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Found 267 results

  1. Hi This may be a bit long but I need some advice from anyone who can help. We are a family of 4, my eldest is nearly 12 and youngest is nearly a year old. We were going to go to oz 3 years ago, but just as we were set to start the process the points changed and we could no longer claim points for family as they are in Sydney......we were gutted because we had made the decision and been there twice to check it out and the time was right. We've got enough points now but the timing's all wrong. My eldest has just started secondary school and she has settled so well. She is the happiest she's ever been and her school work is excelling - she has so many great friends etc...she doesn't want to go! However, we don't want to lose the opportunity again, if the points change we may lose the chance for good. So acting on this we have started the process. Appointed a migration agent, and sent vetassess off, already sat ielts etc. The way we saw it was that if we have 5 years from when the visa is granted then she would have time to do her gcse's then we would go asap. Now I'm having severe worries. It would be cutting it very fine on the timescale and I can't be sure that my daughter will be any happier to do this after her exams (it might be worse) but at least I won't feel I would be jeopardising her education. I think we're going to have to hold back on lodging the visa to give us a bit more time. The big question is.... am I mad to be holding back so long? I would go tomorrow was it not for the fact that I've never seen my daughter this happy at school. I want her to achieve her best and fortunately she is at a school were she is certainly doing this. I'm just so confused...........help! Thanks
  2. Guest

    457 visa and education

    HI We are coming out on a 457 visa and i have just been looking at some education sites and according to what state you are in, if you come in on this visa you have to pay school fees. We are hoping to move to perth, does anyone know if you have to pay in the WA state.:skeptical::skeptical::skeptical: Thanks
  3. Guest

    Standards of Education

    Hi I've just been to playgroup with my youngest and had an 'interesting' conversation with one of the mums. She tells me that standards of education in Australia are much lower and teachers don't even have to be qualified!!! She said she's got family in Perth and that's how she knows. Can't quite believe this. Is there anyone out there in the know who can put my mind at rest?? The impression I get is that school is more family focussed and more fun for the kids, but still of a good standard. Perhaps they put less pressure on the children - can't believe the homework our 5 yr old gets already - surely that's a good thing. Any comments would much appreciated. Bye for now Jo
  4. Hi all and many thanks for the welcoming messages.If all the people emigrating are like you lot we should have gone years ago,real nice people. My son has mild dispraxia and has a couple of hours a week extra tution at primary school to help him out.Does this sort of help exist in the Perth area? Also what is the situation regarding after school clubs,breakfast clubs or child care just in case we both end up working silly hours like we do here. Any help would be greatly appreciated,many thanks Nicko.:wideeyed:
  5. Guest

    Education and Debt.

    Hi, I have been travelling around the world and found that Oz is the best place in the world. I just need to know that I have a BTEC and a HND and a CIW in software engineering and web design. I have the grades but not the experience. I am trying to get back into IT as we speak. If I get a couple of years behind me, do I stand a good chance of getting residence in Oz? Also I own my house but do have a lot of debt. I am in a volutary Agreement (IVF) with a debt company. Would this stop me from getting into Oz?
  6. I have just been given this website from my daughters college, thought it may be of some use to someone http://www.aiec.biz I have taken this direct from the website The Australian International Education Centre AIEC QUEST is an Australian operated education consultancy dedicated to providing quality services in the field of study abroad in the EU and Study in Australia. AIEC assists candidates from Hungary, Central Eastern Europe i.e. Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, in addition to Turkey, The U.K., North America and remainder of EU online. AIEC operates under the ESOS Education Services for Overseas Students Act as an approved representative of Australian education providers. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT CHARGE STUDENTS UP FRONT FEES FOR STUDY APPLICATIONS. TUITION FEES ARE PAID BY YOU DIRECTLY TO INSTITUTION INTO TRUST ACCOUNT. BUT IF YOU WANT OUR ASSISTANCE YOU MUST DECLARE AIEC AS YOUR AGENT Karen x
  7. connaust

