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Found 53 results

  1. Hi all This may take a while to explain but bare with me. My family and I arrived in Perth on 1/12/11, I worked for the employer that brought me here on a 457 for a year pretty much to date, After leaving due to indifferences just before the xmas period i realised it could have been the wrong move. My final pay cheque was on the 15/12/12 which according to the 457 visa I have 28 days to sort something out. Which to my calculation is on 11/01/13. Then i have a further 28 days to notify immigration what im going to do (immigrations words). It also states that the company that brought me over is obligated to pay for our flights home. My first question is Do i have to notify said employer that i want tickets back to the UK by the 11/01/13? to be able to get the tickets home Over the xmas period until today i have been head hunted by 2 potential employers. The problem is one employer has said they can sponser me but will not say how much they can afford to pay me, i have an amount i can afford to stay in perth that i require but they is not sure he can afford it but wont say an amount. The other potential employer has said that my salary im asking for is fair and he may even be able to pay me more but he is unable to sponser me but they have said they may be able to pay for my PR application. But because ive only been in Australia for just over a year in a single employer, am i able to get PR? if so how? I have a degree in product design and work in the building services industry so i was wondering if i can get PR on that. Can someone please help and guide me on how i can resolve this and just get some advice. If you need any more information please ask Thanks Mark
  2. Hallfamily

    Skills Assessment query

    We need to get proof and some references from previous employers for the skills assessment, but the problem is the companies my OH worked for no longer exist, what other proof can he provide?
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of looking for jobs, searching for companies etc... It's all still very early days but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice re: contacting the companies? What is the best way to word the emails? I don't think I can just say, "Hi I'm Lucy, I want to live and work in your beautiful country, give us a job!" I'm on Linkedin so I can contact some people through that too. Looking to fly out to Perth next year around August/September time so would be able to meet with employers too. I thought I would ask some of you people in the know first... any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lucy :smile:
  4. Hi All, Just starting the process..mega excited! Going it alone (no agent) so ill be relying on you guys for help. My question is: Does VETASSESS contact my previous employers? The reason why i ask is i worked for a company for 2 years (2008-2010) and i decided to leave but they didnt make this very easy and i ended up leaving on a bad note n(i wasnt sacked - i left) I am not going to approach them for a reference but i have my contract, payslips, P45 and P60 will this be enough eveidence or will VETASSESS contact them? If this is the case i will not include them on the application. Many thanks in advance :cute:
  5. My hubby has an interview with the recruitment agency in a week and they said the visa will possibly take 6 weeks! I was wondering if the employers give you a date to be over by? Obviously will ask when we go but I have a house to pack up and 4 kids to take. I'd love to hear anyones experiance whos gone over on 457 :smile: many thanks Libbysmummy
  6. Morning all, My husband is currently being skills assessed by ACS and we want to move out to Melbourne as we have lots of family there. Victoria have currently taken ICT applications off their list until further notice so our agent has suggested trying to find an employer who may nominate us. We are going over for a month at Christmas and would like to line up some interviews.... Does anyone have any suggestions of either any big companies we can contact or any good recruitment agencies that specialise in this? Any help at all is appreciated, thank very much. Liz x
  7. Hi all thought i would post this i am sure it will help. COMING TO UK IN NOVEMBER manchester london and aberdeen www.expo-australia.com opportunities australia is coming to the uk, it is an expordition where loads of employers come to recruit it is a mine of information and generally a great help all sorts will be there, employers, visa agents, removal companies, all sorts. We went to one last year gave out cv's talked to employers ect, we had an offer within 2 weeks, we fly out next month, of course it depends on what sectors go but from what i can remember quite a few good luck all :wink:
  8. otsmith1

    Should I tell my new employers?

