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Found 272 results

  1. Dean Linz 5

    Dependant child aged 18?

    Hi everyone, If anyone could offer me some advice it would be very much appreciated. We are hoping to move to Perth in the not too distant future, but due to being 5 points short for a permanent visa we would unfortunately need to apply for a 457 T/V with a view to applying for the 887 P/V after 2 yrs. We have a daughter who will be 18 when we apply who would apparently therefore need to be in full time education to be able to be included on our visa due to her age? We have looked into a full time college course that interests her but she has also been offered the same qualification but as an apprenticeship which she would get a small wage for; £350 p/m. She would still be living at home and obviously would be dependant on us still on such a low wage. Therefore my question is... although this apprenticeship wouldn't be classed as being in full time education, as most of her week would be hands on in placement, it is still a learner course so would this still make her eligible to be on our visa? Sorry to make it long winded but thought I need to properly explain my circumstances. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello. My husband and I are about to start the transfer process from England to Australia. I am about to complete my Foundation degree in Early Years (a 4 year degree) and I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to find out what my career options are in Australia. I have the Certificate in Early Years practice, which is a level 4 Diploma, as well as a myriad of other qualifications and 14 years experience. Thank you so much, as I have no idea where to start. xx
  3. Myself and partner will be migrating from the UK to ACT hopefully by the end of 2016. We will have, by then, a two year old who we will need to start introducing to kindi/education. I have no idea about how schooling works in Australia and want to be fully prepared for our daughter's future: kindergarten fees, school fees, subsidies, starting age, location catchment etc... Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello, just looking for a bit of advice please. we are looking to emigrate to WA. My partner is a primary school teacher (3-7) and has completed a 3 year education studies degree and then a further 1 year PGCE (3-7). She has worked as a teacher now for one year. Prior to this whilst at college ect she worked for a pre school as a nursery nurse/play assistant, working around 20 hours per week. In relation to the skills assessment I see no issue from looking into the AITSL requirements, but in relation to experience she has only worked as a teacher for 1 year and I understand you need at least 3 for visa applications My question is would the pre school work she completed at college count towards the experience as its a similar occupation that she has developed and gained further qualifications? any help would be appreciated. thank you.
  5. Hi All I have been offered a 12 month stint working back in the UK and I am thinking of taking it up but my 14yr old daughter is in Year 9 at school here in Sydney. I have a number of questions which hopefully someone can shed some light. Does anyone know what the impact a move to the UK will be on her HSC preparation? I would send her to school in the UK and from memory as she turns 15 this Oct so she would start 4th year of comprehensive school, which is year 10, I believe. Does the UK follow the same program of work as here especially for Maths and English so that she would not miss out on too much? Also what if the contract is extended for a further 12 months (that has not been discussed) how would that affect her HSC prep? Would she be able to take her GCSEs instead and would these count towards a University place here in Aus? TIA John
  6. Hi all, I have never posted before but I am looking for a little help. I have been putting together an application for Immigration for over a year now. I am a fully qualified Secondary Teacher and I have successfully had my skills approved by AITSL. For my IELTS (I had to sit it 3 times) I got L.8, W.8.5, S.8.5 and R.7 - this results in my English being proficient. I am currently sitting at 55 points but after 5 more months I will have 3 years experience as a teacher and will attain 5 more points, increasing my overall points score to 60 - whoo hoo - My questions are: Is my IELTS score high enough for skilled migration? Will 60 be enough for a secondary school teacher 189 visa or do I need to try and attain more points? Does it matter what my secondary teacher subject specialist is, i.e. is there a higher priority for English teachers over PE for example? Are there any other teachers out there that have achieved successful migration as it seems impossible? I am struggling a bit with the red tape and feel like my dream is very hard to reach at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. StuartandElaine

    Help with Teacher Job Application?

