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Found 286 results

  1. Guest

    Insurance for driving

    Hi can anyone tell me, can you transfer your no claims bonus from your car insurance from the Uk to Aus. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi all. We have just recently got word that our PR has been granted and are now in the process of ironing out all of the finer details for the big move, which will be in January '12 (Perth area, WA) We will be trying to find rental accommodation which is within a reasonable commuting distance for both myself and my husband. I will be working in Joondalup, and my husband in Welshpool, so not an easy task ! We have been looking at the Darch area amongst others, and wonder if anyone can comment on the area, and also any surronding areas or suggest somewhere else that would suit us for working in the areas mentioned ? Also, my silly hubby lost his license for speeding on his motorbike, and has to resit his test before we come over. Will he be subject the the P plate rules as it is a new license, or will his 14 years of (clean!!) driving experience count, and should he be able to transfer straight to a full WA license ? Thanks for your help
  3. Hi, we are hoping to drive up the coast from Port Hedland to King George Falls next month, has anyone done this drive or have any tips for us? We really want to see the Falls but all the internet cruise / scenic flight companies seem pretty expensive - anyone got any recommendations? Thanks :spinny:
  4. johnosmad

    Transferring driving licences!!

    I'm not sure this is a Migration issue but its not really a job advert either but anyway.... I noticed that on the SA website for transport we can transfer our UK driving licences, simple!! However it also says that if you hold HGV then you will have to take a test, Has anyone else transferred their Cat C + E licences and if so is it an actual driving test or more of a formality where someone will take you for a spin to ensure your competent, safe etc. I would be a bit gutted if I had to sacrifice them as it will not be a priority and wont have time initially to go through prep for a full on test!!
  5. Les Avalook

    Re-new UK driving licence?

    Our son has PR in Queensland and holds an Oz driving licence. We have just had a letter to our home in the UK for him to pay £20 to re-new his UK photo licence. What have other Poms done? Is it worth while to pay and re-new his UK licence or if he comes over for a visit to the UK will his Oz licence be OK to drive here on for a holiday and just let his UK licence lapse? Regards Les
  6. Dont know if anyone can help with this or not. I've got a UK driving license photocard with my old address on, and cant find my paper part. Can anyone confirm or not what is needed when you go to get the Oz driving license, do they need the paper part or is the photocard one with passport to confirm ID enough?? We've moved house a couple of times in the past few years so no wonder its got lost. Thanks
  7. whitewash

    Drink Driving Conviction

    Hi Guys , A couple of years ago I was stupid enough to get into my car after having a few pints , got caught and I lost my drivers licence . It was the most stupid thing I've ever done , the implications are massive and always seem to come back to haunt me . It's a BIG MISTAKE ...don't ever even think about it , it's so not worth it ! I'm getting my licence back in the coming months . I've VIC SS sorted and am in the process of getting the main application in , meds , police , Ielts , etc .. I will need to swap my new licence within 6 months of arriving for a VIC licence. Does anybody have any experience or have heard of anyone who has had any experience when it comes to swapping their licence to an Oz licence when they have a disqualification for drink driving under their belt ? Will they refuse me a licence outright ? Make me start as a provisional / learner - start from stratch all over again ? I've checked on the vicroads.au site but they won't let you ask them online this particular type of question . If anyone has any ideas / info I would be so grateful . Thanks Dan
  8. Hi Just wondered if anybody can help, I have tried numerous times to make enquiries about holiday rentals on Stayz.com but for some reason it won't let me submit any enquiries as it doesn't like my postcode.....I have tried UK postcode/Aus postcode but it won't accept anything so therefore I cannot enquire!!! Has anyone else had this prob, I'm sure it's something quite simple, just pulling my hair out as we need to get some accomodation booked..... Thanks guys:arghh:
  9. Hi can anyone help, My brother inlaw is a driving Instructor in U.K. He is looking into migrating to S.A does anyone know if Driving Instructors are able to get State Sponsorship for S.A or would he be stand better chance with family sponsor when we move out in Sept this year.
  10. Hello guys, I would like to ask how we can manage to get a driving license in WA. My partner & I are both not comfortable driving with stick. We're so stupid driving it! We will be arriving in Perth by first week of September and our int'l license are no longer valid due to our visa was granted last March. So the 3 month period shall be expired during that time. Does Perth driving school require us to pass the test by driving a stick to obtain a license? Please advise... Thanks taz
  11. I currently have a cat;D licence in the UK, does anyone know if I can transfer it to a MR or LR licence stright away, I know I will have to sit tests to do so, but will I have to wait the year to do so after I get my cat;C. We are looking to move to WA. Also what is the four year waiting period to get the F endorsment.:biggrin:
  12. deanthebrickie

    driving offences

    Hi there Not sure if anyone can help with this one. We moved over to Oz (victoria) 3 years ago but came back when things didn't work out. We're now thinking of returning to Sydney but have a small problemo. Just before we left hubby was given a ticket by a traffic officer for changing lanes without indicating at a roundabout!! There was no other traffic around so couldn't see the harm but my hubby failed to see the copper car sitting just over the roundabout. As soon as we drove past the sirens went on and we were pulled. We paid the fine that was issued through the post but a week before we left we received a refund with no explanation. We banked it, thought it strange but left none the wiser. A neighbour who had agreed to forward post to us sent us another fine which had been reissued a couple of months later. Again no explanation other than 'reissue'. Looked like it was for the same offence but we just ignored it as we hadn't planned to ever return!!! What do we do. Hubby is worried it will show up on record when we go through immigration control at airport or even if he is pulled over again. Do we need to contact the issuing police station or do we just ignore it. We're not planning to go back to Victoria, going to Sydney. Anyone else ever had this dilemma??:goofy:
  13. Guest

    Highway Code

    Does anyone know if there is a Highway Code for Western Australia? My daughter is heading for 17 and wants to start learning their rules and not bother with Britains.
  14. good evening!!! Just wanted a little advice re 457 application! I am the main visa applicant, and have been advised that both myself and my partner will need a police check doing.....however, he had to go to court in 2008 for speeding, and only kept his licence by the skin of his teeth, got a big fine and had his name in the 'week in court' section of our local paper (is this just a Wigan thing or do they name and shame everyone in their local paper?????). The thing that is worrying me is that we came over to Oz in December 2009 and he didnt declare it on the entry card thing that they give you on the plane.....I have read some posts that not declaring things on the entry card can cause problems when it comes to applying for temporary and permanent visas and am wondering if going to court for speeding is something that should have been declared? and if so should we start grovelling now? Any thoughts???? :wacko: Beth xxxxxxxx
  15. nurse sue

    driving instructor needed

    My daughter has just passed her test for her learners licence of which I am very proud but am now desperately trying to find a driving instructor redland bay/slacks creek (queensland)areas if anyone can recommend someone I would be greatful just not sure about picking name out the telephone book would rather have a recommendation as daughter has slight hearing difficulties and would like someone who is understanding to her needs thank you in advance
  16. Guest

    Truck Driving in Oz

    I am anLGV driver hoping to join my daughter in Oz on a contributory 175 visa.Can any help me with the clasifications with trucks in Oz? What licence is needed for which class of vehicle?Do uk LGV licences automatically transfer? Any info gratefully received
  17. interstate parking haha (oh dear) !
  18. Pauly


    Looking at going to Oz on a working holiday visa and was wandering whether it is important to be able to drive in Oz. I currently don't drive and if I have to learn it'll set me back going to Oz by a few months. I also don't even know if I can use the licence in Oz being a new driver. So the question is do I bite the bullet and just get to Oz or do I learn to drive????
  19. Been loving the random career i've stumbled into driving tractors and harvesters over here and might have the chance to head up into queensland for the sugar cane harvest in a few weeks will be driving a tractor pulling trailers full of sugar cane from the paddock to the rail and filling train trailers, looks lile itll be proper big boys toys if i get the job, like 30-40 tonne trailers and badass tractors anyone else get to play with stuff like this? what stuff do you drive?
  20. I am a uk social worker with 3 years exp, 1 of that in child protection. At the mo we are awaiting to hear back from vic re ss, applied 21 weeks ago! Sick of waiting! I see that ppl have got a employer sponsorship in a week!! I've asked if reed ( employment agency) would sponsor me but said no as don't drive! Can't drive due to my epilepsy! Does anybody know if 'oz' sponsor non drivers?? Don't think so but thought I'd ask! How much is a social worker on with over 3 years exp??
  21. Is it correct that you have to sit your driving test again to transfer your license from a British one to an Australian one? I know you have three months with your British one before you have to transfer it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Really don't fancy having to pass a driving test again!
  22. I have noticed a few people mention that points do no get transfered. What about driving bans which are still on the licence from 6 or 7 years ago - are these transfered?
  23. Hi, Could anyone tell me how I get a WA drining licence? Is it a matter of transfering my UK licence to WA? Also if you take proof of no-claims from the uk will they take that into consideration when insuring a car in WA? Many Thanks
  24. Hi, Hoping someone has had lessons and can recommend a driving instructor for our son. We live in success so would like someone fairly local if possible. Recommends are always better than putting a pin in the yellow pages !!!! Thanks in advance Chris :spinny:
  25. Guest

    driving to Oz

    just got our visas (it has taken 3 years) -- we have been driving from the Uk for a year---our Land Rover is being ferried into Brisbane from Malaysia at the beginning of May, and we shall follow (by plane), then we are driving round to Perth. We will be happy to hear any good tips from others that have done similar......