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Found 340 results

  1. gary n kris

    Submission of documents to ACS

    I've asked the following question before but not had a clear answer (probably because it was buried in the middle of other questions and got overlooked) so can anyone help please? I am aware that DIAC will accept scanned colour copies of documents in lieu of certified copies but do the ACS do likewise? E.g. scanned colour copy of degree certificate, birth certificate, passport etc. Or do you still need to get such things certified for ACS? Thanks Gary
  2. We have just compiled all our supporting evidence for the partner ship visa but are a little confused about what necessary requirements are needed for each document. We know some papers that need to be certified and some that have been witnessed (signed) but rather than spending a heap of cash at a solictors wondered if any one could be of any help. A list below covers all our basic supporting evidence - some showing what we have completed already. Hopefully somebody can be of help and hopefully this will then be of help for anyone else with this questions... so here we go: 01. My UK passport - Certified by solicitor 02. Partners AUS passports - Certified by solicitor 03. Partners AUS passport showing her UK Visa page - ? 04. My personal statement - signed by me - does this need to be certified or witnessed? 05. Partners personal statement - signed by Partner - does this need to be certified or witnessed? 06. My Police Certificate - Original document to be sent 07. A statement about my past and rehabilitation (C. record from 1997) - signed by me - does this need to be certified or witnessed? 08. Copies of Joint bills - ? 09. Copies of travel documents (boarding passes, hotel invoices etc) - ? 10. Copies of personal phone bills (dating back to first contacts and recent) - ? 11. Copies of Skype communication (during time apart) - ? 12. Stac decs/ passport copies from 2 x AUS citizens (in AUS) - witnessed and certified 13. Stat decs / passport copies from 2 x Aus citizens (in UK) - witnessed - do these need to be certified? 14. Stat decs / passport copies from 2 x UK citizens - witnessed - do these need to be certified? 15. Personal statement from Partner: ref sponsorship obligations 40SP - ? 16. Personal mail to both of us - ? 17. 2 x pages of pictures showing our relationship - ? 18. Copy of my UK birth certificate - certified 19. Copy of partners AUS birth certificate - certified 20. Partners letter from employer and pay slips - ? 21. Proofs of current address (bank bills, driving license etc) - ? 22. Both parties passport pictures (4 x me, 2 x partner) - ? 23. My visa application - ? 24. Partners visa application - ? 25. Receipts for events such as festivals, theatre, etc etc - ? any help will be massive thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I would like some advice please on certain documents to support Spouse Visa. Am I, the sponsor, and my O/H, the applicant, required to provide evidence of earnings, P60's, (anything financial) in support of the application forms 47SP and 40SP. I think I have almost all of the evidence required but just unsure of a few things. Any help will be great, thank you.:wubclub:
  4. redrobbersdog

    eVisa 176 Documents

    Hi Guys, can anyone help please? I'm just going through the application for our 176 visa and I think I have managed to get through it slowly. :embarrassed: I'm now at the payment page and it hasn't asked me to attach any documents, is this normal? Do they ask you to attach after the payment? Also reading through the Application Document Checklist it asks for certified copies, I think I have read somewhere that if they are colour then they don't need to be certified, but it doesn't say that on the checklist, again it may say once I have made the payment, but I don't want to make the payment yet if I have missed something. Any help would be appreciated.:notworthy: Thanks Dawn xxx:wubclub:
  5. cartertucker

    Who can certify your documents?

    Hi all :wubclub: I am currently filling in my Daughters child visa application & am unsure who I use to certify her birth certificate etc? :unsure:
  6. Hi I have recently lodged my 176 visa online. I am just wondering if solicitors can certify documents? The reason i ask is that i currently have 2 different answers. The email i received from DIAC when i applied for my visa states that: If the copy is certified outside Australia: - a person who is the equivalent of a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations in that place; or - a registered migration agent (whose registration is not suspended or subject to a caution). However on the Australia High Commission website it states: Certification of documents The table below lists professions that can certify documents in the UK and Ireland. Only documents certified by these professions will be accepted. Australian Terminology - UK Practicing lawyer(AU) - Solicitor(UK) Magistrate(AU) - Magistrate(UK) Public notary(AU) - Notary public(UK) Justice of the peace(AU) - Justice of the peace(UK) Position/agency recognised by the law of the country to certify documents(AU) - Officer of a Court appointed by a Judge to take affidavits(UK) I had most of my documents certified last year by a justice of the peace at the local court, for documents to be sent to the ANMC. The documents that currently need to be certified are my husbands full birth certificate, his passport bio page, my positive skills assessment and my IELTS test report. Hope someone can help.
  7. china

    attaching documents

    hi everyone just wondering if anyone knows whether you are supposed to upload a cope of a passport picture, or if you are supposed to post one - I seem to be uploading documents during their downtime and so can't access the info on what your supposed to do fro the checklist. I'm too excited to go to sleep, just want to upload all possible docs (ones in colour) - they have my money now - woohoo! x
  8. I have started this tread to get a basic idea for Additional documents that required by DIAC. I think we should know what documents else do DIAC require for completing the processing. In some countries it is tough to arrange some documents within a week or two. So apart from the common documents that CO asked for like Medical & PCC, if we know what type of additional documents CO may ask we can surely expedite out file processing. A number of time I saw that those who got CO they mentioned “CO asked for some additional documents”. It would be better for us if we know what those documents are? I know it may vary from case to case even then it will help a lot for PIO member. It will be highly appreciable those who have got CO and those who have their visa granted can share their experience related to additional documents to PIO. Also if you know please mention the reason for asking the document by CO. I will List down all the additional documents name on this front page of this tread based on the reply. From PIO treads I saw CO asked for Bank Statement. But I don’t know for which visa category and for what reason CO asked for it. Additional Documents List Bank Statement - is Used as a proof of genuine work Experience (i.e: Genuine Salary Slip)... ………………………… Thanks & Regards Joy
  9. Hi to all, This is just a quick one, We have put our move to Oz on hold for a while as not right time to go this year. Exchange rate being the biggest reason for now and a few other problems, but we will get there in the end!! My question is: All the documents that i have had stamped/dated/signed by a Justice of the Peace in Nov 2010, i've got a few more to get done too, will they be accepted if we post O/H Spouse visa application in June. I'm hoping that a case officer will accept them and not make us get them done again. I'm not aware that documents have an expiry date once they are stamped??? I appreciate any comments received, thank you.:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    ACS documents question

    I forgot to include the Acknowledgment e-mail in the set of documents I sent to ACS. Should I send the acknowledgment e-mail in a separate mail ASAP or should I wait for them to ask for the said document. Thanks
  11. I am about to lodge my 175 application. Can anyone tell me who can certify my documents? Can a lawyer sign my document off?
  12. Guest

    DEfacto offshore documents

    Hi, I am applying for a defacto offshoresubclass 309 and 100 from London, me and my Ozzy fiancee have been together for over 3.5 years so we have heaps of bills, joint accounts etc... Can we send the originals or do we have to get EVERY documents copies and certified?? we have hundreds of it and we would be happy to send originals but I cant find anywhere if its ok, most articles says to send certified copies.. can I just get them certify from the post office? Thanks!!
  13. Hello guys, I have applied as a 167 category in November..... I have uploaded last 5 years payslips....3 years bank statements.....2 years tax documents....2 companies appointment letter.....1 company resign letter.....2 increment letter.....visiting card, company card, list of ongoing project and finished project...2 companies exp letter..... is that enough ???? up to October I have uploaded salary slip and bank statement...but each month I am receiving bank statement means just received bank statement and salary slip of November...so should I upload this or whatever uploaded is enough....and if I upload for November month then continue for dec..jan..feb...till online status for work exp changed to "MET" ???:confused:
  14. Hi everyone Just a quick question for you all. We sent the hard copies of all our required documents to ACT (after doing the initial application online) last Friday (19th November) via Royal Mail Internation Signed for. We've tried checking the Track and Trace code and it hasn't confirmed that it has been received by ACT yet. We were just wondering what other people's experiences have been like, and how long it took between sending the documents and ACT confirming that they have received them. Thanks in advance for your help Natalie
  15. Hello, I am about to apply for a defacto visa, I have lots of joint account statements, joint lease, wedding invitations, bills etc .... will I ned to send the originals or copies? Do all this stuff need to be certified? I also have a birth certificate but its in Italian, will I need to get that translate? Thank you!! :notworthy:
  16. Very confused on this one :confused: Im applying to Melbourne for my 457 by e visa and I have read somewhere on PIO (but cant find it now) that if you scan your supporting documents in colour they do not need to be certified... is this correct? I cant find the info on DIAC website... Actually, I cant find anything today :huh: Thanks guys
  17. MazPaul

