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  1. I emailed DIAC asking if for non-licensed occupations, if they'll consider pre qualification experience for points. Here is their response: PRE-GRADUATION WORK EXPERIENCE If you have undertaken part-time skilled employment work while completing a course of study, you may count this towards any General Skilled Migration skilled employment requirements as long as you were employed on a paid basis for at least 20 hours per week at the skilled level. Generally, pre-graduation skilled employment experience would be at the 'semi-skilled' rather than the 'skilled' level and therefore not be acceptable. ...... My situation is that it was the other way around: I have undertaken part time schooling while working full time in my current profession. So in my case, I can safely assume that I can count the experience while in school, since my job was full time and schooling was part time?
  2. Hi there, I need to claim 5 points under skilled work experience to get pass mark however I have worked full time at forty hours a week for two yrs and ten months and have spent the last two months only parttime at 17.5 hour week. How strict are diac re 20 hour rule??????
  3. hi everyone, as a way of "giving back" to this forum and to the wonderful people who helped us so much when we were planning our move over from London, I thought I'd outline our experience and observations thus far. If anyone has any particular questions, I am more than happy to help. We did the "sell the house, ship our stuff and send the pets" thing. House: in London, took 4 months from the date when offer was accepted to the date we finally moved out. The house sale was probably the most stressful part of the whole "leaving" London part of the journey. Stuff: we shipped a 20 foot container on 15th June, and our local shippers advised us earlier this week that it is due to arrive in Brisbane on / around 22nd July. We used PSS and they were absolutely brilliant (though we are yet to see whether everything makes it over ok!) We have also shipped our two vespa scooters in the same container. Cats: We flew our two cats over - they were collected on 10th June, arrived in Sydney 15th June and were flown up to us on 15th July. Both are absolutely fine for the experience, they were back to normal in hours of being with us. We used Golden Arrow in UK and Dogtainers in Oz (to fly them from Sydney to Sunshine Coast) and highly recommend them both. Observations on arriving in Oz and trying to get organised: I suggest that after you sort out somewhere to stay for the first few days, the next thing to do is get a mobile phone. A couple of tips: 1 - be aware that to get a prepaid SIM card, you still need to show photo ID and give an Australian address (you just need to give it, not show proof of it). If you don't have an oz address when you get here, see if you can give a friend's. Its only for a prepaid card. 2 - bring an unlocked mobile phone with you. Even an old one will do - this will save you loads of money. And its way easier to unlock phones in the UK than in Oz, from what I have gathered. Another suggestion: internet access. I suggest if you can, you bring a laptop over with you. When you get here, you can buy a USB stick / dongle like they sell in the UK, from say Telstra. Again, you need ID and address (but not proof of address). This will work out to be cheaper in the long run than using internet cafes (if you can find one), and is probably way more convenient. if I think of more observations that might be of help to people, I'll add them. Any questions, fire away, regards sg
  4. Hello all I have just completed a PGCE in ICT Secondary Teaching. I want to apply for PR as a Skilled Migrant as a Secondary School teacher. Under the previous (before 1st July 2012) system I believe you had to have 1 year experience before you could apply. I have now got a job (starting in September) so I was going to wait until I had the required experience before I applied. However, looking at the new system (post 1st July) it does not seem to say anywhere that you need this experience. My occupation is on the SOL1 list and I have the required points to make an EOI. Could I apply after 1st July 2012? Do I need to get all my checks and skill assessments done before I make an EOI? Is it better to apply for a state sponsored visa, if so, how do I go about getting state sponsorship? Thanks in advance to all you kind kind people :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::smile::smile::smile: Phil
  5. Hi fellow PIO people I have a question (or three) about NSW state sponsorship. I want to apply for state sponsorship as an accountant as I have a positive skills assessment from the ICAA in that occupation. My questions are: Has anyone here recently applied for state sponsorship with NSW? Do they reply within their 3 to 4 week timeframe? How strict are they? I meet their requirements in that I am a Chartered Accountant at the time of application with 3+ years experience at a big four firm in external audit - but from the sounds of things, for example, VIC is incredibly strict and rejects people left and right? Did you get a grant? Specifically, did you get a grant as an accountant? If you did, what was your work experience background? I'd really appreciate some feedback on the above as I am stressing a bit. I have to wait until January to apply for NSW SS because I don't yet meet the 3 year minimum experience requirement in my occupation. Thank you!
  6. Let's hear it from the denizens of NSW... especially sydneysiders.
  7. Hi, I am 28 years old looking for work experience in Refrigeration and/or Air conditioning. I am here with my wife in Melbourne and I am studying Refrigeration and Air conditioning as a mature student. the course is only on a Wednesday to Friday so available any other time. I require 400 hours to pass to the course then 900 hours for TRA. I am happy to travel and to even travel to other cities during term breaks. If anybody is looking for a trainee please contact me thanks Jim Harrop 0416 003282 jim.harrop@hotmail.com
  8. Anyone know anything about the schools in this area?
  9. pandv_2000

