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Found 196 results

  1. User Name

    ACS Dilemma

    Hi, This is my situation. I finished my IT degree on 16th December 2009. Gathered my paperworks had it certified and everything needed and sent it to ACS (clarence street address) via normal post on 11th January 2009. I applied as 2231-79 (the nec category). I sent my payment via Australia Post money order along with my applications. Now 11th January is on a monday, and this is already friday. Since I posted it in Sydney, it should be delievered by next day (tuesday the 12th) or Wednesday (13th) at the very latest. I havent heard from them yet. Though it says to wait 7-10 working days, I cant see why it would take long to send the acknowledgement email. Does it normally take them a while to send the acknowledgement email? Or is it just me being overly paranoid? I did the paper application because I couldnt dig out why I had to submit attachment when I still need to post them my certified hardcopies of documents. Cheers, AI
  2. Guest


    does anyone drive to work from pac pines to burleigh area to be there before 9am i know someone who would gladly pay towards petrol costs to be able to get too work without getting two buses a train and a taxi every day if anyone can help out greatly appreciated thanks lesley x
  3. My daughter has been attacked by mossies and has bites all over her legs. Last night she was scratching one whilst sat on the settee and it later bled all over the WHITE Ikea sofas!!! (we were given them by my dad i would never buy white sofas with kids!!!) Luckily they have removable covers but i am unsure of what to use to get the blood stain out :sad: Can anyone help?
  4. Mark&Karen

    Help a big dilemma !!!!!!

    Our 2 kids (5yrs & 3yrs) have dual nationality, they hold British Passports and they also have Australian Citizenship Certificates, but no Australian Passport. Last night we went online to obtain an eVisitor visa (new version of ETA) for our two kids, it was refused on the grounds that they're Australian citizens. Our concern now, is whether they will be allowed to board the flight at London and also whether they will be allowed into Australia once we land, as it seems that Australian Citizens need an Australian passport to enter Australia and obviously a UK passport is of no use. We have flights booked in 14 days time, so not feeling confident that we can get Australian passports issued in time. Has anyone been in a similar situation or can perhaps give us some helpful advice. I guess our only option is take their certificates along with us and hope for the best.
  5. Guest


    Please help anyone. We (maybe I should say I) have been thinking of emigrating. We have been advised we can emigrate to Canberra on state sponsorship and have paid the deposit. Whilst I would go tomorrow my other half, Janine, is having reservations. I know I can get a job in excess of $60k which is more than I get here and that is obviously a massive incentive. We would be interested to know what our life might be like. We have four children aged 15, 8, 2 and 1. We have been looking on the forums and childcare seems to be a nightmare in Canberra. We expect to live in a suburb such as Gungahlin and that is fine as we live in a suburb now. My job would be as a community support worker and Janine is under the impression I would be working a lot more hours than I do at present putting further pressure on her. I really need to give her some positives so please, please help me to give her some. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  6. Hello, this is my first post to the forum. I promise I read the FAQ and previous 3ds but I am still confused. facts: - living in Australia since 2007 under 457 (granted in December 2007) - de facto coming back and forth from Italy on tourist visa - daughter (born in Oz, but on tourist visa) action to be done: convert my 457 to PR and have my partner and daughter on my PR too puzzle: immi.gov.au has lots of info, but way too many possibilities, exceptions, rules, cases .... useless unless you are skilled in that area. questions: what PR visa should I apply for? How much does that cost? Does the fact I am on a 457 change anything (in terms of timing/costing/type of visa)? How can I include wifey and baby? what is the cost associated? what are the implications of do it through my company (sponsored) or myself (skilled) in terms of timing and costing? Anyone with a similar situation? Other things I should be aware of? Thanks Robbie
  7. Hubby and I are coming over for a visit in November with a view to a move in the near future. My problem is my family. My mother is alone, has no friends and doesn't work at present. She relies completely on me and my children to keep her sane (in her words) and although I have a fantastic sister it has always been me looking after my mother. I am turning 35 tomorrow- I have a wonderful husband and 2 gorgeous children and I really really want us to move over there to have a happier life. How do I leave my mother? She says she understands but wants to come over too as she'll not cope being stuck in this country without us. She has no money and seems to think it's my husbands responsibility to provide for her too- she is a very strong woman. My mother is great in so many ways, she is fantastic with the children too and they adore her. I am racked with guilt over wanting to leave her behind! Has anyone else dealt with something similar? How do you do it? Am I doing the right thing wanting to leave or am I being selfish? Help please!!!:arghh:
  8. Hi all, I am currently in Sydney living with my partner of 3 years with my son. We are in the process of applying for a de facto spouse visa and DIAC have stated that they need consent from my son's father for him to emigrate. He has no parental rights as my son was born before December 2003 and we were not married. He has not applied for a court order or parental rights, I have a HMCS search to prove this. I have contacted a UK family lawyer and am trying to get a declaration of UK law to state I am solely responsible for my son. Meanwhile, the father has agreed to sign, but is stalling and I am worried he may be trying to apply for parental rights. Can he do this without my consent/knowledge? Can I object to him being granted parental responsibility? He does not pay for his son and as such does not see him. I have read stories on here that DIAC are forcing mothers with sole rights to gain consent, even though the wording on the application form states: "Do you have the sole legal right to determine where each child shall live or to remove each child from their home country?" Is it consent or a court order? And also, why would I go to court to gain an order for something I already have - sole parental responsibility? This makes very little sense and is causing me a great deal of stress. Please help.
  9. My name is Kim, I am 20years old and came back from a gap year in oz just a year ago. I came back pregnant and had my baby in January this year. I met my boyfriend in Oz and he is still there on a student visa, he visited me in England for 10weeks after our son was born but had to leave again before his Australian Visa was stopped. Its become a lot more difficult for him to come to England, and when he visited he wasn't very happy here. How can I go to Australia with our son. I don't know what kind of visa I can get. Its all pretty unclear on the website. I think I can be added onto his visa but then on the website it says I should have been declared on the visa when he applied. I'm so confused with all this visa stuff and need some help!!!!! Thanks
  10. frautfreida

    immigration, form, dilemma PLEASE HELP

    My son is trying to emigrate to oz having spent a year on a holiday working visa. His application was rejected as he had not done his skills assessment first.apparently this is the biggest mistake applicants make. He now has everything in order vetassess medical etc etc, and having just signed over another payment for a new application found to his horror that he ticked no in one of the boxes where he should have ticked yes. It is impossible to ring adelaide or london, neither numbers work even though he stays up all night trying to phone adelaide to inform them of his mistake. He has sent emails but can some one suggest what else he can do before he loses another 2,525 dollars, for tcking the wrong box.? Please help
  11. Guest

    CO dilemma

    HI Can anybody help please my CO is requesting pay slips and taxation documents which I do not have . Is there anyway round this as I am going crazy with worry any suggestions woul be much appreciated thanks:arghh:Worked for employer for 3 years cash in hand while studying at college for my qualifications and employer no longer exsits.
  12. Hi all Ive bween reading through this site and wow what a site it is. It is kond of that place if you need help you can find it here. Well lets hope I can find some help regarding my 12 month rule. Below is a little timeline fo what my GF and I have been up to over the last 3 years: My GF and I met in England 09/06, and moved in pretty much straight away. We lived above a pub that we were both working at which is pretty standard for people working in pubs. We had no bills etc as everything was taken care of by the owner of the pub we do however have contracts of employment and a simple lease stating where we were living. We both had bank styatements going to the same address but that was it. So we lived there for 12 months as she came back to Aus in 09/07. I had to carry on working and save some money to come to Aus and arrived in Feb 08, we stayed together for a few days and I went to do some farm work on my first WHV and did that for 3 months so I was eligible to get my 2nd WHV. When I had finished that we stayed together at ther moms house in Melbourne for 3 months and moved to the Whitsundays for 2 months. We both have joint bank accounts going to her moms house address, payslips working together at the same place and I can get a letter stating thaty we both lived together on Daydream Island in the Whitsundays. Now it gets tricky in October 09 when we finished in the Whitsundays, my GF went back to Melbourne and I went to visit a friend in Perth for a month. I decided Perth was a awesome place and wanted to stay. My girlfriend and I chatted about this but at the time she was training with a new company and didnt want to move to Perth. I went to Melbourne for a month and we spoke about this and she decided to come to Perth and check it out. She arrived in Feb 09 to check it out and decided to move here. So we moved into a houseshare for a month until we found our current place for which we signed the lease dated (10/04/09). Now my problem is the 12 month immediatly before applying rule, I have to apply for my visa before 21/02/10. Do I have a case on the 12 month rule because of our circumstances or should I try something else. Please help me as my girlfirend and I are really settled with pets, nice house etc etc and would hate to leave. Any help is appreicated......:hug:
  13. It would be nice to get some feedback from some people within the S.A. area whom could possibly give myself their opinion for career prospects for myself. I am 33 years of age (male),Ship/Boatbuilder by trade (1992-1997),12 years making and installing stairs,windows,doors ,screens and all associated hardware (1997-2009),as of 2004 took on Health&Safety duties at former employment. I have a status graded within the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health of Technician which allows myself to put TechIOSH after my name. I would really like to continue with the H&S but financies dictate sometimes, so would really appreciate if anyone could give myself their opinion on what path to initially target and also I already have Perm' Res', hoping to go early next year and lucky enough to have a Brother and Sister in law who are going as well and would like to know is there a reasonable demand for Bespoke Joinery Products. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has done similar to what Im about to say. My bf and I have been looking into defacto visa. He is oz and I am from ireland living in Uk. He is in Oz as went home to find work as none here in Uk. We havent submitted defacto visa application yet as we were waiting until he got a job for proof that at least one of us was working. He has now obtained a 6 month contract in oz started last week. Now the dilemma is that hes wondering if he should come back to UK after 6months and what if ge doesnt get another decent role as good ones are hard to come by in Australia. He gets paid very well but at his level there are limited opportunities in Uk and there at the moment. Meanwhile here in the UK I have already done my medicals and just got my police check so my medicals are in australia house since middle of July (i think). Now Im wondering should I just go to Oz on a 3 month tourist visa which would tie me into when his contract finishes and then we make a decision. Also if we go ahead with the defacto in the UK, what if we end up coming back in 8 months? Is that it null and void? Also as I already have medicals submitted , can I actually apply in Oz? Just dont know what to do anymore and because our future is uncertain its making it difficult. Had anyone gone over on a tourist visa and applied for a defacto? Also Im too old to get working hol visa. We are both 33. help and advice welcome. sin:unsure:
  15. Guest

