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Found 288 results

  1. Hi, Hoping someone has had lessons and can recommend a driving instructor for our son. We live in success so would like someone fairly local if possible. Recommends are always better than putting a pin in the yellow pages !!!! Thanks in advance Chris :spinny:
  2. Guest

    driving to Oz

    just got our visas (it has taken 3 years) -- we have been driving from the Uk for a year---our Land Rover is being ferried into Brisbane from Malaysia at the beginning of May, and we shall follow (by plane), then we are driving round to Perth. We will be happy to hear any good tips from others that have done similar......
  3. Meadows73

    Driving Licence

    Recently arrived in South Australi as successful applicant for RSMS 119 visa (Hurrah) and went to exchange my UK driving licence for SA licence. I had a nasty shock! I have been deaf since childhood, passed my driving test 33 years ago at age 20 and have been driving ever since. I declared being deaf & hearing aid wearer to DVLA & insurance company and had comprehensive insurance- no problem. But in Australia because I am deaf and wear a hearing aid, I have to pay to undergo medical before I can even apply for a SA driving licence. You have to declare deafness on the licence application form or it makes your licence and insurance invalid. Now I am unable to change over my licence until I do this. I was absolutely steaming! My husband says I am overreacting but in the UK this would be seem as discrimination! It really upset me, I passed the migration medical as the main applicant and now I can't even change my driving licence!
  4. OH is currently filling out 176 visa application online, he had points on his licence which have now been removed.. On the form the question is Have you or any other person in this application, ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)? Does anybody know does he need to include this information or does he leave blank; is this considered a crime/offence?
  5. fran2005red

    driving instructors

    Hi all, I have just qualified as a mental health nurse and my OH is a regisitered driving instructor and qualified to train people to become driving instructors. He also has a trade as a fabricator/welder but he hasnt worked in this position for 12 years as he changed occupation to driving instructor. The thing is, when doing the online assessment there isnt anything that matches in the occupation drop down box. Can anyone help with ideas what we should do? also does anyone know how driving instructors fare in Oz? any info would be appreciated :biggrin: thanks in advance
  6. My husband has recieved a court summons for driving with no insurance! He was driving a car insured by his work, hes a motor mechanic, his boss gave him the insurance document after some dilly dallying and we went to the police station at first oppertunity. We have now found out after getting this summons that his boss has never paid for the insurance and so it was cancelled. Our own car has always been fully comp and we have never had any dealing with the police or court before (apart form driving points) my husband has a clean licence and now faces 6-8 points and a fine of £5k. There is nothing we can do as jobs are few and far between so he'll have to stay with this employer who keeps fobbing him off saying oh it was the wrong document i'm having the other insurance sent over. I doubt he has insurance at all! Will a court fine/prosecution stop us emmigrating and if we can emmigrate will the points have an impact on employment or oz car insurance?:unsure: Thanks
  7. crispysince70

    Restrictions on driving.

    Hi all, Was very suprised to read this bit of info on the DIAC website - Beginning a Life in Australia H. Apply for a driver‟s licence In Australia you must have a driver‟s licence to drive and the vehicle must be registered with the government. It is illegal to drive without a driver‟s licence and to drive an unregistered vehicle. Driver's licences and car registration are issued by state and territory governments. If you are a permanent resident and have a current driver's licence from another country, in English or with an official translation, in most states and territories you are allowed to drive for your first three months after arrival. Note: In Western Australia and Tasmania, the three month period begins when you are granted your permanent residency visa, not when you arrive in Australia. After the three month period, if you want to drive, you will need to get the appropriate Australian driver‟s licence. This will usually require you to pass a knowledge test, a practical driving test, and an eyesight test. If you do not hold a licence from another country you will need to pass a Driver Knowledge Test to get a learner's permit. A learner‟s permit allows you to learn to drive. Once you have the appropriate skills, you can then apply for a driver‟s licence. As our visa was granted in Feb 11, and we won't be there untill Oct 11, this means that we cant hire or drive a vehicle untill we get our licence transferred. So, getting from the airport wtith three kids in tow and to the service centre to get the licence's transferred has now become a whole lot trickier. Add it to the list. lol Chris x
  8. LittleRebecca

    Driving licence

    Hi, I am here on a working holiday and I would like to get my driving licence. Not sure if it is possible? I reckon it will be easier here then in the UK. I can drive just haven't sat my test Thanks
  9. Guest

    UK Driving License

    hey, i was wondering if any of you could help me i wanted to know if my full uk driving license allows me to drive cars aswell as motorbikes + i have a CBT for motorcycles in england thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, am new to this so here goes. I am a 52 yr old truck driver with 9 yrs experience (mainly rigid but recently passed & now driving class 1) married with 2 kids. At present I have got a prospective employer in rural WA who want s to offer me a job once they have got the green light on a new contract. Question is can i get a visa through sponsorship in this industry as this company realy wants to get us out there? Seems like a bit of a grey area as some say i can but many say I cant. Can someone advise for sure? :wacko:
  11. Hi Everyone, I am currently in Australia and have lodged my application for the 820/801 De Facto visa. My partner and I met in Feb 2009, properly became a couple in March 2009 and the company that had said they were going to sponsor me turned around and said that they wouldn't. Completely out of the blue and gave me 3 weeks until the expiry of my WHV. My partner moved herself and her 4 year old daughter (after much legal rambling with her solicitor and our girls real dad) to NZ so we could build up our relationship history. We came back in Dec 2010 and lodged our application on the 14th Dec. With UK Police Checks, NZ Police Check, no meds. Got an email today from our CO asking for AFP Checks, Medical and some more evidence for the relationship history. I emailed him back asking for clarification of a few points and he called me within 10 mins on my mobile to clarify those points. He seemed really good and switched on, and basically said that although the most lengthly part of what he requires is the meds, that it won't be much longer once he receives it. I have 2 x Drink Driving convictions, and 1 failure to provide conviction, dating from 2002 till 2008. I have obviously kept my nose clean from then on, not putting a foot out of place. I have heard that asking for meds to be done is a good sign, any clarification on that or the CO comments to me. Thanks. Congrats to all on here who already have their visas, and good luck to all that have applied/are about to apply.
  12. Guest

    Driving Licence

    Hi - Headed down and would like to get a full Auzzie drivers licence. Some places like Canada you can exchange your existing for theirs. I have a full licence, what's the procedure in Australia?
  13. sm79

    Driving lessons

    Hi, Not sure if this is in the right place. We will be coming over on a 457 visa in 8-12 weeks. My GF doesn't have a driving licence but had planned on learning in the short-term had we stayed in th UK. When we come over will she be able to take driving lessons to gain a licence in Victoria (particularly as well will not be permanent residents), and if so, is this transferable if/when we return to the UK? I'm assuming if she is able to take lessons and eventually get her licence in Victoria then if we return to UK she'll just need to apply for theory and practical tests to gain her UK licence. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. My partner is wanting to start driving lessons.. Shouldn't take too long to pass as can actually drive! What if he passed in the Uk what would happen in Oz for him to be able to drive there??? Thanks x
  15. Phil & Vikki

    Drink driving

    We have a friend (honest it is and no us like most of the times), who we have passed their CV to some companies in Australia, in the hope that she will be able to secure a job and then move out from the UK. We have passed her CV on, but yesterday she said that she was done for drink driving last year and wondered if this would affect her possible chances of getting a visa. As far as we know or have been told, this is the only thing. Does anyone know if this would affect her chances as there would have to be a Police Check carried out?
  16. Hi Does anyone know if UK Driving Instructors are able to use their profession for emigrating to Australia via the skilled worker option? My boyfriend & I have been discussing a move recently & wondered if his profession was a possibility. Haven't got a clue where to start with finding all this out - so many websites have no idea what ones are official etc.. Haven't heard a bad word from anyone who's made the move from the UK to Oz. The only thing that stops me is my family......depriving parents of having grandchildren one day (which they're so desperate for) & growing up at the other side of the world. Thanks
  17. Guest

    driving licence

    hi i'm sure this has been answered before. But can anyone tell me if a full British driving licence is ok to have in Australia. Do you have to get an Oz one eventually? do insurance companies offer better quotes if you have an Oz one?
  18. Guest

    Driving Licence

    :cool:Dear friends I have an international Driving Licence Card, Will I be permitted to drive my own car when I immigrate there Or to do that, I have to get an Australian Driving Licence? Best regard Thanks alot for your time and consideration Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  19. joemilmoss

    Driving licence

    Hi im new to pio and was wondering if anyone knows if when you arrive in australia if your driving licence is transferable? Hoping to move to perth visa application been going on for 3 years just been allocated a CO who has requested pcs and medicals so hopefully our dream will soon come true. ( Kelly 31 ,Tony 30, Joe 8,Millie 6,Harrison 1)
  20. dan1066

    driving licence

    Hi all , quick question, do I need to take a driving test of any sort to drive in oz if migrating there? Both myself and my wife have been driving for about 13 yrs each in the UK, both having full UK licences, Thanks in advance Dan.
  21. Hi Guys, After being in Sydney for just over a year, we've decided to move to Brisbane and settle there. As it's more of a driving city I've decided to start driving lessons again! Does anyone have any recommendations for driving instructors in the Brisbane area? Thanks! Si
  22. Guest

    driving offences

    hi there, wonder if anone can help , been charged with driving offence in perth, does anone know if they take any driving offences in the uk into consideration when appearing in court , any help would be appreciated ,j
  23. Does anyone know if penalty points are carried over when transferring to a queensland drivers licence?
  24. paul1977

    WA driving lience

    i was lucky enough to be granted my wa 176 visa in november and are a little confused about obtaining my WA driving licence, i have just seen that you have to swap your uk licence over within 3 months of the visa grant date and not your entry date, as were not leaving for a few months yet can anybody advise what to do or is anyone else in this situation...? thanks