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Found 363 results

  1. Killie

    DIAC vs Me -Who's wrong?

    Hi there I am having the following question, i apllied for "Skilled - Regional sponsored (Class VF, Subclass 475)" last NOV and was sponsored by NSW i was aiming to be in CaT3 or oven Cat2 if my nominated occupation will be on their NSW SMP , My god i wish it will be as it is taking toooooooo long for all . My nominated occupation is (1299-15 Welfare Centre Manage under old asco issued december 2009 ) which i obviously i mapped under relevant anzsco code 134214 Welfare centre manager. Then i was just curious and then flick them(DIAC) a email asking in which priority group i recently am. That what i got ............As your nominated occupation is not on the SOL - Schedule 3 and you are not sponsored by an employer or nominated by a State/Territory government in accordance with an occupation on the State Migration plan, your visa application will not be finalised until those visa applications which meet the higher processing priorities are finalised.... What do you think did i am wrong thinking i should be at least CAT3 or they miss something?? any suggestion and thoughts welcome A@D :swoon::biglaugh::confused::err::jimlad::rolleyes::notworthy::jiggy:
  2. Guest

    DIAC functioning

    Hi there, just a question. Does DIAC keep track on who contacts them how many times? I mean, if you are calling the DIAC (maybe even your CO) too many times and too frequently, or if you are sending them too many PLE's, just say your are getting too annoying for them ... could that slow down the progress of an application? Could they maybe put it at the bottem of a pile?? Just a question. :unsure: HJS
  3. Hi Guy Wondering if anyone is able to help with something The recent news that DIAC are asking a certain category of applications t front-end load their medicals and PCCs etc is great news, and we have a 175 lodged in Dec 2009, so are lucky enough to fall into the category for front-end loading meds, PCCs etc. However,we have an agent who is still suggesting that we don't do it! Is anyone else using an agent that advising against front-end loading? She says it could all change again in a few months and we may be stuck with out of date meds this time next year - that doesnt seem to be the vibe I'm getting from the information being released from DIAC. Why would a well-respected agent such as George Lombard publicise an article is agents are still advising against it! Surely by now they want to crack on as much as possible and clear the backlog for their own sake, as much as anyone elses Any feedback would be great! Hmmmm confused! :unsure:
  4. Guest

    diac question

    can anyone tell me will DIAC reply to a question sent via a PLE ( General Skilled Migration Post-Lodgement Enquiry Form) IF i dont have a case officer yet thanks alan
  5. gaz n family

    OMG Just saw this on my DIAC site

    08/02/11 Application being processed further. Now, i sent a PLE last week and received a reply this morning saying as i have a case officer they cannot update me on my home email address. I have checked the rest of my documents, but nothing else has changed. Does this mean i might have a case officer, or is this in reference to my contact email? ~But
  6. The DIAC refund the VAC for invalid applications and ceased applications. Acceptance of a 'cap and cease' VAC refund offer would constitute a withdrawal of the visa application and would create an estoppel. Affected parties might want to Consult a Top Gun migration lawyer. The Ombudsman (paper tiger) has no powers and can only make suggestions. If an issue has not attracted the attention of the press, as in: deporting Australian citizens, imprisoning permanent residents of Asian appearance and children, there are unlikely to be any suggestions to the DIAC. The Ombudsman can do nothing about a ministerial decision, notwithstanding that the minister is not mentioned in a complaint.
  7. Has any one had any sort of reply from the good people at the DIAC Melbourne Business Centre. Applied for a ENS Visa back in November and no case officer in sight. Has anyone applying for a Ens have any feedback at all since the xmas break. I think they must all still be on their jollies. Ment to be a 5-7 month visa..........not looking like that at this time. Employer in OZ starting to panic a bit as work is building up...........hopefully he will hang on!! TIZZER:SLEEP:
  8. As the title says, I was in the RAF (as an aircraft technician) until 26th Dec 10 and applied for my 176 visa 14th Aug 10. I'm not using an agent so in my application I mentioned I was due to leave the RAF. I have now started a new job and wondered if I need to tell DIAC. SA sponsored applicants are now starting to be allocated case officers so am I best to wait for a case officer and let them know directly or is there a form you should send to DIAC? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. hi all my migration agent wound up his buisness in my home town, now i need to contact the head office of the agent for everything which is faraway. can anybody tell me how to inform DIAC( my application is already in the pipeline) about scrapping of contract with agent? can i unilarerally end the contract? reply would be higly appreciated
  10. Ezy Going

