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Found 206 results

  1. We're a young"ish" English couple looking for companies to sponsor us so we can make a speedy escape from England. Pam - 38 years old - Sales Admin Manager - 23 years experience of sales and admin work - computer literate (PC and Mac) - English first language - looking for a office based position or to work with animals. Healthy vegan non smoker with a full and clean UK driving licence. No criminal record. Dave - 35 years old - PAT tester and labourer - can read and work from wiring diagrams, drive a fork lift truck, assemble Siemens switch gear, manufacture and install double glazing units - trained first aider - computer literate (PC and Mac) - English first language - looking for a manufacturing / factory based role or driving position. Healthy non smoker with a full and clean UK driving licence. No criminal record. Licenced to drive HGV 2 and HGV 1 class trucks. We have our CV's prepared and ready to go. All we need is a sponsor and a visa. We can leave the UK at a moments notice. Although neither of us have skills or trades on the MODL / CSL, we're both willing to work hard, are quick to learn and would be an asset to any company willing to take us on. If you can help us, we would love to hear from you soon.
  2. Hi all, wondering if anyone can help we are looking to move to melbourne, geelong hopefully in the near future as my hubby's company are sponsoring us. I currently work as a School Business Manager and have several qualifications ranging from NVQ 2 in Business Admin up to NVQ2,3 and 4 in Accounting (AAT)Does anyone know whether these qualifications will be recognised at all in Oz? I have found the equivilant to these Certificatate III and IV and if i have to i will enrol in college to achieve these, but it feels like starting all over and then will they discount the fact that i have 12 years experience in the UK ?:confused: Im not looking to replicate the position i have here in the Uk but would ideally like to work in the business admin field please can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance Debs:jiggy: x
  3. Hey, We have had 3 of our Australian friends fill in the 888 form for our Defacto application. Was going to get a couple of brits to fill in as well but there is a note on there stating this if filled in by a brit it does not make it a legal document. Is there a particular defacto form for our British stat decs to fill in, or do they use a 888 and its just not classed as a legal document? Can anyone let me know? Thanks.
  4. Guest

    IELTS Tests

    :wacko:Hello all! This may be a really silly question! My husband recently sat the IELTS Test to raise our english test score to 25 rather than the competent score of 15. He is the main visa applicant by the way. He scored 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 and 6.5 with an overall score of 8.0. I realise that it does state all four areas need at least 7 but i only realised this after we sent the application form and am now stressing about it, do you think if we just send it it would be ok or do you think we should re-sit asap? Please help! Maybe doing this ourselves wasnt such a good idea afterall!
  5. Guest

    IELTS issue, please help!

