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Found 287 results

  1. vdM family

    Exchanging driving licence

    Can anybody who has a South african Drivers Licence advise if they were able to get an Oz Licence easily enough when on 457 Visa?
  2. Having pushed for our move to Oz and noticing a lot more ladies than men on here doing the legwork for the big move I wondered who was pushing it all forward ?:err:
  3. Just cannot believe the AHPRA and how they work...... 'Australia are crying out for nurses' ? my arse.... Why do they make it so difficult to register? I sent all my documents over 3 months ago, I included everything i could lay my hands on so they didnt contact me to say they needed anything else. I had it all signed by a JP. Now they are asking me for the student handbook from the university i studied at..... STUDENT BLOODY HANDBOOK ??? What is that all about.... Salford Uni think ive lost the plot ringing them and asking for a handbook from 14 years ago. Oh well at least ive got my visa.... working in a cafe it is then. Thanks for listening...... rant over. x:arghh::arghh:
  4. I just had my first driving lesson in 16 years and I was not impressed with the instructor. He seemed careless about road safety/rules of the road. Not what I expected. Please tell me this is not typical? We just moved to Sydney (Ultimo/Broadway) from London (Hackney), and our few friends here have no experience of driving schools. I would really welcome a personal recommendation for a school or instructor. Needs to be for a manual car. NB when I had lessons when I was younger I was up to test standard (failed for stupid reason), plus I've cycled a lot in central London. I'm not imagining his slackness. Can anybody help?
  5. Can't wait to get there! We are Barry 44, Mandy 44, Archie 10 and Mackenzie 7 plus 2 dogs, 2 cars and a camper trailer! Setting off on our road trip to WA from Melbourne as soon as the kids finish school for Christmas! We plan to use over night rest areas and camp sites on our way over, however not really sure of the best camp sites for a 2 week stay once we arrive! The Mandurah area would be ideal as I hope to be working close by. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as the internet seems to be unsure of what I'm asking for! Camp site to pitch our tent for 2 weeks plus, that will allow 2 small dogs! Thanks in advance:smile: Mandy
  6. We're going to try and get our uk driving licenses swapped for OZ ones and was wondering if anyone has managed this whilst in temporary accommodation. Basically we have a months temporary accommodation before we look for a permanent rental, I assume we have to prove address, difficult for a temporary accommodation! Any advice is appreciated, thanks Grant
  7. Guest

    Naughty boy

    I was over in Oz a few years ago on a trip and managed to pick up two fines for speeding, I was in a hire car. Eventually the police sent me the fines over in the UK but I never paid them.... oops. Now the tables have turned slightly and I'm getting sponsored and going to live in Brisbane.... I realise no one will know for sure but do you think this will this cause me any issues. I hope not. lesson learned... :policeman:
  8. Guest

    Driving Lessons - advice please

    Hi, we now have our visa (get in!) and we will be coming over immediately in the new year to Perth. My question is about my 17 year old and driving lessons. He has recently started lessons here in the UK and we were hoping that he would get an opportunity to take his test here before we come over, however we are told that will not be possible in the timescales we have. Should we carry on letting my son have lessons here to gain experience, at £18 / hour or should we stop now and let him start again in Australia? Are there any benefits either way that anyone can think of? Many thanks
  9. Guest

    Driving License

    Hello, I have just moved to Victoria from Queensland and im about to get a Vic driving license and rego etc but my Queensland license has expired am I all right to drive on my English driving license?
  10. Hi all, I have been granted my WHV and will be heading over to OZ in the new year to be based in Melbourne and cant wait. My Dilema is that I will be buying a car or possibly using a family members and curious about the impact a drink driving conviction will on car insurance? The offence was just under 5 years ago and I have been told that I dont need to declare the offence as it happened in the UK but I would love to know if this is true as I want everything to be legitimate so not to cause further complications. Any advice you can give would be appreciated
  11. Newly arrived in Brisbane. I need a phone number so bought a $2 Optus SIM card from the local Spar. I seem to have activated it fine but am having trouble recharging - it seems non-Australian credit cards are a no-no, and my UK paypal account is no good either. I'm genuinely flummoxed and have no idea how I can get credit on this stupid thing! Can anyone help?!
  12. AaronS


