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Found 102 results

  1. Hi, we have been in WA for about 8 months, my husband has been working as a boilermaker, but wants to get his grade A licence so he can continue working as an electrician. He has over 20 years experience and has his ARTC. He has his letter of approval from the department on commerce to do his electrical trades licensing course. The problem we have encountered is that the board recommends that he apply for a permit to work under supervision to gain practical experience in electrical installing work. Can anyone offfer any help/advice re finding an electricain who would be willing to supervise him while he got the required experience? Anyone been in the same situation? Find it easy to get the experience? Also, do you know how much experience they require? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Lynne
  2. Hi just wondering if there are any electricians out there who have got sponsorship from electrical contracting companies in WA. I plan to be go to Perth in September on a working holiday visa. Im just back from a year in Eastern Australia and have applied for ARTC from TRA. I hope to spend a few years in WA and am keen on gaining sponsorship. John, 29 from Derry
  3. Hi all Would like to pick the brains on any Electricians (UK) who have gone over to Aus or are planning on going over to Aus???? Want to know what you did/plan on doing with regards to the Skills assessment? As my o/h doesnt fancy having to train for a year or so in Aus on poop money, all because he can no longer go via Vetassess route? Any replies good or bad :laugh: very much appreciated....
  4. Guest

    Electricians in Melbourne

    Hi All, We have our PR visa - hubby classed as a General Electrician, TRA assessed pre-visa grant. Can anyone tell me if its possible to be 'sponsored' by an employer in the sense that someone might offer him employment and put him through all the licencing courses etc - OH is very apprehensive about emigrating without a job to go straight into. Kari :wubclub:
  5. Eircom Electrical & Data (EED) Pty Ltd is a leading electrical and data company within Western Australia having divisions in Perth, Kalgoorlie and the Pilbara We are looking for qualifiied A Grade WA Electricians to work in each of our divisions. EEDPerth based in Canning Vale. This division specialises in commercial and industrial installations and maintenance work for major clients within the Perth area. EEDPilbara requires 'FIFO' (fly in fly out) staff with mine site experience for shutdowns and project works. EEDKalgoorlie. This division specalises in commerical, industrial and mine site maintenance within the Kalgoorlie district. These positions are residential to Kalgoorlie and not FIFO. All these divisions require unrestricted WA driving licences, medicals and drug and alcohol tests. You will also require White Card and preferable but not essential EWP, Working at Heights, HV Licence, Communication Licence. If you are interested please forward your resume to hr@eircom.com.au web: www.eircom.com.au
  6. paul1977


    hi im a JIB approved electrician here in the uk but does anybody know that the australians have anything like the JIB over there paul
  7. Hi all. I have been researching job opportunities for Electricians in Perth for quite sometime and notice that there seems to be some very mixed opinions - some say there is lots of work and others say lots of Sparkies are out of work??? Can anyone give me an idea of the work situation in and around Perth? My OH is a Licensed Electrician (lived and worked in NZ for a year and gained all the necessary ANZ quals etc) so he is ready to go, once the VISA's are confirmed. Thanks :biggrin: Vetassess Nov09, QLD ss 02/10, Visa app Mar10, Bad news Sept10, WAss Jan11, Case Officer Feb11.
  8. ive been told electricians are desperately needed in australia, and thsat if i find a job the company will sort out my visa and everything else i need. just wondered if anyone else heard this and how true it is? any information will be appreciated thanks.
  9. Hi, I know its been asked before and I know there is an Electricians thread on here but its taking me so long to find the answers I need so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. My hb is an Electrician and has his own small buisness here in England, were heading to Queensland hopefully somewhere around Sunshine Coast. Firstly how is the job situation in or around this area? He's not expecting to work for himself when we arrive in Oz and Im really worried he wont find a job when we arrive. Also how does he go about getting his Qsd license? Can he get it here in England before we go or does he wait til we get to Oz? How long does it take and where does he do it? Hopefully all you sparkys already living the dream can help me out.
  10. Hi can anyone please tell me if there are any advisable books that should be brought, prior to to doing the Vetasses practical exam? As some of the parts of the test my o/h has never done before ie, DOL motor wiring with remote & emergency stop and S & Y boiler wiring etc. O/h never trained via an apprenticeship, we paid for him to do it as a mature student over 4 or so years, obtaining C&G 2360 part 1 & 2, 2391, 2381, 2382, 2377, 2372. He is now working as a Solar Pv Installer & we have looked into Vetasses/TRA requirements & feel that prehaps he isnt suitable to emigrate? Is it worth him obtaining AM2, as I understand some of these subjects are covered. Or give up on our dreams? Any advice etc would be brilliant Many thanks in advance:mad:
  11. Hi all just thought I would give you this info as I have found it VERY informative I emailed the Dept of Energy in WA ref obtaining a license when arriving they sent me this. Hi Lloyd Your choice if you wish to be assessed before you leave or if you wait until you are in Australia. VETASSESS will assess in your country of origin and TRA will assess if you are already in Australia. Once we have received your application and you have been assessed by us we will send you to do the Electrical Trade Licensing Course and when you have successfully completed the course you will be granted your Licence according to the endorsement you have bee assessed by either VETASSESS or TRA. If you have been assessed as an Electrical Mechanic and once you have been granted your Licence you can then apply to do the Electrical Contractors Training Program so that you may be a self employed electrician/contractor. You can not do this process until you have been granted a full electricians licence with no restrictions. Below is the link to the application form you will need once you have been assessed by either VETASSESS or TRA http://www.docep.wa.gov.au/EnergySaf...018%200710.pdf Cheers Robyn Nelson Senior Customer Service Officer - Licensing Office EnergySafety | Department of Commerce * PO Box 135 Cannington WA 6987 | Level 1 Mason Bird Building, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington WA 6107 I then asked them to clarify exactly what the cert needs to read from VETASSES so I get an unrestricted license enabling me to go self employed, and got this back ; Hi Lloyd If you are assessed by TRA it needs to be Electrical Mechanic if you are assessed by VETASSESS it needs to read Offshore Technical Skills Record in relation to Units of Competency within the Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician Cheers Robyn Nelson Senior Customer Service Officer - Licensing Office EnergySafety | Department of Commerce * PO Box 135 Cannington WA 6987 | Level 1 Mason Bird Building, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington WA 6107 so all those about look into licenses , I hope this helps I intend to go self employed after 12 months experience working there to get me up to speed with their ways of doing things, I know know what I need to get an unrestricted license. Hope this helps someone like it helped me :biggrin: happy days Lloyd
  12. Right I have just read the sticky at the top of the forum Am I right in thinking that VETASSES has now been scrapped for (electricians general) and it is now TRA who are responsible for assesing you. Am I also correct in thinking that the fee for this is now £ 300 instead of over a grand??? Does anyone on here have any experience in going through TRA as a trade for the visa application and what would it entail? I cant imagine a practical skills assesment would be included if all they charge are £ 300 ??? would you just need to show evedence of qualifications?????? I am very confused about this and the change seems to have happened in dec 2010 so very recent has anyone done a TRA assesment for the visa app as a spark since the change?? a bit of a bummer for all who paid vetasses thru the nose for an assesment :mad:
  13. Guest

    Electricians License for WA

    Firstly I would like to say hi to all users on here especially the ones lucky enough to be out of the UK and living in a warmer and friendlier climate:biggrin: I am a 30 year old UK qualified Electrician with a wife and 2 girls. We would like to settle in Perth or surrounding areas, We got married in Perth in 2005 when both on a Working Holiday Visa before the kids arrived and we thought the city and area was stunning :biggrin:. I am a self employed electrician running a registered business here in the UK. I understand I have to do a skills assesment before applying for a skilled visa. I am getting mixed reports on what is recognised in WA. Is it TRA or is it VETASSES I need assesment through? The WA web site seems to say TRA but I am hearing VETASSES?? On arrival in Oz , what are the steps I would need to take before I can work as an electrician, what do I need to do before obtaining a license? And also ultimatley what would I need to set up in business over there as a self employed spark? is there such thing as part P over there and what registrations licenses would I need to have to enable me to legally trade as a contractor? Ive no problem in starting again at the bottom and spending time resitting exams, my ultimate goal would be to be self employed though and would anyone know the process on doing this. would be domestic and commercial work sorry for the long post and thank all in advance for any helpful advice:biggrin: Lloyd
  14. sharron pickett

