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Found 6 results

  1. Allan Villappaly

    Changing employer 187

    Greetings, My work commencement date with my current employer is 3rd April 2017. So as per my job contract I’ve completed the 2 year period with my current employer in 3rd April 2019. I had received the RSMS 187 visa grant on 2nd of November 2018. My Employer is finding it difficult to manage the work place. ( He is based on a another location which is 2 hours from my place of practice). So he wants another manager to take over the work over and wants me to relocate to the main head office. The head office is also based in a regional location. I’m not in favour of this relocation as it means I would have to take a pay cut and demotion from the existing position which was stated in my contract. The new place of work and the job position is different to the nominated position and location that I have obtained my RSMS 187 visa for. So if I want to change my job and work with another employer, would my Visa be affected ? What implications would I have to bear, if I change my job and my current employer reports this change to the immigration ? Feeling stressed about the whole situation. Any advise would be really helpful.
  2. Hi , I'm a Physiotherapist, currently working in regional QLD, on 457 visa. I've been on 457 visa for almost 2 years but I've recently changed my employer. My new employers are happy to sponsor me on RSMS visa( 187). I needed some information on RSMS visa, about Physiotherapy, as an occupation. I wont be eligible for Transition stream, as I haven't completed 2 years with my current employer. I have Limited Registration to work as a Physio from AHPRA. Limited registration from AHPRA was the basis for my 457 visa. Physiotherapy as an occupation is not mentioned in the legislative instrument. As stated on the DIBP webpage , skill requirement for direct stream “ if your occupation is not on the relevant legislative instrument, you must demonstrate that you have the qualifications listed in ANZSCO as necessary to perform the tasks of your occupation". Below is the brief description for Physiotherapist ANZSCO list : UNIT GROUP 2525 PHYSIOTHERAPISTS PHYSIOTHERAPISTS assess, treat and prevent disorders in human movement caused by injury or disease. Indicative Skill Level: In Australia and New Zealand: Registration or licensing is required. Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). I'm still undergoing physiotherapy assessment process through Australian Physiotherapy council, to be competent to work as a fully licensed Physiotherapist. Hence I wont be able to undergo skill assessment, if that's a requirement for Direct entry stream for physiotherapy as an occupation. I wanted to know if my limited registration( which currently allows me to work) be valid for RSMS : direct entry stream as it was valid for my 457 visa ? I have been asking around from some guidance but haven't received any yet. It would be it big help if someone could help me with this
  3. Ok so have been here about a year and a half (11 months 457, 6 months 417 before that). Neither me or my employers are exactly geniuses in this field so just wanted to see if anyone might be able to put me straight here. Rather than wait another year or so before ive been sponsored for 2 years my employers have said they are happy to nominate for direct entry. I reckon that im eligible but who knows, heres what ive dug up..... Direct Entry Stream specific requirements: (a) you have never, or only briefly, worked in Australia (b) you hold a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) but do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition stream © have at least competent English which will be met as you are the holder of a valid passport issued by the United Kingdom, (d) have at least three years of relevant work experience (e) have a positive skills assessment in your nominated occupation. The skill assessment must be conducted by the relevant assessing authority which is VETASSESS. Am a British citizen, have a BA and over 3 years work as experience as a recruitment consultant which is what I am doing now. So am I cool to go and get onto a vetassess, does part (a) disqualify me or have I missunderstood the whole thing altogether? Cheers for any help!!
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice... Last year I was sponsored by my employer for a 457 visa, however due to the HR assistant not knowing much about immigration she just put down for 18months and thought we could extend it later. Not as easy as it sounds as they would need to nominate me for a 457 again and we would have to pay the fee. We want to apply for PR however we are 6 months short on our current 457. Yesterday a friend said, you can apply for PR through the direct entry scheme. I am a primary teacher and am on the consolidated list. When I was completing my 457, I submitted my degree for a skills assessment however it wasn't actually needed for the 457. Does this help when applying for the 186 visa? I would appreciate any advice on what the best option is as I really want to get the ball rolling! Cheers, Allison
  5. I'm applying for PR under 186 direct entry stream, with my employers assistance. One of the requirements is I need 3+ years work experience, where this is based on a 35 hour per week full time employment. I have around 2.8 years with my current employer, however I do 40 hours per week and this is also noted in my contract. Would the case officer take this into consideration? I'm really hoping the additional hours can be taking into account and justify the 3 years requirement. Any comments or thoughts?
  6. Merxi

    Ens - the direct entry stream

    Hi, I have couple questions about THE DIRECT ENTRY STREAM. Do you know how long it takes to get this visa? My partner can apply in December for Direct entry stream on ENS or I can apply in August for Temporary Residence Transition stream because I'll be for 2 years on 457. What is better and faster way to get PR? From immi web: Choose the Direct Entry stream if you have never, or only briefly, worked in the Australian labour market and have not held a subclass 457 visa for the last two years, or if you are applying directly from outside Australia. (my partner has 4 years experience from Australia and 2 years from our country and he can get positive skill assessment, but I'm not sure about this 'briefly worked in the Australian labour market' ) Thanks for advices.:biggrin: