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  1. middo2905

    457 Visa - My ongoing experience

    Hello Everyone, As you can see I'm new to the forum (although have been an avid reader for a while), however, I thought I'd take the plunge and sign up as it's a brilliant forum with helpful people and I can hopefully share my experiences with you all that are going through the 457 visa process! So, about me! I work in retail head office as Space Planner - planning store layouts and displays so as I don't have a trade, I've been searching for a role that would offer sponsorship for 18 months, on the 22nd September I received an email containing a job offer which will hopefully change my life! I will (all being well) be relocating to Melbourne with my girlfriend of 4 years, Lisa. Following the offer, an agency called Fragomen contacted me, as they would be putting forward the visa application to DIAC to request various details such as: Passports, Birth Certificates, Qualification certificates and because Lisa and I are 'de facto' a mountain of information on our relationship, which as we don't have joint accounts/purchases or anything with either of our name on it consisted of the following: Proof we live together for the last 6 months (wage slips, bank statements, etc) Holiday/Flight confirmation, holiday photos and written statements from us both detailing our relationship. I would advise anyone looking into the 457 route to keep this in mind and keep old flight tickets, etc. Alternatively, you could always get married! :wink: We also had to have proof of Health Insurance - which took us 2 working days to receive. We have now sent everything and Fragomen are happy that they have enough information to lodge our application. And that's my story up to date so far. I'll add the timeline of everything below, to give people an idea of what it's like going through the experience - I've already learnt that it is very stressful and no matter what you are doing - it's constantly on your mind which is quite draining. Job Offer: 23rd September Fragomen Initial Contact: 30th September All information back to Fragomen: 6th October That's it for the minute and I will continue to update my progress, which hopefully you find of use, or at least a little bit of interest. Good Luck to everyone going through this process or similar, I already feel your pain but it'll be worth it! Steve
  2. Will DIAC (not the assessing agencies) count pre-qualification experience? For instance, if I've been working as an IT professional, lets say as a Database administrator for 13 years, but received my Bachelors/ qualifications only 5 years ago, will DIAC give me points for only the 5 years, or for the entire 13 years? (BTW, I'm not a database administrator, just using this as an example). In real life, my assessing agency counted my being in full time employment for x amount of years, but then mentioned that I became qualified at a much later year. :tongue: What will DIAC say? Anyone have experience with this?
  3. Hi Guys, I have a doubt regarding the reference letter that I seek from my company to provide to the ACS for the purpose of ICT Experience. I have two positions within the same company and so I was wondering if on my reference letter i should mentioned the "Roles and responsibilities" for both the position or just one. The initial position was at a Graduate level and was only for the first three months. Do suggest me if someone else has gone through this process and got a successful assessment from ACS. I'd also appreciate if someone has done the assessment under the "Recent ICT Graduate wanting there ICT Experienced counted" receiving a successful outcome. Regards.
  4. l have been working as an engineer in the company for 11 yrs with a diploma in mechanical engineering, my job scope is equivalent to an engineer. During my work peroid, 1st yrs onwards l took up offshore part-time studies and have graduate with a mechanical engineering degree from University of South Australia in April 2010. Does this allow me to claim points for 8 yrs of Overseas Skilled Employment? Please kindly advise me. Thank you..
  5. dani5