    Specific work experience requirement

    Hi Reading the DIAC's requirements for specific work experience it states for 10 points: - If your nominated occupation is: worth 60 points and you have been employed in your nominated occupation, or a closely related occupation listed on the SOL, for at least three of the four years before the day of your application. Now I am applying as Management Accountant which is on the SOL but for the past 5 years my occupations have been Finance Manager and Finance Director which are not on the SOL. Does it mean that the nominated occupation (Management Accountant) must be on the SOL or does it mean that the closely related occupation (Finance Manager or Finance Director) must be on the SOL? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi there This is my first post to the forum, and I am sure there will be more to come... Not surprisingly, the first question is about skills assessment done by VETASSESS... I am an international postgrad student in Australia, and would like to get my skills assessment done with my non-Australian qualifications. The thing I get confused is about work experience. I will give below two different information on how work experience is assessed for skills recognition. The source of the first piece is VETASSESS itself, and the other one has recently been provided by an agent. VETASSESS states in its website that (under FAQ): "I have been studying and am only allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week; will this be enough for the full skills assessment? In calculating years of paid employment, VETASSESS will count employment of at least 20 hours per week. We will not consider weeks of less than 20 hours per week even if the average hours of your employment was 20 hours per week or more." And the below information is given by an agent: "Have you worked 20 hours a week doing paid work for a cumulative period of 12 months over the last 5 years? If so, would you be able to obtain letters of reference from your employers supporting this work? If you have 12 months paid professional work experience at 20 hours a week over the last 5 years you will be able to apply for accreditation based on your non-Australian qualifications. " What makes me confused is this: "20 hours a week paid work for a cumulative period of 12 months over the last 5 years" With a basic math; you need to work for 1040 hours cumulatively (20 x 52 = 1040 hours) in the last 5 years in order to get 12 months work experience. The number of hours I worked is well over 1040 hours, but as an international student most of the weeks I worked less than 20 hours (around 15-18) just to be on the safe side! So if VETASSESS uses the cumulative hours I worked in the last 5 years, that's OK, I have more than enough. But if the weeks I worked less than 20 hours will not be counted, then it simply means I do not meet the conditions for work experience, although I have worked much more hours than needed (but less than 20 hours p/w). I hope there are people out there who have an idea or answer!!! Happy Easter to all!!!
  11. jo18anna

    457 work experience help please

    hi i have found the information here sooo helpful and reassuring so thank u however i cant find any specific information regarding the amount and recency of work experience needed to successfully obtain a 457 sponsorship so any information would be much appreciated i am a RGN with gynae and surgical experience, i qualified in 1998 however i havent worked since april 2008 since i had my daughter. so i cant apply for the prefered 175 cos i need to have worked for 12 out of the previous 24 months before lodging my visa application my question is do i have any chance of getting a 457 sponsorship if i started to apply now seeing as i havent worked as a nurse for the last 3 years i am still registered with the NMC here and i have applied to AHPRA still waiting to hear back from them though i hope someone can help or point me in the right direction to find out for myself joanna
  12. Bexy71