    Electricians in brisbane

    Hi all, Just wondering, what is the work situation for "A" Licence sparks in Brisbane? How many hours per week? and whats the hourly rate? Thanks.............Steve.
  15. Guest

    Any electricians going to WA?

    Hi PIO, I haven’t been on this site for quite a while now, so apologies if there’s already a thread similar to this: I’m trying to collect some info or advice from fellow General Electricians who are headed for WA. (Thank goodness we are on the SMP!!) Right: Does anyone know if it’s possible to obtain the required licences that are needed to work in WA, from here in the UK? (A Grade etc) If so – how? Or: Any idea HOW and WHERE to get this sorted on arrival in WA, and how much it will cost? And how long does it take? I’ve heard that sparkies who have been qualified and worked in the UK for years, have arrived in Oz and basically had to go back to being a “mate” or “apprentice” . I don’t know how accurate this information is, but I will most likely be the only one working when we first arrive in Australia (we’re a family of 4) so, I really need to be able to get a job that pays me more than the minimum wage. I qualified in 1994, so have heaps of experience, although the thought of having to start all over again is a bit daunting. Does anyone have any contacts, or any clues as to what’s the best way of getting into the workforce over there? Agencies? Or will it be a case of WHO you know, rather than WHAT you know? (We know no-one!!) :eek: My wife is super-excited that my trade is on the WA SMP and that it looks like things are finally starting to move again (albeit slowly) But although I’m excited about the possibility of a new life, I’m feeling rather apprehensive, as I will be the main breadwinner and the pressure will be on me to find the right job asap!! Thanks for taking the time to read this, folks. Any help or information will be hugely appreciated! Cheers. Jay
  16. I was driving along a road near me a couple of days ago and happened to notice a big sign saying "Electiricans Required" Not sure if it's of any use to anyone, but the company is Sea Eagle Electrical and they are based on Boundary Road in Thornlands - Bayside Brisbane. Their number is (07) 3206 0504 Good luck! Love Rudi x PS I know nothing about the job or the company - I just saw the sign - so if you need any info you are best calling them - not asking me!!!!!!!
  17. Hi Guys Can somebody let me know how to make payment for the PEER electrical licence course, not sure what's the best thing to do ring them direct or via the web. Cheers
  18. Guest

    Calling all electricians!!

    To all Electricians!! I have been searching for a while to find a place in the UK that I will be able to do my Electrical licence before I go over to Aus. I went to a seminar a while back in London, and a WA Government official pointed me in the direction of “Tradies Down Under”. As I’m sure you have found out by now, working in Aus without an Electrical licence, or local OH&S card, is impossible. With TDU, you will have all of this before you go over. I understand that out of the 6 applicants last time, all 6 of them got job offers from employers in Aus. I would normally be quite selfish with info like this, but it took me so long to get this, I don’t wish this type of “suffering” over anyone... My course will be starting on the 05/11/10, for a few weekends (they do need 4 more people to do this one). This will save a lot of time, and in the long run, money once over there! I hope this information will be of assistance. Please see details below! Joshua Stanton Managing Director Downunder Tradies Group M (UK) +44 (0) 79 88147 458 F (UK) +44 (0) 20 8434 3694 E j.stanton@downundertradies.com W www.downundertradies.com I will let you all know how things went once done, if I don’t see some of you there Kind Regards, Sim.
  19. Hi all, my family and I are making the move to Adelaide in November. I've enrolled with Peer to do the Wiring Rules exam with the studying done here in the UK. I have the 3008, 3012, and ETSA rules books from Peer, but not the 3000:2007 Wiring Rules book, as I was promised a copy from someone, but they have let me down. Do any of you guys have one in good condition that you would be willing to sell me and also post to the UK? Any help would be very much appreciated. Regards, Gez
  20. Guest