    IELTS personal experience

    Just wanted to share my personal experience with the IELTS and hope it might help in some sort of way! After coming on this site, i must admit i was worried about the test after hearing about other people's bad experiences.. Luckily i have passed with the results i needed but did find the IELTS test to be quite stressful (in particular the long day with no break in between listening, reading and writing and then the long wait to find out the results) BUT having said that i really do feel for anyone who does not get the results they need because i don't think anyone can predict how they've done and to go through all that and find out you weren't successful must be horrible!! but here are some personal tips: Listening quickly glance through the text in the allocated time to give you an idea of what sort of answers you will need to fill the gaps. Remember you have the answer sheet to transfer your answers to at the end of the test so if you hear more than one possible answer, jot it down anyway and then you can make the decision afterwards as to which one you want to put down. I found that each section of the listening test became faster as it went on so be prepared for that as it can be a bit of a shock as you find you're writing things down quicker too. Be careful because some of the questions, you can write up to TWO WORDS and i know one of our sections related to student university accommodation - on the tape the person said A LAMP or A DISHWASHER and that is what i wrote down... i managed to get a 9 on my listening. When i spoke to some people afterwards some of them had only put DISHWASHER or LAMP and got lower scores.. not sure if this is the reason but it's worth bearing in mind.. Reading This can be a bit tricky as there is lots of text to read on different subjects. Something that worked for me was scanning through one bit of text at a time and then trying to answer the set of questions for that particular text.. Again, something that can trick you is the TRUE, FALSE or NOT GIVEN statements... the not given part can cause some confusion.. all it comes down to is whether the text mentions it or not.. The paragraph headings can also be a problem and this is the part i found the most difficult and i think it's because you know you are pushed for time. Again, just think about it really simply and not as a trick. Match the ones you know first and then determine the others with the information you have.. Writing The first thing i had to do was look at a factory production process (displayed in pictures) and i had to look at the pictures and write it out into a process. They allocate you 20 minutes for this and there were 16 pictures so alot to write in 20 minutes. However, definitely manageable as long as you don't dwell on each picture too much. By the look of things, they tend to do something visual for the first part of the writing test (diagrams, maps etc) The next bit is worth the most points and you have 40minutes to write it so make sure you spend the most time and effort on this bit.. Generally, it is going to be about a subject that aids discussion and requires you to use your own opinion. Mine was about whether i thought secondary school pupils should learn a range of subjects or only a narrow range of subjects leading to a particular career. I then had to say why i thought it and give a personal experience to support it. With questions like this, it is good to choose which one you favour, but still mention the other option. E.g. i thought secondary pupils should learn a range of range of subjects so i gave a number of reasons why i thought this then said however, i can understand why a narrow range of subjects could be beneficial and then give an advantage. Then go back to your chosen answer and give it more weight by talking about it positively. Use words such as yet, on the other hand, conversely... It is always good to give a disadvantage of your chosen answer too as it shows you are thinking about it in a different light and considering all options... Then use your personal experience to back up your opinion. Speaking This was the part i was most worried about as i was nervous about being recorded and having to talk to an interviewer. However, it was not way near as bad as i expected and the more i got talking, the more relaxed i became. I thought i was going to have to think of lots to say to fill up my time but the interviewer kept throwing in lots of questions so there was never a quiet moment. Be prepared for the interviewer to ask you questions on what you have just said to him. He asked me about weather in this country and i walked myself right into a question about global warming because i mentioned it (big mistake) this is probably why i got an 8.5 rather than a 9 like my other sections, not that i'm complaining! so make sure whatever you say, you're happy to elaborate on it :-) Some of the questions are very random (e.g. do i think children should learn to swim at an early age?, was i encourage to be creative at an early age?, why do i think children should be encouraged to be creative?, discussion about neighbours etc) Having said that, it is amazing what you come up with on the spot and i found myself talking about things i would never have imagined. Most of all, do the practice test because they just give you that idea of what to expect if nothing else. and good luck!!!
  6. Hi All, I am new here on the forum, and am seeking some opinion/ advice. My qualification is Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and in my 7 years of work experience, the last five years are more relevant to Occupational Health & Safety Advisor role then hardcore engineering job. Though all this OSH experience is in Engineering/ Construction and Manufacturing companies. Some of my latest job roles are EHS Engineer, HS Auditor and EHS Coordinator. My question is that is there anybody out there who had a similar situation, and can thus guide me how to proceed. Should I apply to Engineers Australia or I can try my luck at VETASSESS. I used VETASSESS advisory service and there advice was completely vague about this. They said that though this is not a highly relevant degree, however this is evaluated at VETASSESS on a case to case basis. Also, is there anybody with similar situation who might have applied to Engineers Australia, who can guide me.
  7. Do they go by what ACS (or other skills assessment bodies) state on their results letters? Or do they go by what you tell them? I ask because ACS have done something a bit off with our number of years' experience and have put it at 4 years 8 months even though it should be greater, which obviously means we miss out on 5 points. Can't afford the time to reapply or appeal to ACS as hoping to apply for state sponsorship and need to get in before planning level is met. Any experience with this? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I need to ask one questions about how Australian 1 year work experience is calculated by DIAC. Here is my scenario: I worked full time from Monday, 2/03/2009 to Wednesday 23/09/2009 with company A and from Wednesday 30/09/2009 to Friday 26/02/2010 with Company B. Suppose if we count each week from Monday to Friday Will DIAC count my last week at company A where I worked from Monday to Wednesday which makes it more than 20 hrs week ? Similarly will DIAC also count my first week at compnay B where I worked from Wednesday to Friday where again I worked for more than 20 hrs as it' was a full time job ? In rest of the weeks I worked full time which should not be a problem and if DIAC count my last week at company A and first week at company B, I will have total of 52 weeks in which I have worked for 20 hrs or more. My second questions is can DIAC also argue that it is not 12 months of work experience as I did not have job between 24/09/2009 and 29/09/2009? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. As a mixed race family our experience of Perth is not what we expected. Hubby is white British and I am black (professional with great career from UK and a masters degree...you'll see why I say that later!) Daughter 8 and son 6. Here goes and excuse typos: Perth is a nice place and the kids love the outdoor life but it is not really for us as a family and we are actually going back to UK at the end of the year after 2 years here. The kids get bullied at school coz of their colour (and they are in private school have a friend with similar issues and hers is in a public school) We've found out that a lot of people here are ignorant when it comes to interacial marriage. (we live North of the River) I am quite shock how some people are stuck in a "time machine". My daughter has been told she has colour like poo. She's been called frizzy (hair texture), freak (apparently some people call the mixed aboriginal freaks so my daughter was called a freak at a public swimming pool). My son has been shoved at the swimming pool and being called "you black boy" and have his trousers pulled down at school! Disgusting! ...called "you poor black Indian" (oh he doesn't look Asian at all...lol) I am not a racist person and was not brought up to hate any race and I simply hate it the way they treat some people here. It really hurt us when our children are affected. I just cannot understand why mention colour of skin when it comes to people! My sister and I went to visit a Show Home, because she is is building a new house she wanted to get some ideas about interior design etc...A man heard us speaking creole (our native language as I am from Seychelles) and asked us where we were from. My sister said Seychelles and his respond was "I did not know that people from Seychelles were as black as you...I thought you were from Sudan or somewhere like that"...My jaw dropped and I was speechless...I just walked straight out. One day My husband took the kids to the Underwater Aquarium and a guy came up to him and said "are these two coloured kids with you...there is some black woman outside who's looking for her kids" Hubby turned bright red and didn't even answer (He said he wanted to punch him!) but my son asked why did the man called me coloured? I am not coloured...what does he mean by coloured daddy?. This man could have just Said "are these kids with you because there is a woman outside who is looking for her two kids" . And there is this woman who was talking to my husband and asked him if he has kids. Hubby said yes and showed her a photo of the kids in his wallet...her respond " Oh..they are quite dark...what colour is their mum"....Or a 16 year old boy in his class(Hubby is a teacher) who met him at the doctor's with our son and asked "Is he your son? and H said yes and his next question was why is he black? the list of incidents is endless! H and I laughed about it when the kids are not around because we find it hilarious that some people can be so so backward!. Each time H goes somewhere with the kids he gets asked lots of silly questions and as a family we get stare at a lot (it is very uncomfortable...now I don't like going out with hubby and kids). we have had enough and the kids cry a lot and want to go back to England because they hate school and don't have friends. In 1.5 years my son has been invited to one birthday party and almost every weekend he cries because invitation for a birthday party has been handed out and he never gets one. I have taken them out of school. They are being home schooled until we leave. I said I am professional because when I was looking for a job, Hubby asked around, mostly people who have seen me with him and met briefly. The answers he got was Oh...there are are lot of cleaning jobs going. No disrespect to cleaners but they did not even asked for my background...just because I am black they assume I am only good for cleaning jobs...I have a first class degree, A masters degree and extensive work experience in Media, broadcasting and PR. We came on a student visa because Hubby did a GTP in UK and it is not recognised as a teaching qualification here so he had to do the Grad dip in Education although he he taught for 7 years in UK and 2 years at an international school in Seychelles.When we left Uk I was the only one who did a medical test because I have a seychellois passport...(according to Oz immigartion I am a health risk...Oh by the way I lived in UK for 10 years!) In March we renewed the visa to graduate one and to see how things go before apply for the PR...I had to do to a medical test again because I come from a "high risk country". I do not know what that means because Seychelles do not have any high risk disease and babies are vaccinated there! when Hubby called them and told them that I have been in UK for 10 years, I did a medical before I left UK and have not left Australia in the last year and surely I don't need to do another one. And if I had something contagious the whole family would have contracted it by now...Their answer was " All we know is that she has a Seychellois passport not a British one" When I was in UK Hubby nagged me to get a British passport but I did not see why I should because my Seychellois passport in UK did not not hindered me in any way. Until I get an Australian passport or a Bristish one I will always be treated differently in OZ. We were much happier as a family in UK and I hate the small/narrow minded attitude of people here. Sorry it's a long post but I just wanted to share our experience. Like I've said the list of incidents is a long one. We're leaving Australia because we feel that we do not belong. In UK my kids were never picked on because of being mixed race and I was certainly not discriminated against because of my passport. I have permanent residency in UK and was treated fairly when I went for job interviews etc...I married my husband for love not for a British passport. We thought we were bringing our kids here for a better life but at the moment we do not feel that way. We are aware there are racist pockets everywhere but feel that here in Oz you are either black or white ...mixed is a problem they don't know where to place you. We might have just been unlucky to be treated that way...but I know people who feel the same way too here. Its been an experience and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.
  10. My partner and I just received our state sponsopship this morning. It took 2 hours 10 minutes for them to agree to sponsop us. I was expecting to have to wait a few weeks. The panic has now set in to get our 176 visa lodged within the next few weeks. Can anyone advise on what work experience evidence needs to be submitted? I have 8+ years in my profession, 7 of them being with my current firm. I really do not want to ask for references from my boss as he will not be happy when he finds out I am leaving.... Is a copy of my employment contract sufficient? Do I need to include payslips, P60s, etc? Help......:biggrin:
  11. Jowill

    Work Experience Question

    I'm an Australian medical graduate and will be finishing my internship at the end of the year. I am keen to apply for a permanent visa after that. While doing my internship, I'm on provisional registration - I get general registration after my internship, which I understand would constitute my skills assessment for migration. I'm just looking up requirements for recent work experience and Australian work experience - everywhere it says work needs to be in a skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation. I was wondering if anyone would know if my internship (paid medical internship) would count as work experience? Or would it not count as skilled work experience as I was only on provisional registration? I was thinking if it wasn't able to count towards the recent work experience requirement (and Australian work experience for the points), then I'd have to work at least a year or so more after my general registration to be eligible to apply for a permanent visa (by which time I would've spent at least 8 years here) Unfortunately it's been too long since I completed my studies to use that to meet the recent study requirement (and be exempt from the recent work requirement). Sigh.
  12. Hi Guys Sorry, this may be a bit of a random question. Can someone clarify if the 3 year experience requirements for WA State Sponsorship needs to be stated on my skills assessment, or will they count recent (not-assessed) experience by looking at myCV? The situation is as follows: I have recently had a successfull skills assessment from the ACS - Great you would think but...... They did not assess my recent experience, despite my completing a Statutory declaration because I was not able to get a reference from my current employer without raising eyebrows! To make matters worse, they have assessed my first three years experience as "Not closely related to the relevant occupation" despite the responsibilities for these roles matching the ICT business Analyst requirements very closely. So: Will the WA authorities take a look at the 2 years experience which ACS have assessed as positive, and then take my recent experience (1.5 years) into consideration by looking at my CV, or am I going to have to go through the appeal process, to get my first three years assessed as " closely related" at the very least? Sorry for rambling, but I have asked the same question through the WA Migration Website, but have not received any reply as yet. Thoroughly p'd off with the ACS after they took eighteen weeks to get around to doing the assessment, only to do this with it. Thanks for your help, and good luck to all those on the same journey! P
  13. Dear Experts, I am in a critical situation. My Sponsorship letter has been approved today in SA. Now while applying into DIAC I found that my job experience is 4 years 10 months. ACS shows 4 years 5 months and after getting ACS letter 6 months have been passed. Now if have 5 years of JOB exp I am eligible to apply (65 points accomplished). My sponsorship validity will be over 29th OCT, 2011. That is at the time of appliation to DIAC my total exp will not be 5 years. Will you please give me a suggestion how can I become eligible to apply. Here one thing I need to mention that in ACS i haven't shown my parttime experience which was in 6 months duration. Waiting eagerly for your reply.
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody knows if apprenticeship experience counts towards getting some extra points for overseas work experience or is it only post qualification. I am looking at a 175/176 Vic SS and it doesn't seem to specify. It just says experience in the chosen Skill or closely related? Does anybody have any info regarding this, those extra points would take some pressure off havin to get full marks on the IELTS!!!! Thanks Guys
  15. I am 42 this year and have tried out the visa wizard. I have a Diploma in Electrical Eng. which is listed in the SOL but when it comes to working experience, I got none cause the last work related was 20 years ago and afterthat I have been in a sales line. Without the nominated skill experience , is there any other channel that I can try, like going for student visa at Tafe while gaining employment in the related field for a year and than apply PR under Skill Visa. Time is running out for me and anyhelp is appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Guest