    Work experience requirement

    Hi, I'm waiting for my skills assessment to come through before applying for state sponsorship. The new points test will give me 15 points for overseas work experience in nominated occupation ( 8 years out of last ten). But....when I looked at the online application system it asked if I had worked for 12months out of the last 24 in my nominated occupation. My question is: does maternity leave count towards this requirement? I've taken two lots in the last 3 years so this may hold things up if not. Thanks for any advice becky :smile:
  13. I've recently arrived in Australia and I wanted to share my shipping experience with you - you can't get enough good news stories! I didn't have a lot of stuff to ship out - it was mostly clothes, various bits and bobs (books, ornaments, CD's, bedding etc.) I chose to use Seven Seas. Reviews on here were OK (there were no horror stories at least!). It was an incredibly easy process. They send you boxes, you fill them up and then arrange a pick up. They give you a 1 hour pick up window the evening before. I didn't have any issues with them coming late or not turning up. They advertise that it will take approx 70 days for your boxes to reach Australia from UK with 1 week to go through customs. In the first delivery it was almost exactly correct but customs only took a couple of days. The second delivery took 60 days, again customs only taking two days. Taking advice from on here I ensured I did not pack any product with wood with me. I also marked the box which had shoes and trainers (which i packed together). No boxes appeared to have been opened (which is apparently a random process by customs). It was a reliable, painless and efficient service and I would definitely recommend them for anyone bringing a small load over with them.
  14. aklndnz

    Recent Work Experience

    Hi All, I have a question about Recent Work Experience. My situation is : I have got the Assessment (Land Economist) which I work from July 2008 till March 2010. and after March 2010 i have been promoted and posted in other position which is related to Import Export Documentation cehcking like Letter of Credits in local bank in Australia. So according to the IMMI website 12 months recent work experience in last 24 months. (I am covering 9 months from June 2009 to March 2010 in recent work experience. As my position change after that. I dont know if i am covering other three months? though I am still working in Bank in Australia. Please reply me if anyone have any information. as I like to apply Visa 176 or 475 (My brother is sponsoring me ) and i have suitable points to cover both visas. only worry is about recent work experience.? Regards MA
  15. Hello everyone Apologies for my naivety but this is my first post on this forum and I would really appreciate some advice. I am a recently qualified chartered accountant from N Ireland and my other half is a joiner with approximately 10 years experience. We are seriously fed up with life at home and are considering a move to Australia in February 2011 on a 12 month working holiday visa. Will we both be able to secure work without much hassle? I have a feeling Paul will be able to find something more easily than me? Would employers consider someone on a working holiday visa for temporary accountancy jobs? We are pretty sure that we will go to Perth but if jobs are more likely to be readily available elsewhere then we would of course go wherever we have most chance of getting work. Is there any way that we could secure work before we leave home? If not, where do we start looking for employment when we get there? Also, if we love life in Oz what are the chances of securing a 2nd year working holiday visa having worked in the construction and accountancy sectors? I'm sure these are probably pretty basic questions but we really do need some help, we have only just begun our research and it is an absolute minefield!! Thanks in advance
  16. Hello fellow backpackers! M2M has asked me to write about my experiences doing the 3 month regional work so here goes! The first thing I should say is that, on the whole, my experience was a positive one I do think you need to go there with the right mindset and if you do you should be fine! By correct mindset I mean: Not be too fussed about good accommodation. Be prepared to work hard. Be wary that you might end up in a really boring place!! Also, be aware that some farmers are happy to sign you off for however long you're there for, regardless of how many days you worked, and others will only sign you off for the work you've actually done. Make sure you don't leave it till the last 3 months of your visa running out unless you are absolutely CERTAIN of three months work, as it may be unreliable and you could end up screwed!! Well, to the work itself. I was based in a town called Nuriootpa, and I was in a shared house with about 15 other people, with about 3 per room. Luckily we all got on really well, and we had loads of fun when we weren't working, but I can see how problems may have arisen if anyone really didnt get on. The house itself was pretty manky, and it wasnt kept very well by any of us, which is why I said be prepared to slum it for a while! The town itself was dull as dishwater, so incase you end up somewhere like that it's a good idea to take a board game or something that everyone can get involved in. There was also lots of Big Bang Theory watching The work I did was pruning the grape vines which sounds very romantic and easy but it's far from it. You have to use pneumatic hand snips which wreck your hands, and you have to go really fast or else you might get booted off until someone else who doesnt mind slow pruners as much comes along! Also, it's a good time to go if, like me, you can't take TOO much heat. When I went the weather was quite often atrocious, with driving rain and cold weather, but having worked outdoors in Scotland, it didn't bother me at all. In fact, I found the extreme heat really oppressive and if I were doing fruit picking I know I would have been much worse due to the heat and intensive labour! Another good thing about pruning is that you get paid by the hour, instead of piece rate (being paid for how much you do). And because there's nothing to do you can save up a decent amount of money (We only paid 30 dollars a week rent). So overall I'm glad I did it because it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I learned a lot about the wine making process, and best of all, made some fantastic friends If anyone wants to know anything else just ask and I'll reply as soon as I can I'll try and get some pics up too
  17. Guest

