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Found 206 results

  1. Hey All, Made the move just over a month ago from the UK to Bondi and Im loving it, I'm struggling with the lack of football (soccer) though. I was just wondering if there was a bar in Bondi junction that shows all the premiership game highlights on a Sunday or Monday? I'm sure you can get this on Fox Sports but don't want to sign up till we are more setup financially. Thanks alot
  2. So we've moved on since shakespeares forsooth etc etc,so should traditional english embrace the modern world and allow text speak and americanisation of english to take over?its just evolution isnt it?or is it m8?:biggrin:
  3. Hi all, Just to let you all know that I have found a good website which provides help with your english skills and maybe of some benefit towards the IELTS. The website is http://www.spellzone.com perksy
  4. TTLucian

    Functional English

    Hello all. Not quite sure about this but here goes. I know the DIAC has its English requirements published. I did the IELTS so its not a problem but I am concerned about the functional English requirement for my wife. We both are citizens of St. Lucia but she is a naturalized citizen. St. Lucia is a former British colony in the Caribbean and English is our official language. One of the requirements of being a naturalized citizen of this country is fluency in the English language. I am planning to get a letter from the Ministry responsible for granting citizenship to attest to this. My wife is indeed fluent and was employed here but not for the 2 full years specified by the DIAC. She is Filipino by birth and does hold a degree from a university in the Philippines. All courses were conducted in English except for the few Filipino language courses. Would the DIAC still require IELTS in this situation? Or would an exception be made in this case for functional English. Of course I do not want to pay that second installment. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first time using this forum so if I say/do something not in accordance with PomsInOz etiquette then please forgive me! I am 20 years old, a citizen of the UK and very near to the end of my law degree. I will receive my results at the start of next summer (so still a way to go yet!) and I am predicted a respectable 2.1. I am not interested in law in the slightest - I am far more interested in moving abroad to sunnier climes (Australia!). I have family in Oz (aunty and cousins) and found out recently to my dismay after mulling over the Australian government immigration site that my aunty is no where near close enough a relative to sponsor me for permanant reisdence. Now I've got all that off my chest my question is: Is there any way I could get the right to live in Australia? My aunty has plenty of contacts, so sponsorship from a particular business is a possibility, and if I had to go into a specific business currently lacking in personnel over there (read on one post that hotel managers are sought after at the mo) then that'd be fine by me, as like I say I have no interest in law whatsoever (unless it's in demand of course!) , also I have just enough money (I imagine) to pay for all the relevant checks and what not. Is there a route available to me or should I give up hope? Thanks in advance! Dan
  6. Hi All, Just a little confused as to whether and IELTs test and a skills test is always compulsary on a 475? Also, reading from previous posts, its seems I am in a unique position... I got a job for a council and am in Oz working for them. I came in on a working visa (on their instruction) and they are about to send off my application for a 475, but I am a bit lost as to what exactly I need to fulfill on my part i.e. skills and or english test, xrays/ police check etc... Can anyone offer advice? Thanks
  7. Guest