    Oz Education Info

    If anyone is trying to access Australian International Education Centre website the http://www.aiec.biz has been inadvertantly redirected by our ISP in Hungary.....until holiday weekend is over (May 1) and problem is rectified info can be found at http://www.aiec.hu
  8. Hi my names Laura I’m 16 and leaving school may this year. Me and my family are looking to move to Brisbane early next year. Is there anyone else my age who knows what the colleges are like out there and how I would go about continuing courses which I would have started here? How different are they compared to the colleges over here? I have a brother, Josh aged 11 and a sister, Harriet aged 9 (coming 10), they will both be attending school over in Oz (secondary and primary) how do they relate to the schools over here as they are curious to find out? Thanks -x- Laws -x- Ps. What age do you have to be to get your driving licence?
  9. Guest

    Cost of Education

    My Wife and I are here on a 457 4 year working Visa. My daughter is almost 3. If she was to start state primary school, how much would it cost? We currently live in Sydney. We are thinking of moving to Brisbane, have they similiar costs? Another question..... If we are to apply for permanent residency, would we stil have to pay for our childs education in either NSW/QLD? Thanks Jay
  10. Guest

    Does my education count???

    Hi All I was starting to become less confused however i want to throw something else into the pot for all you good, knowledgable people to help me with. At the moment the only thing that is stopping me on a skilled independant visa is the fact that i haven't included post secondary education and i was wondering if the following qualifies as a tertiary qualification. Chartered Institute of Banking - CIB - 3 qualifications (2 credits, 1 pass) after 18 months study Would this get me through VETASSESS Thanks Watty (Keith)
  11. Guest

    Advice on Secondary education

    Hi, Wondering could anybody advise on secondary education in Oz. we have two children , boy 14yrs and girl 12yrs, and we are thinking of moving to Oz , but concerned their education may be affected, not because of difference in standards (if any) but the eldest is about to choose his subjects. How different is the curriculum?
  12. Guest

    Education, education,education!

    Hi I'm actually Mrs Buffy, just stealing OH's place :lol: We are looking into this migration thing quite seriously and like any mum I want to know what my wee 3 should be expecting from school on Oz! My kids are at present in yrs 4 and 2 respectively, will this put them ahead or will they be level with children of their age? What sort of activities do they have in schools? Finally what sort of thing will potential head teachers need to see from our schools in the UK? Any advice is great and will be read and read and read again!
  13. Guest

    education in tas

    Hi, was wondering if anybody can help me on this, we r hoping to move to either adelaide, canberra or taz, looking more likely to be taz as we can get state sponsorship for there but i was wondering what the schools are like, is there plenty of them? is the education good etc do u have to pay for their education? my kids r 7 and 4. We r looking to end up in devonport in taz if possible so any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance lainey
  14. connaust

    Australian Education Advice

    You are welcome to ask the Australian International Education Centre AIEC http://www.aiec.biz with any education and study/work questions. We are Australian and if we don't know answer we can find out! Cheers Andrew B.Bus and M.Ed.
  15. Guest

    Education in New South Wales

    Hello all, We have just been granted our visa's and we are leaving Birmingham in Jan 07. Whoopee. I need to really concentrate on finding schools for our 2 children now, ages 14 & 16. Can anyone advise us on where to start. We are locating to New South Wales. (just north of Sydney). What are the schools like? I have been told that the education system is 12 months behind us. Is this true? Can we sort things from here or do we have to wait until we get there? We really have no idea where to start. Would really value any advise anyone can give us. Dawn & Mick Holding - Sheldon - Birmingham.
  16. I have just been reading a post on the RPL help forum, which stated that any one as part of a pplication over the age of 18, needs to supply certified copies of secondary education in english to prove english education, even if you were born in here- Has anyone who has submitted their DIMA apps had to supply this information.
  17. Hi All, I believe in Perth the kids start scool later??? My son has just started school here in Uk this sept as he is just 5..I think he would start school the year he is 6 and a half in Perth and their school yr start Jan so he wouldnt start school until jan 2007, which seems unreal...Does this sound correct to anyone?? Would it mean that he is learning stuff he has already learnt and what would he do until then??Is Kindergarten free..?? if anyone has info please let me know, thanks Melanie (& 3 kids)