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Found 130 results

  1. Joachim

    General or Management Accountant

    Hi Hoping someone can give me some advise on which ANZSCO code to select when applying to have my skills and employment assessed as I'm not sure if I should pick Accountant General 22111 or Management Accountant 22112 I'm really really struggling with this..... I've worked in a practice for 2 years and industry for 3 years and I'm hoping to use 5 years experience in my EOI My employment details are as follows; Practice Mar 08 - Jan 11 Responsibilities · Conduct assignments in accordance with internal and external standards · Preparation of client accounts – statutory accounts, P&L, Balance Sheets, Trail Balance · Undertaking and completion of financial audits · Preparation and completion of VAT returns · Completion of tax returns and advice on tax planning · Completion of rental income computations and tax returns · Income tax & Corporation tax returns preparation and filing · Payroll taxes advisory and completion – PAYE/PRSI · Completion of Relevant Contract Tax computations and returns · Advising clients on appropriate records to keep and compliance requirements · Maintaining strong client relationships and support to clients · Advising clients on suitable software packages along with training and support · Managing junior colleagues and trainees Industry Jan 11 - Dec 13 Financial & Treasury Accountant Responsibilities · Preparation of monthly Group and Divisonal reporting packs including variance analysis · Consolidation of subsidiary results · Budget variance analysis · Preparation of weekly Divisional cash-flow forecast including bridges to forecast and previous forecasts · Monthly preparation of cash-flow reporting packs including variance analysis · Assist in the preparation of Divisional Budget and Reforecast · Working capital management · Credit risk management · Preparation of statutory accounts, facilitation of the annual external process, co-ordinating between the various external auditors and the division · Management of a team of three in the Divisional Finance function · Providing support to Finance Managers across our European sites · Review of VAT & Tax calculations · Staff appraisals · Legal representative within the division · Management of time keeping system · Payments authorisations Industry Commercial Accountant Jan 14 - Oct 14 Responsibilities · Provide daily sales and order book performance figures and support to the Finance and Sales & Marketing Directors · Provide daily margin reports and tracking analysis (product and region specific) to appropriate directors · Tracking margins against budget and forecast targets · Build-up of weekly flash profit and loss for group reporting · Build-up of product and customer profitability detail including transport and material cost elements · Commercial budget build-up – product, region and customer specific · Monthly commercial reporting to the board of directors · Customer pricing reviews · Management of rebates · Track sales managers performance and calculation of bonus · Monthly market share analysis and provide insightful trend analysis to management team · New business development project monitoring and reporting · Operating cost saving monitoring and reporting · Management of employee time keeping system
  2. shekhar

