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Found 383 results

  1. Hi all, I am a Chartered Occupational Health and Safety Professional looking to emigrate to WA. I have had quite a bit of interest in my skills and experience from Australian employers based in WA but 90% of the jobs are on a FIFO roster which is not exactly what i was looking for in mine and my wife's new life Down Under. Is this typical for those working in the construction / resources sector in WA? Does anyone have any experience in this type of work who could shed a bit of light on what the lifestyle is really like from both a social and family situation other than the obvious? Thanks
  2. Hi All, I am a Computer Engineer (Bachelor of Technology) having 5 Years and 3 Months of work experience in the field of System Administration -- (ANZSCO Code 262113 - Systems Administrator) I have a little confusion, how much points do I score for work experience, 5 or 10 ? :wideeyed: Regards Jyoti
  3. Hi all, My girlfriend and I are looking to move back to Australia. We lived/met there on WHV and came back to Ireland last year. As a qualified Hairdresser she has the required points to move back over on 176 visa (70pts). Unfortunately she won't be able to get State Sponsorship as they are only giving these out in rural areas, we're both young (26+27) and not keen on living in 'the sticks'. We are trying any contacts we have over there but no luck so far on a sponsored visa for her, does anyone know of any contacts/businesses that are looking for qualified Irish hairdressers in Melbourne. Failing that any other way she/we could get the sponsorship. Thanks in advance, Tom
  4. Hi All ! I was stuck in the queue of 485 for almost 1.5 years and just received the grant. I applied on 10th Feb 2010. Now, the points test has been changed as well. So, I'm looking for claiming experience from overseas work, which I didn't consider before. I have been classified as an Electronic Engineer. I worked almost 3-4 years in designing and building UPS/ IPS. and earlier 2-3 years as a coumpuer maintenance officer. Let me say, most the time period of these work were when I was studying my engineering. Would they be countable ? Almost 4 years during graduation and 2-3 years after that. All these were my part time job but more than 20 hours. Any view is appreciated.
  5. I am looking at what is deemed relevant work experience and note the department says: In determining whether an applicant’s skilled employment is closely related to their nominated occupation, the department will take into consideration the occupations within one unit group classified under Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). I think this is quite a narrow interpretation as for instance in this country a probation officer must have a degree whilst under ANZSCO this occupation is classified at a diploma level therefore in looking at the skills level which someone is practicing is going to be potentially fraught. I worked within a drug team and although i demonstrated I had experience running a local drugs project i actually gained my skills assessment based on my probation officer work evidence. So as Drug and Alcohol Counsellor is in one unit group and probation officer is in another unit group I can forsee problems when it comes to having my employment experience assessed! Has anyone else faced similar difficulties or have a solution?:wubclub:
  6. Hi Just about to book our removals and PSS are coming in at about £1k cheaper than the rest. Anyone got any recent experience of their service? Thanks
  7. zidden

    Experience requirements

    Can anyone remember how many years experience was required for South Australia State sponsorship? (The web page is currently unavailable at the moment).
  8. Eng32

    3 out of 4 years experience

    Hi, my OH has 120 points and we have already lodged our 175 back in April 2011, I was a bit worried that our 3 out of 4 years work experience might be a problem, if it's not given we will then be short of 10 point that are allocated for this, my question is, would our visa get a refusal there and then or would we be able to make up points through higher IELTS, submit this then continue processing? My OH got 9 in IELTS apart from listening (7.5) as his mind kept wandering :no: so I'm sure he can do it. Any thoughts please as I keep stressing about it:cry: Thanks in advance
  9. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of renting with dogs on return to the UK. Did you manage to do it fairly easily or are they few and far between? Thanks
  10. Hi, I am John, I am a certified software tester [which is listed in south australia sol list] and have 3 years [not in australia] of work experience 2006 to 2009 later I went to Uk for masters in IT finished it couple of months ago. I have some queries about my eligibility. 1)My bachelors is electrical engineering and masters is IT, should my bachelors be related to work experience or masters related to experience is accepted? 2)I had work experience not recent until 2 years ago, should my experience have to be recent or is it fine having experience at any part of life? 3)Can I claim 15 points for bachelors and 5 points for experience? My age is 27 30 points IELTS score 7 10 points 3 years work experience 5 points Bachelors degree 15 points software testing experience State sponsorship 5 points Total 65 Please let me know where I can claim points and where I cannot, Thanks in advance. Kind Regards John
  11. Hi All Just wondering if there is anyone on here who has successfully applied for a 175 visa as an accountant after only being recently qualified (CIMA)? My situation is this - can only apply after July 2011 as currently not enough points. Age 39 (9 months till 40!), IETS 8 achieved, CPA Skills Assesment waiting result after further documents sent,, should pass OK now,, but......on the work experience I've been a Finance Manager (duties of management accountant ANZSCO) for 3 years 2 months. Do you think I can count this as relevant work experience despite it being before I qualified?? Without it I will be short by 5 points, seems like State Sponsorship would need the same requirement of 3 years experience so don't think I cna gain it here either. So this is the crunch - 3 years experience does count, I can meet the requirement, if not I can't. Any ideas really appreciated, Thanks
  12. In addition to the procedures announced by Vetassess, TRA and ANMAC for the work experience assessment of generalist professional occupations, trades and nurses, the following details may be interesting for people applying as engineers and needing employment experience verification as against their skilled occupation: "For applicants seeking an opinion about their skilled employment claims from Engineers Australia, the work experience documentation must meet the following requirements: - be an original document, or a certified true copy of the original in accordance with the MSA Booklet, Section A, Item 5; - be written on the official letterhead of the company, or government department, providing the documentation; - the document should indicate clearly the full address of the company and any telephone, fax numbers, email and website addresses; - the document must be dated, - the name and position of the person authorised to sign the employment document should be typed or stamped below that person's signature - a reference with an illegible signature will not be accepted; - the direct contact number of the person writing the document should be included in the document; - the document should indicate; - the exact period of employment (start and finish date, including day/month/year), - whether full or part-time, (including hours/week if part-time), - the job title or positions held, (positions should not be described by generic titles (eg Engineer) but according to the nature of the duties undertaken (eg Assistant Project Engineer - Civil), - the main five (5) duties undertaken Only those documents meeting the above requirements are likely to be considered in the provision of formal written advice by Engineers Australia. No further correspondence will be entered into in addressing shortcomings in the submitted documentation." I understand that this text is shortly to appear on the Engineers Australia website and their Qualification Kit. Cheers, George Lombard
  13. Hi Does anyone now if you require 3 years experience before a 119 is granted? Sort of doesnt make sense when a you don;t need 3 years for other perm visa's (well apart from the 121??) I am snowed under with confusion :eek: S :wacko:
  14. Hi all Seeing so many posts about visas being granted which is brilliant! And some in such a short space of time. We were unable to get our visa in before the July changes but did get state sponsorship from Vic pending a successful skills assessment. Since then though our processing time has gone from 'up to 12 months' to 12-24 months (on the DIAC site). I am guessing there must be a reason for this like they have a backlog or something as they wouldn't just change it if there was a possibility it could be done in less than 12 months would they? I am seeing so many who only gained state sponsorship a few months ago and now have their visa and am kicking myself a bit lol. Any experiences from others would be helpful - should I just presume there is no chance it will be granted within 12 months now? x
  15. Ive always considered time in education or study to not count towards experience, but last night I was reading one of the migration websites and it stated that time in study could also be counted towards experience when it comes to the points test. So what's peoples opinion on this. Does time spent at university count as experience or not? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hiya. I'm a 27 year old, from Manchester, now settled in Melbourne. I worked as a construction estimator for 7 years in the UK, for various companies, including Carillion. However, I have no formal qualifications in the field to show for it (though I do have a Physics degree). I have applied to study a Surveying Diploma with The College of Estates Management in the UK (keeping my options open in case it doesn't work out here). The nature of the course states that I must be getting relevant experience whilst doing the diploma. Due to my lack of formal qualifications (my experience doesn't seem to count for anything), I'm having lots of trouble finding work in the industry. I plan to visit lots of surveying practices in the next few weeks to offer my voluntary services for a couple of months (in order to satisfy the terms of my Diploma). I just had the thought of posting on here first, to see if anyone would take pity on me :-) If there are any quantity surveyors in the Melbourne area who could do with an extra pair of hands towards the end of the year for a month or two, please get in touch. I'm extremely keen to get this Diploma, have lots of experience already and will pay for my own insurance (so that whatever company you work for would not be liable for me). Really hope that someone can help. Thanks for reading, Martin :biggrin:
  17. Hi, I don't quite like the way it's stated: Required X years' job experience in a nominated occupation or related one. My boyfriend has 3 years' experience in Software Testing (at this time he was doing his BA at IT) + 3 years Software Development. Altogether over 6 years full-time. He has ACS assessment as Developer Programmer. The question is - can these periods be combined to get 10 points for >5 years job experience ? I suppose many IT guys may have such situation, as they often started as Testers. Any ideas?