    Oz school uniform

    Will I be able to live with myself if I subject my kids to the hideousness of Australian school uniforms? We saw some right stinkers when we were in Brisbane: colour, fabric, clashing stripes...! What's the worst combination you've seen? I saw boaters in Brisbane...:shocked: valleylass
  16. Guest

    My IELTS dilemma

    Hi I was hoping somebody could help me please. I have been planning to sit the IELTS general test to gain more points for the 175 visa, however at some point i will also have to sit the Academic test as i'm a midwife and will need it in order to register with the state in Australia where i get a job. Can i kill 2 birds with one stone and just sit the academic test,is that acceptable to DIAC with regards to getting the full 25 points? Or have i got to still sit the general test? Hope this makes sense as i'm very confused. Thanks Natalie x:arghh:
  17. Hi I have come to Oz on an International student visa (572) with my 5 year old son. We arrived in January and I went to register him for Pre-primary in February, I was told as pre-primary wasn't compulsary and he would be put on a waiting list (annoying as he has had education in UK but couldn't do much about it). I filled in a registration form with all our details, including visa type we were on. Today I had a phonecall from the school to say he had a place and could start tomorrow (yippee I thought). Went to the school to fill out a form and headed off to the uniform shop to get him kitted out. Just before I got to the uniform shop I had another phone call from the school saying he now COULDN'T have the place because of the visa we are on and they had to give it to another child who has higher priority than an international student. My son was so excited about going to school and I then had to tell him he wasn't going - he was so sad!! I was wondering if anyone else had come across on a student visa and had problems getting their children into school. I would have thought that the Oz government would welcome an international student into their schools as we have to pay extortionant fees for our children to be there. Also I can't believe the school didn't check my previous registration form to find out my residency status before ringing me to give me the good news (which turned into bad news). Sorry for rambling but I had to get it off my chest, the Oz education system has really annoyed me today. :arghh: Carolyn x
  18. I put a lowish 1st offer in on a property. this was turned down, fair enough, but in my researches I found that the agents have listed the prop as @330sqm bigger than the actual plot size. I brought this to the agents attention but was told their figure was correct. I've double checked today with the local councils website which uses cadastral mapping and a pal accessed the details at the land titles office both of which show the agents measurement is wrong. Where do I go from here?- the discrepancy is showing the property is about 22% oversized in their marketing. How should I play it?
  19. rockola57

    Dilemma,stay or go home.

