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Found 270 results

  1. Guest

    457 visa and education

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me if you pay for education if you get a 457 visa? Does it depend on which state you go to?? Any info welcomed Thanks Jessie:biggrin:
  2. Does anyone know how you go about getting English Education qualifications 'converted' to Australian standards. I have heard that you can have your qualifications looked at and have them assesed against Australian standards, for example, in order to use them as entry qualifications for University. If anyone has any information on this i'd be grateful:unsure:
  3. Guest

    looking for education Tips

    hiiiii friend's i m looking for to get information about the the child education. it's good if i appoint personal tutor for my child,is there any idea share it with me. i need suggestion on this topic. Thank's
  4. junellew

    Adult Education?

    Does anyone have any info or advice on further education for adults in Australia? I am always keen to do more courses, in the UK at the moment I'm doing some advanced ECDL sections to keep me up to date whilst I'm out of work raising my boys. I think when I get over I might fancy being able to do a uni course or a short course in something (who knows what!) to give me a better chance getting into work again. Just wondered what the costs are, are there any free courses out there and what is the availability? Will probably be based in Victoria. Thanks all.
  5. I'm Irish and currently living in Asia, have a BA and Masters degree from two top unis and wondering what the chances are of getting work in media, publishing or education (teaching English etc.) in either Melbourne or Sydney? Or would I more likely end up waitressing or doing something random if I moved to Australia? Any advice appreciated, thanks :cute:
  6. Hi I am just wondering what level of education is required for applying for a skilled visa in Accountancy. Is there anyone out there that can suggest any suitable courses (qualified accountants or someone working towards their accounting qualification)? Many Thanks Carolyn x
  7. pudseypoms

    advice with daughters education

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help!!!:biggrin: We are currently applying for are SA sponsorship.. and will then apply for our visa.. (fingers crossed) I have a daughter aged 16 (D.O.B 5/4/94) shes just sitting her 1 year of A levels . right now. She will sit her final second year exams next May... We have looked at high schools in australia and the TAFE colleges, but carnt decide if we should leave her to finish her education in England or take her with us?? Would she be able to follow on our visa next May or would she need her own once she turns 18??? so many questions???:jiggy:
  8. Hi, I am looking for an Employer Sponsorship for a Vocational Education Trades Teacher. I am currently employed as a Vocational Centre Manager in the UK. Please PM me. Thank You.
  9. Guest

    education in wa

    hope to be moving to wa soon. Have 2 sons, 1 will be 13 in April and the other 15 in June. What Year at school will they be starting in July this year. Any help will be appreciated.:confused:
  10. Guest

    vocational Trade education

    http://www.grupogales.com/noticias/pdf/SMP_Occupation_List_Nov_2010.pdf 242211 Vocational Education Teacher (ASCO 2422) IELTS 7.0 in each band Trades experience From the above link can anyone tell me , what does Trades experience means? thanks Kevin
  11. I have dual British & Australian citizenship, and have been a lecturer in Sixth Form College in the UK for over 3 years. I am looking to move to ACT, and so was hoping someone could give me some advice about the Senior Secondary College system - it appears to be a very similar structure to UK Sixth Form College. I have a Bachelor's degree as well as going on 20 years experience in my field (Art / Illustration / Painting / Graphics / Photography...) I also have a PGCE in Further / Higher Education. My subject specialism aside, what would be the obstacles to me gaining full-time employment in the SSC system, and any ideas on how to overcome these? Thanks for any ideas and advice!!!!!!:biggrin:
  12. chalkyhill

    Education System - UK

    Duz ppl tink dat da education system is going doonhill in tha UK See news about TXT talk allowed in english exams. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-413866/Exam-chiefs-ridiculed-allowing-text-speak-English-answers.html
  13. Guest

    Job in Education

    Looking for work in Education. I am qualified Teachers Aide and looking for work in Perth. Please help me look for job opportunities to help me with my visa. Any help would be appreciated. Help Help Help:biggrin:
  14. The holiday is over. Tourism in Australia is flagging but the industry has grand plans for a revival, writes Clive Dorman. Australian tourism has hit rock-bottom. Like an addict looking for a road to recovery, the industry finally conceded last week there is a problem. The State of the Industry report by the federal government's Tourism Research Australia agency, which was presented at the industry's first Tourism Directions conference in Canberra on November 15, laid out the stark reality that tourism ran into a brick wall a decade ago. That was roughly when Australia ceased to be the world's ''flavour of the month'', even though consumers around the globe still rate Australia among the top few places they would like to see. See comments from Australians here. Indian students ditching Australian education plans. AUSTRALIA'S multi-billion-dollar Indian student market has collapsed in just 12 months. This is because new students are turning their backs on the once-prized Australian education sector in favour of Canada, New Zealand and Britain. Enrolments from the Indian student market -- which until last year was showing annual growth rates of up to 40 per cent and was worth almost $3 billion a year to the Australian economy -- have been dropping since March. By September, commencements were down almost 50 per cent on last year, due to the combined effect of onerous new financial requirements, last year's street attacks on Indian students, vocational school closures and the rising Australian dollar.
  15. Hi we're thinking of coming'back' over, we've had our visas for a while and originally went to Adelaide. Long story short no work for chippies and a lot of bad luck! We want to try again!! My daughter is 14 and would like to be a product designer. In the UK she currently studies product design, textiles, photography, dance and all other core subjects. She already has some GCSE modules in Science and Spanish as her state school encourages them to 'take them' early.Am I mad taking her out of her GCSE's. :unsure: I also have a 12 year old. I'm not too worried about her as I know from experience the Australian system is more laid back than the British and she still has time. I do worry about the 14 year old though. I wouldn't want to sabotage her education. I have done some research and I believe that when she finishes school at 17 she could then study at TAFE for a certificate in 'Applied Environmental Arts'??? I'm not sure if i'm completely off scale but if somebody has any experience of taking a 14 year old into education I would appreciate your input. Personally, I don't have any worries, she is a great girl, as is my 12 year old. they are both very well adjusted. We are thinking about Scarborough. My husband is coming out in January. What are the recommended state schools or private catholic?? Any info would be great. I am pretty scared having done it once and now the girls are both a little older than when we first took the plunge, we really can't afford any 'major' mistakes. I know there a a lot of questions bt any input would be great Thank you all Angela :chatterbox:
  16. Hi there, We visited Melbourne in April this year and since been back in the UK, hubby has been offered a job in Wollongong. We havent been there but have spoken to people who have. We have been told its a small City which I think would be most suitable for us as we are done with the bright lights of the big city! Can anyone tell me if its true that there is a lot of drugs there in particular. I have been reading various stories online and a lot of people are suggesting there are drug addicts using the free bus service and hanging out in Crown central Mall. I'm not naive to the fact that there are drug issues everywhere these days but I would prefer not to live somewhere where it is a big problem. We are hoping to live either more northwards or southwards of the city (up to an hour commute ideally). Next question is about education! I'm told we would have to pay for pre-school, kindergarden and schooling as its not free until we are permenant residents. Can anyone give me some sort of indication as to what costs are involved for education. Our dd is 3 (4 in January). I know that she doesnt have to go to school until she is 5 but I would ideally like her to continue with some sort of nursery schooling so she keeps up. My husband wont be on huge wages and apparently there is no need for family day carers at the moment so I will have to find another source of employment which is a real pain as here in the Uk I am a registered Childminder. Final question is about getting PR. I've been told many things about this. Firstly that we should apply as soon as we get there if we are sure that we want to stay (recruiter said I'm not supposed to tell you that?!). Another recruiter said that we must wait 2 years before we can apply for it and that it will cost in the region of $8k. Someone else quoted $500 so I really am not sure who to believe!! Is 9% Superannuation average or low? I'm sure another job offer hubby had was 12%?? And finally, can anyone recommend places to look to live. We live 20 miles from the City here and like our semi rural location. We love to be part of a community which is another reason that we felt that we would not be so suited to Melbourne as its just soooo big! Anyway, all advice welcomed!
  17. TheAustralian Hi PIO not sure if this is or any use to you but I came across this article: Language rules lift bar for sector From: TheAustralian November 17, 2010 UNIVERSITIES now have a "potent incentive" to redesign their course offer so international students graduate with a professional level of English. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser: Language rules lift bar for sector | The Australian Sent from my iPhone
  18. kellynat