  18. Hi all, I have completed my three years bachelors degree in IT overseas with 67% overall. After that, I worked as Help Desk Support role for 4 years before coming to Australia. I completed my Masters in IT here in Australia last year in July and applied for 485 and still waiting. I have got my skill assessment as IT Business Analyst. My question is : will I be able to get 5 points with my overseas experience as 'closely related' occupation ?? Very confused if the Help Desk role is regarded as Closely related with Business Analyst ?? Any help will be appreciated. thanx
  19. Hi guys We are liing in New zealand as residents, UK citizens. We are desperate to get to oz, i am just about to finish a qualification in health and safety, I know there are hundreds of jobs in oz for this role, i however have no experience in this yet until i finish in 3 weeks time and start looking for jobs. im sure i could get a job offer relatively quickly from the job websites, but would i qualify for sponsorship? Much thanks
  20. Like in the title, I have 4 years experience at Mclaren automotive. 3 years of it was a training programme starting from the basics of masking, sealing, prep, then through to priming, paint prep and polishing. I have done a small amount of painting ( water based )and will have anothers years experience doing it once I come over. At the moment it's mainly just priming which I'm doing alot of at the moment. I have no qualifications in this trade just the experience and the training certificate I have acquired through Mclaren cars. I have been using products such as Du pont and now Glasurit which our main supplier. Would I be able to get work easy enough on a working year??? Post you replies, pm me or email @ sammcdonald@hotmail.co.uk Thanks you
  21. Civil Engineer with pipe laying and trenching experience.large diameter pipework in CSG industry .Employer Queensland Gas.At least 15 years experience required.Unlikely that the successful candidate would be under 40.But please dont let that put you off. 8 weeks on 3 weeks off or a 26/8 day rotation is possible. Return airfares paid to place of residence.Business Class on international sectors. Pay approx $1000 per day inc Super.Contract 2-3 years.Visa S457 if this is of interest please contact me by way of e-mail in the first instance. I am an Australian resident living on the southern end of the Gold Coast.Look forward to hearing from you.rlmartin1954@aol.com
  22. Hi, may name is akiong. i am from high risk country my journey began in Australia in 2004, i am recent graduate from university in Melbourne (major in IT) (i barely finished my degree with a lot of hassle during my study coz english problem and the subject is to hard). it took me more than 5 years to finish bachelor degree. i finish my study at the end of 2010. i heard that i can apply for pr from my friend, but i was under qualified: 1) i could not not get all band 7 on my ielts test and i even could not get 6 on my first two test due to limited English skill ( i am seldom to speak and communicate with English), but somehow i still manged to get it during my last attempt before my student visa expired on March 2011 2) i never worked in a company and never pay tax to the government not even a single contribution ( no expereince at all) because i saw a lot of my friend managed to get a job only with temporary visa 485 and bridging visa (because they could not apply for a pr and some them still waiting for almost one year). my friend told me that i hve to get a job to be able to apply However, i am lucky that somebody told me that i can be sponsored by may aunt. bu the thing is my aunt who is also jobless but she is a citizen relied on government funding but she is willing to sponsor me so that i can apply for 886 family sponsored. at first i dont want to apply because i dont know whether she can sponsor me coz she is jobless and the application is expensive. but i dont want to come back to my country coz live is suck at my country. due to some reason and problems to get all documents required, i applied 886 almost 6 months after my graduation (so theoretically i almost late) at the end of may. i even dont pay the immigration agent coz i think it is a bull**** coz they charge expensive:arghh: amount (1500), i don't bother to pay them and decide to lodge my application by my myself with very limited knowledge about immigration and all that craps. i just simply follow all the written guideline available at the website. here is my time; Lodge 886: end of may 2011 document attached : mid of June (coz have to wait for medic and other document), i even forgot to attach my passport photo coz i did not realize it was required. co allocation: no news at all and never heard any ( i no idea at all what is co mean until now, i just follow this format of timeline) Visa granted: 27 of june ( i only realised this when my friend told me that the priority processing has changed effective 1 july 2011. I was so scared and check he sent me a link to this forum regarding the new process. After reading this forum, i hopelessly check my email, and OMG....... :chatterbox: I saw automatic response email from immigration. I still couldnt believe at the first sight because there are so may people behind me even my friend who has already had job in IT field and better english and still waiting for pr, so i check the processing website and "applicant approved" :jiggy: So i can talk that australian immigration still have a good policy even a hopeless people like me still can get a pr without job, limited English skill, zero experience, never pay tax to Australia. i really like to thank the minister of immigration to allow people like me to take a chance to survive in Australia. i post this message so that al the people who share the same fate and situation like never give up to follow your dream to this country, this is a very fair country who still consider people like us still worth to give a second chance. Note: i dont force you people who read my post to believe my story, coz i also think my story hard to believe. my purpose is only to share information and i hope can be usefull. thx you for reading.
  23. Hi everyone, Posted this over in the Perth Pom's forum but have not had any response so hoping some of you good kind folk can help! Looking to emigrate to Perth area in the coming years ahead but OH and I have a question about the work experience section of the new points system. Is work experience essential? The reason I ask is that with our ages (26) and with me completing a PhD in the next year and a bit and taking the IELTS test to get level 8 that would give us 70 points. Would that be acceptable or is work experience a mandatory element of the points system? Thanks in advance, Robin and Lindsey.
  24. hi all ours is a 885. my other half (secondary applicant) has been asked by CO to provide work experience details as we are claiming extra 5 points !! we hd originally submitted his contract papers. now the CO has asked for experience letter and payslips/tax returns etc. we have now submitted all the reqd documents including payslips(except there are few missing payslips), bank statements showing salary credit, tax returns, super. do you think the missing payslips would create an issue?? also would they call up the office and verify ?.. i hv no worries as im still working in the same company!! my worry is this should not delay the process!! any faced a similar situation?? how long does it take the CO to respond back or acknowledge what we hv sent anyone pl clarify.. this is eating away my head!!!!
  25. sebahat

