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Found 134 results

  1. Guest

    Dogs, cats, spiders and snakes

    We're about to move to Brisbane and i hope we can get a place to the south of the city with some ground around it but I was wondering how much of a threat to pets spiders and snakes tend to be. We have a Hungarian Vizsla dog that likes to run in grass and bush and the concern would be she runs over a snake or spider. How much of a problem does this tend to be with dogs? Our cat is used to living on 50 acres of farm ground here in NZ and hunting small animals so i guess the same issues apply.
  2. Hi we have been using an agent so far to get my OH AQF III but have been wondering how tricky is it to apply for state sponsorship and 176 by yourself? I'm clever enough I suppose and everyone here seems to be very helpful! I would like to hear opinions because I could use the extra money for bringing our dogs money is tight enough don't want to spend money on something I could do myself and then not have money to bring them!
  3. Guest

    Dogs back to UK new rules

    I was looking at bringing my dogs back to UK. As mine had rabies jab a year ago and bloods done, you can just give booster each year, but I missed the date and had to ask Oz exports about whether a few weeks made a difference. As I had to wait for a reply, I went on UK website for importing dogs in and saw a new rule that starts in January 2012, that dogs being imported into UK from Australia, need to have the rabies vaccination done, then 21 days later can fly to UK with no blood tests or quarantine period. It also says that dogs in quarantine who are still completing their 6 months after January 2012, don't have to complete this time and can come out. This is excellent news and we are now planning our move after this time so it will be cheaper, and we can collect dogs from airport straight away.:biggrin: Please check the Website http://www.defra.gov.uk For further info Hope this helps people
  4. Caz Brady

    Dogs in Perth

    Hi all We are planning to make the move to Perth next year from Ireland, I am wondering about bringing our dogs, firstly the money bit is a bit scary, but mostly I'm worried about my dogs catching something that they shouldn't, they love to hunt and are always catching rats and birds. What's the story with wildlife in Perth snakes, spiders etc. I'll find the money from somewhere to get them over there, but don't want to go through all that only for them to get bitten by something and not make it I would be devastated they're like family members to me. Any advice welcome
  5. Tulip

    Owning three dogs?

    Hi all. We're considering moving to Oz next year after our wedding (perhaps after Christmas), and one of the things I remember my OH's mother saying was that dogs are restricted in Gold Coast. I checked their website and sure enough, you have to have so much land to keep dogs. I'm a Miniature Schnauzer breeder and also show, so I'm concerned that having three dogs will cause me trouble (it will probably be very expensive to ship them over too, but we can handle that). I'm in the position to just have two (my bitch is having a litter in a few months and I'm hoping there'll be a pup good enough to show in the litter which, if so, I would keep), but I'm just hoping to get some feedback with people who have moved over to Aus with three dogs. Also, how much is it approximately to board your dogs at the quarentine kennels? I would be staying in Sydney with my brother and his fiance so I could see them each day and such. Any advice would be great!
  6. Guest

    3 dogs in Perth???

    Hi everyone, I am still torn between Caloundra Queensland and Perth WA :arghh:although I am considering Perth as more of an option due to practical reasons. I will be moving with a medium and two very small dogs. How hard will it be to rent in both places? I have just read that WA is quite strict with a 2 dog policy. Is this true? How about Queensland? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Immigrant gangs causing mayhem with no respect for law and order. The police unable to keep control. No go areas in the city. Out of control young people with no respect for authority. Judges urged to give harsher and harsher sentences to 'send out a message'. Communities fighting against each other due to minor differences in colour of clothing, or hairstyles... For London in 2011, read Manchester in 1870 http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/aug/21/manchesters-original-gangsters
  8. lynn22

    Cats & dogs AFTER quarantine.

    Just wondering if anyone has had a cat or dog shipped over & done quarantine & round them to be "changed" afterwards. I'm worrying it would have lasting effects, esp with a cat. My cody has never even been in a cattery, doesnt go out of the house & has never had anything to be timid of so I'd be so scared something changed his personality & made him less confident.
  9. mcmillsa

    DIY taking dogs back to UK

    Has anyone had any success in taking their dog/s home without using a pet carrier? Its a minefield trying to find out quite happy to do the work but could do with some guidance where to start with an airline. Thanks.
  10. Guest

    Fliying 3 dogs to Australia

    Hi there, sorry if this is something that's already been answered but I can't find anything on the foums We will be flying 3 German Shepherds to Australia when we move and I know this is probably a really stupid question (so please forgive me) but on direct flights, does anyone attend to animals in the hold or are they just left to their own devices for the flight? I'm really worried about them spending 23 hours in a sky kennel with no food or water other than whats given when they are loaded and the potetial of them being left in their own mess if they have to go :arghh: We're considering doing a stop over for a night (we'll be booking the dogs on the same flights as us) so that the pooches get at least some exercise and an overnight break as we just can't face the thought of them being left alone in the hold for so long. Can anyone let me know of their experiences?
  11. tonyman

    Hotel for Dogs ....

    So sorry im late tonight but i found ANOTHER dog..........ive almost been here 4 yrs and in 3 and a half yrs of living in our house ive found a total of 7 dogs ! some just follow me , then i befriend them as i get to our home to check out the collar ect(if any).........a couple ive found while driving (puppies) one was worth shed loads , dug its self out of the garden....got a real nice bottle of wine for that one ....:yes:.....couple of scruffy buggers too ......the ranger and pound are pretty good and on the ball....this one tonight was only 2 cul de sacks away , my good neighbour recognized it and pointed me in the right direction .....an hr or so later it was returned to its owner ......the only thing that worried me about this one was as we got closer it resisted and did not want to go back ...........when they answered the door they didnt look too surprised ......just a , how did u get out and a quick thank you ........Not , where was he and oh my God thank you so much , they didnt even know he was missing.......and not a drop of wine was offered (good job i took a couple of beers with me ) ........and another hour or so of my time wasted when i could have been on here causing mayhem .........:realmad:........btw have i told the story of the damsel in distress i rescued last week in the car with a child .............:policeman:.....well , thats another story.....all true though...:yes:
  12. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of renting with dogs on return to the UK. Did you manage to do it fairly easily or are they few and far between? Thanks
  13. Guest

    Renting in Tasmania & dogs

    Hello Looking at renting for the first year as doesn't look like our house is going to sell before we go, how much of a problem is it going to be with a dog? Looking for a 3 bed property around Launceston.....:hug:
  14. The Pom Queen

    Hypoallergenic dogs

    After a study by Henry Ford researchers it was discovered that there is no scientific proof that hypoallergenic dogs have a lower allergen level than other dogs. To be honest I was always sceptical but now they have the scientific results to back my thinking. I can see breeders of hypoallergenic dogs not being happy with these findings.
  15. Guest

    Dogs in Oz

    We are hoping to move to WA with our two German Shepards, I was just wondering if it is quite dog friendly, ie lots of places to take them walks, can you take them into stores, pubs ect and most importantly can you take them on the beach as it is their fav place in the UK.:jimlad:
  16. Glad I Moved

    Germaine says kill your dogs!

    The poor old dear really shouldn't be allowed out by herself... From today's Sydney Morning Herald: "Outspoken Australian feminist Germaine Greer has launched a stinging attack on domestic dogs, blaming them for the ruination of a protected perennial flower, the English bluebell. Addressing Britain's Hay Festival on Thursday, the 72-year-old Melbourne-born academic who owns a patch of land covered in the plant that flowers in spring, pointed the finger at toxic dog poo for the plant's scarcity. "If you love your bluebells, kill your dog," said Greer dramatically, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph website. She blamed the phosphorous in dog faeces for changing the chemical environment and killing off fungi, essential for the bluebell's survival." And we thought that dogs were doing it tough down under!
  17. Guest

    My Missus is Great

    Been working today got in and said that's it til Jul 24th for overtime and her jaw dropped for minute I thought she just wanted me out working topping up the Oz fund, then she let on she's got me tickets for iron maiden on the 24th July in Sheffield. Got to cancel the OT now oh well. Top girl xx
  18. hi all,could anyone tell me if its hard finding a nice rental when you have a dog ?only bit worried about this after much research on rental sites they nearly all say no dogs:arghh:for all of you who have taken your beloved dogs how hard have you found it to land a property cheers jane.
  19. Amy Rose

    2 dogs sharing a container

    I was wondering if anyone has flown 2 dogs to Australia and had them share a container to get there? I think one of mine would cope with the flight and transporting a lot better if she was with the other one PetAir uk were very helpful, she said they could share a container and ask me lots of questions and answered lots! so got useful info from her Airpets said they could not it was not legal but the man on the phone seemed di interested and not very forth coming with info Golden arrow said it was allowed but they would never ever send 2 dogs in the same container as it was to long for them to be together.
  20. Has anyone had to get their dog from somewhere along way from heathrow? I live in Richmond nyorks and I am figuring out the best option to get my dogs to heathrow from here. The company i am going with to fly them to aus said they could collect them and have them board in their kennels for 1 night at a cost of £564. This is a lot more than I expected! Or I could drive with them myself, this would be petrol money and probably an over night stay but might be a cheaper option but might be worse for them if they pick up on me been upset! Or is there such thing as a company who would drive dogs from a to b ...like a pet currier????
  21. Creese

    Flying Dogs back to UK

    Hi i am sure this has probably been asked before, but I have searched through and cant see it! Do I have to used a specialised pet carrier such as Jet Pets, or can I book my dogs onto a flight with an airline direct myself? I am sure that I have read somewhere that only a few airlines do it? If so which one? has anyone done it direct themselves? Was it a headache? They have just had their blood tests, so got to sit tight and wait for results, but I would like to start planning things now.:chatterbox:
  22. mj&db

    They're HOME!!

    Well they are home and well, although Tallulah has lost quite a bit of weight in the last 2 weeks (she looked fine 2 weeks ago when we visited). Think it might be because they were separating them at night. Tallulah was bouncing off the walls and winding Errol up so they were splitting them up so he could have a rest. She hates being apart from him though so think she this maybe stressed her out a bit!! Eastern Creek were fab though. Kennels were clean, walking areas were a good size and Nikki that was looking after them was great; always happy to take our calls. Everyone seemed to love them, Tallulah in particular as she is a really striking blue staffy. My OH got asked en-route to walk them once by the cleaner, a dog walker and another attendant who he was coming to see and as soon as he said their names they all said how amazing they were, Tallulah in particular! Got home today, spent afternoon down the beach and they are now passed out in their beds! All is forgiven!!
  23. Guest51810

    Dogs vs snakes/spiders

    Hi there. what are the chances of the dogs getting bitten by snake/spider? this really worries me as ive only just got myself prepared to seeing snakes/spiders myself lol i hate spiders but i dont want it to put me off moving to a wonderful country!! :eek:
  24. Hi all, We're hoping to emigrate in the not too distant future and would like to take our 2 dogs (bulldog and westie) with us but could do without spending £4-5000 to do it!! Is it feasible/ possible to do it without a shipping agent and how much would it save us?? Thanks.
  25. Guest

    medication for dogs

    Pet medication is more expensive in oz. is there an internet site where you can buy discounted pet medication as in vetmedin heart medication