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Found 383 results

  1. Hi all , 1)Anyone can suggest which place is good for Aussie visa medicals. 2)Anyone have done medicals in singapore , your experience...pls 3)I have some skin rash in underarm and near gential, will doctor check in that area's as well ..its a skin condition due to heredity . Sincerely , Advice needed ..
  2. Hi, I work in the UK in an online journalism position. I'd love to go and do the WHV in Australia next year but I know that I have very little chance of getting a media-related job in Oz as they have enough journalists of their own and I could only work for 6 months in a single position. I was wondering how easy it was for a foreigner (with industry experience) to set up work experience in the media for a month or two over there? Is it difficult unless you're an Aussie at uni? I would be happy to do anything from photocopying to admin during a placement - I really want to show UK employers that I'm trying to keep my hand in a bit. I'm not planning on going for a long time so it's too soon to start contacting people over there - I wanted to scope out the possibilities first. Many thanks Titania
  3. We shall be renting our house out. anyone any tips? To use an agent?? Insurance ?? costs involved??? Not done this before.
  4. Guest

    Experience during education

    Hi everybody. I have lodged my application to DIAC. But I have got a little problem. I claim 10 points for specific work exp, but some of this period is during my education, I combined work and studies. Will DIAC count only exp after I received a degree or DIAC will count all expereince. If DIAC counts only after my graduation there won't be 3 years exp and I won't receive 10 points. I know that DIAC can cut exp before my graduation. Is there any certain answer? Please help. P.s. my occupation is 261111 Business analyst.
  5. p182

    Two years on in Canberra

    Following on from RobzNdebz's "Recently arrived in Canberra some info/tips 4u!" I thought I'd post some musings on my experience in Canberra after two years of living here. Myself and my partner arrived in Canberra just over two years ago on 457 visas. We're both late twenties and male, and have no other family with us. We could both see where the impending cuts and the economy were going in the UK and so decided to jump ship while we can. We were both pretty disillusioned by life at the time and fancied a change. A job opportunity came up for one of us and after about 15 minutes of discussion we decided to just do it. The 457 visa process took less than 3 weeks to sort out. We had been to Canberra once before (but only for a weekend) as part of a holiday to Australia a few years earlier. So I guess we hid the tiniest little idea what it might be like. On arrival in Canberra I did think, WTF have I done? That lasted about 3 hours and I haven't looked back since. Canberra is a very liveable and very easy city to live. Commutes are small compared to other Australian cities, and tiny compared to the UK. Canberra is probably the most cycle friendly city in the world. There are cycle paths just about everywhere in Canberra. And it does make for a healthy and easy way to get around. Driving is also very easy. In general both houses and gardens are of a good size. The general living side of life I find so easy and totally stress free. The city is dominated by one employer, the Australian government. If you are moving to Canberra and have a job offer it is worth thinking about what your partner can do. Since if they are not an Australian citizen it is very unlikely that they could get a job working in the public service. This does limit your job opportunities somewhat in Canberra! That's not to say there aren't other good jobs, but it does mean you have to try hard to find them and it might take a little longer to find the right job. For me the best part of living in Canberra is not the city itself but the surrounding areas. There are some stunning national parks in the region. So if you like walking and wildlife this is the place for you. You can go walking for a day and be guaranteed that you won't see anybody else and you will see a load of kangaroos, wallabies, parrots of various kinds, even echidnas. It's such a good way to escape for a while. I must say the wildlife in the city is also amazing. I don't think seeing the amazingly coloured cockatoos and parrots in the garden will ever get less exciting. The city itself is rather quirky, and far better than most non-Canberra based Australians give it credit. I've heard somebody say that it has more restaurants per person than anywhere else in Australia and I can definitely believe that. There are places like civic (the city centre), Kingston, Manuka, Dickson that are lively. Don't expect the west end of London, or Deansgate in Manchester, but there is enough places to go to enjoy yourself. It will take you a while to figure out where they are though. What Canberra does lack is good pubs. There's lots of those plasma screen sports type bars, but good pubs are few and far between. And unless you choose where to live very carefully you're very unlikely to live within walking distance of a pub in the way that you might be used to in the UK. Canberra is pretty much devoid of good architecture, and I do find that gets me down at times. There's a lot of concrete and glass and not much creativity there. Being a young city there's very few buildings that you could call historic. That said, it does have all the national institutions here. So there's galleries and museums galore if that's your kind of thing. I'd say the city's demographs are rather skewed towards the having 2.4 children lifestyle, and there does seem to be a lack of young people. We've found it quite hard to meet people our age and of similar interests for these reasons. Things here do seem very set up towards family stuff, and there is a habit of once the kids hit 18 they go and move to Sydney or Melbourne. Most of the people we know have young children and so it can be hard to find socialising opportunities. That said, part of the reason we haven't met lots of people is by virtue of the types of jobs we do, and also because we haven't tried as hard as we should! If you are a bit younger, and don't have kids, don't be put off by what I've said. Just be a little prepared for it and be ready to seek out social opportunities. I would say that Canberra does seem very monocultural compared to the UK -- there a few ethnic minority groups compared to other cities. However it is a very liberal city, probably the most liberal city in Australia (an I mean liberal with a small L). Housing is very expensive here, both buying and renting. The renting market always appears to be in crisis, with far more tenants than available properties. I wouldn't even bother to start looking until you get here. I think legally you actually have to physically view a property before you can put in a tenancy application, so letting agents aren't interested in you until you get here. Both whilst expensive I still think you get more for your money here compared to the UK. You get bigger rooms and bigger gardens. And when you compare things you've got to stop converting it into pounds. What you need to do is work out your post-tax salary and look at what percentage of that will be tied up in housing costs, or any other costs for that matter. And then compare this to your situation now. Healthcare can be a pain in Canberra. There are not enough GPs in Canberra and so it can be hard to get on the books at a practice. It took us a year to find a GP admitting new patients. However we did have to use the public hospital (Canberra Hospital) once in an emergency and received excellent care. Since moving here I've been back to the UK three times. Once for a wedding, and twice for christmas, but we'll be having our first christmas here this year. Every time I've gone back to the UK, Canberra has felt more like home. And every minute I'm back in the UK I can't wait to get back to Canberra. Not sure what else to say, except it's been two really fun years, I don't regret it all, and if you're in a similar situation to us and get the opportunity I'd give it a go.
  6. khurrampc