    Just sharing our experience

    Hi all, I just wanted to share our experience with you. We arrived in Oz on the 15th March (Perth) and to be honest we didn`t like it at first. We`ve seen many other countries and thought this was just not "IT", didn`t have that feel and look. We drove to Mandurah(WA) and immedietaly hated the place. It`s soooo bloody busy there and the ammount of traffic is shocking!!!!! Somebody told us this is a great holiday destination, well, I would not choose a place like this for a holiday, EVER!!!!!!! Then after a week my hubby got a very good job offer in Collie (also WA) and the company relocated us and gave us a free fully furnished and equipped house for 2 months/until we find something nice to rent. The house was massive and really nice and the garden was absolutely stunning but we didn`t like the town so much, it was just too small for our liking so after those 2 months we moved to Australind (15 min from Bunbury) and we LOVE it here. What a lovely town and people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 8 years of living in the UK (we are not British) we haven`t been helped or offered help as much as we have been here in 3 months!!!!!!!!!! My daughter started a fantastic private school where everyone is eager to help. The school Principal even offered to lend me his spare car as we only have one at the moment. I obviously declined the offer but how nice and thoughtful it was of him. If the weather is bad, my daughter is being picked up and dropped off at school by one of the parents or the receptionist. Would that happen in the UK or anywhere else in Europe, well, sadly I never heard of anything like it. We`ve already made so many friends that I need to make notes in my diary of all the dates and people we are seeing lol. So, are we happy with the decission of moving down under? Oh YES!!!! It was the best decission we`ve ever made. Good luck to anyone emigrating