    Sending documents

    We have been appointed a case officer and on reading the email telling us what they want us to do it says to email scanned documents directly to them.Should we not upload them like we did with our origional application onto the website.I thought this would be the way to do it.Any info from people who have already done this is much welcome. Thanks Paul.:chatterbox:
  18. bennyboy

    Certifying documents

    Hi, Could anyone please help me? When documents need to be certified, do i photocopy the document and get the photocopy signed and stamped? and does the person doing it need to see the original too? or do they sign and stamp the certified document? I would be grateful to hear what documents people are getting certified asap as off to the law courts on Monday to get them done. Cheers and thank you for your time.:wubclub:
  19. Hi all, My brother has applied online for subclass 176 on 29/10/2010.. we are planning to upload documents in next week. I have few questions regarding document uploading. 1> should i have to scan certified copies of original documents or scan copy of original documents???? 2> should i send documents through this email address adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au regards, tejas
  20. bennyboy

    Certifying documents result!!!!!

    Hi to all, Thank you to everyone who commented on my last thread about certifying documents for Spouse visa. I have been ringing around Solicitors and have found an absolute gem who will charge me 10.00 for the lot and that will go towards there cake fund at work!!! If only they could all be like that!! Just need to get a copy of my decree absolute from the courts as lost my one years ago-incedently the courts are charging me 40.00 for a copy!!!! Bloody rip off!!! Onwards and upwards now it's all coming together nicely!:jiggy:
  21. Hi we are ready to send our 176 family sponsor visa on line, does anyone know at what point we attach documents? do we need to wait until they have received the application and given us a transaction reference number?
  22. colsha7

    documents for AHPRA

    Hi, Can someone please tell me which documents need to be certified for AHPRA????I have been searching their website and all I can find is that I need my passport, my qualification certificate, my original registration with the NMC, my current registration with the NMC, A letter/letters from employers from the last 5 years, transcript of training (which I dont have but I believe you can get this from the NMC as I qualified 21 years ago and the school of nursing no longer exists)......anything else....e.g. birth certificate?????i really dont want to get everything certified by a Notary only to find that i have forgotten something......all help greatly appreciated. cheers. Colin.x
  23. please help me before i go totally mad!!!!! Sorry to be such a pain. I am at present scouring the house for documents to support my husbands application for spouse visa. I have so far found: Building Society info from sale of our last house (shows joint names but old address) It's a redemption statement. 2009 mortgage statement (in both names) Current partners car insurance certificate, showing me as named driver My car insurance has been renewed today so documents in post in 5 days, cartificate will show husband as named driver. Current bank statement showing joint names. Forgive me if i seem not with it, but am i barking up the wrong tree here? Do all these documents have to be in joint names, current address etc.... I'm a bit confused as to weather immigration want to see this as evidence that we are in an ongoing relationship (married 8 years) together for 16, 1 biological child age 6. Can i photocopy these papers or are they not accepted? My son hasnt got passport now as it's expired, so need to get his oz one very soon. He is a citizen. Not sure what other documents i could send-any preferences please anyone? Thanks so much!:err:
  24. bennyboy

    Returning documents

    Hi to all, When an application for Spouse Visa is looked at, does anyone know if the supporting documents ie: marriage certificate, etc etc.... are returned or do they keep them? Also, do originals have to be sent? or can you send photocopies or certified copies? Any comments appreciated, thank you.:cool:
  25. Hi I am about to submit my ACS application. Please answer my questions 1. Do i need to submit the scan copies of original certificates or the certified ones or both certified and original? 2. Please tell me is the certified copy is ok? Does it contain all the necessary info? ( I have attached) Thanks