    Hello to all, I'm hoping some of you guys can advise on what must be a common dilemma... I'm in the very early stages of a move to Oz, currently in the process of putting together my RPL skills assessment documents together for the ACS. I start a new job here in the UK Sept 1st, and the simple question is should I tell them before I start that I'm embarking on this process? I'm signing the contract in the next couple of days. By the time I start, I hope my skills assessment documents will be lodged with the ACS and the process will be underway. But as it's still very early days, my skills assessment is not even ready at the moment yet let alone approved, plus the amount of time it's going to take dependent on whether I go for a 175 or 176 down the line, so should I even mention it to them? It seems like "the right thing to do" to tell them now but I also don't want to spook them before I've even started working for them. Especially as me leaving to take up any future Visa offer is some time away, plus of course we may not actually be successful in getting a Visa! So, should I be upfront and honest and tell them this is what I'm planning for my future or just wait to see if I'm successful some months/years down the line and tell them then? I want to have a good relationship with my new colleagues and don't want to be sitting on some kind of a 'secret plan' in the background. It would be nice to share :-) My worry is if I withhold this now, as well as not being able to talk to anyone about it, I'm running the risk of really p****ng them off when I roll in one morning and announce my Visa has been approved. A Visa they didn't even know I was applying for! If I tell them now and emphasize the fact that it's by no means guaranteed and very early days, even through I'm running an immediate risk of putting them off, my conscious will be clear and couldn't be accused of holding anything back. What did you guys do? :spinny:
  9. Hi everyone, As a large percentage of people that post on here will have been through the skills assessment process through VETASSESS I am just wondering if they actually contact past and present employers and the people who supplied the references. Thanks, Dave
  10. Hi all, I am currently in Australia on the sponsored 457 visa, with my partner being the primary visa holder. We would like to make the move over to PR if possible. I have reviewed my options and it appears that we basically have 2 paths we can take, 1 the 175 skilled independent migrant route and, 2 the ENS 856 route. The ENS route would be our preferred path as the processing times seem much quicker. I done the points calculator last week and we both meet the 120 pass mark but this doesn't matter to the ENS as far as I can see. We don’t think my partners employer would go through the ENS without tying her into a longer contract so I was going to approach my employer and ask them to do it. She doesn’t want to stay with them for much past the expiry of the 457 as it wouldn’t be doing much for her career/pay grade. So, to entice my employer we were going to offer to pay the $2500 fee (maybe everyone pays it but they don’t know that). Can anyone advise on the bad aspects for the employer in this situation? For instance, if they go through with it and after a couple of months I go on a killing spree, is there any comeback on them? From immigration, or the like? The obvious bad aspect is the additional work load on the HR manager, she done a 457 application before and I don’t think she wants to do one again. It would obviously free us up to move and work somewhere else if we wished but I can do that anyways as I am here because of my partner. So, my main query is, after the ENS 121/856 PR visa is granted has the employer anything to worry about other than the employee leaving them. Thanks.
  11. Hi, looking for advice? My husband is on a 121 employer sponsored visa. He has been working for just over a year here in Australia for the company that sponsored him. He has recently been approached by another company keen to employ him and happy to take over the sponsorship. Does anyone know how this actually works? and I cant remember the terms of the 121. Do you have to be sponsored in total for 2 or 3 years. I would be very grateful for any advice. cheers jo x:cute:
  12. Perez

    457 Visa - Transfer Employers

    Hi, Has anyone been through the experience of transferring employers? I already have a 457 Visa. An application is due to be lodged today by my new employer, however the migration agent told me that 457 processing times for VIC are currently 4-6 weeks. I'm wondering if they are quoting conservatively as my original visa grant only took a week (I was already here on a WHM visa). I would hope the transfer to a new employer is a simpler affair than an entire new visa due to it only involving a nomination. I am due to leave my current role in just over 3 weeks, so the implication of the visa taking longer is that I won't be able to work for up to 3 weeks... Fingers crossed it comes through quickly! Any thoughts/experiences much appreciated. Cheers, Barry
  13. Hi Everyone! Long time post reader-first time poster! I need some help! Here is my story- had an aussie partner of 3 years, moved out to Aus to live with him in Nov 2009. Nov 2010 we split up. I had been on a working holiday visa and we were applying for our de-facto. Of course, not happening now! My employers were desperate to keep me so I started working on an Employer Sponsored 457 visa with them. Got rejected first time around as we didn't know about the wage threshold. Decided to try a second application- but had to leave the country as I'd been rejected once. So I also got myself an immigration lawyer so that there could be no more blips in the process. As you can imagine, I've spent thousands of $ on my last minute xmas time flights and my Immigration Lawyer. On Wednesday my employers emailed me saying that it wasn't going to be possible anymore - they can't afford me with the QLD flood disaster and bad economy. I am now left in a situation of having a whole life there in Brisbane, but no way to be there and work Please, please, please, does anyone have any advice?? Thanks for reading guys, Jammyllama
  14. Guest

    What is it with employers?

    Finished my last shift yesterday morning. Went into the office to say thanks and nice knowing you yarda, yarda. Boss replied with (stern face to boot!), you could have worked next weekend as well (12 hour xmas day night and 12 hour boxing day night). Would you or, would you expect anyone to work there last Christmas in the UK? They are aware that I have 5/6 weeks till we emigrate, three children and two birthdays. I have been totally honest and up front at all times and given three times more notice than required... Leila x :wacko:
  15. We have been offered employment in Darwin and are in the process of getting the 457 completed. The new employer will pay relocation expenses has anyone used or know of shipping companies thay will bill an employer direct? or is this something that all shipping companies do?
  16. I’m trying to get to the bottom of changing employers when employed on a 457 visa. It seems as of Sept 2009 it is possible to do this: From the horse’s mouth: Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) link to DIAC site - has the txt below Applying for a new visa or changing employer If you have an employee who wants to apply for a new visa (where their current visa is about to expire), the employee must lodge a new visa application. From 14 September 2009, 457 visa holders who wish to change employer or position (within the validity of their current visa) will not be required to apply for a new Subclass 457 visa. I think that means that a new employer would need to do both the first two bits of the 457 application i.e. Step 1 - Employer Applies to be a Sponsor The employer must complete an application to become a sponsor. Step 2 - Employer Nominates a Position The employer must nominate the position to be filled. Step 3 - Employee Applies for a Visa The employee must apply for a visa to be allowed to work in Australia. 457 charges Employer Sponsored Temporary Visa Charges link to DIAC site Charge Type Charge Amount Visa Application Charge $265 Nomination Charge $70 Sponsorship Charge $350 So it would cost the new employer $420 Does this look about right, has anyone done this recently and have anything to add or correct? Or does the employer only need to carry out Step 2 and nominate a position? I’m assuming Step 2 cannot be done without Step 1 having also been done? Many thanks, Rob
  17. Guest