    Need expert suggestion

    Dear All experts, I am new into this immigration process and I need help regarding my EOI submission for 189. I apply(July/2014) for ACS assessment as Systems Analyst and counted my exp. 7 years 10 months upto July/2014. Still I am working with the same employer and same position with same responsibility. Now, when I apply for EOI what should I mention in the "to date" section of my last company. According to their help link(?), they suggest to keep it blank if I still working with the same employer. If I keep it blank then system count my exp. more than 8 years ad give me total 60 points (including the 5 points for over 8 yrs exp) . However, if I consider the ACS Assessment then it should be 10 points. Please suggest, do I need to apply the ACS before submit the EOI. Or I can submit the EOI and parallels submit the ACS assessment. Thanks, Shekhar Sikdar
  3. Hi everyone.I received my IELTS results today and luckily have gained 20 points. I am now going to lodge my eoi but I have a few queries before I do. I hope you can help.I am not claiming points for work experience as I only have 11 months post qualification therefore do not have enough for points. 1. Do I still include all jobs iv had in the last 10 years and tick them as not relevant. 2. If doing this should I include the unpaid work experience I did as part of my study as I have this on my cv.Thanks
  4. Hi folks I am looking for some help to fill in my EOI on skillselect as in a bit of a panic over it. Please could someone guide me on how to fill in the EOI form, as I am unsure about sections like education and work experience. My Background I am from the uk so I have a British passport I am 31 years old I have had a positive result back from Vetassess for my carpentry skills. I have done my apprenticeship, which was 5 years from 2004 - 2009 I then did carpentry from 2009 to 2012 I am now a h&s officer and estimator for a construction company from 2012 to present My wife has got a brother who is permanent resident in Australia so could use him as sponsorship for 5 extra points if needed but would idealy like a 189 visa. I have got my IELTS booked for 6th of December just in case I need to get extra points Questions On the education and work experience sections do I put that I have now got a Australian III certificate or not? On the work experience section do I include my apprenticeship years as I see from some older posts people are unsure whether to include these years. Also should I include my h&s/estimator role as it is related to construction Thanks in advanced for anyone's help
  5. I don't recall seeing this discussed on the forum to date, but those who have or who are lodging an EoI should be aware of the following provision in the recently published migration regulations: The applicant’s score, when assessed in relation to the visa under Subdivision B of Division 3 of Part 2 of the Act, is not less than the score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa. The score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa will be based on the EoI - so if it subsequently transpires upon the submission of documentation and assessment by the DIAC case officer that the points claimed in the EoI were too high the visa application must be refused, whether or not the actual points are 60 or more. Areas that are likely to be particularly prone to error and overclaims are work experience and qualifications, where it presently seems the information in the pop up boxes of the EoI are insufficient and some would say misleading. Relevant work experience (for example) is an area where it seems there is insufficient detail. For those who are looking at a State Sponsored subclass 190 or 489 EoI/visa application I would encourage a cautious approach to claiming points, as you should receive an invitation whether you claim 60 or (say) 75 points. Those who are lodging an EoI with a view to a 189 visa being granted are in a more difficult position, and unless they are across the issues technically - particularly in the work experience area - should almost certainly be engaging a competent migration agent. Unless things change at a legislative level - which I suggest is improbable - I fear we will see quite substantial numbers of applicants being unsuccessful in the coming months, as the general prioritisation of EoI's with more points means there is an inherent bias which encourages overclaims by intending migrants. Best regards.
  6. Hello Everyone, First of all, I would like to thank the forum visitor, by the name "pattern", who sent me the useful link below to the official explanation made by ACS regarding the Skill Level Requirement Met Date: http://www.acs.org.au/migration-skills-assessment/news-and-updates Kindly have a look at the link and please scroll down to the correct section. It is an excellent piece of writing and the scenario shown as an example clearly explains what the Met Date is and what years will be included or excluded for points calculation, beyond all doubts. But, the problem is, the EOI does not ask anything about the Met Date. Rather, it simply asks about the start date of the first job. If someone puts the start date, the EOI rewards more points to the candidate. That may (in favour of the candidate) reward more points and make the invitation more probable. But, later on, a Case Officer from DIAC will calculate the points based on the Met Date and reward less points than previously calculated by the EOI based on answers given by the poor candidate to questions that the EOI system itself asked him/her. The rejection then becomes inevitable due to the discrepancy in points. I know it is not ACS's responsibility to make comments on the EOI, but I do not know where to get official sources on how to exactly address this issue while filling out the EOI properly. Please comment; anyone. --- mcgyver
  7. have a query due to which I am confused and have not submitted my visa application yet for which I need clarity. I have worked in three different job positions during my career which are all related to my nominated occupation ‘ Marketing Specialist’ (225113). Details are: Position1: Job Title: Territory Executive Occupation: Marketing Specialist Company Name: Pakistan Tobacco Company Start date: 17/02/2014 End Date: To date (mentioned 20/08/2014 while filling form) Position 2: Job Title: Business Executive Occupation: Marketing Specialist Company Name: Premier Distributors Start Date: 27/03/2012 End Date 10/02/2014 Position 3: Job Title: Management Trainee Occupation: Marketing Specialist Company Name: Premier Distributors Start Date 26/12/2011 End Date 26/3/2012 However in my Skills assessment from Vet assess only "Position 2" is assessed positively from 05/2012 10/2013 – at the time I sent my application for assessment Position 1 is not mentioned because I joined that job after assessment and position 3 is not there because of unavailability of reference letters at that time. My all positions are consistent with a career advancement pathway and I do have all the necessary reference letters and evidences which shows that all of my employment roles are relevant to my nominated position. . That is why I mentioned "YES" on the below question: Is this employment related to the nominated occupation: “Yes” I am not claiming any point for any of my work experience as my total experience is less than 3 years and my points in EOI and points claimed in Visa application are same so everything in EOI and Visa form is consistent. and I have mentioned these in Employment history Since my current EOI is mentioned correctly, I would like to know whether I can proceed with the visa application with current EOI or I need to fill new EOI again and mention the employment which is only assessed by Assessment Authority. I already got invitation and and now just need to press last button of submitssion of Visa. If some one have gone through such situation or can clear situation to me I will be very thank ful
  8. Hey Guys, I'm helping a friend with her visa application. She has 2 options. 189 Independent (60 points) or 489 Sponsored by her sister who has citizenship (70 points) Personally i'm not a big fan of the 489 as it is not permanent and last for 4 years and have some restrictions where she can work, etc.. Anyone out there who had 60 points and how long did it take you guys to get an invite once you submitted an EOI for 189? She's running out of time as her current visa will expire soon. Any help is much appreciated.
  9. So after recently visiting my brother in Brisbane we've decided to take the plunge and try and move to Australia. We know it'll need to be a Subclass 189 visa and have started researching what this entails. We're going to do it all ourselves and not use an agent. I'm stuck already on the EOI submission....the immi website just keeps sending me round in circles and gives me no idea what to do next! Anyone got any ideas if i'm doing something wrong? I click on the EOI link......register the details and create a username and password (I've now done this twice) then it takes me to the log into skillselect which then goes back to the EOI link! Argh!! Are we waiting for them to reply?
  10. Dougi1985

