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Found 131 results

  1. lknights1987

    EOI response time

    I have completed an EOI application and submitted for a 457 visa. How long does a response normally take and is the response by email or by a written letter ?
  2. Hi...Hope you are doing well. I have 2 questions. Question 1: My skills were verified by the ACS (Australian Computer Society) and below is their response: "The following employment after September 2012 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to 135112" Now, I have been working since 2008 and the ACS has also considered those (employment between 2008 to 2012) to be relevant. But then they also have mentioned the above. Hence, given this scenario, which employment(s) should I list in the Employment section (page 10 of 14) of the EOI? Question 2: Excluding "Professional year", is there any requirement that I should be employed continuously for 12 months in the last 24 months?
  3. Caveman fatboy

    Help with EOI trade qualification

    Almost there but we have stumbled with the EOI eduction section. Following a successful skill assessment we have a trade qualification awarded. This can be used to claim 10 points in the education section: "You have attained a qualification or award recognised by the relevant assessing authority in determining your skills for your nominated occupation" Seems clear, but how/where do we show this on the EOI? There is a section but it wants the study centre and study dates as required fields and we are not sure how to proceed? Any guidance would be appreciated
  4. One

    Error in EOI

    Hey guys... Was really hoping that someone can help me with some information at a critical time. Here is the the scenario: I accounted for 65 points in the EOI, applied for ACT nomination and got nominated. Hence, I also got invitation in SkillSelect to apply for visa. However, silly me has now realized that I have wrongly interpreted the ACS (Australian Computer Society) response and shouldn't have claimed the 5 points for work experience (I haven't used the services of a lawyer). For obvious reasons I want to have the error corrected before I lodge the visa application - what are my options at this stage? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. christinaengland

    EOI for secondary school teacher

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could help. I am trying to submit an EOI as a secondary school teacher. However, I'm unsure what to put in the education section. Do I need to put in details of my PGCE or just my degree as that is all I am claiming points for in this section? My PGCE has been recognised by AITSL so does this info need to go in education section as well as skills assessment? Hope this makes sense.
  6. Hallfamily

    Expression of Interest Advice

    I am right in saying if you are not on any states sponsored lists and do not have an employer to sponsor you can you still lodge a EOI through skillselect and see if any employers or states will nominate you.
  7. maximus13

    points for family sponsor 189 visa

    Hi everyone. I am new to the site and hoping to get a little advice regarding the EOI form. I am not using an agent and want to make sure that I do not over claim for points. I have just sat the carpentry technical interview with VU (still waiting to hear back) and will pick up 25 points for my age (37), 20 points for English, and 15 points for my degree. Although I have at least 8 years employment history in the last 10 I do not intend to claim for these as they were pre qualification. My question is this......can I claim points for family sponsorship by my partner's brother who is an Australian citizen. My partner will be included on the visa application along with our 2 boys. If so, is there a bond which would need to be paid?
  8. Hi Friends, I need your expert support in finding out the right way towards Australian Migration. Since i am planning to lodge australian immigration, I am sort of a confused where to start from. - Whether the process starts from the assessment authority or do we have to file EOI first. - Secondly, is there any option that a person files EOI without having done his IELTS since it is said as mandatory in the booklets. - Can a married guy apply for immigration as primary applicant and does not want his spous to go with him after approval, and then brings his spous to Australia afterwards ? Regards,
  9. citation560XL

    EOI Submission

    Hello All, My EOI was submitted a couple of days back. Can the given name or surname be changed/updated after the EOI is submitted? Thank you. Leon
  10. My son is going to submit his expression of interest as a Software Engineer on 1st July and he was out of a job from middle of April and starting a new job on 1st July. Is it worthwhile putting in that information? Because then it would say Date from 1 July and Date to?? Does the unemployment period make a difference to DIAC? Thanks
  11. Is there a way to find out if DIAC is still inviting people doing EOI until the end of June, just before new immigration year? My son doesn't know if he should put his request now or wait until 1st July when there is a new quota?
  12. Hi There I’m wondering if any of you clever people could lend me your brains for just a min.. So, Iwant to live and work in Australia. I'm not sure if I want to go permanently or for a few years... but i think the process won't be that different?? Anyway I work as an electrician and have scored the relevant points to apply. soo.. Can anyone inform me of list of things I need to do, for example. Do i need to express my interest first or shall get my skills accessed by the TRA?? I’m ready to get things moving but im not sure where to start!! Please help : ) Alan
  13. BTM