    Migration: Work Experience

    I am applying for the permanent residency and my work experience is 5.5 years which includes 2 year of part time job during my studies. This 2 year experience is with the company which was registered a year later after I joined as an employee with it. I wanted to know should the company be registered throughout my job and whether the companies registration date is verified against the work experience in skills assessment process. In anticipation for your quick response. Thanking you, Nitu
  18. Hi there, This is my first post here, and i am getting a lil bit confuse because of the eligibility test from the DIAC website. I had been searching this forum but couldnt find an answer yet. Hope somebody could help me out here. This is my situation: I intend to apply for visa 475. I have enough threshold point of 65 from the point test accumulated from(age-30,English-10,State sponsorship[regional]-10,academic qualification-15=65). However if I only have 2 years of overseas skill employment(rather than 3 which gives 5 points),no experience in Australian skilled employment,and am without any Australian study requirement, am i still eligible visa applicant or not? Am i required to at least gain 3 years of overseas experience(min) so that i am qualified to apply? Thanks and I hope you guys could help me to sort this matter as my State sponsorship will arrive soon and i am not sure to proceed with visa apps or not. Thousand thanks Regards
  19. Hello all! I am new here and glad that I found this very informative site. I have decided to embark on applying for GSM 175 visa. I am able to meet the 65 points if I can get good score on IELTS, and I’ll need ACS assessment. I worked as software developer from Aug 2007 till Oct 2009, then worked in same capacity from Sep 2010, however the second employer gone busted 3 months after that. My current job in same role started from June this year till present. Those gaps between jobs were a mix of unemployment and temporary jobs not related to ICT. So I already met ACS requirement of 2 years in 7 years work experience.However I will not meet DIAC’s 12 months in past 24 months experience requirement until March 2012. After a good amount of research I believe I need to do the following. Please see if it’s a correct plan or have I missed out something? - Apply for ACS assessment. - Sit for IELTS. - If the outcomes of the above are positive, start gathering all required materials for 175 lodgement. Once March 2012 hits I’ll get my current employer’s reference and lodge 175. Questions: 1) Can I get ACS assessment first, and provide updated employment reference when lodging 175 application to cover the period between ACS lodgement and 175 lodgement? Or DIAC would only consider experience stated in ACS assessment result. 2) What I’m worry about is the short 3-months stint in the busted company. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to state such short stint in an application. Also since it’s gone I’m not able to obtain employer reference from them, instead I can only provide statutory declaration. However ACS’s PASA guidelines stated: “If you provide a Statutory Declaration with your application, you must also provide some form of corroborative information from a third party to substantiate the claims made in the Statutory Declaration.” What third party information I can provide here? I can only think of employment contract, payslips and letter of release from this employer. And if I can’t prove this period of employment I’ll have to wait till June 2012 to meet the DIAC’s 12 months requirement. Thanks in advanced and thanks for reading this far!
  20. We have 30 positions available for heavy earthmoving plant operators in Western Australia. Must have formal City and Guilds and CAT experience. CAT trained and assessed preferred but not essential. If you are interested please send me a private message. Cheers, Ben Creen
  21. Dear all, I was hoping that someone might be able to answer a query i have regarding what is meant by the DIAC requirement of recent work experience in your nominated occupation being required for 12 out of the last 24 months. Does this have to be consecutive? The reason i ask is that my wife is applying for SS to WA and has been on maternity leave since March this year. Our agent has told us that we need to get our visa application in before March 2012 due to the 12 out of 24 month rule. I have asked if this has to be consecutive or not as if it is not a requirement there is no deadline as she will be returing to work after one year and would have worked 12 out of the last 24 months at any time we apply. Hope someone can confirm that this has to be consecutive 12 months employed. Thanks.
  22. Heather Law