    EOI points mistake PLEASE ADVISE!

    Hi, Ive been in oz for 18 months and currently on a 457 visa. I've done my Ielts, skill select, police check, medical every thing. I get 65 points for the 189 visa and my skill is on the list: 15 for a degree 30 for my age 5 for UK work experience 5 for Australian work experience 10 for my Ielts i submitted an EOI got an invite straight away for civil engineering technician and applied straight away and paid the $3500 fee and uploaded all my documents then noticed I had 70 points after everything was sent off. At first I thought this was a nice bonus but eventually realised I had misinterpreted one of the questions. In addition to my degree I have an NVQ level 4 which vetassess stated in my skill select that it was the equivalent of an Australian advanced diploma, so when listing my qualifications I must have ticked something that said it was the equivalent of an Australian advanced diploma and the system assumed that I had studied it in Oz, which gave me 5 extra points. I rang the immigration department and two different people told me 2 different things, 1 person said withdraw right now and hope you get a refund and then you have to wait 60 days to submit and other EOI (even though the last one I submitted has been suspended since I applied for the 189 visa) the other person said sit tight and plead with the Case officer I get and hope they let me off as I may not have needed the extra 5 points anyway. What at should I do please??? The timing for this is terrible, as I think I'm heading for redundancy and I've watched my house mates on a 457 visa go through the same an most couldn't get rehired and went home. Time is crucial and I don't have 60 days to wait really or wait for a case office to just refuse me after a month or so. Can I submit another EOI for the exact same visa, skill etc whist I wait to see what happens with my current application just incase it fails any advice is greatly appreciated
  11. Hi there I am trying to plan out some vague time lines for the rest of the year and I'm wondering if anyone has any information about how long it takes from when your EOI goes in until the time you get invited to apply? I am going to be submitting my EOI as a secondary school teacher so anyone with experience of that occupation would be a bonus. I'm just trying to get a general feel for the timeframe. I had assumed that it happened relatively quickly (assuming you're not on one of the over-subscribed job lists) since they review them twice a month but someone in immigration said to me that they don't have a timescale for making invitations so I thought I'd try to check out what experiences people have had recently. Thank you
  12. peterc1983

    EOI Education - Which option?