    How are PCCs and Meds sent to DIAC

    Hello, I was planning to do my meds and send the PCs to DIAC although I have not been allocated a CO yet (bit of a gamble I guess, I hope it pays off). My first question is that how are my meds sent to DIAC. Will it be sent directly from the panel doctors to DIAC? or will the panel doctors provide me a sealed envelope that we have to sent by post? in short how will I track weather my meds have reached DIAC or not? Another query is about PCs. I have arranged my PCs (from 3 different coutries since I stayed for more than 1 year in all 3) and now I want to send it to DIAC. Should I send the docs to gsm.documents@immi.gov.au ? What should I mention in my mail just the TRN or should I also write briefly that when did I apply etc etc (I do not have password for e-visa login https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/visas/attachment/start.do?attachType=VISA_APPLICATION&group=travel because I hired a non registered agent and s not willing to provide me the password :dull: ) Should I make one document for all PCs or should I attach individual separate PCs for each country? Thanks in advance. Ezy
  11. Hi, I was assigned a ACS Assessment 2231-79 ( Not Else Where Classified) and i applied for immigration in march 2010 but later the policy changed and my occupation was not on the SOL. But now in 13th December DIAC has asked the person with Computing Professional - NEC to get a review from ACS. but there are some question which are in my mind. 1. Should i send a revalidation application or a new appplication to ACS 2. If i send a new application to ACS ,then do i need to submit a new application with DIAC as well. Regards
  12. After gettins SS from WA, I've started filling out DIAC on-line application form but right in the beginning there if a question which State/Territory government agency has nominated me. In the email from WA informing me about getting SS, there is: "Skilled Migration Western Australia. Department of Training and Workforce Development". But in the DIAC form, there in nothing like that. The closest name is "WA - South West Development Commission". But I doubt that it means the same. Any tips on what I should fill in there please?
  13. Guest

    Number for contacting DIAC

    Hi, anybody out there know the phone number for contacting DIAC regarding my visa application? I've tried contacting my agent about information being sent to the wrong email address but getting nowhere fast. Thought it best to try & deal with DIAC direct. Can anybody help???? Thanks Jo x
  14. Guest

    DIAC Client Experience Survey

    Just noticed that DIAC published the results of their client satisfaction survey. Client Experience Program 2009-10 Phase 1 Result Not surprisingly the summary details all the good scores. Plus this appeared to be based on questions as to how your dealings were (did you get through OK and get an answer) with the dept rather than the actual issues with all the changes - and I would probably have answer positively to many questions even at my most frustrated with the system. I followed the link to a fuller document although still a summary Client Experience Program 2009-10 Summary includes for the likes of us waiting "35 per cent of clients with immigration status issues were satisfied with their overall dealings with the department. Aspects of service that these respondents were least satisfied with included information on the timeframe for deciding on applications, the speed of response to email enquiries and aspects of client service during in-person visits and telephone calls."
  15. hi all, I am facing a problem in selecting nominated occupation in DIAC application form. My CDR approval occupation in "Electronics Engineering" (ASCO 2125-13) but I got State sponsored in "Telecom Network Engineer" at 29 Dec 2010. Please advice me what should i select in Nominated Occupation at the time of DIAC application form. This is really urgent. Thanks in advance // Raihan Kabir //
  16. Please i need your urgent advice. I applied for 175 Visa July 11th. Thereafter, i got sponsorship from Queensland August 12th. I commenced a new online application, but could not completed it because an error message kept telling me i had a previous application in the system. I called and wrote DIAC, they confirm that my July 175 application will be treated as a 176 visa because of my sponsorship, no need to apply for a new one. This confirmation was done both when i called and they also wrote me an email to confirm this fact. My queensland case office also confirmed that my application will be treated as category 2 if its on SMP. he also sent form 1100 to DIAC Now SMP is out and my occupation is there. I called DIAC today to find out the status, only to be told that my State sponsorship from Queensland was not accepted by DIAC because i got sponsorship after i have applied for 175. The lady also confirmed i have a case officer, but it will be treated as 175. I need advice as to what to do. I want my case treated as 176 to enable get the full points. I am afraid i may score between 110 to 115 if treated as 175 whcih will not be up to the 120 points required. Please what do i need to do to get them fulfill the original mail they sent to me that my case has been noted on file as 176? Your advice will be greatly appreciated
  17. Guest

