it would love to hear from you!
  16. Just been onto to careline to confirm shipping dates. They told me that they made a mistake ( after reconfirming their original quote last monday). New quote is now €500 extra. Obviously wont be going with them now. With Aachener now.
  17. Hello PIO. I'm wondering if anyone using the site has had the same problem as me whilst trying to provide information to DIAC in relation too "Recent work Experience"?!?! I have jumped through every hoop and climbed every obstacle set before me only to Stumble at the final furlong so too speak when asked to provide Tax documents to my CO!. The problem is I am a self employed Electrician, who for over the last year has worked "Cash in hand " for a company I worked "Cards in" for a few years ago.Down to the economic struggle a lot of us are facing! The boss of said company wasnt sure just how much work he could guarantee me so decided it better to take me on a cash in hand basis.Beside this I have been working for friends, family and by word of mouth. I even worked for a few months as a sub contractor to another firm where I did pay tax.... I have been completely honest with my CO and explained all of this,However they still insist I provide them with Tax returns and p60's.....which I just do not have! If it was for any years prior to lodging my application other than this one I could supply them with an abundance of taxation documents and wage slips...... Having passed my trade assessment, Police checks and medicals it all looks in vain and i feel very frustrated!.. I can see it from DIAC'S point of view,that if I'm trading "Under the table" here I will do it in Australia. That is not the case as for a kick off there seem's to be far more work available in Australia. I have provided my CO with contracts of employment,Memo's,Newsletters and risk assessments from the company I have been working for, linking me too the company however it doesnt seem to make a jot of difference to them. Has anyone been in the same position?!... The only other way I can prove that I have been working is to send invoices from electrical wholesalers to my CO with details of the equipment I have purchased for various jobs!...........Might just have to cut my losses..which after spending all that money for Visa's,trade assessments and the like is a very bitter pill too swallow.
  18. Guest

    Specific work experience points

    Hello PomsinOZ members i have just received an email from Engineers Australia that i will be recognized as Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914 I have been working in my company for the past 6 years , by which i am supposed to earn extra 10 points in the " Specific work experience " The thing is , the HR letter provided by my company , only specify the current job position ( which i undertook 2 years ago ) , the yearly salary , and that i have been working for 6 years As you may see it is lacking some of the requirements mentioned by IMMI , like - being temporary or permanent - full time or part time - 5 duties undertaken If you may , can you please guide me with a form or a doc file that you used which IMMI considered successful to earn you the 10 points
  19. I am all ready to file my application for visa 175, I have just realised that I have misread the work experience for partner skills. It says that you have to be in paid employment, now what happens if you are self employed and been breaking even over the last 2-3 years, not taking any money out, does this count as paid employment. Feelling really stressed about this now, as this is the final hurdle, all the skills assessments are done, and all docs certified, was planning on submitting this weekend. Can any one please advise ASAP? Thanks very much.
  20. sylvandsam

    work experience

    Hi All, Can anyone give us a straight answer on how much work experience/qualification you need to be eligible for state sponsered visa? My husband has retrained as a wall and floor tiler to hopefully get us a visa, but we are not sure wether 12 months is enough or 3 years!! Seem to keep getting conflicting advice. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!:confused:
  21. Guest

    work experience

    hello all, i am a plumber and i'm looking to get into australia on a 176 visa could someone shed some light why i have been asked for 11 years work experience. the agent said it would be so i can gain lots of points. does anyone have any info on this as i can only find documentation stating i would only need 3 out of the last 4 years and diac only want one years experince. please could someone give me a definition on this. thank you a very confused person
  22. All right, this is something that's been in my head since I uploaded my employment certificates. There are a couple of things in fact that are bothering me: The form asked for employment details for the past four years: I started from when I was first employed back in 2003. I think this really won't matter, I guess DIAC will just ignore the references prior to the recent four years and the Team assigned(hopefully soon) to my case will make a mental note that the applicant is a complete jackass. :wacko: This is a bit more concerning. The recent four year employment reference from my current employer that I've provided has a glitch - not sure how big. The address mentioned on the footer of the letterhead bears the address of the previous location(detached main office) of my employer. The previous location still belongs to my employer but all the people that will verify are now at the new location(integrated departments now). I've mentioned the new address where they ask for the address of the employer in the application, but will it matter with differing addresses? (PS They didn't have the updated letterhead printed when I requested the certificate and am not sure if its even printed as yet):wideeyed: Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi Just wandered if anyone on here as had a successfull TRA assement with work based NVQ's only. No formal training, just hands on training/learning whilst doing the job with complete NVQ Levels 2 & 3 (Auto Electrician). I have 6 years in my trade but don't know if theres a TRA pathway applicable to my situation... :goofy: just wish i knew how to go about it, don't know if i should apply for a skills assessment or what to do??? :wacko: Just had a call from a migration company as i was typing this, asked me a few questions and apparently my 2 year course in 1997 in Auto Engineering should be ok for my skills assement, hope so.... but just incase, anyone been in this situation Many Thanks Paul
  24. I am a doctor from India who wish to work in Australia. I want to apply for a job which needs 3 years of experience and I have 2 years and 10 months experience and on paid maternity leave for 6 months afterwards. I'm returning to work next month. (All together more than 3 years if I include paid maternity leave as work experience.) Will I be able to apply for that job? Is paid maternity leave considered as a career gap? Do I have to include maternity leave in my cv or can I just leave it out? Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Siva
  25. Guest

    Our Poor Experience

    PM me for info on our poor experience.