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Found 267 results

  1. Hi All, We are in a big quandry; husband has been offered a job with great prospects in Sydney. As we lived and worked throughout Europe for 5 years in the latter 90's (pre-kids) only returning to UK on an absolutely need to basis, we are probably better prepared than most to take the plunge. Other half could go out to Sydney as early as January with me and the children following on after 3 month probation period expired/passed. But we have only one big reservation, educating our kids in Australia; our daughter secured a place and is in her 2nd yr at King Edwards Grammar School in Birmingham and she is really flying there; if we stay in the UK we are going to have our lad tutored as he shows an aptitude and an interest to get into the KE Boys Grammar, although competition is massively fierce for boys. We have absolutely no idea about the Australian education system, but have found elsewhere on this forum stories about bright or gifted kids (they all are!) not being able to fulfill their potential when they have moved to into the Oz system which has really made us think twice about the move - having had to scrape ice off the car this morning, this is not good! Obviously you can find negativity about anything on the internet however wonderful it is to the majority, but we would really appreciate anyone who can share their experiences with us, particularly those who have forfeited their children's hard-fought Grammar School places to move to Oz. Unfortunately, whilst the job on offer is good, it is not at the level we can pay AU$20,000 per annum per child for private education; at a stretch we could do $5,000 per annum as long as the LAFH allowance stays! We have identified French Forest / St Ives as potential suburbs to live in if anyone can comment on the schools in these areas. Many thanks in advance for any guidance / reassurance! :hug:
  2. JoandGareth


    Hey there, We are moving to Perth NOR next year and I am looking for any advice anyone can give with regards to the education system. My liitle girl will be starting pre-primary and I am unsure of whether to go state or private. We will be moving into (hopefully) Tapping area, so our options would be Tapping primary (State) or St Stephens (private). We have only just come back from Perth we went out to just validate visas and after looking around some state schools they seem huge compared to ones in UK and the class sizes very big. If anyone has any advice or experiences would love to hear from you. Many thanks Jo
  3. Hello, We are moving to Sydney around 2nd week of January 2012 so have started contacting schools to get a place for my 5yr old daughter. She was born in July so currently in KS1 in the UK. However, some of the schools (eg. St Luke's Grammar) I've contacted in Sydney have stated that she'll be enrolled into Kindergarten based on daughter’s date of birth. This really worries us; it'll be a big setback for my daughter if she had to go back to Kindergarten as she has been identified by her current school as a gifted and talented child and is sending her to KS2 class for English and maths. Has anyone else experienced similar situation in the past? Could we ask the school to evaluate my daughter and place her in an appropriate grade based on ability rather than her age? We are mainly looking for catholic and private schools around Northern Beaches as I'm coming on 457 visa. Any help or advise is very much appreciated!
  4. I was just wondering what the general consensus is on this from UK expats... I am getting stressed out by the whole issue! My child is still very young, but the more I look into education in general, the more worried I get! My son is going to a day nursery here in the UK and although the price is extortionate, I do love the Ofsted-guidelines and the amount of teaching he receives at a relatively young age. Comparably, in Australia, they don't seem to have a similar framework so would he just be sitting in front of a few secondhand toys all day? What about state primary schools in Australia - are they any good, compared to the UK? I'm from Melbourne but we went to private schools so I don't know anything about state schools, beyond the snobby attitude towards them (the local state high school near us literally was full of kids who had been expelled from other schools in the region) although we were aware of the couple that were excellent (e.g. MacRobertson). My OH and myself don't earn much and getting to Oz will be all of meagre savings and if it all goes wrong, we would really struggle to return back to the UK so I am stressing majorly over the whole thing. I really just want the best for my kids - any feedback much appreciated!!!
  5. Guest