    English Bulldog in Byford

    Hi everybody my husband and I are moving to Perth in February and we have a miniature english bulldog. We are now in Jordan however(with my husbands job) my poor baby is staying at her daycare/kennels in Dubai as we don't want her to spent the full time in Byford and Jordan is not AQIS approved. We are waiting for a reply from a particular airline for special permission to fly her as Dubai to Perth is only 10 hours direct. If not I will go to Dublin and meet her there spend 2 weeks at home with her then she has to go half way around the world! Anyway I am freaking out because of 1. the flight and 2. no AC in Byford? I really would like to know if anybody has had a brach breed in Byford in the hotter months? She is super fit 1 year old and 17kg and my only child who I worry about so much. All this stress is better than any diet! I am freaking out!
  8. Let us say I insist my name being written as 'leptokurtic'. How do you start a sentence if you want the first word to be 'leptokurtic'? Do you start with lowercase? Suppose I use the handle '3leptokurtic'. Now what? I know that according to grammar rules you can't start a sentence with a digit. My own hunch is that if you want to be completely grammatically correct, you would say "The user 'leptokurtic' says...". or "The user '3leptokurtic' asked...". You simply WON'T start with leptokurtic. Does anybody sees any scenario where this might fail and one would be forced to start with 'leptokurtic'??? Can somebody even insist on his name (which is a proper noun by the way) being spelt all in lower case?? Or would that in itself be grammatically incorrect?
  9. THREE English backpackers have been released from the Cairns watch-house on bail as the police officer they allegedly assaulted recovers from his injuries on sick leave. Stephan Jarrett, 31, Lewis Whiteside, 22, and Sally Summersgill, 21, were bailed yesterday on condition they hand over their passports. It is alleged the trio assaulted a sergeant at Palm Cove about 3am Thursday, knocking him unconscious before attacking his partner, who tried to help him. Police opposed bail in Cairns Magistrates’ Court yesterday, arguing they had no fixed residence because they were thrown out of the caravan park they were living in over the incident. Police prosecutor Sen-Constable Bob Soper said the alleged assault was "very serious in nature". "The officer in question who has been assaulted is now on sick leave," he said. He said capsicum spray was used, and a taser was deployed. Mr Jarrett was found to have cannabis and amphetamines on him and was charged with drug offences, and Mr Whiteside also faces a charge of public nuisance. All three have been charged with assaulting police. Defence solicitor Tom Eckersley said at least one of the accused would contest the charge. He said he also believed two of them could be dealt with under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, rather than the criminal code, because their charges only related to a shoulder charge and a shove. Mr Eckersley said without passports, the trio had nowhere to go and were not a flight risk. "It is in their best interests to remain in the community," he said. Acting magistrate Kerry McFadden said the backpackers would need to report to Smithfield police station twice a week and not approach any point of international departure. They surrendered their passports to police yesterday. "I’m satisfied that imposing conditions on these defendants will ensure they appear on the next (court) date," Mr McFadden said. They will appear again on October 21.
  10. I was watching the rugby this morning where England beat Scotland by 16-12 and it was a hard fought win where we did not play that well and Scotland played fairly well and maybe could have got something out of it but they didnt and are out of the competition if Argentina beat Georgia, England however move on to the quater finals and play France. Anyway after the match on ITV all we got off Steve Ryder was how well the brave Scots had played and how unlucky they have been and how crap England were and how lucky we are. Then i went to pick my son up from footie and was litening to talk sport and the presenter ( Mark Saggers ) was saying much the same about how Scotland deserve more and how England will will struggle if we carry on playing so poorly. I just dont get this attitude, todays game was always going to be tough and again England came through and won, which meant we have won 4 out of 4 whereas Scotland have won only 2 out of 4. And by the way i am not slagging off the jocks here all i am saying from that point of view is that they deserve to be going home because they have not performed and are not as good as England are on this occasion. Us English for some reason almost have to apologise for winning and then put up with a load of negative comments even from our own countrymen after the event. Does me ed in :dull:
  11. The Pom Queen

