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Found 66 results

  1. veronica

    on line status document checklist

    Hi , just a quick question, we applied last month for a 176 visa on line, in the document checklist it still says required for everything , eg birth cert,passport details etc. these have all been attached, is it normal to still say required? or will they only update it when someone looks at our app?
  2. Guest

    State sponsorship document list

    Hi Please clarify when sending an application for state sponsorship do we have to send following documents for both primary & dependent applicants ?? Passport Page with photo and personal details Copy of IELTS Test Regards
  3. I lodged my online application on September 27th and couriered all required documents along with printed document cover sheet on September 28th. However, I noticed that there are couple of new changes on the document cover sheet for 176/886 visa application today, for example, the address of delivery has been changed to level 5 from level 6; as well as the must-included document list changes and parts of the declaration. I double checked and confirmed that I have enclosed all required documents listed in the new version of document cover sheet, but not sure and very concerned if there's any kind of impact with the old version. Anyone can help share any idea or advice on this? I am quite convinced that there was no any kinds of hints for coming changes when I submitted application and printed the cover sheet from the online application system, therefore it looks not fair if to reject the application due to the change.
  4. Hi everyone I got the documents certified by justice of the peace in Edinburgh UK. He certified as ' Certified true copy original seen , his signature date' he wrote his name and put the address seal on the top of his signature in few pages. Will it be a problem? ACS mentiones the name and address should be below the signature. ?please help me.
  5. chrisandelaine

    E visa Document link

    does anyone know when the Evisa document website link will be up and running again, i think i rem a few weeks ago it saying it is due to be closed for maintanence, but i have no idea when it will be back up and running. i am trying to finsh the last few doc's to upload for my VISA.:eek:
  6. Guys, need your info (i am noob) I already upload my required document scan (passport, IELTS, qualification, work evidence, etc)when i lodge my application a few days ago, but why my document status checklist all still required. :skeptical: thanks
  7. Hi all, All of my documents status have changed from "Required" to "Met" suddenly. Is it a good sign. This question may have been asked a number of time before but even then, I would like to know if I can get some relief knowing it. Does anyone know any case rejected after all documents have been changed to status met. Can I now sit back and relax?
  8. As per the question really. I'm having real problems trying to upload documents that are less than 1000 kb. Have been using pdf, then scanning on the lowest setting,( 75) then croping the sizes, but the only things I've been able to upload so far are photos and my passport details. Thanks in advance
  9. After ages trying to work out what to send to Vetassess for my husband's electrician paper based assessment, I found the following very useful document which I thought I'd share... http://www.vetassess.com.au/download/workassess/457%20Portfolio%20Builder.pdf
  10. Hi, We are very close to a formal offer of employment working for one the big telcoms in Sydney. I'm trying to plan as we expect to be over for July 1. We are a family of 4, the kids being 8 and 4 years old. What are the document requirements for the 457? The company has already completed the necessary 457 checks with the govt and it has approval. i guess the next stage is we formally apply. I'm told this could take a few days or a few weeks to approve? Also, as I'm 40 this year, I'm conscious that I'll be close to 44 come visa expiry time and whilst I'm open minded, I dont expect to return to the UK (I spent 15 years in South Africa and still miss it!!). At what point can one apply for permanent residency and, what are the success rates? I bring 19 years of marketing experience, some very specialised and about 7 years of senior-director level experience but I dont possess a degree (I could do an MBA, but what about beach time? :-). How does it all work and should I be thinking - forget it, 4 years and you are out? Any help appreciated, thanks Paul
  11. Hi All, I was wondering if somebody could help me. We finished the online application form for visa 176 and needed to upload supporting documents. We got an email from SA about the State Sponsorship they offered but haven't got any real paper yet. In the Document Checklist: "Please provide evidence that you have been nominated by a State/Territory government agency or Regional Certifying Body." Should I simple print and scan back the email I got and upload? Thanks in advance, Annamaria
  12. Guest

    Document Checklist

    Hello to all the PIO members, I have been reading this site now for last 3 months but this is my first post so here goes. We lodged our 175/CSL visa application on the 12th December 2009. On the 15th February the online status changed to ‘Application Being Processed Further’ (not sure what this really means can anyone pass on their wisdom). On this date the documents on the check list changed to ‘requested’ with the exception of the IELTS that had a status of ‘met’. This is where I am very confused because all of the other evidence documents, passport, birth certificate etc, etc, were uploaded at the same time and I just don’t understand why all of the other documents have a status of ‘Requested’ next to them. One month on from the Application Being Processed Further date and still nothing has changed on the online system. Can anyone shed any light on why this might be the case, I would be very grateful if they could. PS the medicals and police check still say ‘Required’ but I understand why that is.
  13. Hi everyone For those who've been asking about IT Professionals' status re the MODL/CSL issue, here's a link to the updated CSL, with IT occupations listed directly on it: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf And to the well-meaning person who changed the title of my original thread about this topic and moved it to the Lounge Room, whatever that is, the reason the footer on the new CSL states "March 2009" is because, once again, DIAC has not attended to the detail. If you had paid me the courtesy of emailing me on susan@susanwareham.com, or sending me a PM before you changed and moved it, I would have directed you to the real March 2009 CSL, which is significantly different from the current one. Regards Susan
  14. Hi there :smile: To my great surprise, I checked my online status today and found out that the status on the document check list has changed. This was just after a month! I thought that it would take a few months before anyone looked into it or this is just normal and it will still take the average 175 CSL 6 months? I hope so cause I wasn't planning to go to OZ before mid 2011 (not that I don't wish to go before!). Anyways...I have attached an image of the checklist with a few questions. Can someone be so kind and give me some insight on the questions in red? Thanks for your help!!! Cheers B1K3R
  15. Dear All, I'm loosing some patience as people around me who applied almost at the same time I did are getting Visa grants while I dont. I'm asking this questions out of that feeling... My document status still shows the status "Required" in the inquiry page. Even though my medical shows finalized, the medical forms in the document check list page still is unchanged. Does it mean, none of my document has been touched by my CO ...? Thanks, Rubab:wacko:
  16. Guest

    competency document report

    Hi, I am a Graphic/Web Designer with having 5 yrs of experience and i am applying for PR. with the initial stage for my assessment i want to make a competency document report(CDR) about my project and all work for documentation purpose. could any one can send me a sample of CDR for web/graphic designer or any url's where i can get ideas about how to create it? Thanks and regards, Pravin
  17. Hi, Just about to submit my online application for 176 visa. I know once you submit, you have 28days to attach documents to your application and these documents are given in a checklist (which is provided once you submit). Because of this I would like to see the checklist before I submit, that way if I see any problem documents (that might take a bit longer to get hold of I can sort those out beforehand without being in a rush) I've found the written application version of the checklist, but would still like to get hold of the online version as the written one probably has a number of things that I won't need to complete as the online already covers it (ie. forms, etc.) spoken to immi people and they said they can't give me it (or a link to it), but pointed me to the written one. Could somebody who's recently online submitted post the contents of the checklist so as I can see what I'll need. (Please don't give me a link to the written one as I already have that). Cheers.
  18. Hi everyone, It would be so nice if anyone can tell me why my document status still showing "Requested " even after I have uploaded all the documents requested. I was asked to send form 80 on 11/11/2009 by my case officer and I have completed uploading the form 80 on 26/11/2009. I have applied under Subclass - 176(Family sponsored) on 23/11/2009. I was not asked to upload the police clearance and medicals but I did also arranged those and uploaded them in advance. Do I need to arrange the PCC and Medicals again? Am I on the right track? If anyone can help me to get some relief ... Thanks in advanced, Rubab.
  19. leenlarv

    Document Verification....in Hull

    Hello folks I guess this question is for people from Hull or surrounding area, who have made it out to oz recently, or who are currently in the process of making the move. Anyway my question is....where in Hull did you manage to get your documents verified? If you went to a solicitor....which one? I'm still researching, but will have to get some documents verified soon. I have telephone 6 or 7 solicitors in Hull explaining that I would need some documents certifying for immigration purposes, and none of the receptionists I spoke to seemed to know what I was asking of them, and wasnt sure if any of the solicitors would carry out this service. I just wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction. Many Thanks. Leenlarv.
  20. Guest

    State sponsorhip Document

    i have applied for immigration to australia. i am going to apply for StateSponsorShip, I am supposed to give a document of around 1500 words regarding the job opportunity, life style and many such details of australia. I have no idea about it.Can any one help me with it.
  21. Hi, I wondered if any body can reassure me!! I was checking the status of my online visa application which was submitted april09, when I was checking the documents list I saw that document relating to my children (dependants over 18) and our form 80's are not listed as attached, and it is my understanding that these had to be attached within 28 days of the application which I had thought i had done.:arghh: Does anybody know whether this will result in the visa being rejected?? I'm so worried now.......... Any info will be gratefully received...........
  22. Sorry I just have a few questions,:err: I know all proof of ID needs to be cert copies which I already have but Do we send originals of bank statments, bills etc or do they need to be cert copies aswell? Also do my children aged 6 and 7 need medicals aswell?? Thanks, sorry getting a bit nervous about the whole thing, hope someone can help?
  23. Guest

    Final document submission

    I posted this in the WA thread already but didn't get a reply so assume nobody in there knows, so thought I'd try my own thread I spoke to the AFP yesterday and am informed that my police certificate is on it's way to me - as our medicals are all completed, I am assuming that this is likely going to be the final documentation they want (I flippin' hope so anyway!) Question I have is does anyone have a rough idea of how long once DIAC receive this information before I can get my visa sorted out? Bear in mind I'm in Perth at the moment, so understand I need to leave the country and get the visa put in overseas (most likely going to Bali). With me being flat out with work I need to arrange a week off so I can go and get this sorted out Thanks Dan
  24. Hi all I have lodged my application for a 175 visa and I have a question regarding my de facto relationship requirements... In the document checklist, I can see 2 items regarding relationships: - Evidence of de facto relationship - Evidence of interdependent relationship The first one is correctly marked as received (I have sent them things like "relationship history declarations" of both of us, household bills, receipts of flights/holidays spent together etc). However I am puzzled at the second one, which is still marked as required... What should I sent them for that one? What is the difference between them? (I would assume that a de fact relationship is an interdependent one!) I would be very grateful if anyone could explain that to me... :err: Thanks! Luis
  25. Guest

    TRA document help needed

    hi everyone, My oh is in the middle of sorting doc's out for the TRA, but unfortunatly we don't think we will be able to get everything they request .They ask for 3 statements of account from suppliers but we don't think we can get 3, we can manage 2 will this be ok as we only use trusted suppliers and have used these for nearly 5 years. Sorry to be a nuisence but don't really know what i'm doing so will be using pio's great advice a lot ,any info would be great. thanks leighanna:unsure: