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Found 134 results

  1. Hi We are hoping to move to Australia next year and are taking our 2 dogs Hector and Archie with us. It is time for their booster injections and I want to make sure they get the correct injections. I tried ringing Defra and to be honest I did not trust the info given. I was told they can have the normal injections - it will not cause a problem with going to Australia, but I am sure I have read some where Australia does not allow the same injections we have in the uk. Also can anyone recommend a pet transporter - we live in North Wales. We have contacted Pet Air they seem good, but are based in the South so it will mean we have to take the dogs to Heathrow. Can pets go from Manchester? We will be flying to Melbourne. thanks in advance Sarah :unsure:
  2. Guest

    More than 2 dogs?

    Has anyone taken more than two dogs with them? How hard was it to find a rental and did you get permission from the council? I have two daxies and one medium sized cross breed. I am worried about this, so any advise would be appreciated!:notworthy:
  3. Guest

    3 dogs and 1 cat

    hello everyone, im new to this website! my famliy and i are relocating to the gold coast hopefully by the end of this year. I am worried about transporting my 3 dogs and cat to oz, there are so many different companies its confusing ! my pets mean everything to my family and i, and are concerned about the stress it can put on them. Thousands of you must have been in the same situation....can anyone give me some help and advice on good trust worthy pet transportation services? that you have used personally and ratings of there services? We are currently living in spain, but are considering driving back to the uk with our pets, as transporting them direct from the uk to oz seems less stressfull for them and a more direct route. Also where is the nearest quarantine station to the gold coast, is it new south wales? how did your pets cope with quarantine? any help and advice on this would be greatly appreciated.....please help put our minds at rest, Thank you, joanne
  4. Does anyone know how much it costs to ship a cocker spaniel dog, and how much more it would cost to ship two of them because ours has had puppys and we would like to keep one....!!
  5. We are in the process of getting the dogs sorted for their big adventure, and wondered if any one can give me honest answers as to the dangers they may face, once arriving in S/A, (snakes, spiders, heat etc). The heat doesn't seem a problem for them as they are sun worshippers! But the youngest one is very nosey, poking around!! We couldn't bare any thing happening to them once we arrive! The kids would be heart broken either way, If we left them behind in the uk or something bad happens once There, We are looking at living in rural property if this helps,
  6. mandymark

    Dogs Leptospirosis jabs

    Hi, I've been reading about shipping dogs over the Oz and the general advice seems to be not to get the Leptospirosis jab done within 6 months of travel, or preferably not at all. I'm now not sure what to do. My 2 dogs are due their booster jabs mid July and I've arranged to visit my Dad in France first week in August, therefore have to arrange boarding kennels. I would not have bothered with the Leptospirosis jab otherwise, but the kennels require full injections. I am wondering whether to have my dogs fully injected now ie. early, but am worried incase the Leptospirosis reading won't be clear for them to fly to Oz early 2010 (probably January/February). I'd appreciate any advice or reassurance with this. Many thanks, Mandy x
  7. Guest

    dogs- to bring or not?

    Hi there, i am in a great dilema here. My beautiful labs are part of my family and i cannot bear to part with them, however every website i have been on and every e-mail i have had back from rentals have been very negative about houses with 2 dogs! what do i do? I cannot leave them and i know it will spoil all our dreams if we do! Do i wait till we arrive before looking for dog friendly rentals and risk it? Please any advise???
  8. We're in the early stages of applying for a visa but plan to bring our two dogs with us. They are both energetic gundogs and love to run freely, particularly in woods and on beaches. I have done a quick search on the internet and get the impression that there are specific places only where dogs are allowed to exercise 'off-lease'. Can anyone please tell me whether dogs are allowed on any beaches in Queensland (Sunshine and Gold Coast)? If not, are there many areas where you can let them have a good run around? Another thought along the same lines - I guess that with spiders and snakes in Oz, people wouldnt walk their dogs in wooded areas do they? Thanks in advance, Mandy
  9. alimal

    The dogs are in the air.