    English Breakfast Anyone

    :chatterbox::chatterbox::chatterbox: I can't even stomach a slice of toast for breakfast let alone an eight of this:swoon: He's just devoured the world's most unhealthy full English breakfast - and might need a doctor to save his bacon. Steven Magee, 29, has become the first person to conquer The Big One, a heart-stopping giant fry-up boasting 7,500 calories - three times the recommended daily intake. Weighing in at a whopping three kilos, it includes three sausages, three beef burgers, three fried eggs, three rashers of bacon, three slices of black pudding, three square sausages, three portions of beans and three portions of mushrooms. But that's not all. On the side are three potato waffles, three potato scones, three hash browns, three portions of fried bread, three rounds of bread and butter and three rounds of toast. At least 60 customers at the Hungry Hossee Cafe in Corby, Northamptonshire, have tried to devour it - but until now everyone has failed. Indeed, the cafe has a wall full of photos of customers who have taken on the challenge and lost. Steven, from Corby, who admits he usually just has a bowl of cereal for breakfast, said: 'I've been in the cafe lots of times before and this time I decided to give it a shot. 'It was a serious challenge and I very nearly backed down. I think it was sheer will power that kept me going. 'I was absolutely determined to eat everything on the plate so I convinced myself I could do it and amazingly I did.' It took Steven one hour and 20 minutes and six mugs of tea to eat the breakfast blow-out, which normally costs £12 but is free to anyone who can eat every mouthful. 'I started off all right but it got harder and harder to keep eating and a couple of times I almost gave up,' he said. 'I'm quite tall but I don't normally eat big meals - I just like to take on a challenge. I've eaten a 48oz steak before but apart from that I have a normal appetite. 'A few of my mates, who are much bigger than me, have tried to eat all the breakfast before and not managed so I'm really pleased to have succeeded.' Cafe owner Shelaine Agnes Crabtree said the massive breakfast, which takes 15 minutes to cook and takes up the whole three foot griddle, had been on the menu for the last six years. 'In more than six years, we have never had anyone else clear their plate,' she said. 'Roughly once a month someone attempts it so we've had about 60 people try. 'One man got close, but he left half a sausage, two slices of toast and three slices of bread and butter.' She said the rules were that you could take as long as you wanted to finish, but you could not share or drop anything on the floor. 'We have a camera with a monitor in the kitchen which we watch to make sure there is no cheating,' she said. 'Steven did really well and we were all there cheering him on. He seemed very determined and focused. 'We have now put a large framed picture of him on the wall and the challenge is now to eat it in a faster time than Steven.' Steven added: 'I wouldn't mind trying the challenge again, but not for a while.' A fry-up at Mario's Cafe in Westhoughton, Bolton, is currently in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest breakfast in the world, but it only contains 5,000 calories and weighs 2.9kg. Shelaine is now hoping to apply to Guinness to have her breakfast, which contains 2,500 more calories and weighs 3kg, take the title.
  12. Hi Guys, I just wanted some opinions on my plan... I have already had my 2 years working holiday visa's for australia, i was due to get sponsored which fell through due to salary. I am going to new Zealand pretty soon, although i'm really looking forward to it, i have a motive to try and find work in australia from new zealand (on a sponsorship) - i have a few contacts in OZ from my time there which im still in contact with, although obviously cannot rely on that. Do you think it's unrealistic to apply for jobs in Auatralia (syd, melb or perth) from New Zealand - i'd obv fly over for interviews and agencies regestration etc, i have lots of friends in australia so will be visiting friends at same time. I also realise the return flights are not cheap. I would be working in Banking by the way. Or would it be more realistic to be integrated and sponsored into a role in NZ and try and get a transfer eventually (assuming im at at big company) Any opinions would be appreciated - just hard to find similar kind of situations online anywhere. thanks
  13. The Pom Queen

    Johnny English Reborn

    Went to watch it last night and although I hate Rowan Atkinson I loved it:notworthy::notworthy:
  14. My wife has completed 1 year ELICOS (Cert III & IV in ESL). We are planning to lodge 475 (offshore-relative sponsored visa). I went through the immi website about the requirements for the visa and found that for secondary applicant they need IELTS or "have completed at least one year of full time study in Australia towards a degree or diploma qualification with all instruction conducted in English". Does this sentence mean she doesn't need to sit for IELTS exam ?? Kindly waiting for the suggestion if anyone have got any idea......
  15. A quick question regarding the English language requirement for subclass 457. Is it necessary to submit IELTS results with the 457 application? The changes to English language requirements listed here Skilled Workers Temporary Visa Options - Employer Sponsored Workers - Workers - Visas & Immigration (Under "Who must meet the requirement?") indicates that certain occupations (highly skilled major groups 1-3 of the ASCO, comprising managers, administrators, professionals and associate professionals) are exempt from the requirements. Could anybody confirm this? Only asking because last IELTS has expired and do not want to sit another IELTS if possible and want to submit the 457 application as soon as possible.
  16. MARYROSE02

    I miss English roundabouts.