    Recent Work Experience

    Dear All, Once again i am going to dump from my case please share some thoughts , 1st July is on hand. I have got sponsorship from victoria for the "Developer Programmer" and as well got recently the +ve ACS for the "Developer Programmer", ACS considered my expereience for Developer Programmer as follows. They have not considered my JD's which i provided on stamped paper signed by my immediate boss for the organization "Memon Medical Institute" as "Developer Programmer" , Though my title was there Database Administrator but being an experienced IT member (4 years 9 months "Analyst Programmer" in GAC Shipping , 10 months as Software Developer in Plexus) they have bestowed me as well software development. On the basis of this Memon Medical Institute JD's/experience i have been recently appointed in Parazelsus as "Assistant Manager Development" , how come Parazelsus hire me as "Assistant Manager Development" on the basis of DBA title , i was constantly in touch full time with development in MMI and developed various modules , on the behalf of Memon Medical Institute development expertise Parazelsus hired me as "Assistant Manager Development". Due to this i am not fullfilling DIAC requirment for the visa lodgmenet eligibilty "Recent work experience requirement" To meet the recent work experience requirement, you must demonstrate that you have been employed: •for at least 12 of the 24 months immediately before lodging your visa application. You must demonstrate means the employment have to be in your NOMINATED occupation? Who justify whether your recent work experience is in an occupation on the SOL if yours title/designation is not in SOL but your JD's are under diffrent title? And what criteria are applied to determine this?Does ACS's evaluation required by DIAC for "recent work experience criteria" or company letter head would be suffice regardless ACS count yours current experience related to nominated ANZSCO code or not. Could i apply for visa with this ACS letter to fullfill current work experience requirment or i need to demonstrate the employment reference or stamped letter.Please help me i am running out of time , 1st Jul is just at hand.
  7. Guest