    The dogs are in the air as I type. Dropped them off at Golden Arrow Kennels, Shropshire last Thurs. It was such a lovely place. Situated by a lake with beautiful swans. The kennels and the staff were really nice. They left from Heathrow today at 12.45. We fly out to Perth on Thurs but it still hasn't really sunk in. Dreading the final goodbyes. Wondering if we will ever be fully packed and ready. There are so many last minute things to do. We would like to say a really big thank you to everyone on PIO for all their advice, opinions, blogs and jokes over the last two years. It has helped us a great deal. We wish you all the very best for wherever you finally settle. Ali, Mal, Ross, Joe, Hope and Dylan. X
  10. Guest

    dogs and airpets

    hi all just want the people who are using airpets to know they are realy friendly and fuss over your dogs at heathrow. we took our dogs there on wednesday to get ready to fly off and it is realy clean and tidy. after we left we rang about 5 hours later to see if they had settled and they had our dogs in there office with them playing with them! so to all the other people like us who are worried they are great. and she said they are fantastic at melbourne as well
  11. Dawny

    Rental with dogs!

    How easy is it to come by dog friendly rentals, are they far and few between, Would you have to book early, Many thanks!!
  12. just a quickie we brought our dog over , and he has been here two weeks , out of quarantine .. anyway we went to register him today , has to be done within 3 months , just to say we brought our dogs medical history with us from the vets in uk , just a print off,,, anyway on registering with the council we were asked if he was neutered and could we prove it ....... yes i could wipped out the copies and voila .. the point being $10 for one year (not spayed or neut $ 30) $18 for 3 years (not spayed or neut $75) doesn't sound much , but if your saving there you have it somewhere else ! and if your bringing more than 1 dog its a difference :smile:
  13. Dawny

    Quarantine for dogs!

    We will be taking to mad dogs with us when we go to oz, One of them Murphy loves his tennis ball (he has around 10 of them) The problem is that he only drops it when he eats and drinks, rest of the time even to sleep its in his mouth, bit like a babies dummy lol, ( he is 4 years old) Am i right in thinking that he can't have it with him when he flies out also in quarantine as its classed as a choking hazzard! If this is the case he will get so stressed! Can we not sign a paper to say we will take full responsibility for him if he was to have it, or would they not do that, would he be able to have something else in stead!!
  14. Guest

    Dogs from Manchester

    Hi Does anybody know of any companies that transport dogs from Manchester. I have had a few quotes but only fly from heathrow. As we are leaving before our dog and my brother has to drop her at the airport it would be much easier if she could fly from manchester. Thanks in advance Lisa
  15. Jackboots

    dopey question no"2 " DOGS"

    ok my dog is heading for his stint in alcatraz next week..(quarantine) so thoughts please from people who have shipped their pets ... should we go and visit him or wait until the end of the month? we are worried it will upset him more, is he better just being left alone .. arghhh heart versus head on this one ! any oppinions gratefully recieved please.:confused:
  16. nikci

    My dogs

    Hi everyone, Quick question regading taking the dogs. We hope to take both our maltese. Unfortunately our female, Dotti, suffers with fits and I am really worried that this is going to prevent us from taking her with us. Dotti's OH would be lost without her. Has anyone got any ideas/advice in regards to this? The children would also be devastated if we had to leave her but obviously we would have to consider what was best for Dotti. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. THanks a million. Nikci
  17. Guest

    dogs in quarentine

    just wanted to say, if anyone worried about quarentine, dont! our lovely dog saffy arrived yesturday 110% happy and fit. was very worried for 4 weeks. every time i thought of her i'd well up. (so did oh but not for the same reason, he knows what car we could have if it wasnt for paying £2,400 for dog flight and quarentine!) :twitcy::twitcy: all i can say is shes still soppy, not the least affected from being caged up or the flight up from sidney to sunshine coast. her coat is glossy and the healthiest ever, shes lost a few pounds, but she needed to! heres to some fun times walking on the beaches with her!
  18. hey i am goin to melbourne on a working visa in 3 weeks (well scared) as my brother and sister in law live there. and if i can get some experience in hairdressing as i am newly qualifield my brother can sponcer me woohoo! my mum will be looking after my two little yorkies for a while so i am sure i want to stay and am able to before she gets them ready to come over. but as its only three weeks till i go i am startin to panic abit as i am an over protective mother when its to do with my babies. i am worried about the flight coz its so long and i know if they have a stop over they can have a wee and food but i am worried they get dehydrated on the flight do they have water bottles like rabbits do if at all? and is it really cold on the flight for them i am really worried i know loads of dogs have done it and my 2 are young and healthy about 2 years old so there shouldnt be a problem. i think its all just getting to me as its so close and i wont see them for 6 months or so and because i only decided to stay on after my holiday about a month ago so its all been a bit rushed. but any information would be great and make me feel better thanks guys merry xmas to everyone :emoticon-signxmas:
  19. Guest

    Dogs on the beach

    Hello Can anyone tell me if dogs are aloud on most beaches. We are moving to the Maroochydore area Queensland??? Thank you
  20. Hi everyone, only 5 weeks to go now before we arrive in Brisbane. Our little schi tzu and our 2 cats are coming with us but we are concerned about the wildlife. As we know, cats are curious and wouldn't think twice about 'playing' with a snake! And our dog loves eating any spiders in the house. God help her if she eats a redback! 'Has anyone encountered this problem and how often do you actually see these snakes and spiders? Gaynor, Don and Louis. (10)
  21. Jackboots

    dogs and cats!!

    anyone used golden arrow shippers?, any comments appreciated.:yes:
  22. I feel really dumb asking this, but I have no idea..... We have a dog who needs long walks (about an hour twice a day). Now, I am happy to walk him on beaches if we happen to end up near one, but how safe is it to walk a dog in the bush? He doesn't tend to wander too far from us but he is a gundog breed so can't guarantee that he won't follow an interesting scent. We hope to settle near Brisbane. Also....this is even more dumb.....will we need our wellies? We have hiking boots, but obviously here in UK we use wellies nearly every day. Even if we were only going to need then half a dozen times a year I would bring them...what do you think? :goofy:
  23. Guest

    Dogs going back to the UK

    I understand that our dogs will need to have a rabies vaccine then wait 1 month then have a blood test then wait a further 6 months before being able to return to UK. We are not going back until Feb 2010 but we thought we would get the dogs vaccinated asap just incase there is a chance we can get home sooner and then just get them vaccinated for rabies at 6 monthly intervals. Does that mean they have to be blood tested a month after every booster and then wait a further 6 months before being allowed into the UK or is the blood test a one off as long as you keep the boosters up to date - if that all makes sense.....?
  24. Guest

    Rental with dogs

    :arghh:Hi pio members looking very hard to find a rental that will allow dogs ,seems to be a big problem ,got the ok on one property but owner put a clause in that the dogs ok in yard but not in the house. Is it only us English that have dogs in the house ? Does any one know of a web site or agent that i could contact as desperate to get in to a rental befor the wife ,daughter,and dogs arrive in the end of October. Around Mentone . Regards Miggins
  25. Guest

    Cats and Dogs

    Hi, (sorry for flooding the board with so many posts - need info!) We have a lurcher and two cats, who i could not leave behind, unless i really felt it was unfair to put them through it... Who has done it or planning on doing it? I'm worried about the flight, not so much quarantine... 30days isn't too bad. When they are in the areoplane do they have access to food and water? My dog gets very distressed if she has to go to the toilet in her crate, and then sit in it, that is my main worry... it makes me feel tearful just thinking about it... :sad: Not so worried about the cats as they will have each other, and probably just shut down and sleep when in the hold. Quoll said something about some sad stories where some animals didn't make it, can someone please tell me about this? I need to know all the facts!! Meg xx