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Found 134 results

  1. mj&db

    When to see my dogs today :o)

    Went to see the dogs today at Eastern Creek quarantine They seemed really happy and well looked after. The kennels were clean, the lady (Nikki) looking after them was great and the exercise yards were much better than I thought (they can be let off leash...although they struggled to do half an hour of running around in the heat!!). I start work Monday but my husband is going to try and get back up a few times as Nikki said Tallulah could do with walking as she is bouncing off the walls......although to be honest 2x 30 minute walks a week isn't going to calm her down! :jiggy: Errol has lost half a kilo or so but think thats because he is not eating all his dinner! The kennel attendant called us today to say she is going to separate them for a few days as my girl is bouncing off the walls and doing his head in....which she think is poss why he is not finishing his food (he does this at home sometimes when she is being a bossy madam!). Went to see our local dog friendly beach today....cant wait to get them down there and wear them our properly!
  2. mj&db

    Dogs left yesterday :o(

    Dogs went yesterday! :cry: Was most horrible thing i've done in my life...reckon it's so bad cos they have no idea what is going on! Tallulah started yelping and digging as soon as we put her in and Errol just turned his back on me in a grump :sad: On a positive note though they have been placed next to each other on the plane and their crates are open at both ends so they will be able to see/smell each other. I also did all the paperwork myself so really pleased with myself for doing it right (and saving myself quite a bit of money!!) They departed at 10.15pm yesterday so should have left Bangkok now and be on the home straight to Sydney! Arrive at 7.05pm UK time. Going to email Quarantine ASAP after to check they have arrived ok and arrange to go and see them on Tuesday. Hopefully all will be forgiven when they come home and go for a walk on a nice sandy beach!
  3. wickett5

    taking dogs to oZ

    hi all you poms i am a trained nurse looking to come to oz my major concern is my animals i have 13 yorkshire terriers but :biglaugh: would be in a position to buy in oz a property with land how possible would this be for me to take all my dogs? many thanks for your help regards helen
  4. libbysmum

    Breakdown of costs to ship dogs to OZ

    Hi all, am wanting some info into the cost of shipping our lovely muttleys over to OZ. I would like to sort the process out by myself in it's entirity. Is there anybody on here who has done this and can give an approximate breakdown of the costs involved, eg. vets fees, price of permit, price of crates, flights, quarantine. How much would I be likely to save in undertaking all this myself? I currently have 3 dogs - all fairly big and obviously the expense of taking all of them especially using a relocation company will really hit our finances hard. We may have to make some really tough decisions about them if it is going to work out really expensive :cry:
  5. simonwilliams

    renting with 2 dogs

    we want to rent for six months when we get to australia dont know if i want to go to queensland or perth yet but we have two dogs how hard is it to rent with them in tow
  6. :arghh:HI We have just been tld by our sponsors that we have to be with them by april. Aswell as this being a ridiculously short time frame we have to sort getting the dogs over there. I have a list of everything i need but i don't know where to get the Defra Export health cert from. I've visited the website and drawn a blank. Will the vets have them?
  7. hi guys, we are looking at the cost of flying the dogs up to brissy or go down and drive back with them any addvise be great. they are small dogs jack russel and tib terrier size. thanks guys dee xxx:biggrin:
  8. We arrived in Sydney last week and are currently staying in temporary accommodation, our dogs are in quarantine and are due out in 3 weeks. We've been trying to find some rental accommodation that will be suitable for all of us but keep coming up against brick walls. No dogs allowed, has anyone got any suggestions, we've done the usual thing like offering extra money/bond to the agents but they won't even consider it. We can aford to pay up to $400 a week but not much more so this limits the type of accommodation we can get. What have other people done who've come over with pets, we don't want to be in the same situation in 3 weeks time and looking at sleeping in our rental car with the dogs as we have nowere else to go
  9. Guest

    Dangers to dogs in Australia

    Me and my partner are really wanting to move to Queensland in the next couple of years, one of my major worries is that my pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Brie, might get herself into some teouble with the local insects. Does anyone know how to avoid dogs coming into contact with poisonous wildlife? Or where the best places to live, away from snakes and these types of insects will be. Obviously I realise I cannot get away from these creatures completely, and I myself am not bothered by them, but I cannot help but worry about what will happen to Brie as she is a very curious animal. Thanks! Rach:cute:
  10. Guest