    working experience

    Hi All, On 2nd June 2008, I joined a telecommunication company as an engineer after FULLY completing the degree program . On 2nd June 2011, I complete 3 years of experience as and engineer and I was planning to apply the Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) on the same day by claiming points as below; 60 - profession 30 - age 25 - ielts 10 - 3 years work experience. Today I suddenly noticed in my transcript it states the date of graduation as 1st July 2008. Ideally it should be 30th May 2008. But now I have a confusion, whether DIAC will calculate the working experience from date of 1st July 2008. since that is the date mentioned in my transcript as the Date Of Graduation. If DIAC considers my working experience from the date I joined the company which is 2nd June 2008 which is very correct and reasonable, I will have the required points and I will be fully qualified to apply the Visa. Summary of the timelines ------------------------------------- 2008 - May 30th - Department head communicated the Degree work is finished. Actually that is the date where we had the Final evaluation of the Project, which completed all the acedemic work. 2008 - June 2nd - I joined the company as an engineer 2008 - July 1st - This is the date mentioned in the Transcript as the date of graduation. 2011 - June 2nd - Completes 3 years of working experience Please let me know whether I am able to claim 10 points for working experience by 2nd June 2011? Highly appreciate your reply on this regard. I had arranged everything to lodge the application on 2nd june 2011 and now really worried from this sudden fact which I came across. Only few days left to apply with the old point scheme and with the new scheme I will not be able to apply. :-(
  8. Ive been a Painter & Decorator for ten years, I need to get my skills assessed my Trades Recognition Australia my concern is spray painting its something Ive never done. Has anyone been assessed as a Painter & Decorator? Can you tell me how the process went?:confused:
  9. Thought I would post about our positive shipping experience. I know there have been quite a few bad experiences out there for PIO members that have left a bad taste:wubclub: and I hope those of you with shipping woes get some sort of resolution soon. It is certainly stressful. We used Crown (Livingston office in Scotland). The girl that came round and quoted us didn't really do much of a sales pitch but we went with them anyway. They sent subbies round to wrap and pack the house but they did a great job and loaded and sealed up the 40 foot container after 2.5 days packing. I also had my work office wrapped and packed too and that was done professionally. The container was on the vessel they said it would be on (within a couple of days of it leaving our house) and we left 2 weeks after. My father, bless his socks, emailed us updates of where the ship was for the next 2 months. Container arrived at Sydney on time around 9 weeks after being packed. All our stuff evidently made it through quarantine - we had no involvement in this process. Crown then contacted us to ask where to deliver. At that stage we had just made an offer on a house (which was subsequently accepted) and Crown offered to keep a hold of the shipment until settlement (4 weeks later) at no extra charge. We then moved in - we gave Crown around 4 days notice and 3 blokes turned up and unloaded and unpacked furniture. They were a fairly young bunch of lads who did a professional job - subbies again. Crown also shipped my office boxes to my new office (at short notice) for an additional fee. There was minor damage to the finish of one of our chest of drawers where the packers had taped a draw closed...but that seems to be all. So, for us, a good experience. The main observation I would make is that at no point did Crown appear to touch our gear - sub-contractors seemed to handle packing, freighting and unpacking. So when Crown come around to quote and show you all the nice glossy brochures with Crown this and Crown that, the reality is that subcontractors will most likely do the job and they will turn-up wearing Anglo Pacific polo shirts on a wet Monday morning in a clapped-out old van. Good luck!
  10. ]Hi all, we are currently applying for a 175 Visa, we cannot do so until i have taken an IELTS exam in June and had a successful confirmation back from the AITSL. In the meantime we are fishing for information on our actual application.... so we get everything right. What is the bare minimum nominated work experience you need to get a successful application? Is there anyone out there who has had a successful application based on less than 3 years work experience? I am a teacher and I am just completing my second year, however some of that has been spent on maternity leave. At the time of submitting our application, which should be around the 1st September (my 25th birthday) I should have a full two years and going into my third. Any help welcome!!! Carlie, Dan and Helena
  11. Hi there; I am about to apply for the 175 Migrant Visa as a Secondary teacher. In the application under previous Australian work experience it asks to list work experience that is closely related to nominated occupation. I worked for just over a year as a Primary School teacher in Oz..... do you think that would be considered as closely related? Thanks
  12. PositivePixie