    457 Changing employers

    Hi There, I currently work on a 457 Visa.Since i was not happy with this job i applied for new jobs and was finally able to get one. I got through the interview and last week friday my transfer of 457 application was lodged. But, now my current employer is planning to shift me out of australia. Does this allow my current employer to cancel my 457 visa? Also, can anybody please let me know how long it takes to get a 457 transferred to a new employer? I just have a week more left in Oz. Cheers, Maddy
  18. Guest

    employers, when to tell?

    We've got our visa, been on our validation trip, renting our house out, and have booked our one way flight tickets, for Oct 30th, one thing, when to tell work? Both me and OH are self employed, at any time our work can be cut or terminated with little no notice. So likewise we could wait until oct 15 or so, and say O BTW, wont be here from november! However we will of course need refrences from said emplyers, who wont give us one of those without plenty of warning. So whereabouts is the compromise, I'd like to tell the world now, and just hope that our work wont be cut, as they'll need us as long as poss, OH thinks late sept at earliest. This makes life a little awkward as we have freinds who work at the same place, so cant tell them either in case something slips, and our work gets cut. BTW, work knows this is coming as have had to already ask for refrences etc for the visa
  19. Guest

    changing employers on 857

    I was on 457 visa from Nov 08-March 09. On 857 from 1 April 09 to the present. Have had the same employer. 1) Can you pse advise what the procedure is if I want to change employers (both are in a regional area) - do I have to make a whole new 857 application? 2) Does DIAC see changing employers (both in a regional area) and changing employers (from regional area to a city) as the similar or not? Thanks E
  20. am getting really p****d off with the job situation in australia. have been continuiously applying for boilermaker jobs both in nsw and perth, but out of the last 50 i have wrote/emailed to, have only had one reply which of course was a rejection. cant understand it myself. i have over 19 years experience as a boilermaker here in the uk, have been a boilermaker supervisor for the last 4 years. just want some one to give me a chance and a job with sponsorship. but this does not seem possible. most companies dont even acknowledge you with a reply to an advert, which i think is just rude. i heard that there is a 5 yr lng job off coast of perth, but cant seem to find any info about that job either apparantly its a gorgon project so i believe. we applied for a 175 in august 2009, not heard anything yet, getting depressed thinking it may be another 2 years or longer before an answer as we are in catagory 6. only other way around it would be for my better half to reapply on her job which is a midwife. but this means another fee of 2525 dollars, and we cant really afford it. it makes me sick all these changes that diac keep making. sorry for the rant but i am so so fed up with it all. danny
  21. Is it just me, or are all but a few Australian companies simply rude when it comes to job applications? I have applied for dozens and dozens of jobs over the last few years in Australia, i have simply lost count of the actual amount of companies that i have applied to for specific advertised positions, and ones that i have uploaded my CV to, on their recruitment sites. In 4 years of (started in January 2006) doing so, i have only ever received feedback from one company, i find it quite appalling! A couple of years ago i scrapped the idea of coming to Australia with company sponsorship because of this and went it alone. Now i have Permanent Residency, i still am not receiving any feedback :arghh: Most of the jobs i am applying to are exactly what i do now!! I could have copied the job advertisement requirements onto my CV! it was so similar. And for a real kick in the teeth, they are only asking for people with 'similar' backgrounds and far less qualifications than myself....starting to grind a little!! This happenning to anyone else? Rant over.
  22. Incase of interest re 457 Visas, some figures on numbers and average wages towards the end. VickyMel Employers must put locals first
  23. At what part of your Visa application would you start to approach potential employers??? I'm looking at a good 2 years (being reallistic) till I'll be setting foot in Oz for good. Do you think I'd be wasting my time doing it now?
  24. TCDT

    sponsor employers

    How do I get a sponsor from an employer? I want to go to goldcoast near brisbane....any idea's?
  25. Hi, does anyone know if the TRA actually contact or enter into coresspondence with employers or training institutes named in the application form. I have been struggling to get hold of info from the college regarding my qualification back in 2001, but after a couple of weeks have finally managed to get passed on to the correct person there who is finally helping out. If they do contact training institutes do you think I should give a direct telephone number for the guy whos dealing with this for me or just the standard college number? I just don't want wasted time if the TRA have difficulties getting to the right person just like me, but on the other hand I dont want to do anything wrong on the application form!! Any advice? Sarah