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Found 57 results

  1. torface

    Supervising learner drivers

    Hi all, I am in Aus (QLD) on a 457 visa so never bothered to get an Australian license as its just an extra expense. My partner just got his learners and I was wondering if I can supervise him on my UK license (it is full and current and I have had it for over 8 years). I have searched and searched the internet but have only found information which implies that it is ok (i.e. in the logbook it says 'the supervising driver confirms that they have a an open class c license. If the license was obtained outside QLD, it must be the equivalent' blah blah blah) Nowhere does it say whether the license has to be Australian. I tried calling the department of transport but theyre closed till monday and we would really like to get started this weekend... Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. Guest

    Drivers Licence

    Hi, Ive just passed my bike test here in the UK (wooo!). Whats the deal with driving over in QLD can I just transfer my licence? Dont tell me I have to take more tests over there pleaseeee! :cute:
  3. Hi everyone new to this forum i want to come to australia asap i have an NVQ in plant operative here in the uk and i have my blue card as a plant operative i have been driving machines for 5 years now and have been on the olympics for three years driving a 21 Ton up to 45 T i am 29 and i am going to the opportunities Australia expo in london on the 12/11/11 What are the job opportunities for Excavator Drivers out in Australia been looking at WA for work in the mines but i dont have the experience in that kind of environment does anyone have any info would be much appreciated. :biggrin::biggrin:
  4. Any on here, any Expat POMS in Oz working as a taxi driver for either Black and White, Yellow, or Gold Coast Taxi firms................I am interested in hearing from you, i will/would love to meet up when i arrive.. Cheers
  5. AaronS

    Drivers license

    Need help! Where do I go to get an Oz DL near Manly and will I need to test coming from the US.
  6. Bought a car 2 days ago and got a parking ticket within the first 24 hours for parking facing the oncoming traffic which is apparently a no no. I hope someone else learns from it and avoids a fine. If anyone has any other simple rule differences from the UK that I should be aware of, please share.
  7. Hi all Just wondering if anyone can help...have been in WA 2mths now on 176 PR visa and went to transfer my Irish licence over to a WA Licence and the lady behind the counter advised that I need a visa label or visa stamp in my passport but I advised her that we don't get them as it is done Electronically. Can anyone please advise if they have transferred licence over and if so did you need a label or stamp or how did you do it? If I need a visa stamp or visa label, how do I go about doing it. Also anyone need any help or advice about moving over, jobs, cost of living etc, please let me know. Many thanks Sue xx
  8. Gary Pepper

    plant drivers and HGV

    I am an Australian recruiter currently visiting Ireland for the next nine days and then to the UK for two weeks, i have just recieved details from three clients in country qld area's looking for people on work visa's or perm residency who have experience in or with:- Driving backhoes / jcb's HGV (larger the better !) especially water trucks Skid steer - bobcats Bulldozers Graders Excavators Telehandlers This will be shift work, 2 on 1 off, 7 days, 12 hr days. Salaries AUD $1500 / $2000 per week. Accomodation is available when on swing (not on shift). Country Queensland area's - Roma / Toowoomba.
  9. Hello all, Got a question for the WA experts in the forum. I'm reading a document from the Dept of Immigration & Citizenship about "Beginning a Life in Australia" - full of useful info, even thou I didnt know it was 85pages long when I hit print!! It says that you must apply to change your license over from a UK drivers license to an Australian one within 3 months of moving to the country. EXCEPT in Tas & WA where it's within 3 months of being granted Permanent Residency. If I'm right thats when we had the visa validated which is now almost 9months ago. Does this mean we cannot drive/rent a car in Oz when we get there until we take a tests? If so think the term is bu66er! :arghh: :arghh:
  10. Can anyone tell me where in Palmerston (nr Darwin) that I can go to change my drivers licence to an Australian one please? Found the form on website but nothing more!:biggrin:
  11. Hi, Is it possible to apply for a Drivers licence, Tax Number, Medicare or any other 'official' document whilst still offshore? I need more points to be able to import a vehicle, but without actually being in Oz, it's proving quite difficult. Would Poste Restante help here? Apologies for double posting - there wasn't a 'natural' forum.
  12. Guest