    Work experience

    Can anyone answer the following question for me?? Does your work experience claimed for your visa (DIAC) have to match your work experience on VETASSESS? I have experience of Education Manager from 1999 and my VETASSESS only counts my experience from when i got my hons degree in education. My agent says i can't claim the 8 out of 10 years becuase they both have to match, although he did say he wasn't sure. Help! Almost lodged tonight and then agent rang to say he could'nt do it!:arghh:because of a lack of points.
  23. Guest

    457 - Our Experience

    Hi all Well this is the end of the line for us, so I thought I'd share our 457 journey with you. I do warn you this is not a positive experience so if you are of weak disposition then I caution you to look away. I spent 6 months emailing every company under the Australian sun to try and find a sponsorship job. After a few months when I had tweaked and twiddled my emails to what I knew they wanted to hear, I started to get interviews. Finally, I got a video interview with a company in Sydney. They had sponsored before and had some remaining on their pack so offered me the job right away. I should point out that I accepted the job and they did not tell me my salary. DING DING first alarm bell. I simply accepted this was how things are done in Oz and got on with it. He knew I was desperate and so did I. Next stage, he wanted me to go on a training course in the UK (200 miles from home to be precise) before I went over. I had to cancel the first day of my first holiday with our son, and paid to change my flights to join them a day later, leaving my wife to cope on her own through the airport with a 1 year old. (they didn't mind, and I simply saw it as a necessary evil.) They paid for the course and booked it, but I had to foot the expenses and claim them back. DING DING second alarm bell. My contract came through and it was significantly lower than I had been expecting, $60k + super to be precise. Initially I was delighted as it was more than a 50% payrise from my current job, however the reality soon hit of how low it was when looking at the price of rent in Sydney. It would mean living in some crappy area until we could find something else and get the hell out of there. DING DING third alarm bell. Their nomination was submitted, and I was sent more stuff to learn on a weekly basis. In my job, my employer obtains a healthy discount on any product we buy (and then sell) based on my qualifications. Eventually they asked me to contact the vendor I deal with and ask them to transfer the discount my current employer is entitled to based on my employment over to them. Bear in mind my current employer does not know yet I am leaving, and if I had done this I would have been fired instantly for gross misconduct (giving tens of thousands of pounds worth of our discount to another company on the other side of the world). DING DING another alarm bell (losing count now). I received an email saying their nomination had been refused. DIAC requested some information that they did not provide (proof that they are paying me the same wage as other employees). They were unable to provide this proof, and thus the nomination was refused. DING DING. I was at this point offered another job in Brisbane, on a 3 month initial contract "to see how I do", doing work that warranted a far higher salary, but they were offering the same money as the Sydney company (the job they were offering goes for about $80-90k elsewhere). This combined with the fact they would tie us in for two years, and we probably wouldn't cope with the Brisbane weather, resulted in us turning this job down. Sydney company submitted a new nomination. Company spend another few weeks chasing me (any news, any news), as if it is my fault the visa is being delayed. And now to today's developments. The second nomination was also refused. Company are saying its my side that has been refused, even though DIAC have confirmed it was indeed the nomination (again). Company have advised us they need to fill the position quickly and cannot therefore wait any longer for me. Best of luck for the future and all that. :sad: So here we are, 3 months of our lives wasted for nothing. Hundreds of pounds out of pocket for the visa, healthcare, training course expenses incurred etc, both myself and wife physically ill through the stress of it and on medication as a result. Our first holiday with our baby got off to a bad start. And more importantly a massively bitter taste left over the questionable ethics of Australian businesses. It would seem that the entire 457 scheme is designed to benefit them, by filling jobs cheaply and quickly, with the flexibility of being able to just kick people out when they are no longer needed. The fact that a company was actively willing to let me get fired just so they could make some more money on discount I found disgusting. What if I'd not have refused and been sacked, I would now be jobless. People tried to warn us, even on this forum, and we chose to ignore them with our "Everything will be OK" attitude. Yes the salary sucked, but it was a start, and the beginning of our Australian dream, that