    Well we have been here in Adelaide 8 months(wife,3 sons 17,18,24)None of us particularily like it even though we all have pretty good and excellent jobs,and if we are honest with ourselves would,in retrospect,love to return to where we were at 8 months ago.The feeling that you owe it to yourself to give it your best shot is the big issue here, half hoping our outlook will change as if by some miracle,and we will become settled here.Everyday though,the old"Home is where the heart is"syndrome kicks in,with friends,family,familiar surroundings and the everyday way of British life.Luckily,we have a house to go back to,though still owe 10 yrs mortgage on.Does anyone else have similar thoughts on where they really,really want to be?
  20. Guest


    Hi guys Just had skills assessment back from ACS and its positive, as a Systems Manager. Now the dilemma. State sponsorship available through ACT/Canberra. With the restrictions on Independent Visas, tempted to bite the bullet and go for it. Appreciate the advice on ACT, IT jobs there. Options are to go for the Independent and wait it out, but this turns the scope a little. We still have 5 years after validating, to go - sort things out etc, just our preference was Perth area. But then its only 2 years and we could move. Oh the choices Appreciate your thoughts Karl (29), Liz (28) and Charlotte (7 months)
  21. Guest

    UK House Dilemma

    Hi all We are finally putting plans into action as we want to be in Oz by October. We are worried that our house will not sell by then and wondered if anyone else has left a house in the UK behind. We are considering renting it out. Does anyone know what the tax implications of renting a house out in the UK are - we have a 176 permanent resident visa. Any advice would be great. Thanks :smile: TS
  22. Guest

    rental dilemma

    hi everyone, i wondered if anyone could help with a bit of a dilemma? we landed in melbourne in January and had an apartment in St Kilda for 4 weeks. My oh job is in St Kilda so we thought we would start off there. Anyway the 4 weeks passed and I panicked and we got a rental in Mount Martha. I think we have made a mistake. We should have stayed a bit closer to his work. Also my youngest son has a few issues and i have found the ideal school for him in Malvern. Can i get out of this rental is there a 'cooling off' period with it.? Also i just feel myself that Mount Martha is not for me. I know that lots of people love it and I can see why it is a beautiful place. I just think that i personally want somewhere closer to his work and this great school. I think possibly we are stuck here for the 12 months lease!
  23. Guest

    Visa Dilemma

    Hi guys. I am planning to move to Australia towards the back end of 2010/early 2011. I am a civil engineer working specifically within the bridges sector. I have accepted that trying to move to Australia this year or even next year is a big risk especially with the economic climate being very uncertain. I have decided to be patient and wait a couple of years whilst the recession/credit crunch passes and things begin to pick-up again on a global scale. My dilemma is this…. Whilst waiting for the recession/credit crunch to pass, it is worth me applying for a subclass 175 visa in time for the proposed move dates? The other alternative is for me to wait until the global economy picks up, secure a job interview with an employer over there and obtain a subclass 457 employers sponsored visa. I'm not too experienced with the Australian visa process but can I apply for a 175 visa but still be granted a 457 visa if I were to get a job offer? Any help would be most appreciated. Darren.
  24. Guest

    student visa / 176 dilemma...

    hi all, i'm looking for your recommendations... Initially i was considering for a 176 family sponsored visa, but after looking at all the threads and the crazy timeframes involved i'm now wondering whether to apply to do a degree or masters in oz, and hopefully get PR that way. I have a degree from UK, but willingn to add to that via another degree or masters if it means going to oz quicker. What do you think?
  25. Guest


    Hi, Has anyone moved over to Oz leaving there partner and children behind, to follow later. I have a face to face interview in Australia next month after having a telephone interview last week. I would be going on a 457 visa, and go for PR on an ENS after 2 years. The plan was for me to go out there for the first few months and then my wife and kids to move out, however I am now a little concerned about the current climate with all the news on redundancies, and being on a 457 visa if something happened then I would need to get another sponsor or leave within 28 days. My wife has a good job over here earning good money so I would not really want her to give that up to move over and for it to all go pear shaped, if we did have to come back. The dilemma I have is should I just put the whole thing on hold and wait for things to improve or move over there and my wife follow out once I have really got my feet under the table with this company, as 12 – 18 months. I don’t know how I would cope not seeing them all the time. My children are 6 and 2, and I don’t think that I could stand to be away from them for that long. However this is a once in a lifetime chance for us to get out there. I have thought that my mum would bring the kids out during the half term so I could see them for the 6 weeks in the summer and also at Christmas, plus with the internet and video calls I could chat to them on that. Also anyone know how much a good broadband connection per month would be in OZ and also a Blackberry Mobile Phone tariff.