    Experience of quarantine

    Hi all, My boyf and I are looking into moving to Oz for a couple of years and everything visa wise seems to be looking positive. We have a 1yr old cat who is very active, out all day and in with us at night. My question is in regards to the conditions in quarantine. It breaks my heart to think of him couped up without us for a whole month. Does anyone have any experience of how pets actually are during that time? The visiting ours are ridiculously short - max of 2 30 minute appointments a week and no weekends seems harsh. All info and experience welcome. This could ultimately affect our decision as to whether or not to go at all. We couldn't leave him behind and I'm not willing to put him through hell for our benefit.... Thank you
  17. This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Therapist to work in a luxurious Medi Spa in Woollarah/Paddington. Fleur De Lys is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Combining influences from Morocco and the Mediterranean, Fleur De Lys is committed in ensuring that our clients receive a unique experience using only the highest quality in products and services. Fleur De Lys is seeking experienced professional Therapists to join us . As the ideal candidate you will need to demonstrate complete confidence in all areas of Beauty/Spa Therapy such as, Skin Diagnosis, Body Treatments, Facials, Massage, Waxing, Manicures & Pedicures, Laser/IPL Treatments and Make-up. We would also love a therapist with an HD brow qualification!!! This role requires someone who can be committed to working flexible hours. Essentially operating on a rotating 7 day week roster, weekend work will be required on a regular basis. The successful candidate will have a professional approach, be client focused, be enthusiastic and have immaculate presentation. In addition, you will be required to have: •Minimum 3 years salon/ spa experience. •Certificate IV or Diploma in Beauty Therapy. •Superior time management skills •Confident in promoting products and services •Solid experience in all massage techniques •Basic computer skills (email, appointment booking etc) •The ability to work with minimal supervision, and •Great attention to detail In turn for your passion for beauty therapy we will offer you: •An exceptional work environment •New purpose built facilities •Great salary with bonus and additional benefits •Ongoing development and training, and •Uniforms provided If you are seeking a new challenge and want to take your career to the next step, please pm me
  18. Hi guys! This week I was appointed a CO from team 2 and they have requested work experience evidence. I have given payslips, P60's, my registration with general teaching council and crbs. My employer is also busy doing a reference letter. Will this be enough? I know I can send bank statements but I was hoping P60's and payslips would be sufficient. Can anyone help?
  19. EvieL8