sadly turned into a nightmare. People warned us that companies use the 457 as a 'slave visa', and again we chose to ignore them, thinking that they really couldn't get away with that (having later found they were refused for paying me less than their own employees). I only wish we had listened. I have a feeling that had the company used an agent and done it properly, rather than trying to mangle it together themselves and save a few quid (leaving it to their receptionist to arrange the visa!), then we would not have been in this situation and put through the stress of the whole matter, not knowing whether we have a future in the UK or Australia. All in all, this is the most stressful experience I have ever gone through. I've moved house 3 times, got married and had children, and gone through messy family disputes, and had people attempt to break into our former home while we were inside, leading us to live a life of fear. But this experience is the only thing that has made me ill. I have been relying on sleeping tablets to get to sleep. I have been off work sick. I have gone from laughter to tears (I'm a grown man of 30!) in hours. We have had arguments like we never have before. This is not "The Easy Visa Option" as so many like to preach. Everything happens so slowly and then so quickly, and then so slowly again. This visa could be useful for some people (if you already work for a company for example) but I would not put everything on the line for it. Thankfully we got out before we moved over. However I do not leave this experience with a totally negative vibe. Yes through the bad news there have been some positive points. For a start, DIAC have to be the nicest people I have spoken to in the whole process. Pick up the phone and call them, they could not be more flexible or friendly. They are not the evil entity that some make them out to be, and are very flexible (they could have rejected my visa straight out, but chose to remain flexible with us). We also leave the experience thinking that actually we don't have it so bad here. A decent job in a (not so expensive) country, and safe in the knowledge that if I lose my job tomorrow I will not be deported and lose our home and potentially everything in it. So here we are, all thoughts of Australia now firmly behind us. We are looking forward to a snowy Christmas in England, surrounded by our family and friends. :cute: One more thing, here is our timeline in the hope that our experience may at least help some others: 30 August 2011 - Job Offer 8 September 2011 - Nomination Submitted 13 September 2011 - Visa Submitted 20 September 2011 - Further information requested and provided 11 October 2011 - Nomination Refused (Status: Unable to Provide Further Information) 11 October 2011 - 2nd Nomination Submitted 24 October 2011 - Further information requested and provided (nomination) 01 November 2011 - 2nd Nomination Refused 01 November 2011 - Visa Application Withdrawn Best of luck to anyone wishing to go forward with the 457. It really is a difficult process, and one that should not be taken unless absolutely essential. And best of luck to anyone moving to Australia full stop. I guess its not all bad as so many people would not go, its just left a sour taste in our mouths. Finally, apologies for the length of this rant, I only hope our experience might help others so that some good may come of it! Ta ta, I'm off to hopefully get the first decent night's sleep in months now!
  24. I notice from reading on the forums that the majority of people seem to be using HiFX for transfers of money over to Australia, i guess that's because they are heavily advertised on this site. However, i have just recently arranged a forward contract with Halo Financial and i just wondered if many others have used them and if so, what they think of their service. Thanks for any comments.
  25. Hi everyone, This is my first time using this forum so if I say/do something not in accordance with PomsInOz etiquette then please forgive me! I am 20 years old, a citizen of the UK and very near to the end of my law degree. I will receive my results at the start of next summer (so still a way to go yet!) and I am predicted a respectable 2.1. I am not interested in law in the slightest - I am far more interested in moving abroad to sunnier climes (Australia!). I have family in Oz (aunty and cousins) and found out recently to my dismay after mulling over the Australian government immigration site that my aunty is no where near close enough a relative to sponsor me for permanant reisdence. Now I've got all that off my chest my question is: Is there any way I could get the right to live in Australia? My aunty has plenty of contacts, so sponsorship from a particular business is a possibility, and if I had to go into a specific business currently lacking in personnel over there (read on one post that hotel managers are sought after at the mo) then that'd be fine by me, as like I say I have no interest in law whatsoever (unless it's in demand of course!) , also I have just enough money (I imagine) to pay for all the relevant checks and what not. Is there a route available to me or should I give up hope? Thanks in advance! Dan