    Hi, I am a teacher and will be moving to Perth with my family in July. I would love to get in contact with a secondary school teacher to discuss the kind of things I should include in my cover letter when applying for my first post in Australia. There is plenty of educational lingo in the UK and a number of key areas which you are expected to touch on in an application, any advice on how to construct my application to provide an area coordinator/head teacher with what they are looking for would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Stuart
  8. To all parents in Northern parts of Perth WA, I would like feedback from anyone who is interested in a curriculum based Preschool in Northern Perth? I am a qualified primary school teacher and would like to open a new preschool near Joondalup. This would open for 2 year olds to 4 years olds. The proposed hours will be 9:00 – 11:30 or 12:00 – 2:30 or a full session from 9:00 – 4:30. The Preschool will be open for 48 weeks a year. I'm just looking at the general idea if there is a need in this area. So fees will be low as possible. I believe that play is essential in the lives of young children. My kindy program is play-based and references the “The Early Years Learning Framework”. I will create a safe environment to allow the children to develop their ability to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding independently. I believe that play is fun and exciting, enabling children to explore, solve problems and be hands on. At the kindergarten the program will be based around each individual child achieving at their own level at their own pace in a friendly, warm and vibrant setting. Please feel free to contact me and express your interest in attending the preschool. Linsey Williams
  9. Hi, Although my PGCE is in Secondary Education, I have been working as a Nursery/Reception Teacher in the UK(ages 5 and below) since qualifying. I have an excellent understanding of child development and knowledge of the Early Years Curriculum and can provide evidence/references to support this. I am coming to QLD in Sept on a WHV and shall be looking for work in this field. Please contact me if you know of any suitable vacancies. Thanks In Advance, Natalie
  10. Hi, Long story short : I lived here in Qld 10 years ago, had 2 children, got divorced then moved back to uk to be near family. x is Australian so he stayed. Now my situation so far is, I moved to qld in August this year with my 2 teenage children, 13 & 16. They have settled well into the lifestyle. They get to see their father who is Australian more often. I have managed to find a job but am unable to find full time hours in the area I chose to live. I left my house in the uk thinking I could rent it out as renting has never been a problem is the area. But then changes happened to the school and families are moving elsewhere. Sadly this has not happened and my funds are dwindling paying mortgage there plus rent, bills over here. The housing market there is not looking good to sell. The outlook of staying looks quite grim. So realistically thinking, I'll be going back. My eldest has also missed 4 months of gcse course work in the 2nd year, so am concerned as to will she be able to catch-up in time for exams. Any suggestions???
  11. Although I am a first timer, my wife and I have been using this website since January when we started the monstrous process of applying for Australia. We have had our medicals and police checks and just awaiting the outcome for our visa. Very excited!! I have started looking for and applying for jobs but was wondering whether any teachers/lecturers in WA could offer any advice. I am secondary PE trained but have experience in Secondary, FE and HE and have been granted state sponsorship as a vocational education teacher as I have bene teaching vocational programmes for the last 7 years. I was just wondering what the employment prospcts are like for teachers/lecturers and I want to be realistic in the jobs I am applying for. I have several years management experience but so far have assumed that australians would like to see some australian experience under your belt before you start leading anything. Is this true or would you recomend that I go for jobs similar to what I am doing now? Also, has anyone got any suggestions on how write a killer letter of application to suit the Aussie employer? Thanks, an excited and hopeful migrant
  12. Hi everyone! If anyone could help me with the following enquiry I'll be thankful!: Migratory agents have access to the Country Education Profile (CEP) of each country, where they can see to which category a university belongs and according to that, they can check wether a 4 or 5 year degree like a Bachelor for instance (in my case from Argentina), is equivalent to an Australian Bachelor degree or Diploma. To have access, they pay an annual membership (I read it in another forum). For what I have been researching, also any individual (not an agent) could access to the CEP paying for an annual membership that allows to see the info of the country you are interested in. Have anyone used this service, and could tell me how does it work? E.g. In that year (membership), can you do several consults from several carrers? What information is shown when you consult? Also, I haven't fully understood the following: Is there a list of universities that are "recognised institutions" and if the case university is not recognised you could not apply for an assessment by any means? or, Does the fact of having a degree from a university that is not within the "recognised institutions" just imply that the degree could be considered as a lower degree (e.g A Bachelor being recognised as a Diploma in Australia)? Thank you for any help or comment that you could provide me :rolleyes:. Regards, Pampa
  13. silvirina

    Help please?

    I am to enter my daughter to a school in Canberra and have heard that Canberra girl Grammar school is pretty good. There is a one issue though, we are Muslims and i cant let her enter a Chapel. Are there any other Muslims who have attended the CGGS to tell me what they do in the Chapel precisely? Will she be bullied due to her wearing a headscarf and a veil? Any Muslims who have attended or have a daughter who have attended the Chapel, please give me more information.
  14. peterc1983

    EOI Education - Which option?