    Train Drivers

    Can anyone help with info on wether a train driver could get a visa, cannot seem to find any info for this job. Many thanks Lesley
  13. Hi All, Just thought I would ask to see if any of you know how insurance works in Oz for younger drivers. My 17 yr old just had a quote for £4500 on a car costing £500, is it the same in Oz or do they have a better system than basically you are a male your going to crash (seems this way), girls insurance seems to be lot cheaper. Any help may sway my son to join us. Thank for reading this, hope it is in the correct place. S
  14. Just thought i'd stick this up have done uk to qld, qld to nsw and nsw to wa now swapping drivers licenses and nsw to wa swapping rego so if anyone wants advice on this very exciting topic :err:
  15. you have to have a drivers license. you will be assisting me in the instalation of garage doors. i can pay cash but if you want to be on the books it means giving me an invoice every week.
  16. Guest

    Lgv drivers

    We are looking to migrate to OZ. I am a nurse so should get work but my husbands only real skill is a HGV class 2 licence. Has anybody any idea of the job market for drivers or any other manual work?
  17. hello are there any digger drivers or ground workers out there who have moved to oz.having some difficulty in getting my skills recognised by the tra.it seems that because i have no nvq qualifications that i may not be able to apply for any kind of a visa.its a pity because from what i have been told is that digger operators are one of the skills that they are looking for at the moment.if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it...thanks...mel..
  18. I have an irish drivers licence that I know I can transfer for aus one when i arrive. I have a licence to drive a minibus and a rigid truck. Will i get an equivalent licence in aus that will allow me to do same?
  19. Liz Steve R

    Aussie crazy drink drivers????

    Maybe driving whilst drunk with seven kids in the car is a little distracting??? :eek: Mum Crashes Car Packed With Kids In Boot - Yahoo! News UK Liz
  20. gparkes

    Changing to a Vic drivers license

    Hi all, We got our PR granted end of August and wondered how long we get to change our uk licenses to Aus/vic ones?? Also my husband is a lead foot and wondered any of the points from his speeding fines here will be put on the Vic license?? Do they take the UK license from you??? I have heard all sorts of contradicting stories from reading posts so thought i would ask and see what comes up
  21. Quick question. If you hold a P1 Australian Drivers license and then move back to the UK can you swap that for a full UK driving license?
  22. Guest

    Aussie drivers

    Dear all, What do you think of Aussie drivers/ Personally I think they are so bad. No one follows the road rules. cant drive in a straight line!! Pete
  23. Guest

    help with trucing

    hi are there still no news on allowing truckers into a.u........ or does anyone know how we could gain entry/work visa ........doing trucking 20 year....angela trained machinist although hasnt done that profession in ten year...any help or do we forget our dream of movng to a.u........help help help,...................:mad:
  24. Guest

    truck drivers

    hi all we ad the chance to move out to cc 5 year ago with a trucking job lined up but the timing wasnt right angela just lost her dad etc new house but now we feel the time is right to move from the uk to n.z do we chance our luck and mail the comapny that accepted my application or does anyone know any diff companies thats looking to sponser a class 1...class 5 in nz driver any help......seems au gov dont want truckers in there country although according to the unions theres a shortage and they wont put on the wanted list fro some reason any help on this issue would be grateful thanks rob and angela....happy new year ....:biggrin:
  25. Hello, We have permanent residence and will not be able to enter Australia withing the first 3 months of our visa grant. according to the WA licence department, as a permanent resident you can transfer your overseas licence within the first 3 months of visa grant. thereafter you have to do the theory test. i would just like to know how you should get around on arrival in Perth (with all your bags, 3 kids ect.), if you are not allowed to rent a car, and drive with a international drivers licence for the first while? any advice? thanks, renette