    Pugs and brachycephalic dogs or cats

    Hello all! That is my first contribution in here.. So, the good news is, as an OZ PR I am gladly moving to Sydney by the end of this year. I ve prepared everything for my lovely pug to get there with us, but I was scared when looking at the following thread http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/news-gossip-chat/25045-brachycephalic-dogs.html even if this is an old thread, and that my pet mover contact told me some companies don t allow brachy and some do (such as Cathay or Air France), I d like to have some feedback if some of you had to bring brachy dogs or cats in OZ or at least to travel with them thanks a lot and have a nice day! :notworthy:
  11. 20yrspommie

    Dogs can you organise it yourself

    Hi I am trying to organise to take my dog back to Sydney and so far seems to be double the price than it cost to bring her to the UK, she is 7yrs old Golden retreiver , has anyone done it themselves ie organised all the paperwork and blood tests without a pet removal company. I was told by one thats its not possible you have to use a per shipper but thought worth asking the question especially if its possible to save on costs Thanks any advice appreciated
  12. Hey, Can anybody tell me if dogs are generally allowed on beaches and buses/trains? Thanks
  13. :wacko: Hi everyone! We are soooo confused, stressed etc... My kids and I are planning to join my brother in Sydeny in 8-10 weeks. Have been planning and selling for nearly 2 years and have decided to bite the bullet and rent my house and just go! sooo excited! Heres the possible problems: 1: Can I take my dogs on a tourist visa? (till I find a teaching job) either a three month or six month visa. 2: I have found a n airline which, so long as my dogs and crate are not over 32kg, will allow them to travel as backage in cargo (?)/luggage area for free!!! plus 70 GBP as they are 2kg over 30kg total weight. (Any more than 32kg they would need to go via emirates sky-cargo) This is where the problem lies, as AQIS state that they have to travel in Cargo, not in passenger (?), does that mean they can travel in cargo on the same plane as us?? or they cannot travel in same plane, and need to go on a specific cargo based flight? so bl@@dy confused!! :confused: Secondly, AQIs say they can travel via Dubia, so long as they don't trans-ship, however, the flight is direct, but changing planes in Dubai from UK, less than three hour turnaround. they dont touch dubai ground, but do transfer??? Cannot seem to find much info from AQIs on these two matters, head is FRIEDDDD ! :arghh: PLEASEEEE HELPPPP!! I am traveling with twin sister (yes twins by definition!!) labradors, one weigh 26kg the other 27kg , choc n black! 1 yr old munchkins thanks Crazyfox xxx
  14. Emma2

    Do Australians like Animals??

    We are planning on going to Queensland (Brisbane/Gold Coast) for 6-12 months and stay if we like it but I am a bit concerned that the Australians don't seem to be pet lovers? It is just the impression I'm getting from reading all the forums. We have 2 dogs who I would get flown out to us if we decided to stay permanently in Oz (parents are going to look after them in the mean time). But I don't want to feel like an outcast because my dogs are barking or not be able to walk them anywhere. I am a huge animal lover and will have to leave behind my chickens, guinea pigs, elderly cats and elderly horse. I would hate to live in a place where I felt like I was upsetting people by having animals. Any advise or words of wisdom?? Maybe I'm just getting cold feet!?? Emma :eek:
  15. Guest

    Transporting dogs to the UK

    Hi. I've been given a quote for transporting my two gorgeous dogs from Sydney to the UK from JetPets. The quote was for $4560!! Has anyone got any suggestions re: cheaper options/ any comments about JetPets or other animal transport companies?? Thanks........
  16. leajk

    travelling with dogs

    we are hoping to move to WA next year but would like to travel around australia for 6 months in our campervan before settling and starting work .we are bringing our two dogs and would like to know if anyone has done this . i know they have to be registered in their state and as we want to travel first wont have a permanant address . does anyone know if this is possible? with pet insurance aswell ?
  17. Guest

    Ex-Pat Dogs

    I have a Labrador and a German Shepherd that I would like to bring with me to Oz. Have your British dogs adapted quickly to the heat and how did they take the plane journey and quarantine. They're my babies and my no. 1 priority and I want to make sure they will be ok, so would like to hear about your experiences. Peas and Love
  18. Guest

    PIO Dogs

    Just a bit of fun really. There appears to be a lot of devoted dog owners on PIO and I thought it might be fun to learn more about the dogs (I have 3 myself plus a foster dog and volunteer in dog rescue so I am dog mad myself). I also consult to the wine industry and there is a publication called Wine Dogs (Wine Dogs) I thought it might be nice to do a similar thing for PIO Dogs on this thread. Wine Dogs has a photo of the dog and then a list of questions for the profile - here are the questions and I'll start the ball rolling with an example using my foster dog, Calvin. Name: BREED & Age: PET HATE: OBSESSION: NAUGHTIEST DEED: FASTEST MEAL CONSUMED: FAVORITE PASTIME: My example Name: Calvin BREED & Age: Labrador X, aged 2.5 years PET HATE: The birds in HIS garden OBSESSION: "Talking" to us in labrador NAUGHTIEST DEED: Eating my husband's Ugg boots in Winter! FASTEST MEAL CONSUMED: All of them, including tablets - no need to hide them in food. FAVORITE PASTIME: Bashing up the 50Kg Mastiff we own with his aussie dog spikey ball (playing to get her to chase him). Anyone feel like posting about their dog(s)? Cheers Julia
  19. Guest

    How do dogs cope with quarantine?

    Hello We're researching taking our much loved miniature schnauzer to Sydney. Has anyone already taken their dog and how did they cope with quarantine? Our gut feeling is to visit her as much as possible but we don't want to increase her stress. Does it make it easier for harder for them if you visit? Is there anything we can do to make the process smoother for her? Thanks.
  20. Hi All, Been a while since last post as had to put things on hold for a while. Now ready to re-start the process but we have since got two dogs and need to add them to the costs but have no idea where to start? Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much it will cost in total and a breakdown of those costs. I am clear on what jabs need to be done here....I am confused when it comes to things like flights / import permit / quarantine side and anything else I have missed? Thank you in advance Danielle and MJ (oh and the two pooches in question Errol and Tallulah!)
  22. Guest

    Dogs - internal lfights

    Hi guys, My dog 'Chance' will be getting 'bail' from Melbourne detention centre, sorry quarantine towards the end of October. I then have the choice to drive down to collect her (from Adelaide) or to fly her up to us. I favour the flight to save on the drive. I have had a very reasonably quote from 'Dogtainers' but wanted to compare it to any others you could recommend. Many thanks
  23. Guest

    Shipping Dogs back to UK

    Hi there, Does anyone know an airline that allows you to book your dog from melbourne to Uk but not through an agent which everyone is charging roughly 2.8k-3.1k which is costing more than our one way flights back to uk for the 3 of us... How can it be that expensive. they go in hold.... Any info would be much appreciated. thanks Ollie247:huh:
  24. Guest

    Stuck with 2 Dogs

    Hi, Heres the deal, Were going home early May and a mate of mine (well I thought he was) let me down 1 week b4 our furnitures being collected, he was also gonna put us up for a week until we leave so were in a bit of a sticky situation. The situation was he was gonna ship the dogs once their quarantine time was up. Now weve called london and enquired about boarding there and its gonna cost loads and althought the dogs are family now and want to take them we cant afford £500 a month quarantine in England. Boarding Kennels is equally as expensive here so not sure what to do next. Ones a Moodle and the others a ****zu, both 1 year old and are best mates. We live in Buddina Sunshine Coast just off Nicklin Way They need a home till we get them back, all expences paid. Any advise please Chris
  25. Hi all There does not appear to be a section that covers importing pets into Australia, so I hope that this section is okay. My family and I are to bring our 3 Dobermanns over with us next year, when we move to Perth. The problem we face is that are relatives live in residential areas and there is a 2 dog per household ruling. We therefore must buy a rural property to accommodate this, but where can we rent in the interim? I'd appreciate all ideas! Best wishes, Amanda J. Houstoun