    Payment to DIAC

    What r the different options for making payment to DIAC? I have to apply to DIAC for 176 application but my credit card limit is less than required. WHat other options are available for making payments to DIAC other than using credit or debit carrd? Regards Ali
  18. I asking the quest on behalf of my friend. One of my friends logged his 175 visa application with DIAC in May'2010. Now, he wants to add few more documents with his application. Can he do it now? Note: he has not been appointed with a case officer :wubclub:
  19. Can anybody advise please. A student is presently studying Diploma Frontline Management (Dip FM), and has plans of following with Cert III in Automotive or Electrotechnology. According to DIAC website this would satisfy 2 year study requirement to then apply for TRA assessment of either Cert III trade, and Job Ready Test. However, the institution claims that the trade study must precede the Dip FM, and that DIAC would view the opposite sequence as "suspicious"? The college then suggests that the student should continue into their new, longer and more expensive Business Accounting degree course...... Is this true, or the college just gouging more fees? In my opinion, with some background in education and training, it is more logical to finish with the trade study before Job Ready Test? Any views appreciated......
  20. Please See: http://www.comlaw.gov.au/comlaw/Legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/2C492BB21C0997E9CA2577EE0018A41F/$file/10089LI.pdf
  21. Guest

    category 3 ,on hold,say, DIAC

    :shocked: I phoned DIAC helpline in Adelaide the other day to find out where they were up to in category 3 processing - we lodged June 09 and have passed everything including meds police checks. I was told they should have got to us in the pile in around 3/4 months - i.e. March 2011 ish but now that wasn't going to happen as case officers weren't being allocated in category 3 currently beyond those lodged dec 2008 due to category 2 re-opening and effectively category 3 is on hold at this time. No info was available as to how long this may be for - it was news to our agent too! I have since tried to find out if DIAC plan to stick to the statement still on their website saying that people who lodged like us before July 2010 will be finalised by December 2011 but with no success - it's hard to see how if they're not even allocating co's. Can anyone shed any light on this beyond speculation please???????? Or even informed speculationfrom agents wecome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Queensland are saying on their site check for further info week ending dec 10 - can we hope this is finally their SMP - and any hint of if plasterers will be on? Many thanks
  22. Paper based applicants should make a note of it! :jiggy: Biometrics Collection Outside Australia Biometrics Collection outside Australia The Biometrics in Visa Processing Program (the program) is an Australian Government initiative that introduces biometrics collection into the overseas paper-based visa application process. The first stage of the program will include paper-based visa applications processed at 10 Australian Immigration Offices across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/biometrics/offshore/about.htm Provides details on requirement to provide biometrics with your paper-based application. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/biometrics/offshore/collection.htm Details on how biometric data will be collected, stored and handled. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/biometrics/offshore/contacts.htm Information and contact details to assist you with your biometric enquiries. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/biometrics/offshore/countries.htm Details about which countries and visa applications are included in the program.
  23. Guest

    DIAC reply SMP by 1 Dec 2010

    One day, when frustration kicked in I just sent in an inquiry feedback through Chris Bowen government website to ask about SMPs. Surprisingly I received email reply from DIAC when I least expect it to happen :chatterbox: DIAC commented and intended SMP will be completed and in place by 1 Dec 2010. It's not gonna be long and we have gone that far to 1 Dec. :biggrin:
  24. Hi All Apologies if this has been answered on a different thread...I was wondering what will happen when all of the SMPs are out and we have a high number of applicants in catagory 2. How will DIAC process these? Will they look at anyone in Cat 2 and proces in date order based on the date the original 176 application was made? E.g. they woudl look at Cat2s from 2008/9 before looking at any from 2010? this would be the fairest way in my view. Also if those who are fortunate enough to have ACT/Vic sponsorship and have already been given a CO, am I right in assuming that they won't be bumped when another state releases their SMP e.g. WA Cat 2 whose application was made before theirs (as that wouldn't seem vary fair - getting someones hopes up and then snatching them away)? cheers Jo
  25. DIAC site gives the following recent news.... Australian Immigration New Form 956 and 956A Lets hope November brings Good news about SMP.... Fingers crossed :jiggy: