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Found 25 results

  1. It does not make sense unless it's all part of Rupert Murdoch's cunning plan to take over the world?
  2. We ALL know the risks of swimming where sharks are present, and at the end of the day it is THEIR domain, but some people just don't learn.:no: He should be on the shortlist for the 'Nearly Made It Onto The Darwin Award Leader Board':realmad::idea:. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-15097734 Cheers Tony.:wink:
  3. Well the satellite we chatted about before is moving towards Earth faster than they expected and reports say it could be as early as tomorrow. http://www.space.com/12982-dead-nasa-satellite-falling-earth-sept-24.html Hope it misses land and hits the ocean. What I don't understand is why they couldn't have blown it up before it enters the earths atmosphere or is that only in movies:wub:
  4. A SIX-ton satellite is out of control and heading towards Earth – and Britain could be in the firing line. US space centre Nasa warned yesterday that the “dead” £470million satellite could land between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south – anywhere between John O’Groats and the Falklands. Though much of the 35ft-long satellite will burn up on re-entry, as much as half a ton could survive. If it hits land, it could leave a trail of debris over 500 miles. Nasa’s orbital debris chief Gene Stansbery said: “Things have been re-entering ever since the dawn of the space age. To date nobody has been injured, but that doesn’t mean we’re not concerned.” The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite was launched 20 years ago to help measure climate change. It ran out of fuel six years ago and is due to crash to earth in late September, early October.
  5. Petals

    Did the earth move for you

    I did not feel the earthquake as I was out with my son in the car but my oh said it was a good shake this morning. We have a fault line on the Peninsula so usually get a jolt, it runs down through Olivers Hill and the back of Somerville Wonder how many little jolts we will get.
  6. What on earth were they thinking??? :v_SPIN: Quotes people really wished they hadn't uttered..... Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff. -- Mariah Carey Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? Answer: I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever. -- Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss Universe contest Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana...The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two, but can't remember what they are. --Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show, August 22 I haven't committed a crime. What I did was fail to comply with the law. -- David Dinkins, New York City Mayor, answering accusations that he failed to pay his taxes. Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life. -- Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body. -- Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. -- Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history...this century's history...We all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century. -- Dan Quayle, then Indiana senator and Republican vice-presidential candidate during a news conference in which he was asked his opinion of the Holocaust The streets are safe in Philadelphia. It's only the people who make them unsafe. -- Frank Rizzo, ex-police chief and mayor of Philadelphia After finding no qualified candidates for the position of principal, the school board is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of David Steele to the post. -- Philip Streifer, Superintendent of Schools, Barrington, Rhode Island
  7. Dear All, we are very down. Hubby has passed TRA for auto electrician, I have spent 2 years requalifying as Australian lawyer we cannot seem to get past the tick box system and recruitment agents to find jobs. We need a job sponsor. Hubby is one of the best ever auto electricians with experience on heavy trucks and emergency vehicles and coaches . Every job if it does not stipulate must have visa to apply stipulates , mining equipment experience required. We cannot despite trying find anywhere in UK to get that experience. Having spent over £6,000 and 2 years studying by distance learning and the cost of a trip to get admitted as a lawyer and 2 years of looking for a job for hubby we are now very depressed and time is against us due to our ages. We do not have family in Australia but I have loved the country for 25 years and been a regular visitor. Took hubby out there for holiday and he fell in love too. Hubby has been told that if he gets a visa there will be no propblem with his skills getting work. Chicken and egg syndrome!!! We just want one person to see us as individuals and recognise our committment to Australia and talk to us, or provide us an avenue to obtain the mining, experience on earth moving equipment. I guarantee you hubby will amaze you with his talent. It would be encouraging if even one person replied to our job enquiries. Any ideas, gratefully received, Shelglen
  8. calNgary

