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Found 286 results

  1. Hello all! I've been living in Brisbane for almost 3 years with my Aussie gf. I'm currently on a Bridging Visa while I wait for the first part of my Partner Visa to be completed (been waiting 19 months, and lived here for 12 months prior to that on WHV). So 3 years in August. I was moving apartments on Monday and I lost my wallet - all bank cards, and also my UK drivers license. So what can I do about getting a new/replacement license? From all my research, I don't think I can technically get either my UK license replaced or get a QLD license? I don't think I can get an International Driving Permit either. I have a photocopy of my license but not the hard copy. Any suggestions please? TIA Shaun
  2. Splashdown events team

    Gold Coast jobs

    We are based on the Gold Coast and looking to expand our events team. Here on the coast and supporting our global team. Have UK base as well as Gold Coast looking for a person whom is hands on. Can think out of the box. Doesn’t mind long hours when needed. Many of our team have gone through the hard work of getting a visa! job is only suitable for a practical hands on person past plumbing or electrical knowledge is a major advantage if you are soon to arrive or just arrived let us know richard@splashdown.group Good luck with your move richard
  3. Fcalderwood

    Drink driving offence

    Hello I applied and got my working visa granted back in January but in February I got drink driving on my record. I haven't really thought much about it effecting my already granted visa. But I fly over next week and wondering should I have done something about it and what may happen when I get there???
  4. Hey lovely gang, Slightly random one, have been meaning to ask for a while. I came to Australia on a 417 WHV and have been driving on my UK license since I arrived, I recently applied for a 489 for Tasmania and am on a bridging visa while I await the outcome. Is now a good time to apply for a Tassie driving license or do I need to wait until I actually have the visa grant? I don't want to bother if it's too early, but I also don't want to be driving on my UK license if I'm supposed to be on a Tasmanian one. Thanks a million. Anna. :-)
  5. I've been living here a while now and I can't seem to understand how the direction signs are so badly done in Australia cities. There are signs for some junctions but none for others. And they are usually at the junction, this isn't helpful when the road is several lanes wide and at the opposite side of the junction there is a road sign. But if there is a sign is it usually for the city centre which can be pretty far away in an Australian city and doesn't really help when you are trying to find other suburbs, that are not the city. Don't get me wrong some things are done pretty well, such as street names everywhere and easy to see.
  6. Swapping UK license for Oz license cost $60 for 1 year and $100+ for 2 years in SA. I guess it costs just $18 in Victoria, although not sure how long that would be valid for. anyone else with some info ? ps : - you dont need to surrender UK license. - Those in Visitor visa/ Temp work visa ( 457 etc ) need not apply for Oz license. - Those in PR visa should apply within 3 months ( SA)
  7. Hi, I have PR in Australia & have never had a driving license, either in Australia or the UK. I am hoping to start lessons soon and have an idea to speed up the process of getting a full license. If/when i pass and get my Green P's (25 yrs old), can i head for a holiday to the UK and convert it to a full UK license, then come back and convert it to a full license in Australia? I have read a couple of posts where people mention 50 pounds to swap it over, but just wondering whether anyone's attempted this before. It'd be great to come back from a holiday and get a full license. The holiday is not purely for this reason, but thought while I'm there, it might be worth it if possible. Cheers,
  8. Benjamin Allen

    Provisional UK Driving License

    Hello Been trying to find the answers to these questions but everywhere seems to point me towards different info. I've arrived in Queensland I'm 25 and I have held a provisional UK driving license for 5 years. What license can I get in Australia? What tests do I have to take? And at what stage will I be able to drive on my own? Thanks Ben
  9. Hi ! Ive been in Australia on a working holiday visa for a few months. I hold a full Uk license that I got in August last year. Ive read a lot of information online about driving on my uk license and figured that I can as long as my visa is temporary (so happy days on a whv) my question is, as I'm only 18 and have only had my license less than a year, do I need P plates? I've kindly been offered the use of a car I just want to be doing things by the book. Thanks in advance for any help - it would be appreciated. Confused!
  10. Hi Guys, Loving the forum. My beautiful wife has just gained her 489 Visa thanks to the NT Government. I am lucky enough to be married to her. She is a restaurant manager in the UK and is planning to do the same in Darwin when we land. I am a Construction / Project Manager and will be looking for employment when we land. Quick question: Is it possible to secure accommodation prior to arriving in Darwin? It would be easier for us to rent an apartment via the internet for the first six months in the CBD, is this acceptable to letting agents in Darwin? Second quick question: We will be flying into Perth to collect our car after a friend sorts out the Rego and collection etc. It is a 2005 BMW 650i with 250K Kms on it and a decent history. Does it have a resale value in Darwin or is it better to change it for a 4X4 in Perth? Third quick question: Is it really as easy as people say to secure employment in Darwin for hard-working people? We are both really work-orientated and throw ourselves into it. Any assistance you guys could provide would be happy received. Rob & Evvy. (Soon to be living the dream in Oz)
  11. DapperDirewolf

    Working Holiday Car Insurance

    Hi everyone! I have a simple enough question (I hope!) about car insurance for those of us on a Working Holiday Visa who have gone and purchased a vehicle for the purposes of travelling the country ... In all my research so far I've found it very difficult to come across any concise information about car insurance options for backpackers. I'm a 27 year old male from the UK and have just bought myself a van to drive around the country with, and have even found some rather appealing car insurance quotes from companies such as Woolworths. The only problem is, having looked at the terms and conditions and policies etc., that there doesn't appear to be anything specific about the validity of people like myself on temporary visas purchasing or claiming on insurance. What I'm concerned with here, of course, is that I end up in some kind of accident (touch wood!), call to make a claim, and have someone say "Hang on, you're on a working holiday visa and only have a UK driver's licence? Sorry, but that is not at all valid. No claim for you!" I fully intend to call up some of these providers on Monday morning and ask them directly if they offer insurance to WHV drivers, but I just hoped that in asking about this here I might: a) Get some answers or ideas a little quicker b) Help out anybody else in my position who only wants to do things the right way As a final note, the only company I've found so far who offers insurance specifically to backpackers and unfortunately - unless I'm mistaken - they only offer third party insurance which, whilst it is something, still doesn't suit me. I want my own property protected, too, if possible! (Oh, and Travellers Car Insurance appears to be shutting down on March 1st, too!) I appreciate any advice given and I apologise if this topic has been covered already - I wasn't able to find anything regarding my specific issue. Thanks!
  12. charliebhoy

    Driving in australia !

    i live in melbourne and have to say isnt the driving on the roads here just ridiculous? i find australian people very friendly and polite to your face but its like once behind the wheel its a bit more like F***k YOU ! i had some bloke in a ute shouting balling at me whilst swinging his clenched fist out the window and i still have no idea what i done wrong and that was 2 weeks ago ! also what about the monster trucks that drive up your A***e at 100 kph and they dont seem to get anywhere any faster ! i mean do these truck drivers actually get trained or do they pick them up from some sort of mental institution ? :arghh: and what about courtesy? lane changing can become seriously difficult when the asshole in the lane beside you's way of thinking is "thou shall not speed up or slow down for anyone who doesnt know where they are going" or maybe they came from the mental institution also !:wacko: ok now for my favourite part ! what about when at the lights theres a car turning right and a car waiting for a fortnight to turn left but cant because theres la de dah pedestrians walking in slow motion accross the road and the green man isnt even on ! aaaaghhh ! and i was going straight by the way but never made it ! i bet everyone on here has had the thought of homicide whilst in a rush and being stuck behind a slow moving tram ! can anyone add to this ? im sure there must be more annoying driving stuff:biggrin:
  13. wanda&wayne

    Driving licence

    Hi, my son recently got a speeding ticket and can either pay the £60 fine and get 3 points or pay £70 and do a course and get no points however there may not be time to do the course as we leave in a little over a week. Does having the 3 points effect his licence over in Australia or not? If not he'll just pay the £60 fine and get the points. Can you help? Thanks!
  14. Let's hear it from the denizens of NSW... especially sydneysiders.
  15. Yep I know - Be prepared and all of that - what am I thinking as I am so not!!! But to be honest everywhere and everything I want to do is going to be so difficult - I wanna see the fireworks but I can't stand the thought of the humongous crowds, let alone getting back home. So I thought, we'd (partner and I) would go for a drive in NSW head towards Dubbo or some such place. However question is will motels be open and are they likely to be an extravagant price? I would love some ideas, as this is my FIRST NYE proper in Australia and obviously I would like something a little special to remember it by. p.s. - I spent Christmas morning at Dee Why beach and it was fabulous - where else could you be in a bikini drinking champagne!
  16. Guest

    driving in australia

    Hello I was just wondering how the insurance for cars work out there because i have a conviction for drink driving will I have too tell the insurance over in australia??? thank you lee
  17. vdM family

    Exchanging driving licence

    Can anybody who has a South african Drivers Licence advise if they were able to get an Oz Licence easily enough when on 457 Visa?
  18. Just cannot believe the AHPRA and how they work...... 'Australia are crying out for nurses' ? my arse.... Why do they make it so difficult to register? I sent all my documents over 3 months ago, I included everything i could lay my hands on so they didnt contact me to say they needed anything else. I had it all signed by a JP. Now they are asking me for the student handbook from the university i studied at..... STUDENT BLOODY HANDBOOK ??? What is that all about.... Salford Uni think ive lost the plot ringing them and asking for a handbook from 14 years ago. Oh well at least ive got my visa.... working in a cafe it is then. Thanks for listening...... rant over. x:arghh::arghh:
  19. Having pushed for our move to Oz and noticing a lot more ladies than men on here doing the legwork for the big move I wondered who was pushing it all forward ?:err:
  20. Can't wait to get there! We are Barry 44, Mandy 44, Archie 10 and Mackenzie 7 plus 2 dogs, 2 cars and a camper trailer! Setting off on our road trip to WA from Melbourne as soon as the kids finish school for Christmas! We plan to use over night rest areas and camp sites on our way over, however not really sure of the best camp sites for a 2 week stay once we arrive! The Mandurah area would be ideal as I hope to be working close by. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as the internet seems to be unsure of what I'm asking for! Camp site to pitch our tent for 2 weeks plus, that will allow 2 small dogs! Thanks in advance:smile: Mandy
  21. We're going to try and get our uk driving licenses swapped for OZ ones and was wondering if anyone has managed this whilst in temporary accommodation. Basically we have a months temporary accommodation before we look for a permanent rental, I assume we have to prove address, difficult for a temporary accommodation! Any advice is appreciated, thanks Grant
  22. Guest

    Naughty boy

    I was over in Oz a few years ago on a trip and managed to pick up two fines for speeding, I was in a hire car. Eventually the police sent me the fines over in the UK but I never paid them.... oops. Now the tables have turned slightly and I'm getting sponsored and going to live in Brisbane.... I realise no one will know for sure but do you think this will this cause me any issues. I hope not. lesson learned... :policeman:
  23. Guest

    Driving Lessons - advice please

    Hi, we now have our visa (get in!) and we will be coming over immediately in the new year to Perth. My question is about my 17 year old and driving lessons. He has recently started lessons here in the UK and we were hoping that he would get an opportunity to take his test here before we come over, however we are told that will not be possible in the timescales we have. Should we carry on letting my son have lessons here to gain experience, at £18 / hour or should we stop now and let him start again in Australia? Are there any benefits either way that anyone can think of? Many thanks
  24. Guest

    Driving License

    Hello, I have just moved to Victoria from Queensland and im about to get a Vic driving license and rego etc but my Queensland license has expired am I all right to drive on my English driving license?
  25. Hi all, I have been granted my WHV and will be heading over to OZ in the new year to be based in Melbourne and cant wait. My Dilema is that I will be buying a car or possibly using a family members and curious about the impact a drink driving conviction will on car insurance? The offence was just under 5 years ago and I have been told that I dont need to declare the offence as it happened in the UK but I would love to know if this is true as I want everything to be legitimate so not to cause further complications. Any advice you can give would be appreciated