    Work Experience evidence 175/176

    I was wondering if anyone has applied for a 175/176 and has NOT given a reference letter from their current workplace? Things are more than delicate in my current workplace, and I cannot see any other way of asking for a letter than telling them the truth - which would put me in an untenable situation I believe. I was planning on using my contract, which states when I started working there (the date last year), all the t&c (eg full time - 37.5 hours a week - and permanent), all of my duties, the address of the school (I am a teacher), its signed by the relevant person, all legibly and printed and dated, my salary and future salary arrangements, and so on - basically everything stated in the list given on DIAC's website (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/176/eligibility-work-experience-study.htm) but its not a letter, its a several pages long contract. I also have my P60, all my payslips (its a state school, so from the local council) and I can get a letter from Teachers Pensions (which you can only pay into if you are teaching) to show my contributions to that if it helps I guess (although I was planning on opting out of TP this month, the money is needed to go towards the move!). I have a letter from my previous job with everything in that they want. So, I was wondering - has anyone else applied for, and been successful for a 175 or 176 (or any other type, for this evidence) without a letter, but some other type of proof instead? Thanks if anyone can assist - School are being so unbearable I just don't know if I can face this on top of everything else that is happening (I know - whats the worst that can happen? They can make my life a living hell for the next year, so so easily).
  13. In one year I'm going to finish my uni study of Nutrition and Dietetics. The thing is I want to move to Australia on 176 Sponsored (Migrant) Visa and occupation (251111) Dietitian is not on the current SOL (link) but it was on SOL Schedule 2 and on the site of Department of Immigration and Citizenship it sais that: "the SOL in existence prior to 1 July 2010 in ANZSCO code (schedule 2) – applies to GSM applicants who are eligible for transitional arrangements and who lodge their application before 1 January 2013." So correct me if I'm wrong: If I apply for a 176 Visa before the end of 2012 my occupation will still be on the SOL? But the thing is I won't finish my education till September of 2012 and so if I apply for the visa at that time I will have no recent work experience, and that is basic eligibility requirements. If I have no experience could my application still be approved? Do you have any good advice for me?
  14. My Sis and OH are looking at making the move to Oz, and will be going to see a migration agent soon to look at which avenue is best for them to take, but I thought that I would see if anybody else out there can offer advice as well. My BIL is self employed and if I am correct has tickets for a number of trades so would go down the vetasses route, but my Sister is a support worker working with special needs children for the last 2 years, and is just about to pass as a fully qualified nursery nurse. I dont believe her profession is on the list (even with the up coming changes), but is it a profession that is in demand here in Oz that might qualify for sponsorship? The reason I ask is that they have 3 kids, and the eldest is 14, and I think it would be better for them to make the move sooner than later, so obviously sponship would be the quicker option. anybody got any ideas
  15. Guest

    My Medical Experience

    Hi all, Just thought I'd give a quick write-up of my family's recent medicals to give others who may be about to go through the process an idea of what to expect. So, for info, there's three of us, myself, my wife and our son who is 3. We chose to go to Maidenhead, as it was easy to get to and the cheapest that I could find - more on that later. We booked into Maidenhead, applying for eHealth. The booking process was simple - I had to fill in a form and email it to them, they then called me back to make an appointment. I think their waiting time is around 2 weeks. We were advised to fill out the paper copies and bring passport photos with us, in case they couldn't find us on the system, but we were all present and correct on the day. HOWEVER: the radiologist (person who took the chest x-rays) required the form, as she is required to say that she saw us sign the paperwork - she admitted it seemed a bit pointless as once she has witnessed us signing, she then shreds the form - whether all doctors and centres do that is anyone's guess, but just thought I'd let you know. The grounds at Maidenhead are lovely - very pretty gardens, and quite peaceful. They also have coffee machines and water fountains available. We arrived a bit early, and sat in the waiting room. They first took us to have photos taken, and they also checked our passports, so make sure you take them. We then had chest x-rays done (not our son). I was allowed to see my xray (not that I had any idea what to look for), and the doctor said there was nothing worrying about it but it would be checked by a consultant. Again a word of warning (which is pretty obvious) - you have to remove all clothing from the waist up, so it's no time to be shy! Once all that was done (took a few minutes for each of us), we went to the other building and had our medicals. We were seen by a lovely nurse who took the basic information - height & weight for all three of us, blood pressure, eye test and urine sample for my wife and I. Both of our blood pressures were a bit high (not surprised after walking up two flights of stairs), but they let us redo them a bit later and they were fine. We went into a waiting room until the doctor was ready to see us. They had a box full of toys for our son to play wth, so that kept him quiet and entertained! We were given the choice of seeing the doctor as a family or one at a time. We all went in together and she started with our son. She looked in his throat, eyes and ears, felt his tummy and glands and was very good with him - he was a really good boy and was all done quite quickly. I went next whilst my wife typed all the forms up on the doctors computer! I had to strip down to my boxers which I wasn't really expecting - again, not a great process if you're shy! Again, she checked my eyes, ears and throat, felt my abdomen glands and lymph nodes (down in my groin - at least that was her excuse....). She also checked my reflexes, and did a resistnece test (can I keep my legs up whilst she tries to push them down). And that was it for me - i then took my son back to the playroom whilst my wife had her check, so I'm not exactly sure on her prcoess, but I assume it was the same. After all that, we went back downstairs, had bloodtests (for HIV only), paid our bill and left. All in all it cost £485 - £200 for adults and £85 for our son. I believe if children are a bit older they might cost more, as they require more tests, but you'd have to check the website. Note: We only needed HIV tests, as we don't have tatoos or piercings (well, my wife has her ears pierced, but nothing extravagant or recent). I believe if you need to have Hep C tests (or others), they charge extra for the extra tests, but again you'd need to check with the clinic. Hope that's of some help, if you have any questions, let me know - now we just have to worry about whether we have 'passed'
  16. Dear All, My name is Philip. I am an international student here and doing a Master of Professional Accounting (2-year degree). I will complete my degree by end of 2012 and I am now preparing to apply for PR. I graduated from Vietnam with a Bachelor of Applied Science - Software Engineering degree. My Bachelor degree was awarded by RMIT Melbourne, but I studied full time in Vietnam. I have 1.5 years experience in IT and nearly 4 years experience in business. All experiences I gained in Vietnam. I am now doing a Master of Professional Accounting (2-year) in Perth. I would like to gain 5 points for one year Australian work experience under the new point system. I can get a part time job (20 hours per week) with a contract starting from now until end of 2012. Currently I have 2 options: + Option 1: IT support in a Design Company. + Option 2: Sales in a Chemist shop. Because my nominated occupation is Accounting (SOL) and as a rule the working experience claimed must be closely related to that occupation, which option should I choose in this case and whether or not I could gain 5 points from that? Thank you very much. Philip.
  17. Guest