    Teaching - Sydney to Newcastle

    Hi, Flights booked for myself and the family (2 1/2 year old boy and 7month old girl plus wonderful wife) to arrive in Sydney on 7th January 2011 after a four year wait of having received our visas. Long story but with perseverance our dreams our eventually becoming reality. I am a secondary school teacher and am awaiting approval to teach from NSW department for education and training. I would love to find a permanent job but we also want to live around the central coast area, but through research I understand it will be difficult for me to gain a job in that area. I am willing to travel down to Sydney or up to Newcastle for work but would like some hints or tips from like minded people or those who have been/are in similar situations. I work in a tough inner city school in England so am not that bothered about how 'good the school is. Any help?
  6. Guest

    education related

    What are the catholic schools like in hobart for senior students? Are they better than the colleges, like hobart rosny etc? Many thanks
  7. NZPom

    NZ vs Oz Education Systems

    Just wondered if anyone out that has experience of both education systems as I'm finding it hard to get any information about how the two compare. We are currently in NZ and looking to move to Oz at the start of next year - my kids are currently in years 7 and 9 (the 13 year old in Year 9 has just started high school this year which I believe is a year later than in Oz). I also have a son in year 1. The main thing I want to know is are the kids ahead educationally in Oz compared with NZ? I'm just concerned that my kids are doing well here and in the top stream and might struggle when transferring to the Ozzie system - I'm worried they'll be put in a low class which could affect the rest of their education at such a vulnerable age (the older two). What I'm thinking is that if I could find out what sort of work they'd be doing, I could maybe find some books and try and tutor them a bit? If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful! Thanks Kate
  8. Hi, I want to do MS in computer engineering or computer sciences from Aus.Can any one suggest which university will be best for it? And if there are any scholarships available for international students? or any student loans etc?
  9. Well, I'm 16 (17 in February) and i've just got a few questions, education wise. I know that from an age perspective, i'd be headed into year 11, or would it be worth going through Year 10? I ask because the courses seem somewhat different, and so getting an understanding at the same level as the other students before the Year 11-12 courses begin seems to me like a good idea. Hoping for replies, please point out anywhere that i went wrong
  10. Hi everyone, I've just discovered this forum and wanted to say hi! Hubby and I first planned to migrate to Melbourne (from Greenwich, UK) a few years back and got our permanent residency in 2009. Exactly 5 days after the visas were granted, I found out I was pregnant!! Talk about timing :laugh: So we postponed our move, again and again... but finally decided we have to do it 'now or never'. We're planning to make the move in Jan '12, though we haven't even started sorting anything out yet... like moving agents / what to do with our flat etc... it's going to be a bit mad over the next few months! We don't know where in Melbourne we want to live yet. It has to be family friendly and green, but we're torn between central areas / beach / bush. Choices choices. We currently live near to Greenwich Park which is just beautiful and so wherever we choose in Melbourne has a lot to live up to. :tongue: Also very important to us is access to good education, I'm currently quite interested in finding out more about alternative education systems like Steiner etc. So overall, we still have lots of research to do! Eep!!
  11. Guest

    Asking about education

    Hi i will be in Melbourne next Dec. i want asking about the schools .....i have two kids the boy has 12 y and the girl has 9,5 y which grade will be in Melbourne .....Thankssss
  12. Hi there, this tread is not intended to be polemical. I am a biology teacher in a secondary school willing to migrate to Australia. As such, I am interested to find out about the australian school system and the way it can be compared or distinguished from other systems. According to PISA standards, Australia stands above the OECD average for student performance in mathematics ( Error[]=&regions[]=&indicator=1&domain=1&95conf=on&mid90percent=on&meanMale=on&meanFemale=on&oecdAv=on&sortOrder=mean&1_options=true&theme=1&cmd=storeGraphRequest&requestid=1291803140055&items=2&) However, looking at the Naplan test 2010 for year 9, I was struck by the level of the questions asked in the numeracy test which seemed to me to be very easy for kids 13-14 of age. (http://www.naplan.edu.au/verve/_resources/nap10_numeracy_9_calc.pdf) :chatterbox:. Am I missing something ? How would you compare the australian school system versus the one of your country ? Cheers,
  13. Guest