    [EDIT] It's ok I resolved my own query by looking through the docs on the EOI pages. It tells you what to choose in the help links.
  15. Guest

    college 16 17 year old son

    We plan to move over before Christmas on a 457 whilst we put in for permanent residency. My son is doing GCSE's and wants to do plumbing, welding or sports but doesn't want to go to university. Are there any courses or colleges he can attend? Or could he work? He will be 17 in February 2015. Not sure he is going to have many options so im worried. Other children are 3,4 and 11. Possibly going to Queensland but nothing define. Thanks.
  16. Hello, i am 17 and moving to Australia in June. I am currently in Year 12 in the UK but i am finding it hard to find out information about if Australia has colleges or not and if not if they have anything similar? Any advice and information would be hugely appreciated thanks!
  17. :no:Hi, I was just looking for some advice regarding Australian qualification recognition for Early Childhood Teachers. I am currently qualified in nvq lvl 2&3 childcare. However I'm hoping to become an early childhood teacher. I have two course options, BA Hons Early Childhood Education leading to QTS (3 year course) Or alternatively, BA Hons Early Childhood Studies (3 years) and a PGCE Early Childhood Education together totalling 4 years study. I am not the main visa applicant and will be newly qualified at the time of the move. Any advice on my best option for recognition as an Early Childhood Teacher in Australia? We are currently considering Adelaide and Perth. Thanks in advance x
  18. jamharr

    Education in QLD

    Hi, Was hoping to hear people's opinion on the schooling in Queensland. Our daughter has recently started in Prep. We were concerned on whether QLD teaching would be up to UK standards. We have also recently spoken to an Aussie who said that QLD schools are the worst in Australia and there is no set curriculum or external exams. Also that kids aren't being taught the basics - times tables, fractions etc What do other people think - should we be worried? We love the outdoor lifestyle but don't want to put it before our children's education. Any info good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks James
  19. roger2shirts

    University Funding

    I am wanting to do a post grad degree part time here and I am struggling to understand the funding. I am a permanent resident, having been here 3 years, do I qualify for a HEX / HEC student loan? Or do I need to be a citizen? Does anyone know how the uni funding / pay back student loan works here? I've found loads of confusing and contradictory information - but nothing really useful.
  20. Bexskeet

    Teaching in Brisbane

    Hi All, I am a recently qualified teacher but trained in post compulsory ed in london and therefore do not have a QTS but do have a PGCE. I finished training last year so am currently doing my first year of classroom teaching. I have been doing supply working in primary, secondary food technology and art (my specialism) at a school for BESD kids, this is all in my first term, we shall see what the rest of the year brings! My brother lives in brisbane and has been begging me to come visit for years. I decided that I wanted to visit on the working visa and stay for a year. I am trying to work out if I can teach in Oz and how I should go about it. I have read so much but would appreciate any advice! I am particularly wondering: Do I need to have QTLS or QTS to be recognised? Do I have to register with the Queensland college of teaching (QCT)? Can I work on supply? Is there a minimum amount of experience required? Thank you!!
  21. Karalianne

    19 year old moving to Brisbane

    basically I'm 19 years old and me and my family are moving to Brisbane this June (2014). I am slightly worried about emigrating as I am unsure about the education opportunities for me, I would love a career in childcare specifically in children with learning disabilities but have no current qualifications. Is there opportunities for me to study to gain qualifications? or would it be more beneficial for me to stay behind and gain qualifications in the UK. thank you :laugh:
  22. Hi, I have an 18 year old dependant child who is in full time education but works part time Is this going to cause an issue adding her as a dependant ? she is contracted for 16 hours per week at weekends and is at college full time during the week. I still buy all her food, pay the bills, pay for her driving lessons, clothes etc. the money she earns is just her going out and buying herself extras... She definitely could not live independently on her wage but I keep reading that a dependant having a job of any sort may cause issue... Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this situation??? Any advice would be fab Thanks Gayle
  23. We are moving to Perth next Easter and I am just looking at schools for my two children. I have looked at Kingsway Christian College (as I think we will be living in the northern suburbs) and wondered if anyone on this forum has children there or has any other knowledge of the school and would be willing to give me your opinion of it! Thanks.
  24. Hi, I'm new to this, but here goes! I'm currently in Adelaide on a working holiday visa and have just had an invitation to apply for the Skilled Independent 189 visa. Some of the application is pretty self explanatory, however there are a few parts where I'm just not sure if I'm answering correctly. The first issue I have is in the Qualifications section, I haven't used any of my qualifications on Skillselect, as I had enough points without (and only found out they had to be assessed separately to the Skills Assessment for an extra $1100 - not happy), but it won't let me move on without entering something into that box (I selected other), I'm not sure if this is the correct thing to do or not. Secondly on the same part, do I need to enter all my secondary school qualifications GCSE's and college NVQ's relating to my trade? I'm absolutely petrified of submitting the application incorrectly and being turned down! I hope someone can help :arghh: Thanks!
  25. Hi all.... I arrived in perth 2 days ago, and its now time to start looking for a school for my kids: 9 & 6. i know of 2 primary schools: Brighton and one in currambine (France's John). does anyone else know of any other good catholic schools please?