    Work Experience

    A lot of the skills listed on the SOL require several years work experience. Gaining the qualification is the easy part but not having any experience to go with it would be a problem for a visa application. Would it be possible to gain the qualification then apply for a "Business Long Term" 4 year visa while gaining the necessary experience on the job in Australia?
  18. Hi! I would like to apply for either ACT or SA state sponsorship. Since I am 40 and my work experience in the nominated occupation has been discontinous for a number of reasons, I may have some problems in scoring 65+ points. The solutions seemed to be waiting a few more years (at least 2.5), with the risk of having my occupation removed from the list or the criteria changing again. :arghh: Reading about the new point systems I have noticed that it is not specified that 3/5/7 years have to be consecutive nor all recent. If my interpretation is correct, I may just go for it and start the skill assessment straightaway :jiggy: What are your thoughts? Please reply.... K:err:B
  19. Guest

    Work experience requirement

    The experience requirement is after studies has completed or work can be counted while studying. For Example I started ACCA in Feb 2003 , before that I have done CAT ( ACCA's certificate ). During ACCA studies, in 2005 I started to work as an assistant accountant than promoted as Manager in an accountancy practice in 2008. I fininshed ACCA Feb 2011 and still hold Management position in an accountancy practice. Would my experience be counted , If yes how many years? another thing shall I wait until july to make an Skilled migrant application? Thanks
  20. Hi guys! Just wanted to ask anyone who's been down this road as a means of getting to Oz, (especially those from a nursing/Midwifery background but all experiences welcome). What cost was it to you? How long did the process take? Did you organise visa yourself or did your employer arrange this? If an agent was used did you or the employer pay for this? Any perils/pitfalls to watch out for? Any info on the whole process would be appreciated! Thanks
  21. Hi there I am new and just thought I would post up my story to warn you all out there. There will be no names mentioned of which company it was! Recently my wife and emigrated to Aus from Scotland. She is an Aussie so life for me was easier. We spent many hours and getting many quotes deciding which removal firm to go with. After finally narrowing it down to handful a with help from here we decided to go with the one that came most recommended and many other reasons which will be mentioned later. Unfortunately this was the most expensive of them all. We paid for a door to door service including unpacking and removal of rubbish but it was only a part container. Finally the day came the men turned up on time and where very pleasant the tea does help! Anyway they were not part of the company we hired despite being told that they were based here in aus and the uk and it would be there company and not a third party doing the removal. One big reason we choose them. Anyhow I let that go despite out stuff not going to their warehouse but to the third parties warehouse till they took it down to Edinburgh. I left a few days later knowing that my stuff was in good hands how wrong was I. We had been told that it would take 10-12 weeks to get to QLD but infact it was 18weeks and it sat in the uk for 10 weeks before it left. After constantly harrassing them I did managed to get a tracking number and container number despite this being incorrect so I could track it. When it finally arrived here in aus I called the office here only to find out our paper work was incomplete and customs would not process till complete. Surely at somepoint during the ordeal they should have noticed this and informed us of this. So we completed the paper work and finally our stuff was clear and I had a day and time for delivery. Well one guy turned up late who again was not part of the company I paid to move my goods. So I had to help unpack and carry my goods into the house. Whilst doing so I noticed all the boxes had been abused and damaged in some way or another. My main concern was however that my tv which was packed in it's original box back in the uk was missing. However he informed me it was here and pointed it out in their own packaging. So after getting my goods out of the dented abused van which were crammed in there we proceeded to put them all inside. The gentleman was not keen on staying despite us paying for them to unpack and remove rubbish. I did get him to agree to stay whilst I opened the tv box. Well to no surprise it was smashed