    Earth Hour

    Well its that time of year again, will you be switching off tonight and getting the candles out? or do you not bother? Lights out for climate change - Earth Hour Australia 2010 I must admit i do try to do my bit and normally switch everything off bar the TV or Lappy. Cal x
  9. I can't believe how awful trying to rent somewhere in Sydney is becoming! I have a job waiting for me, a visa about to be approved and all I want is a small studio/one bedroom place for no more than $450 week. This is not a problem so long as I can view the places first...but I'm in the UK awaiting my visa! I've searched every property site I can find and all the estate agents want me to view property first. I have searched shared accomodation and either get no reply or complete conmen. I am now at a loss, probably weeks from going to Sydney and may have to resort to spending a fortune on hotels until I can secure a place to live. I really really don't want to do the whole hostel thing as I'll be working shifts. I'm scared that, after all of this, I will have to give up my dream and my new job. I feel miserable :arghh: Any tips, suggestions would be more than welcome...I'm sure there are others out there who are doing what I want to... Thanks... X
  10. Australia scored third place, but other major Western nations did poorly, with Britain coming in at 74th place and the United States at 114th. Costa Rica is the happiest place on Earth, and one of the most environmentally friendly, according to a new survey by a British non-governmental group, which puts Australia in third place. I knew it was'nt only me that felt this way AUSTRALIA what a great place to live, especially QUEENSLAND..................... Dont give up hope with your visa applications its all worth it in the end ....................
  11. We have been in Perth 6 months now and during that time i have had intense moments of anguish re missing friends and family. However I now wonder how anyone could go back. Isn't life here infinitely better? Maybe that's just me 'cos I hate the UK grey so much. That grey alone is enough to keep me here. It's like I spent 37 years of my life in black and white and now I live in colour:cute:
  12. Well tonight (Sat 28th ) at 8.30pm your local time it is Earth Hour , so who will be having an hour of darkness and doing their bit for the enviroment? Earth Hour Cal x
  13. Xtonite

    Did the earth just move again?

    Hi sitting here in Berwick Victoria and just this minute felt another big earth tremor just like the one back on the 6th. Did anyone else feel it or was it just a digger toppling over on the buidling site nearby?
  14. Guest

    What on earth is this

    One of the only things that could make me have to return to the UK would be if Mrs G seen a snake, well would you Adam and Eve it got a frantic wife on the phone today about the attached critter so had to rush back home, cut it with the saw then had 2 to contend with, OMG i am panicing then, my shout is its a big worm or something Mrs G says i am out of here that a Feckin huge snake, please Help what TYPE OF WORM IS THIS in the attached photo
  15. Xtonite

    Did the earth move for you???

    Did anyone in the Berwick area feel the earthquake?? Happened just before 9pm Friday night lasted for quite a few seconds.:arghh:
  16. Hi After the euphoria of OH passing his practical last week and getting that step closer, my mind has flicked onto the Visa and even though we've not even lodged yet, I've started thinking about that day when we have to say goodbye. How on earth do you say goodbye to those you love without breaking your and their heart in 2? I know I'm being a bit premature here, but up until now I've just pushed those thoughts and feelings to the back of my mind and tried not to think about it while I concentrate on the Visa, but all of a sudden those thoughts keep cropping back up, and I find myself crying thinking about it. Now, people I've spoken to who don't understand the whole Visa process, just simply say, "well no-ones forcing you to go!" and I know all that and I know I could just stop the whole process now, but thats not likely to happen. I look into my parents eyes when they're thinking about it, and encouraging me and giving me insightful pieces of wisdom and I know that its breaking their heart. I suppose to go and not even consider the people you're leaving behind would make you inhuman, but talk about the toughest thing you'll ever do!! More insightful wisdom needed please:unsure: Thank you people Distraught and questioning myself!!
  17. Petals

    Google Earth

    I am sure most of you do look at Google Earth but I find if I am going somewhere new in Melbourne I have a look at it and check out the roads where it is etc. It will be helpful to get an idea of distances and where suburbs are. I use it and have all my relatives points on it in UK, NZ, and the USA. Much travelled family is mine. Also shows the hospitals, schools parks, beaches etc. so very useful.
  18. Guest

    where on earth to live!!

    Hi everyone Im new and confused!!! desperate to live in oz but have no idea where to being looking to live. Any suggestions where would be the best place with a child?! would be grateful of any ideas.:yes:
  19. ali

    Earth Hour

    Anyone taking part in this global event? We'll decided to eat by candlelight outside tomorrow and have all the lights off in the house. Kids were ok with it after looking at the TV guide to see what they'll miss lol Ali
  20. Having bought and sold a number of houses in the past I find the most stressful aspect of the entire process is invariably dealing with Estate agents. Ive yet to find an estate aget that has actually earnt the £5,000-£8,000, ive paid them each time Ive needded to sell a house, and each time Ive tried to buy a house Ive got screwed over by the agents messing us about. So, in response to a couple of other threads Ive seen over teh past few days Ive decided to look at the alternative options. 1) Rightmove.... these guys are probably the biggest name online, however, they only deal with estate agents, so not an option unless you want to engage an estate agent, however, when I sell I would really want my property advertised on this site. 2) Sell My House Home Property. Private Selling Letting advertising Online. Sales and Lets. for £150 you can advertise your house for an entire year, and have a board outside your house.... and teh best bit is because these guys are NOT an estate agent you can use these guys without violating your sole agent agreement with a high street agent.... this site is well worth visiting, especially for their information about HIPS...bottom line NEVER LET AN ESTATE AGENT PREPARE YOUR HIP 3) Online Estate Agent Selling Property>Right Move Agents @ House Network Sales these guys say they are an on line estate agent, so you immediately need to be wary, however, they advertise on all the key on line websites (including rightmove), and will do so for only £500...... at this price who cares if they do nothing, Id pay that to put the house advert on the on line sites alone, let alone their services in preparing the brochure information. So, thats my start on the issue, anyone got any other ideas, hints or tips....or even want to try and persuade us why estate agents are not so bad after all?
  21. Guest

    Google Earth !!!!

    hi, anyone with kids , having a 5 yr old rugrat who wants to know the answer to everything!! Just spent the last half hour with her on google earth. She loved seeing where abouts in the Big World we are going too. Helped my daughter hopefully understand a little bit more about our BIG adventure !!! Just thought this might help others with little ones who ask alot of questions!!! ( Also was interesting for us too) Love Sue x
  22. Guest

    Google earth!!

    Today I discovered Google Earth and i love it. Find a house or suburb on the real estate web site then put the address in google earth and hey it takes you off to it. Ive travelled all over OZ to day checked out locations of houses, schools how far from the beach, I need more hours in the day for all this research!!!!!! Lynda
  23. Guest

    Down to earth with a bump....

    Tonight i rec"d a phone call from an agent at Visabureau.com,to discuss us moving to Perth. The not so good news is that as i do not have a degree,a move to perth is not going to happen,however i would be able to go to south australia....... bit of a blow here really. Myself, i am open to going anywhere,but wifey doesn"t want to go unless its round Perth,understandable i suppose,if you are going half way roung the world,you have to be happy with where you are going. So here is my first (of probably alot) question. So heres a question,if i did an open university degree,would that count? oh and my trade would be for a General Engineering Tradesperson.
  24. Hi, my husband (who is an air conditioning engineer) and I have been thinking of emigrating for a while now. I don’t mind filling out paper work/booklets etc, as I am currently a pen pusher, (Boo) but not very good at using computers, and was wondering if someone would be willing to share their experience with me about obtaining a skills visa and if it's better to go down this route on your own, or blow the budget and get an agency involved to help. Also for planning I need to have an idea of how long the whole process takes? Thank you Angela
  25. Guest

    Real Estate and Google Earth

    Has anyone come across http://www.realesate.com.au It's a greatweb site that allows you to view properties to rent and buy and then, if you're clever (!) you can identify areas on Google Earth! It's been great for us, anyhow!