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Found 163 results

  1. Hi Just realised forgot to attach CV in our State Sponsorship Application- more haste less speed hey, but I was in a major panic - has anyone else need to submit something afterwards - could really do with the correct email Many Thanks
  2. KarenG

    e-mail from migration agent

    The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has today announced cuts to the 2008-09 permanent skilled migration program by 14 per cent "to protect local jobs while ensuring employers can access skilled professionals in industries still experiencing skills shortages". The changes are a 14 per cent cut in the 2008-09 permanent skilled migration program intake [from 133 500 to 115 000], and changes to the Critical Skills List (CSL). The new list is now comprised of mainly health and medical, engineering and IT professions. The new Critical Skills List is now being used by DIAC http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf. All trades occupations have been removed except for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and Gasfitters. The Minister has stated that "The Critical Skills List will remain under constant review and the Government will remove occupations from the list if demand for those skills can be satisfied by local labour." We can therefore expect the Critical Skills List to be under continual review and changes can be expected at any time, depending on current economic circumstances. Processing implications: As of now, only General Skilled Migration applications which are State/Territory sponsored, or which have nominated occupations on the new Critical Skills List will be processed. There will be no visa grants to other applicants until further notice, which is not likely to be before 1 July 2009, and may be much longer. The Minister's media release can be found at: Government cuts migration program
  3. Guest

    Day 10... Awaiting Email...

    Well... Having been told I would be assigned a C/O and contacted by email within 10 working days of them receiving my application I am on tenterhooks - as today is the 10th day...! ...."Processing times take on average 12 weeks but you will be assigned a case officer and contacted by them withing 10 working days from the date we received your application. If you have agreed to email contact this is how your case officer will contact you. ".... I just want to know what else it is that they are going to want from us... everything was front loaded, but the OH has been out of work since xmas so we're thinking they'll ask for proof of him being able to support me and/or an AOS. I sent the application on 2nd March, they got it and took the money on the 3rd... (which I figure makes this day 10 as they were active on it on the 3rd) I know there are are others out there who've sent in their apps and who are in the same boat as me or further along so figured I'd start this as a kind of timeline / diary thing for those about to apply too =) As well of course, as being an outlet for my stress! Cat xx
  4. Applications with Occupations on the Critical Skills List (CSL): Applications are being allocated in date of lodgement order. All CSL applictions are expected to be allocated to case officers by end of May 2009. Good Luck
  5. Guest

    Should I email WA??

    Hi all......can anyone help please?? Applied for state sponsorship WA. Got an email on 17th Feb which was 6 weeks after I applied. Asked me to email my documents again as they could not retrieve them. Did it straight away and got an automated email back saying they has received them. I took it that they were looking at my application and should hear some thing.....but nothing!!! Every morning I"m up checking emails, Is this how they let you know???? Hope I"m not obsessed for nothing!! The posts not come yet, maybe it"s in there?? Undecided whether to email them or not?? Have I left a reasonable length of time before contacting them? Don"t want to seem pushing but it"s been 8 working days now and feels like an absolute life time. An other long weekend ahead!! What does everyone think??? Any feed back greatly appreciated.....thank Tracey :arghh:
  6. Guest

    ASPC Processing Times Email

    Hiya, Got the email through this morning, nothing has changed apart from the week commencing date. I'm wondering why they havent changed the 13th Feb date if they are behind target...? Are they behind target? They must be, surely! GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION ADELAIDE PROCESSING INFORMATION FOR THE WEEK COMMENCING: 3 February 2009 This is an automated e-mail response which provides weekly updated information on skilled migration applications being processed by the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre. Please do not reply to this email address. This mailbox is not monitored. Our contact details are listed below. ASPC APPLICATION ALLOCATION INFORMATION On 17 December 2008 the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship announced changes to the way General Skilled Migration applications will be allocated and processed. Details can be found on the DIAC website at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm#j As a result of this announcement from 1 January 2009 applications for General Skilled Migration will be strictly allocated and processed in the following priority order: 1. Applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination (until all applications have been allocated); and then 2. Applications where the nominated occupation is on the Critical Skills List (until all applications have been allocated); then 3. Applications where the nominated occupation is on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (until all applications have been allocated); then 4. All other remaining applications This affects all applications lodged before and after 1 January 2009, both paper lodged or electronically lodged. Applications which were already allocated to case officers before 1 January 2009 are un-affected and will be processed as usual to finalisation. Applications are now being allocated as follows: State & Territory Nominated Applications: Subclass 134, 136, 137, 175, 176, 475, 487, 495,496, 885 and 886 applications (processed by the ASPC and where a successful State or Territory Nomination is held) will all be allocated to case officers for assessment by 13 February 2009. Applications with Occupations on the Critical Skills List: Applications are not being allocated at present Applications with Occupations on the Migration Occupations in Demand List: Applications are not being allocated at present All Other Remaining Applications Applications are not being allocated at present
  7. Hi, I have applied for Victoria State Sponsorship (Oct 08) and was just wondering if anyone knows how they inform you of their decision. I have been checking my emails but nothing so far, do they inform people by email or in the post? I would be very grateful if anyone knows the answer. Thanks, Claire
  8. Guest

    13th Jan 09 ASPC Email

    guys, received this email and read i think something major will happens from now on till 13th Feb 2009. can some one please explain the term "State & Territory Nominated Applications"? aren't Subclass 175 falls under General Skilled Migration?
  9. Yorkshireclan

    Interesting Email!