    [EDIT] It's ok I resolved my own query by looking through the docs on the EOI pages. It tells you what to choose in the help links.
  13. Dear Friends, I am seeking your valuable advice for submitting EOI for Australia Immigration. On the Education tab I found the followings- * Honours in Science, Business or Technology * Bachelor in Science, Business or Technology Basically, my education in title is Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics and it was 4 years long full-time study in Bangladesh. I would like to know which option I should select? Is there any major difference? Thanks in advance!
  14. kepik83

    Invitation from South Australia

    I engaged a registered migration agent to apply 190 visa. According to him, the South Australia nomination has been approved and have received an invitation to apply visa. I asked him to send me the 'approval letter' for my record. Then, he explained to me that "there isn't actually an approval letter. the approval is noted in the EOI. South Australia basically access the EOI, indicates their nomination and that generates the invitation to apply". I'm not really sure how the EOI works. Is there any invitation or letter that I could keep for my record? I'm just being paranoid with the past experience that I had about scamming.
  15. Hi All Does anyone know what the expected turn-around after you submit your EOI? Paul
  16. Hello all, I have a work experience in IT sector for more than 7.5 years. 6 months ago I have joined a company in Malaysia. Now I am preparing my papers to submit to ACS for skill assessment. My current employer will give me the reference letter only after 1 year service period. My question is: 1. Can I submit only my previous work experiences without my current one? 2. If yes later during EOI or DIAC processing can I submit my current employer reference letter and claim for points? Do I need to assess this by ACS again before submit to DIAC? Thanks to all. Rgds, Silver
  17. Hi All, I have some queries regarding Work Experience Assessment by Engineers Australia (EA) and EOI. It would be much appreciated if some of you can help. Here is my situation and timeline: December 2013 - I had a standard occupation/qualification (Australian Qualification) assessment done by EA, and successfully received the assessment outcome letter. Jan 2014 - Worked with my current employee in Australia for a year, which can give me an extra 5 points towards my EOI (makes a total of 65). Then I started preparing docs to get my work experience assessed by EA. 17 March 2014 - Submitted docs required for skilled employment assessment to EA. According to EA, I had to return the original outcome letter received previously, so to enable EA to issue an updated letter to incorporate advice on my work experience. 21 March 2014 - $330 additional service fee deducted from my credit card. No confirmation email received from EA yet. Now - I want to lodge my EOI before mid-April, but not sure when I can receive the updated assessment from EA. So, My concerns are: 1 How long will my additional work experience assessment be processed by EA, given that I already have my qualification assessed previously? The turnaround time for standard qualification assessment is approx. 8 weeks as shown on EA website, but this turnaround time is not applicable to my case. I was wondering what will be a practical processing time to expect in my case. Has anyone of you had the same situation before? 2 Worst case scenario, if it is taking too long for EA to finalise my update assessment. Is it okay for me to lodge my EOI only based on my standard skill assessment which was issued in Dec 2013, even though I have returned the original letter back to EA, which I'm afraid that the previous assessment outcome is no longer valid as I requested for an additional assessment. I hope my explanation is clear, and again your help is much appreciated. I'm desperate for an answer. Thanks!!!
  18. Hi all So I heard from our agent last night our EOI had gone in...Hurrah...then an email this morning saying they've claimed the required 60 points but if we can prove hubby's ACCA 'educational procedure' then we can claim 5 more, sending me a PDF showing that ACCA is equivalent AQF Bachelors Degree?? They already have a full ACCA transcript, ACCA and FCCA membership certificates, positive skills assessment letter from CPA....IELTS certificates...what else is there?!! Now I'm not a migration agent but I'd already calculated our points at 65. It appears they've claimed only 60 points, as they've decided ACCA is only worth 10 points! I don't understand why - our skills assessment letter from CPA states in writing it is comparable to an Australian Bachelors Degree. Every ACCA I've ever found on these forums claimed 15 points with no issue. I don't want this to delay a visa invite...!! Aaaargh!! They said it's 'up to us' if we want to claim the extra 5 points but overclaiming points is never a good idea (DOH of course not). I appreciate their cautiousness if they're not sure as I know it's case officers who decide on points allocation but still....so frustrated! I'm sure ACCA is worth 15 points!!!