    Went from Manly to Auburn to the Home Maker Megamall. GPS took me over the Harbour bridge and I took a wrong turn and ended up touring through downtown Sydney for a bit to get back on the M4. Negotiated everything just fine.....mind you I'm a country boy from central Texas that has never driven on the "correct" side of the road. I practiced at the grocery store with the shopping cart for 8 weeks before week got here. Might sound silly but that did the trick for me! Oh, and we made some good head way on furnishing out house.
  13. Guest

    driving in perth question

    hi, just want to clear something up, we got our visas, permanent residency, its says we can only drive on our uk licenses for 3 months from visa grant date, does this mean we cant hire a car when we land , and have to get a aus license, if so how long before we can get hold of one, we cant do without a car
  14. jomark2oz

    Driving licence query

    Hope someone can help! We fly out for a reccie on the 22nd to Perth to validate our visas. We will obviously be wanting to hire a car and my OH will be doing the driving:wink:. We will also be flying to Brisbane. He only has his photocard driving licence, the green paper part seems to have gone astray. Have done some googling and can't work out if this is going to be a problem? Will the photocard part be enough? I think it takes 3 wks to get a replacement....... Many thanks, Jo(28), Mark(37), William(2)
  15. bessiedoll

    driving in oz

    im a bit confused (nothing new there) i have had my WHV granted and fly out on 28th feb.. i have enough money so i dont have to work straight away, but i want to start work pretty soon after i get there. most of the jobs available are going to be quite far away from where im going to be living, so being able to drive would be a massive help.. my question is, can i get a license on a WVH.. i dont have a uk license, but it would make life so much easier if i could drive. x
  16. Heathfamily