    Got this email this am from a company who recently offered me a position, hope this isn't the sign of things to come!! Hurry up visa!!!!:arghh: PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL Dear In the last three weeks Perth has begun to suffer as a consequence of the recent economic downturn with approximately 1000 people being made redundant in the Resources industry. These redundancies have come from some of our major competitors as contracts are being cancelled and projects are being suspended. As a result, we now have many local candidates, taking our priority, available to fill our vacancies. We have been advised to suspend our international recruiting efforts until we are in a better position to evaluate the market. At this point, United Group Resources are unable to extend any offers of employment through the sponsored Visa route. Our workforce requirements do not allow for it at this stage. However, we are always seeking to employ high quality candidates for our projects from within Australia. The United Group is a top performing ASX publicly listed company with blue chip clients and work all around the country. For an up to date list of our professional and technical vacancies, please visit United Group Resources Online Recruitment for more information. If you relocate to Australia with the right to work in the country, then please contact us to discuss your registration and possible employment options. If you would like further information about immigration to Australia, please visit Visas & Immigration Thank you again for your time and efforts. Yours sincerely Human Resources United Group LTD Agent appointed March 2008 TRA sent 16/7/08 (Electrician Special Class) TRA result SUCCESSFULL 8/8/08 YIPPEEE!! MODL 175 LODGED ONLINE (BY AGENT) 27/8/08.. LET THE WAIT BEGIN!!
  10. deleted post
  11. Just wondering how do you guys named the scanned documents that should be email to ASPC? is there any specific abbreviation/name that we need to give the the respective document? i've just found out this problem after i've email my scanned docs to ASPC in Generic naming, such as "xxx_passport" for my passport details, "xxx_IELTS" for my IELTS result, "xxx_birth_certificate" for my birth certificate and so on. i did received the confirmation email from ASPC that i've attached my docs and they have received them successfully. should i worry about this?
  12. AnxiousMum

    Had this email today from an agent

    Hi Everyone, I might be slow off the mark and you all might already know this, so forgive me if I am a bit slow but though you lot ought to see the email we got this morning from a migration agent we have been speaking to in the past. I write to you today regarding some recent news articles about the future of Australian immigration, and specifically the likely effects that the global slowdown will have on the number of places open to new migrants to Australia. You may have read the recent article featured on the BBC's website (or indeed our own article that highlighted some of these issues), but we felt the news was important enough to update you via email. Essentially, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has indicated that it may review the number of skilled migrants it allows into the country over the coming programme year, should economic conditions continue to deteriorate. While an official announcement has not yet been made, it has been strongly indicated that migrant cuts are an option. For example, while speaking on the effect that the credit crunch might have on migration, Australian Immigration Minister Chris Evans stated: "Clearly if the demand for labour comes off, you'd adjust the migration programme accordingly." The opposition party in Australia has been even more direct, calling for an immediate cut of 50,000 skilled migrants over the next year. However, we've also seen the Australian business community calling for the skilled migration programme to be left alone, emphasising that a steady flow of skilled workers is needed to maintain economic growth. Even though this is all only political rhetoric at the moment, it's clear that DIAC is feeling pressure to address immigration levels. Whether DIAC's actions will come as cuts in the number of migrants or reducing the number of occupations on the Migration Occupations in Demand List is still unknown. In the past, we have seen both measures implemented. If you are thinking of emigrating, we would strongly advise that you discuss your options and possible timescales with one of our migration consultants. For our consultants to provide you with a sufficiently in-depth consultation, we need to make sure that we have the most up-to-date details on your file. Here's how to ensure we have this information: Visit the Online Skilled Visa Assessment. Log in with your email address and password. Complete the Online Assessment with your current details. Choose a convenient time for your free consultation. Obviously, these are difficult times for everyone at the moment. While Australia might not have escaped economic hardships entirely, the country is still well positioned with the natural resources boom in many parts of the country dampening the effects of the global credit crunch. Until any future changes are made, Australia is still a country with skills shortages in many key occupations, meaning that there is still a strong route for eligible workers to make the move to Australia. Once again, we advise that you act now and complete the Online Skilled Visa Assessment. Once you've done so, simply choose a time and contact number so one of our consultants can contact you as soon as possible and discuss your options. We will continue to keep you informed of any significant developments on this topic. For now though, the best thing is to focus on being prepared and ensuring that regardless of what changes will be made, you will be in the best position possible to emigrate to Australia. Can things get any worse I ask:arghh:
  13. Guest

    CO's email subject

    Hi all, for those who have granted their visa or assigned with CO, can you share with us in the long queue what does it appeared to be in our email Subject if the CO wanted to contact us? do they call directly? etc etc.. this may ease the situation of being tensioned in waiting the CO, maybe:twitcy:??
  14. Guest

    ASPC email update, Pah!!