  19. Hello, wondering if anyone on here could help....I graduated University (UK) last year as a Building Surveyor, and I am currently in Australia looking for work in this field. Prior to this I worked as a carpenter in the construction industry for 7 years. I am finding that building surveying roles in Australia seem somewhat different and have been told that my degree does not translate to Australia (regulations etc). i have been advised to apply for project management positions instead. Wondering if anyone has advice on this....particularly as i need to put forward my visa expression of interest soon and unsure of the skills category i will fall under! any advice is appreciated thanks Chris
  20. Hi everyone, I am facing a small technical issue with the EOI that I submitted. I remember being asked about my identity document type (birth certificate, passport, etc), document number, expiry date, date of issue, etc, at the time I was completing the EOI process. But I have received a new passport which obviously has a new number. I need to update the EOI. But, after pressing the Update button, I cannot find the old passport information. None of the 12/13 pages that are presented to me one by one has the old passport info. Anyone, please confirm whether you can see the passport number and expiry date if you press on the Update EOI button. Thanks.
  21. Dear all, I would like to know if it is possible to lodge EOI for Qld state using positive Vetassess issued in 2007. Vetassess did not state expiry date for the assessment and I have remained in the same position with the same company from 2002 till now. My agent thinks it is necessary to get it redone. Would appreciate some advice and feedback. Thanks in advance.
  22. Melbourne Folks, Hope u enjoying summadayze.. I have cleared my ACS (ANZSCO 263111-Computer Network and Systems Engineer ) and also cleared the IELTS (L-8, R-8.5, W-8.5, S-7). :biggrin: That was all about the good news..I cannot submit my EOI since my Edu qualification isnt recognized by ACS. My ACS verdict says: your skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 263111. your Work experience has been calculated as follows on the basis of full time employment of atleast 20 Hrs per week. Company #1) Overseas Co. W.Exp 4 Yrs 8 Months Company #2) Aussie Co. W.Exp 2 Yrs 4 Months There is no mention of my Edu Qualification recognition in the verdict. I am not sure if I Have my Edu qualifications recognised. I have done a Bachelors in Commerce B.COM from Mumbai University, India. I have learnt that VETASSESS does Educ Qualification assessment for point test purposes for DIAC. Can anyone help/guide me to the right form or URL. Would be great if anyone can direct me to any other authorized body who can validate my Bachelors degree as comparable to the Aus Degree.
  23. Hi all, I need some help or advice. My migration agent lodged EOI in September and we have had no invitation since.. my agent is now telling me that requirements have changed and job offer is now a requirement..phoned department in Australia and they said completly the opposite to my agent..is a matter of waiting as invitations are sent out depending on the demand in the economy at the time...I am happy with that and willing to wait but I now am strting to doubt my agent and dont no what to do!! Really need some help!!
  24. Hi I have done my EOI and sent off the NSW state sponsorship form. Received an email from NSW saying that the have received the form and: We aim to process applications for NSW nomination within 12 weeks. Please note that this is only an estimate as the time frame can fluctuate depending on the volume of applications received. We are currently processing applications lodged on 3 October 2013. Am I still needing an invitation? or does this mean I am lodged? Thanks Joe
  25. lknights1987

    EOI response time

    I have completed an EOI application and submitted for a 457 visa. How long does a response normally take and is the response by email or by a written letter ?