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Found 53 results

  1. Hi, does anyone know if the TRA actually contact or enter into coresspondence with employers or training institutes named in the application form. I have been struggling to get hold of info from the college regarding my qualification back in 2001, but after a couple of weeks have finally managed to get passed on to the correct person there who is finally helping out. If they do contact training institutes do you think I should give a direct telephone number for the guy whos dealing with this for me or just the standard college number? I just don't want wasted time if the TRA have difficulties getting to the right person just like me, but on the other hand I dont want to do anything wrong on the application form!! Any advice? Sarah
  2. Please Help, My case officer has asked a letter from my employer to evidence my Skilled employment history. I do not want to approach my employer for this letter as we have had cutbacks in the last year. I would prefer to do a Statutory declaration. Please can anyone advise how i best go about doing this. If anyone has an example i would greatly appreciate it. Cheers Garth
  3. londonengineer

    Changing between 457 employers

    Hi, I moved over to Sydney on a 457 for an employer that I'd never worked for before. I love living in Sydney but really haven't liked my job right from the start. I've found a new job and I've applied for a new 457. I am a little confused over how to change jobs without risk. I obviously don't want to quit my current job before the new visa is approved. However, once the new visa is approved, the old 457 is no longer valid and I cannot serve the 4 weeks notice in my contract. Other people must have been through this process. What is the right thing to do? I've rang immigration a couple of times and they haven't been much help. Thanks in advance.
  4. We are just deciding whether to stay in oz or return to the UK after over a year due to us not being able to sell our house in the UK it has been on the market for 18 months. so we are trying to work out costings, we thought that we read somewhere that employers are responsible for return flights when you are on a 457 just wondered if this was the case or not? Also does anyone know the rules on the LAFHA as this could enable us to stay if we are eligible the company doesnt seem to know about LAFHA? thanks for any info:arghh:
  5. Anyone out there come over on a 457...claimed LAHFA...gone to another employer ,got a new 457 and started claiming LAHFA again. Is it above board. Not sure wether the fact I gained this employment whilst in Oz rather than being recruited from overseas as originally happened would have an effect on it or not.
  6. Hi, I wondered if anyone has any information on how easy it is to change employers on a 457? Are they likely to take this on if we already have it? Do they also continue to pay the LAFHA? I know this might be up to individual employers. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I have a friend who works for a large company in Oz who have one of the special arrangements with DIAC and have one of those special arrangements for fast tracking employee sponsorships themselves. Well he's just told me that his company have been told by DIAC that they can't renew the sponsorships they have which will expire after their 2 years is up due to the curent climate. He sees all sorts of issues with this both for the individuals (who have moved home etc) and for the company who relies on them. However, at this point he says the direction is clear they cannot renew on expiry so will be sending people home ! Just thought this is worth knowing for anyone considering an employer sponsorship, selling their house etc.
  8. OH has had two jobs since leaving school the second he only started 6 weeks ago, he really doesnt want to ask his new employer to give him a reference is there any way around this
  9. I thought to share the following information with you all. There exist a need in the Australian job market where employees can communicate directly to prospective employers who are looking for suitable employment. This is all part of finding the hidden job market where positions exist but according to recruitment agents they cannot find suitable candidates. Until now; I came across this website Home • Mineblogger • Connecting People and Resources. Jody Elliott is the innovative drive behind this concept and with permission I publish her email to me below: “This is only phase one – our intent is to assist employers to become comfortable with the idea of blogging or posting messages and engaging with candidates in bite sizes and in a less formal sense. Our ultimate objective is to create the premier website for the Australian Resources Sector which includes a job board, blogging, video conferencing, candidate profiles, and webpages for every employer that can be changed as often as they wish..... and a whole lot more. It is intended that we create a hub for employers only (no agencies) and where candidates don’t have to search every careers page – it’s all there at their fingertips. Industry are moving away from SEEK because it’s too full of agencies. If you click on now, only 10% of the nearly 5,000 oil, gas and mining jobs are posted by employers. The problem is then, there is no aggregated location for all direct employer opportunities. That is just one of the gaps we will fill. The idea of the blog is to provide the background story to the job opportunity. As an industry, we are extremely poor at communicating the real story to candidates. As Manager Recruitment with BHP Billiton, I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t quickly and effectively communicate when we were doing roadshows, how many applications were received for apprenticeships and why so many wouldn’t have got a shot, what specific projects were underway in our organisation etc. Trying to change the average careers webpage is nearly impossible for large organisations. Your question is probably best answered by creating an individual login and reading what is already on the blog posts. We’re just preparing this week’s which will go live Sunday night/Monday morning. We provide a balance between where the career opportunities are now and coming down the track, together with educating candidates on job search strategies and skill specific to our industry. I hope this assists. Kind regards, Jody Jody Elliott, Chief Blogger E: info@mineblogger.com.au Please post your finding.
  10. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced or is experiencing the fustration of getting a reference from your current or previous employer, to enable this to be issued to the TRA!! :arghh: My OH is trying to get a reference from his previous employers Robins & Day who are based in Coventry. They have now said that they can't find any records! They are now passing this onto someone else. His current employers are very reluctant to provide a reference, so he may now have to go down the road of a self written reference!! Any advice? Claire
  11. Can anyone answer a (probably) simple question. I have been in Oz on a 457 visa since July 08, I am changing employers shortly and will require the new company to sponsor me, how will this affect me going for permenent residency in the future. Can I still apply after two years in Australia or will I have to wait another two years from the time my new visa is granted or is there a certain time frame of being with the new employer. Hope somebody knows the answer Thanks Wigg
  12. Guest