    Hi, I, like a lot of people on here watch the weekly aspc update with great anticipation. It has (finally!) gone past my application date by two weeks after being stuck for 3 weeks with no movement. Does anybody know or want to guess when I'll hear anything from them? I am losing the will to carry on with it all!:sad: Thanks!
  15. or does it only have to be the main applicant? Sent off the requested info on thursday and the CO would have got it on Friday but still heard nothing! My partner wants to wait til tomorrow but I am desperate to email/phone the CO and find out whats going on! What should I do? (im the sponsor!)
  16. Guest

    e-mail address's

    Hi All Our time is getting closer to us leaving England and there is still lots to sort, out one of them being e-mail address's - we have a freeserve account does anyone know if that works out there or shall we open a new one ? Thanks Natalie
  17. Hi Just wondered if anyone could supply me with Singapore Airlines email address. I want to confirm with them the 40kg baggage allowance for us. (We have Perm Residency visa's and we haven't validated). I found one address on their website but the email was returned to me this morn having failed!:wacko: Thanks for your help! Dugong
  18. ...It is almost 20 days that I have sent my documents/papers for assessment to ACS... sadly I haven't received any acknowledgment yet...:embarrassed: On tracking the post, I get a response as delivered... Is there anyone that I can contact ACS about this issue and check with them? Has anyone been in such a situation before.. Any response is highly appreciated.. Thank you Jhonnywalker...
  19. Yesterday i did a bit of hire car hunting and got one with reduced damage to $500 for $506 for 11 days, i filled all the online forms in etc but the small print said that card details would be requested later. Got a confirmation email today and they're requesting i email them my full card details and flight details:wideeyed: surely this is bordering negligence and if my details got stolen and used i'd never beable to use my fraud protection? I emailed them back saying is this safe and they said i could ring or fax instead if i didn't feel safe emailing them but am feeling a bit put off with their security!!
  20. Guest

    ASPC email

    HIya all the ASPC email seems to be stuck on 12th November for e lodged applications post 1st September. But a couple of people on here seem to have got their case officers after submitting in December. I submitted in December too so Im hoping its not too far away. anyone else submitted in December heard anything recently ? I really wish that email would be updated !!! Helen
  21. Guest

    ASPC Processing Times e-mail

    Has anyone seen this weeks ASPC e-mail as we haven't had a response from them. We are particularly interested in 175 paper applications as we see from others on here and the BE time line that things finally seem to have moved on a notch - but how does that tally to the official e-mail. :wideeyed: Kinney
  22. Got home opened up my email account and there it was , TRA passed and every thing to start the visa process :jiggy::jiggy:
  23. Guest

    Email from case officer CPV

    For all waiting for the cpv visa, I received an email from case officer, reads as follows Please note this email is only meant for those who are waiting for contributory parent visa who were put on hold because they ran out for last financial year. We have started working our way through granting the visas and priority is going to those applicants who met all requirements at the end of 2007. We hope to have all visas granted by the end of next month, so hopefully you won't have long to wait. :arghh: Hope this will help, I don't think we will get ours just yet, as we only paid our second installment in may, but it reasuring to know we will have it by the end of next month at the latest. All the best to all waiting- keep in touch.
  24. Hi, We sent our 175 skilled migration application off on 23 April (paper based by our agent) and received an acknowledgement & receipt on 29 April. ince then not lot has happened. ( Not that I expect to hear anything for a while) Every Tuesday I send off my blank e-mail for the updated processing dates, they don't seem to have made any progess at all. I read in a thread a copy & paste of the info e-mail dated 1 April that applications sent after 1 Sep 07 ones received on 16 Sep are about to be processed & given case workers. The info mail I got this week said that apps received on 19 Sep are being done now. Have they really only moved on 3 days in 2 months????????? I am raelly interested in timelines that other people are experiencing & a bit of advice on meds & police checks. Our agent says don't get meds or police checks done until a case worker is allocated but in the info that came in the acknowlegement from DIAC said if meds & police checks are with the file when a case worker is allocated the process will go a bit quicker. I know the checks & meds are valid for 1 year & we want to go within a month of getting the go ahead. Has anyone else come up against this one? Any advice???????? cheers & good luck to all you Aussie Wannabeeeeees.
  25. Hi everyone, What do people think about this.... The other day our agent forwarded us an email from the DIAC asking for further details. On it was the name of our case officer and an email for what looks like the case officers assistant! I am tempted to send an email to see how much longer the wait will be! Is this a bit sneaky....would our agent get in trouble?!?! We're desperate for some news!!! Many thanks, Sarah & Jon