    HI, we are moving to Adelaide in February and wondered how we find out about schools and which ones are the best? NIcki
  14. Hi Can somebody pls te me what is the required education that a recruitment consultant must have had??? My sister did her bachelors (hons) with her Speciaization in Human Resources.We think that this is the required education for recruitment consutant becauyse HR is the field and recruitment consultancy is its branch....Do you think Vetassess will accept this education eve for RC???? I hope they donot make an issue out of nowhere????????????????? Give me suggestions pls??
  15. Guest

    School Education

    hi all, we are hoping to move to Mackey around Christmas can anyone help me i have two fourteen year old's can anyone a great secondary schools in the area for them thankyou:wink:
  16. tinkerbell13

    special needs education

    Any advice, would be really grateful We are just about to have our medicals and hopefully visit Oz next year to validate visa. Our 3 year old son is having speech therapy as his development is not where it should be for his age. we have gone private because NHS only want to "observe" his development and we felt this was not good enough. If he does not catch up by school age then we would look to place him in a school with a speech unit attached. I am concerned that if we uproot to Oz, I do not have the adequate knowledge to know whether the education system would support his development. I am a secondary school teacher so I know the system well here and know that in his early years his education would be good in the UK but when it comes to GCSE's I am not sure that this type of education would suit him, I am all in favour for the TAFE system which we do not have in this country. Any help/advice would be good.
  17. Guest

    older education

    what is the age people finish/leave school in the perth area ? and what qualifications and exams do they do ? :biggrin:
  18. Education advice needed. We are about to make the move to somewhere in WA, but this is like sticking a needle in a haystack. Where to go thats nice, and where to put our daughter into a school that will be good for her. We are looking at Secret Harbour, Mandurah, Canning Vale, Quinns Rock. Is there anyone that can help with some advice please...
  19. Pipp

    Private Education

    Hi all Has anybody got a child at Murdoch College or Corpus Christi College? I would love to hear from you as these are two likely schools for my 12 year old son to start at. Also has anybody got younger children in feeder primary schools? Id also love to hear from anybody who has a child at or has info on Bluegum Montessori School, I dont know anything about Montessori Schools but Murdoch College has recommended Bluegum as an excellent feeder school for Murdoch College. Thank you Pip:biggrin:
  20. We are thinking about a move to Brisbane at the end of next year. My husband is an Australian and therefore my daughter too. In the uk she would be entitled to 15 hours of free nursery from age 3. Is there anything like this in Australia and at what age does it begin?
  21. Just wondering if someone could clear up a query that I have. I am trying to find out whether we can claim 5 partner points for my wife's occupation. She is NVQ assessor in childcare and she also just completing her PGCE QTLS in Teaching (She'll have full teacher status in Feb). She mainly assesses and teaches 16 - 19 years olds (however there are some 14 year old students). She is a qualified A1 assessor and she is currently about to finish her Internal verifier qualification as well. I've looked at various occupation choices. I know now that despite her degree in Early Childhood Studies and working in the childcare sector she is unlikely to gain skills recognition for a childcare manager. I've checked and the most likely occupation is that of a Vocational Education teacher which is on schedule 2 of the SOL. Is it correct that to claim the 5 points that both occupations has to be on schedule 1 of the SOL or can we claim the points as long as the occupation is on the SOL? If not would her experience of teaching 16-19 year olds along with the degree and PGCE be enough to be assessed as a secondary school teacher which is on schedule 1? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Guest

    Education in UK

    We may consider going back to England in a couple of years, more to do with business opportunities than anything, but the cost of everything will be a big factor. Can anyone tell me whether we can get the kids into schools/colleges for free - we all have European passports, the kids and I British, but I've heard that we might have to pay as expats because we haven't been resident there - we'd be talking final two years of high school and equivalent of TAFE. Maybe what I heard was only to do with university? Any info on this would be great thanks, Shelley
  23. Education fees for foreign students' children 'breach' UN rules. INTERNATIONAL students and other temporary visa holders are being forced to pay thousands of dollars a year in fees for their children to attend public schools in a potential breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  24. Guest

    A students dilemna.