    Unscrupulus employers

    Advice please: my son is in his first weeks in Australia, and at present working short term through agencies. He got a job on a building site, where he was injured by flying masonry, losing two teeth. No accident records, minimal first aid, and a message to the agency at the end of the week that he wasn't wanted because he took time off ( with permission) (to go for emergency dental work!) I believe the agency is responsible for paying him for the three full days plus that he completed. He would also like to complain about the lack of health and safety procedures on the site. Does anyone have advice about where he should go to find out about this? Thanks
  13. Can anyone please give me some advice on how to word emails to employers? I have found a quite a few companies that might be interested in hubby's skills but have no idea how we should approach them. I'm sure we must be mad anyway, with no qualifications in his area (printing) I don't suppose we stand much chance, but what the heck, now or never! Thanks for reading! :notworthy: Nemo x
  14. Guest

    calling Energex Employers

    I was just wondering how many of you have come over to work for Energex,and are you happy working for them,or is it that you cant wait to find a new job and get the hell away from them. My other half is leaving as soon as he can,and a few that he knows have left already. Are there anymore feeling like this,or are some of you very happy.
  15. I was wondering what kind of financial assistance people get from Aus employers to help them relocate? I know ever job offer / employer will be different but i was just wondering if anyone would share their experience? Did they pay for your flights? Your partners / familes flights? Shipping costs? Visa fees? Rental fees? etc etc. Many thanks Emma x
  16. degs

    Evidence of Employers

    Hi everyone, Hope you can help me, I am filling out my application form and it has asked me for Evidence of employments going back to when I left school, well I only have evidence of my current employer as I have been with these for 7 years, 3 of my former emplyers are long gone and closed down, so does any one know how I can get round obtaining evidence for all of my employers. Thanks for your help
  17. Sandy B


    Can anyone let me know if they have had a difficult employer to get a stat dec from?? who wont give a reference and who is very difficult when you have ended working with them for only 4 months?? if the tra give them a call and they dont say good things about you??? please let me know a way round this??:sad:
  18. Guest

    old employers ref`s

    hey everyone, i would like some advice on an issue please, thinking of applying for tra (chef) but some of the restaurants i worked in years ago have closed(not my cooking!honeslty) so where would i stand on the refference issue ? thanks.
  19. I'm looking for details of recrtuiment agencies who advertise jobs from employers who will sponsor - specifically in the Telecoms area. Seek.com.au only seem to advertise jobs for people who already have the right to work in oz, and we can't get a visa... Please help? I'm getting desperate....:cry:
  20. Hi everyone We've got our psponsor, got our agent (Go Matilda), paid them, our application forms go off tonight, and now we wait. We're hearing lots of good things about the processing times for the actual 457 visa, but does anyone have any ideas about how long it takes for an employer to be registered as a sponsor? Dying to know so we can start thinking about flights etc. Yours, excited of Manchester Matt & Jools
  22. HI OH sent CV to perth company after he emailed saying he was from UK and would they be interested. They said definitely. So the question is has anyone been asked over to an interview where the prospective employer has paid the flight? What is the usual practice? I was thinking ,bearing in mind the employment situation ,that the costs to the company might be offset by the government in some way to allow jobs to be filled by overseas workers. Any ideas anyone?? :unsure:Thanks Catherine
  23. Having seen a number of posts on this forum (and others) since the weekend expo in London it perplexes me why so many employers persist in looking at the subclass 457 visa as a means of sponsoring individuals when there are more attractive visa permanent residency visa outcomes available - ie the Employer Nomination Scheme and the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. Why would an individual uproot him/herself (plus - usually - family) with no certainty of a permanent residency visa at the end of the day? I appreciate there are tax benefits available to 457 visaholders, but this doesn't seem to be a reason that is being cited. Comments appreciated from those who attended the expos. Best regards.
  24. Guest

    Hairdresser employers?

    Hey there, Right can some one please help me. I have sent of my DE FACTO visa off and is currently processing, but i am also a hairdresser but the easiest route for me was defacto visa rather than the skilled visa. However i was under the impression (dont ask me where from) that i would still have to get my Trades assessed to work as a hairdresser. After emailing the immigration office they have told me that you only have to get your trades assessed if you are going throu the skilled visa. I am however worried when in get over to Sydney and i have all my qualifactions and referances that they will ask for my trades certificate. Has n e 1 else been through this? And as an employer what do they ask for from a u.k hairdresser if they have residency but havent gone throu skilled visa? Thanks for ne help.:twitcy:
  25. Hi I wonder if anyone can help us. :arghh: My OH is a mechanic and needs to get references from ex-employers to be used for the skills assessment. He has contacted ex-employers and they ask what he wants them to put because they are just used to the normal reference, who he is, how long he worked for them and that he was a good worker etc. Obviously the reference we need is slightly more detailed, but just how detailed does it have to be? Does anyone have an example of such a reference that they used for their old TRA application or any help with the wording. (we know the rules have changed). We want to make the whole process as easy and straight forward for the ex-employers as possible, so if we have something to show them they will understand what we are looking for. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Julia and Kent