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Found 286 results

  1. Guest

    driving in Oz

    We've just been granted our subclass 864 visa. Would like some help on the rules for us driving. Do we have to take another test etc.
  2. Oh please help me - I feel like i'm going round and round in circles!!!! We are a family of 4 who live in a small northamptonshire village. We are hoping to be ready to move at end of this year and can't make a final decision of wether to go to Tas or Victoria. I am a nurse, I like the quiet life. Hubby is jack of all trades - hobby is tinkering with cars and machines. Daughter 11 lives and breathes horses and son 14 - fairly quiet likes to ride his quad bike. We have visited both areas and can see benefits and drawbacks in both. We will only be able to afford to purchase property around $350,000. Tassie - We love the green and beauty in Tas, it is a very similar environment to where we live now with the added bonus of the sea close by. Us oldies love the fact its laid back but kids worry about lack of facilites and getting bored. I am also worried about son getting caught up in Tasmania Tomorrow changes at High School and disrupting his education. Victoria - We are looking at West, point cook/werribee. Worries - schools so big, living in suburbia, so many people and traffic. Good points - Loads to do, Melbourne is a fantastic city and good Uni if my son decides he wants this path. Thanks for reading this - it really is driving me insane, I think we have made a decision then someone throws another consideration into the pot!!!! Any words of wisdom gratfully accepted. Vanessa :unsure:
  3. Guest

    Driving to Brisbane

    Hi FPIO (Fellow Poms in Oz) We are driving up from Wollongong, NSW to Brisbane in about a weeks time with our two furry friends (pooches). Looking at gmaps it looks like it is a 13 hour drive. So we were hoping to stop on the way up and make a proper road trip of it and see a bit of NSW and QLD. So the question is, can anyone suggest place we could stay with our furry friends? Thanks FC :jiggy:
  4. nik_kershaw

    Driving Licence

    I spoke to DVLA last night about changing my address to Australia, however they told me that I should have handed it in when I got my NSW one. Has anyone actually handed their licence over?
  5. I have a son who has turned 17 and was wondering whether to get him through his driving test while we are in the UK or to leave it until we get to Perth ?? Any info would be welcome on driving in oz.:confused:
  6. Today quads are enjoyed by many people, they can be found on recreation areas, farms, in the forest, nurseries etc. However, the thrill of riding up and down hills and jumping over ditches not only a kind of stimute but also tragedy. I just heard a sad story that, a 9 years old boy was killed in quad biking accident during the night. I believe this is preventable only if rider could pay more attention. Here are some notes I collect, and I do hope there will be no more such accident. Note 1: Should never drive into where there’s no light direction. With headlight beam, adequate braking distance will guarantee the riders have enough time to stop the quad bikes before collision. Usually, quad bikes’ light can reach to about 60 meter wide ahead of the bike, and if speed can be kept at 48KM/H, 50 meter braking distance will help riders avoid accidents. Note 2: Driving at night, DOs: Make sure the cleanness and good performance of the quad bikes lights. Drive in a familiar road. Bring flare or flashlight as emergency signals. Stop out of the route to avoid injury other drivers. Wear reflective safety clothing so people can see you. Driving at night, DON’Ts: Break away from original route Drive without accompany Note 3: Guard against the dark. Slow down the speed in poor lighting. Be more careful in cloudy or raining days. And determine direction before dusk when driving into open fields.
  7. How old do you have to be to learn to drive in perth ? Like in scotland you have to be 17 , is it the same in perth? thanks stevie
  8. Hi there! I've heard some driving schools are plainly evil. Are there any trustworthy schools one can recommend? I'm in Botany Bay area, but this is a more general question.
  9. Dear all, We are driving to my new Job in Perth in January. I was wondering if anyone else had driven it? If so, do you have a copy of your rout where to stay at night - We have been given 8 to 10 days to do it in. Is there enough LPG to get enroute as I have a 4.0 Prado? Big task I'm taking on but you can only do it once in a lifetime to see most of the sights.:chatterbox: Regards Ady and Dave
  10. Hi All - 1st post I am close (very close) to being offered an internal transfer to Newcastle, Australia. I am a little concerned about two things though. 1st 5 years ago my brother and I were attacked by a group of boys whilst on a night out and in self defense I fought back to protect myself and my brother- when the police arrived my brother and I were arrested as a witnessed (wrongly) told the police that we were the attackers. Anyway to cut a long story short we were taken to the police station and charged to appear in court for assault - a trial followed and it was quickly agreed by the courts that we had no charges to face and were cleared/acquitted of our charges... So, do I have criminal record because I was arrested even though the courts through out the charge and will this affect my application on a 457 business visa 2nd point. I was arrested and charged with drink driving also 5 years ago with out a full driving license- wait till you here this story. I got a phone call one Monday evening saying my dad had a massive heart attack and that he was in an ambulance being taken to hospital. I had just bought a car in anticipation of my driving test which I was due to sit in 10 days time and when I got the call from my mother I wrongly made the foolish decision to jump into the car and drive to the hospital. I was stopped by the police and told I had not switched my lights on and asked were I was going? It then transpired that they found out I did not have a full license and thus they breath tested me. when asked if I had been drinking I said I had had two cans of Stella whilst watching the TV and then got the call from my mum and thus how I came to end up wrongly driving the car... Anyway just my luck I was something like 55mm of alcohol in my system and you are only at that time allowed something like 50mm so I got done for drinking driving? Will this be classed as a criminal record and go against my 457 business visa application? Thanks in advance for all your help
  11. Guest