    Address on UK driving licience

    When emigrating, do I need to change the address on my UK driving licience? I know I will have to get an Australian licience when I get there but was wondering about my UK one.
  17. has anyone noticed that cars driving into houses is often in the news (on the radio at least)? I never really heard of it in the UK, but in Oz it seems to be a daily occurrence. Yesterday alone there were 2 in Sydney. One car crashed through the front of the house, hit a guy eating his dinner and came out the back. Is it because inexperienced drivers are allowed to drive high powered rear wheel drive cars and then lose it in the wet or doing burnouts? If so, why don't the authorities do something about it and change the rules? (like banning rwd cars for inexperienced drivers, like they do with turbos). One day someone's kids are going to get killed. Ironically, p-platers can't drive the new VW Golf turbo (which is front wheel drive and only turbo'd for economy), but can drive a rwd 3.8l Commodore or 4.0l Falcon kicking out 250bhp!! :shocked:
  18. Hi, Can I use my local country driving licence after arriving to Melbourne. Is so how long? thank you, horizone
  19. Hi everyone, I'm a 30 year old English guy who moved to Perth from the UK a week ago. Rather embarrassingly, I never got round to learning to drive back home but I intend to get it sorted over here. I have found some info on the subject but the process seems very different to back home. Can anyone give me a step by step guide for as to what I need to do. Has anyone had to do this themselves? Am I also right in saying that because I'm over 25, I don't actually have to log any driving hours whilst I'm on my provisional licence? Any information is gratefully received. Thanks, Steve
  20. I drove out to my brother's place at Picnic Point about 1130. Quite an interesting route - Cleveland St, left into City Road, right into ?Missenden? Road pass RPH- does it become Salisbury Road to Stanmore then along the rail line and left into ?Crystal? St and right into New Canterbury Road. It's interesting to see how the suburbs change the further out you get. I fancy living everywhere until about Dulwich Hill. Once past Canterbury, Lakemba, Wiley Park I lose interest. I thought it would be cool so put a black cardigan on then I felt hot but could not risk taking it off because I had a short sleeved shirt on and did not want to get burnt. And it wasn't even a particularly HOT day either and not even summer yet. And bushfires in The Blue Mountains (and elsewhere?) Was The Hume Highway closed for a while? And I think I saw a Black snake in the bush (definitely something black and nasty slithering away anyway!) Came back into the city and on to Double Bay via the M5 & Eastern Distributor - thank God the traffic is all going the other way. After my swim, my car would not start and had to get the NRMA out - something wrong with the starter motor.
  21. I'm sorry but if she wants to take her own life then that's fine but to drive with 9 children in the car whilst over the limit deserves a life time behind bars.:mad::no: WOMAN charged with drink-driving at almost five times legal limit with nine unrestrained children in her car has appeared in court. Tanya Chilly, 33, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court this morning facing a total of 34 charges. According to court documents, Ms Chilly, of Epping, was found to have a blood alcohol reading of .233 after a collision in Rockbank on August 5. It is also alleged she was an unlicensed driver. Ms Chilly is charged with offences including multiple counts of driving dangerously and placing a person in danger of death, recklessly causing serious injury and negligently causing serious injury. She has also been charged with one count of dangerous driving and nine counts of failing to have a passenger properly restrained. It is alleged the children inside the vehicle at the time of the crash were aged between six months and 16 years. Ms Chilly is on bail and will reappear at Melbourne Magistrates' Court for a committal mention on November 10.
  22. Nearly 5 to 1 for an appt at 130 and still not showered which is entirely typical of me. Lovely day and did not get up until after noon. I like Leichhardt which is about 5k from here - Cleveland St, turn right into City Road, left into Parra Road then continue on past Sydney Uni thru Camperdown, Annandale until I turn right into Norton St - THE street in Leichhardt - full of cafes, restaurants, shops. The only UN-cool thing about the place is the low flying jets from Mascot. There's a big Italian community there. Just hope the lights are on my side - usually check the clock on the old Grace Bros tower at the corner of Broadway/Parra Rd/City Road. I usually vary my route back either via Annandale and Glebe or via the Anzac Bridge - fantastic views over the City skyline and of the Harbour Bridge - really brings home just how BIG Sydney is!
  23. Guest

    WA driving licence

    please can you tell me what you had to do to get your WA driving licence if you had a uk licence, how much did it cost, where did you do it, and how long did it take? Also, I have copied a section from the "begin your life in Australia" booklet that was sent to us. In Australia you must have a driver‟s licence to drive and the vehicle must be registered with the government. It is illegal to drive without a driver‟s licence and to drive an unregistered vehicle. Driver's licences and car registration are issued by state and territory governments. If you are a permanent resident and have a current driver's licence from another country, in English or with an official translation, in most states and territories you are allowed to drive for your first three months after arrival. Note: In Western Australia and Tasmania, the three month period begins when you are granted your permanent residency visa, not when you arrive in Australia. After the three month period, if you want to drive, you will need to get the appropriate Australian driver‟s licence. This will usually require you to pass a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test. If you do not hold a licence from another country you will need to pass a Driver Knowledge Test to get a learner's permit. A learner‟s permit allows you to learn to drive. Once you have the appropriate skills, you can then apply for a driver‟s licence. As we are validating our visas in 3 weeks time, on a reccie trip, but not moving until next year, do we need to get our licence on this trip? Many thanks, Alan
  24. Guest

    Driving in oz

    Afternoon all, Just a few questions that some of you may be able to answer, How much are you paying for diesel at the moment, we are driving from Adelaide - Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane, apparantly our motor home will does 100km to every 14litres :shocked: so will be filling up regularly. We will also be staying a quite a few Big 4 sites along the way so if anyone has been to these and has any experiences then i would appreciate any information and tips. Many thanks
  25. thepallis

    Car / Bike Licence

    Not sure if this in in the correct place, but OH just asked if he needs to take a motorbike test in OZ to ride a 125cc Lambretta scooter or if he will be able to ride on car licence as here in the uk. Any answers or suggested routes to look at welcome. Thanks Sharon