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Found 46 results

  1. hi all , here is some good news for migrants...... , The Australian Industry (Ai) Group/Deloitte survey of more than 400 chief executives found 34.7 per cent of businesses believed there was at least a high risk that a skills shortages would have an adverse effect on operations this year. Skills shortage a risk to economy - WA Business News cheers
  2. New Australian immigration rules hit economy Student drop hits economy. TOUGH new immigration rules for foreign students are hitting Australia's economy, with more than 125,000 fewer international students expected to come in the next 12 months, costing more than 31,000 jobs nationwide. Confidential Immigration Department figures showing new visa applications suggest that Victoria, the state that is most reliant on foreign students, will be hardest hit, with 40,250 fewer students in the next year. Modelling by Access Economics suggests this will cost 10,100 jobs in Victoria and punch a $1.17 billion hole in the state's export income, more than a quarter of the total value of the state's biggest export industry. Many Australians would think that this is a succesful outcome as it means less Asians and Moslems coming to Australia i.e. those pining for a "neo white Australia" playing the race card, politicians of both sides, demographers such as CPUR, media who have been running scare campaigns claiming backdoor immigration and automatic study to permanent residency PR (both false) and meanwhile those actually responisble for integrity of the system i.e. DEEWR, DIAC and state regulators have avoided scrutiny? At best good old short term Australia not thinking of consequences.....
  3. I have just been looking at the Go Matilda forums website and am cheekily copying this in here as it provides another positive view of the benefit of migrants and was good for my spirits. Alan Collett of Go Matilda posted a link about this on the 25th Jan - so the credit goes to him and the Go Matilda team. Migrant spending a great stimulus to economy during crisis - Topic Powered by Social Strata also from the article"Research by Bruce Chapman at Australian National University shows that, counter-intuitively, migrants create more jobs during a downturn than during a boom.When migrants arrive, they have two effects on the labour market: they compete for the existing pool of jobs, while their demand for goods and services creates job vacancies elsewhere." It would be good to see this reported in the general press as well as business press to encourage the voting public to desire us. Sorry all should have posted this to the News section
  4. Guest

    Aussie Economy

    have look by clicking link below :biggrin: CBA surprises with profit upgrade
  5. Hey guys, Don't know if you've all been following the financial world extra keenly after September 23, but it seems that the Australian economy has not only turned the corner, but is starting to move up through the gears. For example: - Unemployment is peaking earlier and lower than expected at 6.75% in Q2, 2010 (a 8.5% peak forecast for June 2011) - The economy grew at 1% last year when most other countries struggled and is forecast to grow at 1.5% (-0.5%) next year - GDP is also set to grow faster than expected at 1.75% (0.5%) in 2009 and 3.25% (2.25%) in 2010. I realise we are not out of the woods yet. And I'd be a fool to suggest this will have an overnight effect on migration policy and lead to the Government re-evaluating September's bout of knee-jerkism. But at least Mr. Evans will soon have to look elsewhere for his first best excuse for messing us all around. Sources: 2nd UPDATE: Australian Govt Ups Economy View; Deficit To Stay - WSJ.com RBA Says Australian GDP to Grow Faster, Rates to Rise (Update4) - Bloomberg.com
  6. Guest

    WA's surging economy

    According to todays West Australian WA's economy is surging and the state is heading for it's biggest ever jobs boom with employment in WA set to go beyond peak levels experienced earlier this decade. Amongst the professions set to be in demand are nurses and other healthcare workers, teachers, engineering staff and skilled trades. Check out www.thewestaustralian.com.au All sounds very promising doesn't it?:yes:
  7. bunbury61

    Pommie banking - the economy

    Talking to a Bank Manager for one of the big UK Banks last night . They are currently PASSING 85% OF LOAN REQUESTS. There particular bank has £9 billion .....YES 9 BILLION TO PLAY WITH, and as quick as they loan some out. the money is being paid back from other sources. The UK has suddendly gone " risk averse".......people are paying back what they owe. I think they are calling this " the time of austerity".
  8. We all love our fun on here, but there's also a serious side I guess. Some of you may be interested in this article and in a programe on BBC 2 tonight (Thursday 24th Sept). It's about the credit meltdown in Britain last year in October and shows just how close we came in Britain to the economy completely collapsing. King Says British Banks Got Within Hours of Collapse (Update2) - Bloomberg.com It was Friday October 3rd, the day before my birthday and I was living then in Brisbane. My Dad was calling me frantic on my mobile, I thought to wish me happy birthday but no, he frightened the s*** out of me telling me that RBS Nat West bank was bankrupt. Not really the type of call you want on a Friday night 10,000 miles away especially when your a few beers under the radar and dancing to Latin music in Brissy. Luckily the bank survived and my hard earned savings were OK, but just to make sure, I soon got them out of Nat West Bank :jimlad: It's been a really worrying time for all of us migrating away from these shores and with the strength of the Aussie dollar, our savings and money whether they be small or large have taken a knock for sure. Let's just hope the Pound can bounce in an uptrend sometime in the future. The Love of Money - BBC 2 9PM TONIGHT, THURSDAY 24TH SEPTEMBER Good luck all, REDDERS
  9. melbournegirlinny

    Victorian & Aus economy improving rapidly

    Just read this in The Age online today about the recovery in Australia, especially Victoria, and how there was no recession here (technically): Victorian boom leads recovery Sandra
  10. connaust

    Economy beats the odds

    Economy beats the odds AUSTRALIA is on track to defy the world and avoid a recession in 2009, beginning a recovery early next year, in the assessment of more than 20 leading economists. The Age's half-yearly economic survey predicts an economic contraction of a mere 0.1 per cent this year followed by a rebound of 0.6 per cent in the year to June 2010..... .....The Macquarie Group was among the most optimistic of the economists pooled in The Age survey, exceeded only by Melbourne University economist Neville Norman, who expects the economy to grow 1.2 per cent this year followed by 2.5 per cent in the year to next June. At the other end of the scale, University of Western Sydney economist Steve Keen expects the economy to contract 3 per cent this year and then contract a record 6 per cent in the year to June.... 4 July 2009
  11. melbournegirlinny

    Great News on Australian Economy

    I just read this on The Age's website--good news from the OECD about the Australian economy: Australia's downturn to be shorter than expected Sandra
  12. Sunshine State beats NSW as sickest QUEENSLAND has replaced the usual suspect of NSW as the nation’s sickest state and threatens to drag Australia into a prolonged recession. Queensland has by far the worst budget position of all the states, and its citizens face the sharpest fall in living standards as unemployment is forecast to almost double in the next two years, from 4.25per cent to 7.25 per cent.
  13. Australia seen as best place to ride out downturn THE world has voted Australia as the best place to run a business during the economic downturn. This supports what local economists have been saying for some time, that the nation is well-placed to weather the global financial crisis. A survey of 7500 international business people from 24 nations identified Australia as the country that was surviving the economic downturn the best, with 20 per cent of respondents citing it as the clear leader http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/business/story/0,28124,25542981-36418,00.html
  14. Guest


    My husband and I have both been granted a Temporary working visa and are looking to move within the next few months. My husband already has a job lined up, but I haven't. Can anyone tell me what the employment is like in Newcastle, NSW? I am trained in office admin, but am prepared to do anything going, but am looking for advice!?! We have also heard that Newcastle is getting a bit of a bad place to be after dark, can anyone advice if this is true? Thanks, borogirl x
  15. Guest

    business vlass or economy

    Hi all im flying out on 6th may to OZ but am wondering is it worth paying the extra £1000 to fly business class? Or shall i wait till i get to the airport and see if i can buy and upgrade? Or go Economy for about £460 Thinking about flying with singapore airlines as they seem to have some really good reviews. Any advice welcomed. PS. I'm travelling alone.
  16. Guest

    work and economy

    hi can anyone let me know if there is plenty of work still for carpetfitters in wa suburbs joondalup area, i visited a few shops a year ago and was told loads of work, whats it like now is there still plenty im hopefully emigrating around june time 2009, and would be grateful if someone could pass me onto someone, friend etc or is there another carpetfitter looking to poss team up, ive been a carpetfitter in uk for 14 years now, well experienced have qualifications refs etc,
  17. Hi - we are currently waiting for our 457 visa approval and are looking at flights. We plan to go to Perth (from Manchester ideally) at the beginning on May, but were hoping to get premium economy flights. After hours on the net still can't seem to find any going to Perth (and have a banging headache!!) Has anyone else found any, or travelled premium economy to Perth before?. I would really appreciate any advice on who this was with, price, baggage allowance and finally is it worth the extra money?? Many thanks
  18. Guest


    Hi everyone! My wife, son and I had our medicals at the beggining of October and are hoping (fingers crossed) for the green light anytime soon and I was just wondering how the economic climate is over there. I am a ceiling/partition fixer and work is getting pretty tight over here.. Also are house prices still rising in aus because they're going dropping here.. ant feed back would be greatly appreciated.. by the way we're heading for Adalaide.. thanks Kev and family
  19. TheBrammies

    Frightening read on ozzie economy

    read this brisbane times article could it be all of us that hoping to be in austarlia soon could be jumping out of the frying pan onto the fire Why real estate spending could make Australia the new Iceland - Business
  20. Guest

    economy in oz

    Hi does any1 know whats happening with the economy in australia. is the banks collapsing there having the same affects as here? :wideeyed:
  21. First of all Merry Christmas everyone! I have read conflicting reports on various websites/forums regarding the state of the Australian economy, some reports saying it is strong and some saying that it could/is heading for recession. If this is indeed the case, what does that mean and how would that effect the man on the street (an increase in un-employment, maybe, etc?) I have previously started a thread re the current weaknessof the $AUD compared to the £, maybe it is all linked... Your thoughts, pl....