    driving test

    do we need to re sit a driving test to drive in wa.
  12. Cazz

    WA Driving Licence???

    Hi Can someone tell me; When we get to Perth & change our driving licence ,do we have to take a theory test before they let us have it???? Some things I read say we do, others that we don't. :confused:
  13. Guest

    UK Driving Licence on 457?!?!?

    Hi guys, Am I right in thinking that as I'm moving to Victoria on a 457, I don't need to get an Australian driving licence? I have checked the Vic Driving Website and it says: "If you are in Victoria on a temporary visa, you can drive on your overseas driver licence (it must be current and valid) for an indefinite period provided your overseas driver licence is in English (or you have an accompanying English translation or International Driving Permit)." but just wanted to confirm... Potentially I could be in Australia for 4 years on this visa and can drive on my UK licence all this time?!?! I'm assuming that the same applies for a WHV too?! Thanks x
  14. Hi, we are moving to the Gold Coast from adelaide at the end of March and would like to know where we go to change our rego, driving license and Builders license over to Queensland ones. We are looking at living around Pacific pines/helensvale/coomera areas. Also does anyone have an idea on how much is costs. Thanks.
  15. Guest

    UK Driving Licence

    Hey All Will most likely be heading over to Australia sometime around December on a WHMV with a view of persuading an employer to sponsor me - difficult I know but probably easier whilst on that visa! I've had a look into the Aus Driving Licences and had one question in particular. I only passed my driving test in June last year and as such although I have a drivers licence it is not a "full" drivers licence until I have held it for 2 years, does this mean that when I visit Aus that I would have to take a driving test or would my licence count as a full english licence and all I would have to do is take the theory - to get an Aus licence? Many thanks Nick
  16. Generalis

    Qld Driving Licence

    Bought a car from private seller not collected it yet but do we need a qld driving licence to register that we own it? Dont want to get licence as will be moving in 3 weeks and not sure if we got licence in address name we are at the moment whether we will need to pay to change address. anyone know? Thanks Sam
  17. Hi all, I'm finally here in Perth...... wow wow wow.... its only took 2 years,. but let me tell you well worth the wait. Problem I've lost my english driving license (yes I have searched and emptied everything) so before i ring and tell them how stupid I've been does any1 have any sugestions as to what to do? I have my insurance certificate and old bills from the U>K will this help in any way? ALL HELP APPRECIATED:twitcy:
  18. Hello and Happy New Year! I have been reading threads about driving licenses in WA, I am very aware of the procedures needed to exchange overseas driving licenses, the timelines, restrictions etc but I am still confused. (By the way I find it all very bureaucratic; it seems that even if you are Australian living in Australia with an Australian driving license, if you move from one state to another you need to replace your license!?) We got a 175 visa in December, and we are planning to go to Australia on holiday around September to validate the visa and to take a closer look to options of where to live. We are very interested in Perth, but at first it seems that I will not be able to use my UK driving license when we get there because it will be way beyond the 3 months they allow you to use your overseas driving license after you are granted the visa. However the whole thing is very confusing. This webpage Overseas drivers reads: The sentence "if you intend to live in WA" is not very precise is it? How do they know that you "intend" to live there and are not just visiting? In our case, we do not really "intend" to live in WA, at least not as yet, we may decide that we want to live in Sydney instead. In NSW you have 3 months after you first enter Australia, in that case which rule applies when we are in Perth? Should we fly into Sydney (making it in a way our "entry point" in Australia) and then fly to Perth from there? If that is the case, it is better then to fly into Adelaide first, as in Victoria you can use your overseas license for 6 months, and if someone asks we can say that we "intend" to live in Adelaide! Any advice is welcome… Thanks, Luis
  19. Hi there, im sure there are many posts regarding my query but I cant find them Basically my husband and I are hopefully moving to OZ this year and we were wondering how we go about getting his HGV class 1 swapped into their equivalent. We are looking at QLD, he has over 16 years experience driving HGVs. Thanks in advance Amanda
  20. Guest

    driving test in oz

    does anyoneknow if you pass your driving test in Oz is it valid in the uk, if you move back.
  21. Hi, Hope some one can help, was granted subclass 309 provisonal residence visa in oct 2006 have been living in Sydney since April 2007 due to something going wrong at IMMI they never sent me out the details for my second stage visa application after a year and 1/2 of phone calls eventually got response today saying will send out letter to commence permenant residency visa. I am married to an Aussie, i own my house here yet due to slowness of immigration I am still only considered temp resident. No problems until now when went to get NSW driving license which i need for work and said that even though i have lived here for 3 years I have been out of the country in last 6 months so can not issue visitors with a NSW license. It seems crazy as i have to have a NSW license for work but cant wait another 6 months and anyway will have to leave the country for a holiday in the next 6 months so basically it seems iam screwed until my permenant residency is granted which will prob take another 10 months. Anyone any ideas or help i would be immensley grateful. :wacko:
  22. hello i'm looking for any one who teach me driving in newcastle or any school for that............... hope it will be closer to jesmond.... can you help me... thanks
  23. Following some posts on WA driving licenses I made a formal enquiry to the DPI Licensing Customer Contact Centre WA. It is related to the fact we will be validating our residents visas before actually making the permanent move. I'll post the text of the enquiry below for those who wish to read it however the bottom line is the clock starts ticking for your 3 months period of grace as soon as validation occurs, so my wife and I will need to get our WA licenses in August whilst there validating. If we waited until our return and it was over the 3 months then we would need to sit the exams, if any members have any experience of this it would be good to hear your outcomes. ------------------- + ------------------------------- + ---------------------------------- + ----------------------------- Enquiry Details - My wife and I were granted a VE176 permanent resident visa on the 20th November 2008, which we intend to validate this August 2009 before returning to live in WA by the end of 2009 or early 2010. Can you advise us on when we need to apply for a WA state license as I understand it is noramlly within 3 months of arrival - however we will be returning to the UK once our vias''s are validated, so should we obtain or licenses whilst in WA in August or can we wait until or permanent move? Thank you for your enquiry. If you are becoming a permanent resident of Western Australia, you have three months in which to transfer your driver licence. If you are in Western Australia on a visitor, student or temporary visa you may continue to drive using your home countries driver licence, provided that it is still valid and has not expired. To transfer your overseas driver licence you will need to attend a Western Australian Licensing Centre or regional Licensing Agent. To find the address of your nearest centre/agent, please visit our website. Licensing Centre addresses are also listed in the White Pages under Planning and Infrastructure (Department for). Licensing Centre opening hours are from 8.15am til 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Regional agents opening and closing times may vary, so please check these times before attending. To transfer your licence, you will need to bring the following identification with you - · Passport · Overseas driver licence · Secondary identification that displays your signature, such as an ATM card or credit card · Proof of residency, i.e. something that displays your Western Australian address, such as a bill, bank statement or lease agreement. At the centre/agent you will be required to complete an eyesight test. You will qualify for exemption from the computerised theory test (CTT) and practical driving assessment (PDA) for car © and motorcycle ® classes if the issuing authority for your driver licence is included in the list of 'recognised countries' below - Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man*, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Luxembourg, Malta^, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America. * - licences issued on or after 1 November 1991 ^ - licences issued on or after 2 January 2004 All other applicants will be required to undergo a multiple-choice question test on Western Australia's road rules (CTT). This test is based on information in the Drive Safe Book. Those who need to complete the test will be required to attend a Licensing Centre/Agent before 3.45pm. A practical driving assessment for each class of licence will also be required. To transfer a heavy vehicle licence class you must pass a CTT relating to specific road rules, size and dimensions of heavy vehicles. The test will comprise of 10 questions of which you must get 8 correct to pass. You must also pass a PDA. Please note, if your overseas licence is not written in English you will need to produce an official translation from the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs at the time of transfer. Their office is located at - 45 Francis Street Northbridge WA 6003 Telephone: (08) 9261 2266 Alternatively, the licence may be translated by your Consulate. In this case the translation must be on an official Consulate letterhead and be signed by the Consulate General or other authorised officer. You may also have your licence translated by an approved National Accreditation Authority Translators & Interpreters (NAATI) translator. There is a fee for this service. The fees payable if transferring your C or R class driver licence from a 'recognised country' are: · Transfer fee of $36.20 · Standard licence renewal fee of $36.60 The fees payable if transferring your driver licence from a 'non-recognised country' or if transferring a heavy vehicle class are: · Computerised theory test fee of $17.40 for each class being transferred. · Application fee of $68.30 for each class being transferred - this fee includes one practical driving assessment. · Standard licence renewal fee of $36.60 once the practical driving assessment is passed. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, money order, EFTPOS or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only) at any centre/agent. Please make all cheques and money orders payable to the Department for Planning and Infrastructure If you require further information please do not hesitate to reply to this email. Alternatively, you can visit our website, www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing or call our Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 or 08 9427 6404 if you are calling from outside Australia. Kind regards, Kym Senior Consultant Communications Team Kym, Thanks for the reply however i'm still not clear on the scenario I described for my up comming visa validation. Our visas will be a permanent resident visas - not temporary, student or visitor, however the visit is to validate the visas only, which we have one year to do from issue. We will arrive in WA on the 15th August at which point the visas will be validated allowing us to come and go as we please, we do not intend to set up residency during this visit, that will be towards the end 2009 or early 2010, however if our visa is active from the 15th August does that mean we need to obtain our driving licences in that 3 months or can we wait until our permanent return? What I'm alluding to here is that if we wait until residency and turn up to register for licenses with the visa that has been valid since August 2009 will we still qualify for the license exemption transfer or would we need to sit the exams ? Thank you for your enquiry. You will have 3 months to transfer your drivers licence from 15/08/2009, when your permanant residence visa becomes active. If you require further information please do not hesitate to reply to this email. Alternatively, you can visit our website, www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing or call our Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 or +61 8 9427 6404 if you are calling from outside Australia. Kind regards, Francesca Consultant Communications Team DPI Licensing Customer Contact Centre We have a large selection of forms available on our website for your convenience. Please visit www.dpi.wa.gov.au/licensing/14811.asp
  24. Hi All those who have made the move down under, or anyone who knows - what do you do with your UK driving licence with regards to your address when emigrating? Did you change to a relatives house in the UK or does the DVLA require info that you have emigrated and mark your licence accordingly? TIA
  25. hello my name is raymond, i am working in oz as a carpenter kitchen fitter but i am looking to try and get work as a dumptruck driver, but i cant seem to find any one who can tell me what i am letting my self in for, i dont want to pay 4000 bucks for a course and then find out there are no jobs to be found, plus i am dont really know what the job intails , just that the money is quite good, please can somone advize me on all this thanks ray