    We are looking for qualified ‘A’ Grade Electricians for repair, maintenance, installation, high and low voltage work for domestic, industrial, commercial and site based project work. You must have permanent residency in Australia and hold current WA Licences. These positions are residential only, based in Kalgoorlie WA. If you are interested and feel you could live and work in the Kalgoorlie area please leave me a private message with a brief summary of yourself and contact details. Cheers Chris
  21. Guest

    Electricians Jobs

    Hey Guys, Im about to lodge my independant skilled visa 175 ive passed all vetassess exams IELTS etc. Just wondering if electrical companies will consider taking an electrician on before we get over there? Our agent thinks the visa should be process within 12 months so were hoping to be there this time next year. Or any info on how i would go about getting a job before i went or interviews if possible. I know i have to do my a grade license when i get there but i think thats night classes is it? Any info will be great Thanks!!!!!
  22. Hi, Just so everyone is clear I work for Downunder Tradies Group and this is my first post. I have posted this information as I feel it will benefit all Electricians looking to migrate to Australia. Downunder Tradies Group have developed a fast track course for the Minimum Australian Context Gap Training for Electricians in the UK who are Migrating to Australia through Vetassess. We currently have an Australian TAFE teacher here in the UK about to deliver training for the Minimum Australian Context Gap. DUTG has 4-5 Electrical Contractors in Australia very keen to sponsor Electricians who have completed the Gap Training Course in the UK. DUTG have already secured a position for one of the Electricians in the ACT, his job will be starting in August 2010. The key factor in securing a position for this Electrician was the fact that he will have completed the Gap Training, will have a full understanding of the Australian Industry and its standards, and also will not need time off work for TAFE etc. This course has been developed in collaboration with EE OZ and CIT (Canberra Institute Of Technology) The course is based on the Minimum Australian Context Training Gap, identified by EE OZ. The course is held at our office in London and is run over seven consecutive weekends from Friday through to Sunday. This minimises time off work for candidates. The first course will be starting on the 18th of June 2010 and the total cost for the course including the Construction Induction Course (OH&S White Card, 8hr course) is £3000. This Gap Training needs to be completed either way, UK or Australia. If candidates wait until they have arrived in Australia the course could take 12 months to complete, including time off work and travel costs etc. If the candidate competes the Gap Training in the UK this will greatly improve their chances of sponsorship or finding work once in Australia. If you would like to find out further information regarding the Gap Training please phone Downunder Tradies on 020 8434 3627
  23. Hi Everyone. This is aimed at those that are already down under.Can someone please let us know if there is work.We have to validate by the 11th Sept,hubby leaves in Aug to do the licence thing.We are getting increasingly nervous about whether he will find work quickly.We dont have a lot of dosh to fall back on so please tell us how difficult it is down there at the moment. Thank you.:wubclub: Mylady
  24. Hi, We have sent an application to Vetassess under 4311-01 supervisor-electricians. Does anyone know if this occupation is included in the new sol under electricians. I've found a migration agent's site Specialised Occupations which suggests it is. Any info would be gratefully appreciated or would like to hear from anyone in a similar situation:) Thanks Alex
  25. Hi i need help regarding my 457 visa. My visa agent forwarded me an email he had recieved this morning from my case officer regarding my 457 visa.. It stated that; electrical worker grade 5 pay rate is $637.60 per week or $16.78 per hour,this rate would not meet TSMIT?(the base rate is 45k I think,and $16.78 only adds upto 33k),and it also does not meet REG 2.72(10)(cc)? I'm currently in australia and my employer has signed a contract stating he'll pay me $30 per hour... Any help please,has anybody else has this problem? How is it possible to get a 457 as an electrician if the standard set pay rate is 12k lower then the requirements??This is really confusing me now. Any help please,that I can forward onto my visa agent,and he can forward onto my case officer?? Many thanks. Nathan