    Aussie ones are pathetic, remind me of a Polo mint.
  17. What do you think, folks? In order to get 20 points, you need to have 8 in EACH band. Otherwise you get only 10 points for 7 min in each band. Pretty harsh, isn't it?
  18. Hi All First time I've actually posted here,though been reading this for a while. Was trying to help a mate looking for a migration agent and came across the below which I'm told is a migration agents association: http://www.migrationalliance.com.au/ I saw the 'vote now' section on the right hand side - asking whether migration agents should have to be able to meet an IELTs test to be a migration agent - it seems most don't. This reminded me of the first time I approached a migration agent for help here. I couldn't believe the fact his English was really basic and at times he couldn't explain the more complex parts of my application in English. He'd just say 'don't worry,don't worry' - which of course doubled my concern. I'm sure he was fine explaining things to Chinese people (he's Chinese) but I couldn't get over how on earth he spoke to Immigration if his English was so bad. In the end I went somewhere else and my agent was fantastic. If this is right it seems migration agents don't seem to want the same rules to apply to them that migrant have to meet (well not me, I'm British but most of my mates from South Africa had to pass an English test for their visa) - seems right to me that people giving advise to migrants have to be able to speak English properly. Perhaps the government is trying to clean things us - about time! Anyway -I thought I'd vote and give my opinion - note sure if I was allowed (not being a migration agent) but it didn't stop me. Interested if anyone else has had troubles with migration agents speaking English? Cheers Greg.
  19. I have been in touch with my school to get a letter but as I left over 10 yrs ago they no longer hold any records that I attended the school and I was taught in English. I have all my GCSE and A level certificates but I've heard this is not proof enough. I am going to try and contact the examining board to ask if they can do anything but if not can I write a statutory declaration and get it signed by the justice of peace and send this along with all my cetificates?
  20. What a beautiful day here in blighty today, i was sat by the river bank with the kids earlier doing a bit of fishing and got to thinking whether the weather in oz could match this, i know the question probably has not been pondered before so i am putting it out there! :shocked::biggrin::policeman:
  21. Englishlover

    I do not understand English man

    Hi all, I have been daiting an English man for 3 years already. We live in the different country. We met 2 times in 2 years and we will meet again soon. I am the person who flies to see him in the UK (he is responsible for airfare). One thing I am concerned is that he never introduce me to his family. When I asked him about this, he said he would consider it but not confirmed. Then , it led to argument. Normally, what is the meaning in English culture when a man introduces his partner to family. Is it so important? Should I bother it?
  22. I am due to take my IELTS test in a few weeks. I am born and bred in England, and was wondering about how they mark the writing test in the general tests. They mention that the assess the accuracy and use of grammar and spelling. Now, at my work, I often disagree with other native Australians about the correct use of English. e.g. Organise = correct, Organize = wrong Does anyone have any details on how strict they are around this kind of thing? I will be using what the Queen taught me :policeman:
  23. tracy123

    English motorways are crap!

    I’m sorry to all the I love England no matter what brigade but the English have no idea how to make a decent road. As a truck driver that uses a lot of the motorways across this country I’m sorry to say these roads are lacking, next time you travel on a motorway and take a look at the left hand land, they are a long track, better suited to a train….. Once in these grooves you can take your hands off the wheel and the truck will drive itself, all well and good until you need to change lanes, once again watch the trucks sway and it all has to do with those bloody grooves, and they can throw you into the other lane.
  24. Hi, I hope somebody will be able to help on this one....We have been assigned a CO:jiggy::jiggy: but I have to get my IELTS(I,m the secondary applicant).:arghh:Does anyone know of any other way that I prove my competency in English?I just dont like the idea of another exam!!! Your valuable advice please:notworthy:
  25. Hi all, I am currently on bridging visa A for visa 485. I would like to apply for visa 885 which I understand it requires band 8 in each categories. However, I do not know if I should take the Academic module or general module for the ielts test. Some told me I need to take academic module for Permanent Resident skilled assessment. But I have already received my skilled assessment for Registered Nurse while applying for visa 485. So I am really confused now if i should take academic module or general module for the english test ? as I find general module is easier.