so he took note and sped off. I took a closer look and was shocked to see it had been dropped upside on a corner due to the cracked and missing plastic not to mention bent metal. As stated the tv was packed in it's original box but not no more. I have proof that this was the case as back in uk they noted this. Well the tv had one bit of bubble wrap and then one peace of card wrapped around it then taped up. No where near enough to protect my much loved Kuro tv. Anyway they had taken time to cut out the identity sticker from original box with a peace of the box on it as well and tape to new made up box. So someone has tampered with goods by unpacking them and repacking with out my consent or knowledge and then smashed it up. Well so far I have one bike that has chips all over it the other has a dent in the frame and a bent chain ring, a smashed blender, broken tool boxes, and a DVD recorder dented and scratched despite being in a wooden chest. Oh and course a pile high of rubbish which they were paid to remove. So needles to say I am angry they have abused and tampered with my goods. Not delivered on time no one I have delt with is part of the company I hired and I still have to go through the rest. They have caused thousands of pounds of damaged and a serious loss in time which I could of been working. I have no idea what to say to them or who to contact to report them as surely tampering with goods is illegal not to mention stealing the box it was originally in. If they had just left it in it's box all would be good. So all I can say is beware they are one of he top companies and when it says packed and loaded with care that is an utter utter lie! Hamish
  22. Guest

    Proof of work Experience

    Hi Could anyone tell me what they need when looking for proof of work experience. As i have taken much of the last 12 months off to spend time with my daughter that and the fact ive been messed around waiting for contracts in Kazakhstan to start that never have. Basically id be able to get a the MD of a former employer to vouch for a few extra months is this too risky?
  23. Ok We are a family of 4 moving to Perth this September. I have been trying in Vain to find some temp accommodation for out first 2-3 weeks, anything decent seems taken for the dates we are arriving and the rest seem so expensive. Therefore after reading a couple of times on here people who have went on holiday's and had their house occupied by another family i.e housesitting, for say the 2-3 weeks they are away. Family in need of temp accommodation benefits by getting somewhere to stay and paying a reasonable price and the house owners have their home occupied while away. Has anyone had any experience of this? Or can anyone recommend some good temp accommodation in the Northern Perth Suburbs:biggrin::biggrin:
  24. Got quote from Global Moving Systems, much cheaper than big companies. Does anyone have experience with them before? Many thanks!
  25. I have now been in Melbourne 3 months and can say i have experienced quite a lot in the short period of been here. After using this forum for over a year whilst waiting for my visa to be approved i would like to thank everyone on here and hopefully give some help and advice back to people arriving here soon. I have made the permanent move over here on my own at 38 years of age but have been fortunate enough to have some good friends over here that have been here 10 years plus. My own discoveries and their advice has gone a long way in to settling here twice as quick and not been homesick In a nutshell i have arranged a rental apartment in St Kilda so can advise on the proceses here and some tricks in getting ahead of the game in what is a fierce rental market. I have also imported a car from the UK and have all the details with regards taxes shipping costs and all the Vic Roads taxes and registration fees. I can also advise on what it is like to drive here in Melbourne - implications driving on UK license etc. Also can advise on Insurance and how to get no claims discount without any history. Another thing I can share is the cost of living, i'm afraid its not cheap so getting heads up on things before you arrive is always good. Areas of interest etc, at 38 I'd like to think i'm still young enough to know good places to socialise but also appreciate nice days out and as keen cyclist have ridden all the suburbs of greater melbourne and also driven all the coastal areas from both edges of the pininsular. I know that all these topics are been discussed on here already but thought it may be handy to get advice from someone fresh in to the country. If i can offer any advice please reply to this thread or PM me.