    NSW 16+ education options

    We are moving to Sydney in two weeks and my daughter (17 last August) is looking at education options. She has very good GCSE results and had started her A levels but had to give them up due to illness. She wants to become a professional chef but we're finding it difficult to find out: What level of course she should take, Where she could do it and how much it will cost. We're on a 457 visa. Can anyone help? We've had mixed messages so far, some saying she could apply to university some saying TAFE and some saying back to school for HSCs. Any help very very gratefully received
  19. Here is a link to a speech recenty given by Chris Evans, as Minister for Tertiary Education, on the Labor government's approach to the future of international education in Australia and its overlap with migration. http://mia.org.au/media/File/Evans_The_Future_of_Australian_International_Education.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Emailmarketing&utm_content=1145437595&utm_campaign=MIANews-Issue52&utm_term=here
  20. Hi, looking at Geelong area to move to, possibly Leopold. Have a daughter who will be 17 and so will want to join at year 11. Need to know a GOOD school/college not too far away and hopefully that won't break the bank. She is predicted top grades in her gcse exams and is extremely bright. Need a good school for her and also for 2 daughters who are primary school age. We want it all! Advice very much appreciated, thank you.
  21. gaz n family

    Education - Do i start it

    Yep, me again. Whilst at work yesterday I discovered a university has finally agreed to accept the HND in Aerospace Engineering and assess it as 240 points. I spoke with them and for £3700 (I will get £2,000 as part of my retirement package from previous employer) I can do a BEng (hons) through distance learning. So we are at the begining of SA state sponsor application (paperwork not received) and are wondering should I commit. They did say if I moved half way through the course I could continue, but not sure how it will look on my CV. Will employers question how did you get a UK degree whilst living down under? Is it worth it, or try to get my HND accepted by someone in Aus to try to upgrade to to one of their degrees (which I suspect will be very difficult)?
  22. Australia International Education and Student Problems Addressing Australia’s international student crisis. One of Australia’s leading educators has called on the recently elected Labour Government to make a firm commitment to the country’s international education industry. Hospitality Training Association (HTA) CEO Phillip Charlton says the Australian economy could lose billions of dollars if Julia Gillard’s government fails to counteract immigration policy changes that have left the industry in turmoil. International Student Visa applications and approvals in Australia have fallen sharply in 2010, with the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) reporting a 30 percent decline in international applications…. ….“And as we have now seen the Australian election focused very heavily around immigration and border security which resulted in mixed messages and public confusion as there was no differentiation between migrants, boatpeople, refugees and international students.”
  23. leicesterboy

    Special Needs Education - Sydney

    Hello, Anyone out there have experience of special needs provision at schools (public or private) in Sydney for a 10 year old with speech and language difficulties? Cheers.
  24. Can someone help me allay my panicked state! Just read on another thread that people with 457 visas can't get their kids into state education. Is this the case? Maybe I should not have presumed that the state education system was freely available! might have to sell a child to put the others through the private system......which one to sell, hmmmmm need to think about that one! Hope someone can put me out of my misery at 5.30 am!
  25. madgen

    education options, help!

    We are hoping to make our move to Oz at the beginning of Oct on a 457 visa. My problem relates to post GCSE options for further education. My daughter has just sat her GCSE's (results on Tues!!!) and would have been staying on for 6th form to do A levels followed by Uni, she is one of the oldest in her school year with an October birthday and will be 17 this year. How will this fit in with the Victoria education system? What would A level equivalents be and what route should she be taking to allow her Uni entry? I don't understand the difference between VICE VCE TAFE etc, please can someone enlighten me I feel utterly confused. Also, any advice as to good schools in Frankston area?