    Evidence of work experience

    Hiya all, I have spoken to an agent (Global Visas) regarding a new 176 visa application and would like some advice regarding two issues; 01. I need to provide evidence of at least 20 hours work experience for the last 12 months in my chosen profession, which is Primary Teaching. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find permanent position and have worked on supply for the last 2 years. I can provide a couple of pay slips per term showing more than 20 hours per week but will struggle to find a whole years worth as the agency pay the bare minimum when it comes to hours worked so most pay slips have just under 20 hours on them ... even though the planning, prep and assessment time adds up to at least 5 hours per week on top of the paid hours!! Is there a way around this for the visa application? Would a supporting letter from my personal consultant be enough? 02. My husband works as a radio, television satellite installation technician and has his own business and I have found that the digital switch over (which is what he is currently contracted to work on in the UK) does not take place until 2013 in Australia. Does anyone know of any companies that might sponsor an application he makes? If so, would this be a quicker option to state sponsorship without a job to go to as in my case? Phew .... hope that this all makes sense, any information would be very much appreciated! xx
  20. Please can someone advise me if I must have worked for at least 20 hours a week for 3 years out of the last 4 to gain the extra 10 points for specific work experience. An agent told me that I only needed to have done more than 20 hours for that last 12 months but looking on the DIAC website it reads like it is for 3 years?:confused: If this is the case and I need to get an employer to sponsor me am I right in thinking I have to work full time? Thank you Gill
  21. Hi All, I applied to ACS for my skills assessment and got a positive feedback on June 2011. In the letter, ACS sent I am suitable under PIM3 Group A as Software Engineer. Is this assessment still valid with new rules? I can’t see my qualification is printed in the letter. According to the DIAC site, I can get an opinion on my qualification and employment from skill assessment body. Does anyone know how to get an opinion on my skill employment and qualification? (refer: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-qualification-aust.htm ) Thanks
  22. Hi, I wonder what you all think... Both the online application and the various accounting bodies all say they can provide an assessment of your skilled experience, and that the opinion will be considered for points allocation post July11. But nowhere does it say you HAVE to get your experience assessed or it will not be counted. My personal reading of this is I can still provide proof of employment and experience and it will probably be accepted, that the assessment just provides certainty that the experience will be acceptable. I don't actually need the points, but I am probably going to get it assessed anyway, better safe than sorry.. But what do you all think? Thanks Nats
  23. Dec05

    ACS & Full Time Experience

    Hi all, I hope some one can help me on this one ! I am currently gathering my certs & experience for submission to the ACS. However, in their FAQ it says.......... 24. How do you assess Full-Time Experience? Full-time experience is defined as 38 hours or more per week. Please note that we will not scale experience up based on hours per week. Now, I work a 35 hour week - I've looked around the site but cant seem to pinpoint what implication this has for my work experience. Does it mean that to get one years work experience (say 38 hours x 48 weeks = 1,824 hours), I would need to have worked longer ? Any clarity on this greatly appreciated !!
  24. Mummy Mann

    IELTS Experience

    Well today I have made the first physical step to achieving my dream of emigrating to Australia. I have spent hours researching information on the Internet and on forums but today I have sat 1 part of the IELTS, the speaking test. I went into the test feeling confident as I am a native English speaker, but left feeling very deflated. The last thing I wish to do by writing this post is to worry people who are about to sit their test, I just wish to make you aware of how the test is performed so you can prepare yourself. I was greeted by the examiner and taken into a room. Once the examiner introduced herself she turned on the voice recorder. It was at that point I started to become nervous. She asked me several question which were straightforward and then started asking me about the history of the town where I live. Eeeek!! I was not expecting this question and did have difficulty answering it. Throughout the interview I did throw in a couple of big words for me so hopefully they will help. The examiner was not very sympathetic when I told her I suffer with nerves during examinations, ( she has probably heard that several times before). Also regarding the topic you have to talk about for 1-2 minutes. Normally I can't shut up but with feeling nervous I spoke super fast and doubt I took the 1-2 minutes needed. I did start to feel more comfortable the second half as I had started to relax more. At the end the examiner asked "Have you sat the IELTS before?" I said "no", so I don't know what to think now. I have the rest of the IELTS tomorrow so I hope the nerves don't get the better of me again. If you are a confident person you should be absolutely fine, but if you are like me you should practice speaking one on one with a voice recorder or prop (I wish I had) If anyone can share their experience of the IELTS it may help others and also myself if I need to re-sit the exam. Kind regards Coral