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Found 68 results

  1. Hi all, does anyone know of any bulk billing doctors near Pacific Pines? Is there a list I can look up on the net or something? Thanks Sheena
  2. Guest

    Doctors - Middle Park Area

    Hiya, We have just rented a house in Middle Park, can anyone recommend a good family doctor in that or the surrounding suburbs, prefferbly one that bulk bills. We have just moved to Australia in January and I am pregnant at the moment so we probably cant get cover on private medical. So if anyone has got any advice or information of going through the state medical system whilst pregnant that would be great. Thanks Joanne
  3. I'm fortunate to have got my visa and we are off in 3 weeks, I have read in the Australia & New Zealand magazine, that said you need take dental and doctors files with you. After speaking to my surgery, they have said that they with give me a copy at £50 per family member. This seems alot with everything else we are having to pay out, especially when my dentist is not charging a penny. Some friends have suggested not taking them. Has everybody takien theirs, or are going to? Thanks, Kelly
  4. Guest

    GP Doctors wanted

    My name is Bonita ,and i represent a large Medical group in Australia looking for Junior Doctors and GP`S from the UK, we have positions available in every area in Australia, please contact me if you have any inquiries , gp@medirec.com.au Cheers Bonita
  5. Guest

    medication charges doctors etc

    Hi can anybody tell me if it is priced per item on a prescription I take medication for thyroxine and for Rheumatoid but do not pay here so need to know what the prices are like in OZ also how much for blood tests as I have to have these regularly as well many thanks Gilly:chatterbox:
  6. Guest


    does oz have doctors surgery same as uk and what is the process about going to see a doctor for any reason?:wacko:
  7. Hi everyone We are now on the count down to leave - flying out on Wednesday 30th - its been the most stressful 3 weeks trying to sort everything out. Anyway - last few things to sort. Do we really need to obtain all our medical records from the doctors to take over????? They want to charge £50 each for the privilege. Will the doctors in Australia refuse to deal with us if we dont have them? Also wanted to say thank you to the people on the forum who have helped with the questions we needed to ask over the last 18 months. I still cant believe I am on my way home after 30 years. Anyway will post again when we get there. Cheers Helen
  8. Guest

    Doctors In Aus

    Hi Just a quick question, have been in Aus for 12 weeks and been to the doctors what with children and womens problems. had a few Womens problems and been to see the doctor (100% bulk billed) and have been referred had scans really easily but i get the distinct feeling that its more about making money in and out kind of thing not very empathetic. Have i picked the wrong doctor or is that how it is in Aus
  9. sadsmile23

    Which doctors do medicals??

    Hi, could anybody tell me how I find out which doctors in my area will do medicals for visa? Is there a list I can access somehow or is it just a case of ringing round? There are 5 of us, so I want the best price!! Thanks for your help.
  10. The Broughtons

    Going to the doctors

    Mmmm, this is very different to going to the docs at home. I wasn't going to register with one until I needed to (if I needed to) so this morning when the lovely pharmacist told me to see a doctor with regard my new elbow I went into panic mode. He told me all the places to try but said that it is hard to see a doctor in Mornington. Luckily for me, the first place I tried (a bulk billing centre too) gave me an appointment for later in the morning. All I had to do was fill in a form, show my medicare card and wait to see the doctor. He checked my arm - I have been bitten by something and have a new elbow as a result of a severe allergic reaction - and explained what he was prescribing and what each thing was for. Then off to reception, sign a form and off to the chemist to get me medicine. No cash to be handed over here for the bulk billing. Just as well really because 5 days of antibiotics and a small tube of cortisone cream has cost me $33.90. Well that's my first experience of aussie docs and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be - just thought I'd share this small snippet of info with anyone who hasn't yet been to the docs or anyone who is still preparing to get here and worrying about medicare. Felicity:wubclub:
  11. We live half way between Carlisle and Preston, so we were wondering if anybody had any experiance/insight to what they were like so we can decide which one to go to. What do each of them look for? Do they do drop and cough? do they do breast exams? An other thing, I've read loads on here about medicals and each doctor seem to do what ever they want to in the exam. Why is this? Surley a medical exam to get to Oz must be a standard format. After all everyone fills in the same form. So why are they all different? Does the immi need informing that some doctors aren't doing this right? Right thats my grumble for the day over (I think not I'm going to work now and hate that and always grumble). TTFN
  12. tuckerfa

    Doctors in Carlisle

    Hi all have any of you lot used the doctor in Carlisle for your medicals and if so what was he/she like. Are they strict or do they give you a little bit of leaway? The Tuckers
  13. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good female doctor for the medicals? I have heard that some people have to strip down to their knickers and have a breast exam, and if I have to do that I would feel a lot better if the doctor was a lady!! So if you can recommend a good lady doctor in the SE for the medical, I would be most grateful (hopefully then I wont stress as much)! :chatterbox: Many thanks! Hayley
  14. Guest

    Panel Doctors

    Has anyone any experiences of the various panel doctors up here in the north? We have been told to get the medicals done and the nearest Dr's to us are in Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. Do they all charge the same; has anyone had any bad experiences with the Dr etc....... Cheers Dave
  15. Polkey

    Rude doctors

    Hi every one, A bit of a moan here. My wife and i had our meds done at the end of August wich was the day before our wedding. Full of excitment to be having our meds done at last plus the high of the wedding we turned up at the surgery and had what i can only describe as a very impersonal and uncomfortable exprience. The doctor had no intrest, spoke to us like we were a couple of idiots and was rude and aragont at the same time. We left nearly £500 poorer and rather shocked, we didn't expect him to share our excitment but we didnt imagine we would get such a terrible service. We live in Chester-Le-Street in the north east and this guy is the only person in the area that is listed to do the meds. Had we known what a git this doctor was before we would have spent the money and gone further afield wich is what i would recomend to anyone else in the area. Its a real shame that more doctors are not available to do the meds and that there is not a way of recomending a good doctor to save people paying good money to suffer the bad manners of fools. Been thinking about it for weeks now, wasnt sure if i should ignore it or not, geuss i needed to get it of my chest, sorry to moan but what a kn*&b. :arghh:
  16. Guest

    do we need doctors files?

    Hello Wondering if anyone can shed light on whether you need to take your doctors notes from your surgery to australia to register over there. I have just phoned up doctors who have said they can only give me copies of my notes to take with me. this may take 2-3 weeks me and my partner are leaving in a couple of weeks so I am wondering if its worth taking them with me. We both are fit and healthy and have no re:jiggy:al problems I am just thinking about leaving them here. Also is there anyone worth contacting before you leave to inform them your not in the country any more i think i will phone the tax office etc anybody else i should inform? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Vicky....
  17. Guest

    panel doctors

    Will all panel doctors frontload your medical or have some refused. We are in the hertfordshire area, but willing to travel if need be. Pinehill is the closest to us, has anyone managed to frontload their medicals here. What exactly happens ,do they keep hold of your medical till you get your file no, then send it off, has anyone experienced more problems by doing it this way. We are waiting for c/o stage on the 136 visa.(May application) Have sent off for pc's but cannot decide whether to do medicals or not, def want to be in Oz by next Aug so validating our visa is not a problem. Any advise appreciated and thank you in advance. Marina
  18. Guest

    Doctors for Medicals

    Hi I'm looking to have my medicals with one of the doctors on the list in the North of England. Anyone able to give me any feedback about them (i.e which ones are nice!) - or isn't that ethical on a site like this? THanks