    EOI Employment Query

    Hi - I'm becoming fairly obsessive about the EOI detail before I submit it! I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the Employment History section - I have had my skills assessed by the ACS based on 9 years in my current position. The EOI asks for 10 years worth of employment information, so I have included my previous employment (a position I had for 2 years). There is also the option to have this position marked as "related employment", which it is. Should I include this second position, even though it was not included in the ACS skills assessment? Another concern is that by including this position, I will be asked to provide information from the employer, which could prove to be difficult as they were taken over by another company about 5 years ago and it may take some time to gather this information if at all! Thanks again for your help Brian
  14. bristolianpasty

    EOI?? Skill Assessment?!

    had a look online about starting the process, and all i could make out from it (other than going around in circles being overwhelmed with paragraphs of rubbish) is i would have to register an EOI?? i tried doing this via the skillselect website, but now its saying i can't register as i need to do a skill assessment...?!:mad: iv looked everywhere online about these assessments and cant find any info on them?!?! does anyone know how i go about it? and if it can be done from the UK? im an electrician looking to move to adelaide area.. thanks!
  15. barnsey10

    In Two Minds .....

    One for the forum here !! I was invited to apply for a 189 Visa on the 3rd December and i posted my application to my migration agents (ASA Consultants) mid Dec. Because of the Christmas postage shambles (confirmed delivered 3rd Jan) they havent been able to begin the process of checking the paperwork. Now that time is tight the say that they will need to 'Priority Process' the documentation and it will cost $500. Tony, Sandra and Luke. Originally from West Cumbria, currently living in Central Scotland. Questions are: 1. If i make the payment and my application is lodged before the EOI lapse date (3 Feb) what are the chances of getting the Visa by mid October? 2. Can i still apply for WA State Sponsorship or do i have to wait until the EOI has lapsed (or could i use the existing EOI number on the SS application and resubmit the EOI with 190 ticked once lapsed?) and the WA SS only costs $200. Any other suggestions - job may depend on getting there by last week in October. Thanks Tony IELTS 27/4/12 R9L9S9W8 / EA CDR Submitted 27/7/12 - Positive 19/12/12 (Engineering Technologist) 189 Visa Posted 10/12/12
  16. BTM

    EOI Query about IELTS

    Hi - we are about to submit our EOI and just have a couple of queries regards the IELTS section: Is the "Test reference number" requested the same as the "IELTS Reference Number" provided when applying for the exam ( a 15 digit number) or would this be the Candidate Number (a four digit number). I suspect the former - but just wanted to make sure! Also my IELTS results are broken down as follows on the British Council web site: Listening 8.5 Reading 9.0 Writing 8.5 Speaking 9.0 Giving an "Overall Band" of 9.0 When I enter these scores into the EOI I receive a "Language Ability" score of 8.5 - just curious as to the discrepancy? Thanks again for any help! Brian
  17. I received an invitation to lodge my visa application on 189 Visa with total points 60. In my EOI, I added up the partner 5 points; however, after a deep reading of the skillselect website, I figured out that she should have at least 6 in all bands, not as average, which was not the case when submitting our EOI. Fortunately, she was going to sit another IELTS test to submit another EOI under her name if her points are higher to increase the chance to get in. She got 6 and more in all band in her last IELTS test (results come out after my invitation). Now, the new IELTS date is after the invitation but satisfies the band condition (more than 6) while the old one is before the invitation date but doesn’t satisfy the band condition (6 in all bands). Can we lodge our application with the new IELTS, or it will be rejected. If it will be rejected, what do you recommend to do (create a new EOI, wait 60 days, etc)? Note: I found in the Visa booklet this line in the partner point that i have to have relevant documents “at time of invitation”, does this mean before the invitation was issued or during the invitation time – i.e. the 60 days of the invitation?
  18. I thought some readers of the forum would be interested in the following extract from newly published DIAC policy on the SkillSelect model: To ensure that every EoI has a unique ranking, equally scoring EoIs will be separated by the date and time at which the intending migrant met all eligibility factors and points test score for a given subclass. The time of effect will be updated each time the intending migrant amends their EoI resulting in a change to their points test score or eligibility for a subclass. If an intending migrant changes their information, but it does not change their points score or eligibility, this will not alter their date of effect for the purposes of ranking against a particular subclass of visa. The ranking of an EoI will also change if SkillSelect determines that the intending migrant is no longer eligible for a particular visa or claims against the points test have changed resulting in a higher or lower points test score - for example, if the intending migrant: • has completed an EoI for a subclass 189 visa and • has a birthday and turns 50 (exceeding the maximum age permitted) they are no longer eligible to complete an EoI for a Subclass 189 visa. Ranking is an objective and automatic process, conducted by SkillSelect daily in order to facilitate the issue of an invitation with no intervention by departmental staff. The ranking is based on the information provided by the intending migrant. An example of how the points score of an EoI for a given subclass would change due to an intending migrant updating their details is as follows: An intending migrant submitted a complete EoI for a subclass 189 Skilled - Independent visa on 1 August 2012. They claimed a points score of 55, which included 10 points for their trade qualification. They later completed a bachelor degree, and on 10 September 2012 at 0911 hours and 13 seconds AEST Australian Capital Territory, updated their EoI to claim an additional 5 points for this qualification. Hence for the purposes of ranking the EoI, the date of effect is 10 September 2012 at 0911 hours 13 seconds with a points score of 60 points. This change does not effect the date of submission of their EoI, which is still valid for 2 years from the original lodgment date of 1 August 2012, when they submitted their EoI for the first time. Periodically invitations will be issued to the top ranking EoIs for intending migrants seeking to apply for an independent or family sponsored skilled visa. Best regards.
  19. Hi All, This week I submitted my EOI for subclass 190. After it was submitted I had a look at EOI Points Breakdown PDF and it had awarded 5 points for me for "State/Territory Nomination" even though I have not submitted an application for State Sponsorship. My worry is if they would refuse my EOI for claiming more points. The only thing I can think of is, in the EOI form "Preferred Location within Australia Screen" I selected Victoria. Is this normal for points to be awarded even before applying for state sponsorship? Thanks
  20. barnsey10

    EOI Invite Issues

    Hi, Tony here from the UK. Plan to migrate to australia next year. Skills assessed as a Professional Engineer with EA. Honours Degree qualified, 41 years old, IELTS R9S9L9W8, Total 65 Points. I have been working in my role post degree for 12 years, i have documentation to prove this (Control and Automation Engineer). I have submitted my EOI for a 189 Visa on 23/11/12. Although i havent recieved my letter from EA yet, i dont know how many years they have qualified me for. Questions are: Does this matter ?? I have Evidence to prove that i have been in this occupation for 12 years - will DIAC accept this should i be invited to apply ? Will my EOI be invalidated if EA grant me less than the 8 years minimum for 15 Points ?? If invited can i change the EOI post invite should EA disagree?? Many thanks... Tony
  21. Hi Guys, I've decided to build a tracker to check the % of occupational ceiling achieved with every round of invitation. I will try to update it frequently with every round of application. Attached is a PDF version of the status as of 1st September 2012. The next round is on 15th September 2012. Updated. Total 370560 ceiling and 1158 invites as on 1/9/2012. Source : http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/ Attached is the complete table of invitations vs ceiling for all occupations that are part of Skillselect. Hope this helps! Bonza
  22. Guest


    I know I must receive at least 60 points to qualify for a skilled visa, but can anyone tell me how the points are spread out? My hubby and I are two years from graduating, and are worried we won't have enough experience to qualify. How many are granted for education, work exp, etc? What other factors grant us points?
  23. Guest

    What to do after EOI

    Hi All, i am new to this forum, just took my IELTS with L:8.5, R:7, W:7, S:6.5 and Skills Assessment for 'System Analyst' to be positive for 9 years and 10 Months. Lodged the EOI. can anybody tell me why to separately apply for South Australia State Sponsorship when EOI is there and all states can check the EOIs and EOI itself offers to apply for state sponsorship (Subclass 190) then why do we need to apply for state sponsorship separately. also please tell me how long will the state sponsorship take........... applied on 07/08/2012. Thnx!!!!!
  24. Hi guys! New here. Been reading some posts for the last few days and wondering if I could get some feedback! Basically, long term, long distance but fully committed boyfriend and I want to finally live in the same place. But also have the freedom to come and go together or separately, travelling here and there. I just finished three years of training as a nurse last year so had no way of living near him, and he was paying off a mortgage by working in the arctic. Needless to say, both my UK and his Australia will not accept this as a full time committed relationship by their criteria. I now have a years experience as a nurse and was thinking of the 189 visa, so that I'm not committed to a particular State, work-wise. This new scheme is baffling me a little. It seems to want all the paperwork done and ready, i.e., medicals, ielts, skill assessment. But the medical quotes I've received want an application number off me before they can proceed. I want to know I've got my planning in the right order because I know if you get an invite to an expression of interest, you are time limited to reply with the full whack of documents. But then again i dont want stuff like medicals and ielts tests to expire if its a long wait. And at what point do I need to apply for nursing registration? If this whole process takes years, i could have to renew it before even using it. What a pig. Talking of long waits, im beginning to think my original idea of getting hitched is much more straightforward, faster, but he doesn't believe in marriage. I'd still have to jump thru a few hoops to get nursing registrstion, but at least I could do that with residency already in place. Soooo, sorry bout the rambling, but if anyone's got experience of getting their stuff together for thus new 188 visa who can share the process with me, that'd be great. And nurses, did you have to get all your medicals, ielts, nursing skills assessment, etc done before submitting an EoI? Cheers guys! Vix