    Halo 2 all As I am not Briton, I would necessary have to pass IELTS. Most of you don't have to worry about this. As I know if I was working in OZ at least 12 months, I don't need to pass IELTS test. But, will I get any points then? If yes, how much, 15 or 25? Thanks for all replies.
  6. Hi! I was wondering if anyone can help me with some advise. I have applied for a 175 visa in July 09 having 120 points in total. At the time the application was made I have submitted an IELTS assessment ( I am not an English native speaker so I had to do the test) for which I claimed 15 points as I scored 6.5 at the reading test and above 7 at the other 3 modules. As my occupation ( social worker) is not on the CSL or even MODL list I have applied for a state sponsorship with Victoria, however, after waiting more than 3 months I was told that in order to have my application processed I needed to provide an IELTS assessment with at least 7 at each module. So I have redone the IELTS and have managed to score 7 and above at each module. My concern is that if I do not get the state sponsorship and if in the future the min eligible points for a 175 will be raised I will no longer be eligibile for any visa. My question is -can I send DIAC my new IELTS assessment and claim 10 extra points, bearing in mind that no CO has been allocated to deal with my 175 visa application and I do not endeavour having a CO before 2012 or even later. Thanks
  7. Dear Reader, To fullfill the English requirements for secondary applicants ,is it OK to submit the evidence of english language studied in degree lever or secondary level instead of IELTS test. ( My IELTS test result is coming after 1 month and i want to submit the proof with in one week to CO) which one is ok ( Degree or secondary level) Please guide. thanks <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l1 level1 lfo2">evidence that I have a degree qualification requiring at least two (2) years of full time study or training with all instruction conducted in English or <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l1 level1 lfo2">evidence that I have completed one of the following at an educational institution where all instruction was conducted in English: <LI class=MsoNormal style="mso-margin-top-alt: auto; mso-margin-bottom-alt: auto; mso-list: l1 level2 lfo2">your primary education and at least three (3) years of secondary education, or at least five (5) years of secondary education.
  8. If these "translations" don't make you laugh then nothing will.:laugh: Engrish | Engrish | News.com.au
  9. Dear mates, Is good to see this site and I am sure that a lot more people will know about this site as it is really helpful after reading some the threads. I need your helps on RSMS. I am recently getting sponsorship from my employer. This is my personal particular: I am graduate of Bachelor in IT from CDU, Darwin, N.T. It was a one year full time study and I just graduated a November. I am 21 years old and currently employed as a permanent full time employee in an IT firm. I am from Malaysia. However, I never take IELTS test before but one of the requirement of RSMS is 'functional english'. However, DIAC people told me that everyone that going to apply a permanent VISA will require to undertake IELTS test. However the DIAC website has stated the following: evidence the applicant has successfully completed at least one year full-time or equivalent study in Australia for a diploma or higher qualification and all instruction was undertaken in English. So for anyone who has knowledge about this, could you please advise me that whether I need to undertake an IELTS test or not. For your information, I never take any IELTS before. I came to study in Australia after I finished my Diploma and I granted admission to my CDU, Darwin, N.T. through advance standing and therefore the IELTS is exempted when the time I applying for my student VISA at February 2009. Also, about the criminal history check / police clearance, how long is its valid period. For instance, criminal history check for my country Malaysia is valid for 2 years and I got it since January 2009, and also I got Australia police check at March 2009, so is it still valid for me to apply for PR under RSMS? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
  10. Guest

    English Exam

    Hi Everybody:biggrin: We're looking to re-locate but need 5 more points. Hubby will need to take the English test and get 25 points. Can he take this first so we can decide if we need to go independent skilled or regional? Are there any past papers to look at or guidelines? All suggestions will be gladly received. Caz123
  11. Listining on Oz radio the othet night this bloke Chris Evans was talking about restricting immigration and the interviewer told us he was Englishso why is he against so many Brits coming in? Embrace Australia > Migration > Migration News > English Immigrants to Australia Overstaying Visas English Immigrants to Australia Overstaying Visas Lisa Valentine | Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 at 1:00 am UK lads overstay their Australian visa Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans blamed young English lads as being responsible for the majority of Australian visa over-stayers. Senator Evans was speaking at a Senate hearing in Canberra yesterday where figures were released that showed a total of 48,456 people had overstayed their visa during the first six months of 2009. He also warned that people who did overstay their visas were breaking the law and liable to detenion and deportation. “They’re often young Englishmen who come on a valid visa who then become unlawful overstayers,” Senator Evans stated. “Or they’ve met a young lady and (are) having a good time.” However he conceded that they usually did return home within a week of their visas expiring. Chris Evans is himself an immigrant, originally from Cuckfield in England. He left the UK to attend the University of Western Australia, although unlike the English lads he is criticising here, we’re certain Senator Evans didn’t overstay his visa.
  12. dear Pomsinoz, I've some doubts on 175 application Spouse English, English requirements for secondary applicants, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- your IELTS TRF Number to show you have a band score of at least four and a half (4.5) based on all four components. Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is that Overall 4.5 or individual 4.5? 4.5, 4.5, 4, 5 -> overall 4.5 is that valid? Please help me of that doubts thanks
  13. hi everyone, my other half as made me ask this!!!!!! can you get all english football in oz??? he is a big chelsea fan and i no will miss that part of the english culture but will he still be able to get his fix in oz???? where do people watch all the games??? is it right there are no pubs in oz (perth or gold/sun coast) any info would be great thanks dee
  14. Hi I'm a nurse and have just sat the academic IELTS. I'm applying for subclass 175 and my partner is going on my application. Does anyone know if she will have to sit the IELTS as well? I'm a bit confused with the changes since July '09. Thanks.
  15. Guest

    english test

    Hi peeps i am a nurse and have just sent my application off to the QNC, which has been ready for couple of months but just not been right time to send it off, but finally i sent it now the whole thing has come back stating i have to do an english test, which came into force in July which i did'nt know about. i have tried getting on to the IELTS web site but cant get on but got on to the OET site but found it not very clear. can anybody enlighten me on this as to where these test centres are and how much they cost and what the the test actually consists of? (worried never did to good in english at school) looking on the web site i got on its looking around $700 plus, rather expensive for an english test. was well gutted with this, finally thought i'd got the ball rolling, now this, not happy :arghh: Terry
  16. Hi all, I run an English pub in Main Ridge. It's not quite the same as our good old boozers in London (from where I emigrated 2 years ago with my Aussie wife), but it's getting there! I'd like to get more expats in to let me know what they think, and to have a free pint on me if they mention this site! I'd love to have some pom friends over here (have none unfortunately!) so come on over. Billy Pig and Whistle 365 Purves Road Main Ridge
  17. Guest

    Functional English

    Hello I am a dependent on an onshore visa 885/886, do i need to sit the Ielts test? Tahera
  18. Hi, Yes I'm a ring-in and an Aussie, sorry about that, hope you don't hold that against me. :cute: Recently moved back to Cairns after a bit of a stint down south (Townsville & Melbourne) and I'm hoping to meet a nice English girl. I love an English accent but more than that I really enjoy the company, different outlook & friendly nature of someone from the UK seems to have over our Aussie girls. Short of moving to the UK (maybe one day), I thought this might be a good alternative. If you're interested in catching up please feel free to drop me a line. :hug: Shane
  19. We have recently applied for a skilled sponsored visa (family sponsor). In relation to the points following recent changes to the points system my professional qualifications result in a 50 point category. Age gives a further 20 points and my continued work experience 5 points in addition to English at 15 points - 90 points. Our advisor has asked me to have a IELTS test to raise the English element to 25 points getting to the magic 100 points.....seems mad when I run my own business have been born in the UK have 10 GCSE's and 4 A-Levels, a BSc (Hons) degree and professional qualification. Is there any way of bypassing the IELTS exam or is just something you have to do if you want the points.......? We already have a VETASSES confirmation that my career scores ok so the application is only being held by getting the IELTS score results.....
  20. At school we do something called Carnivale which is a parade/festival at school which represents all countries of kids who are there. Me and this English boy have to do a dance so any ideas??? (BTW: not the morris dance!!!) - Brightonian Brittany
  21. Just got back from trip to Queensland love it and went up tamborine mountain...turned a corner and there was an english pub FOX AND HOUNDS so we pulled in and there was a tetleys umbrella so we had a drink and spoke to the landlord ( top bloke )he is from kent and brought the pub out here when a pb closed down in Kent about 18 months ago......If you live in Queensland near gold coast I would highyl recommend a visit , everyone prob already knows about this but hey !!!!
  22. Hi folks, been reading a lot recently about how you should change your CV to be an Aussie Resume. It would seem there are many companies or individuals who will take a good few hundred dollars of you just to make your CV into an aussie resume. I was wondering, how many people have actually paid people to do this and surely its nothing you cant work for yourself on the net. Just be interested in peoples views on this. Many thanks Mandisfam
  23. Hi All Just checked on line on immigration e check and it says all criteria met apart from meds, pc and evidence of english language required for me. Meds and PCs have been done and should be showing as finalised soonish, but the english language bit has me flummoxed. OH is main applicant and we are not married.....what evidence are they after from me to prove that I can speak English? I have a very rubbish "e" at a level, tell terrible jokes and speak english fluently (despite turrets) when under the influence of alcohol. Am cracking up with the wait...can anyone help by suggesting what I do next????
  24. I am a young mechanic in the south west and currently doing my visa assessment as we speak.I just wanted to know how easy it is to get a job as soon as i get to brisbane and what sort of wage they earn. mechanics are on the demands trade list so does it mean they get paid well? any info would be greatly appreciated
  25. Majestic

    english language test

    I an indigenous englishman need to take a test to get the extra 10 points. Obviously it feels a lot weird going for a test on your lingo you have been using all your life. So can anybody give an overview what i can expect? Is it a long process to sort? any tips would be good. Thanks