    Hey PIO. This is my first post so please be gentle! I had found your website this morning and have been on for a good couple hours checking the place out, but I think I need some direct advise to help me in my decisions. To put it into a formal order; I am currently a student, 18 years old and living in Oxfordshire, England. I have lived here for most of my life and hold a full citizenship here. Ive just finished my exams in the final year of sixth form (prioir to University) in Mathematics, Physics, and Design. I'm looking into going into mechanical engineering when I am older and so I applied for university here in England to do Mechanical Engineering in which I now have several conditional offers which will be decided on the results of my exams, which I recieve in 12 days on the 18th of August. One university is asking of me to recieve BBB of the three subjects and the second university, moreso my safety net, is asking that of CCC. I have a friend based down in Melbourne, who half a year ago, asked me to come down to visit. Feeling like I will need a break after fighting exams, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I took a six week holiday in Australia, mainly that of Melbourne but also in Goldcoast and Port Douglas, from June the 29th till August the 5th. I've been home for a day or two now, and I think it's kind of sad to say that I dont feel like I should be here. For over a year before I had even thought of trying out Australia I started feeling like England was not the place for me, I am not a fan of cold weather and I personally feel that the economy we live in will do nothing but get worse and i feel other countries like Australia hold a much more exciting and interesting diversity. And since i have been in Australia them feelings have been growing. I genuinely feel out of place being back in English soil. So now I am unsure what to do, and here is the question I have been asking myself and will be asking myself for a while; What do I do? I am very lucky in the sense that right now there is not alot tieing me down in the world. I have just finished all education leading up to university; and although I have applied for university I can always bail out. I definately want to extend my education, either in University or an apprenticeship. One thing worth pointing out is that next year tuition fees in england will be triple of what they are now. So if i want to go to university in England it must be starting in 2 months, or I am looking at 36,000 instead of 12,000 pounds tuition fees. This means if I dont get the grades in 12 days I need to cancel the England&Uni idea. I could always try to go for university in Australia instead though. Apprenticeships will be apprenticeships wherever you are, I think i would prefer to have one over in Australia, but, with the whole VISA thing I am not sure how easy it would be to get me into Australia. One thing I am very unsure about is the VISAs. Would it be easy for me to get a VISA to do engineering at university over there? - (I presume so as engineering is on their list of wanted professions right?) And equally so is it easy to get a VISA in order to get an apprenticeship in Australia? It would still be along the route of mechanical engineering. I do love my family but I feel that I can handle the distance from them, and as far as friends go, most of them are also going to university so either way I will not be seeing them alot. This is my main concern though; I have a girlfriend and have been with her for over four years now. She means a great deal to me and I know she will not want to go to Australia as she is going to university here. - Though you could argue that this doesnt make our future look so clear either. Another factor to consider also is my friend in Melbourne is fairly rich and his mother had said to me I can always live with them if I decided to embark on Uni or an apprenticeship in Melbourne. - Which is something I deffinately would consider. Through the six weeks in melbourne I also feel like I have made a few roots, I already know I like the city and can see myself living there, and had made a few friends in the process too. And also I do not see myself living here when I am older, I havent been able to picture that for a long time. I can picture myself living in Australia; more specifically Victoria though. And this is my dilemna right now. I am very confused in what I should do. I would really appreciate feedback from you all, including any suggestions or questions. Furthermore who do I seek if i want professional advise? Very kind regards, foxx.
  25. I have been in touch with my school to get a letter but as I left over 10 yrs ago they no longer hold any records that I attended the school and I was taught in English. I have all my GCSE and A level certificates but I've heard this is not proof enough. I am going to try and contact the examining board to ask if they can do anything but if not can I write a statutory declaration and get it signed by the justice of peace and send this along with all my cetificates?