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Found 363 results

  1. Hi All, I have been talking with our agent and she said that the code that Vic SS use for Registered Nurse is different to the code that DIAC use. DIAC are not recognising us as priority 2 because of this!! Is anyone else having this problem? If so what was the out come.. Thanks in advance!
  2. gaz n family

    Ringing DIAC

    I am sitting here reading the threads watching some around the same time as us getting Case Officers, but also reading some who have had issues with their Form 1100's not being received by DIAC. So i am contemplating giving them a ring tonight to check they have received our Form 1100. What number do you ring?
  3. DIAC Liaison Meeting – Canberra 10 March 2011 DIAC Attendees_---> Kruno Kukoc, First Assistant Secretary, Migration and Visa Policy Section Joanne McKern, Migration Agents Section Andrew Daly, Migration Agents Section Linda Bone, Migration Agents Section Susan Murray, Deregulation Strategy Section Amanda Pohl ,Assistant Director, Sponsored Skilled Visas Dwayne McMoore, Business Skills Program Mary Miller, Freedom of Information Michael Willard, Independent Skilled Migration Brooke Thomas, 457 Section Elizabeth Carter, Skilled Migration Section Greg Phillipson, Legal Section MIA Attendees Sharon Harris, MIA National President & Qld Branch President Boniface Town, MIA National Vice-President & Vic Branch President Mark Webster, MIA National Treasurer & NSW Branch President Maurene Horder, MIA Chief Executive Officer Kevin Lane. MIA Professional Services Manager Law Council of Australia Maria Jockel Nick Parmenter Office of the MARA Christine Sykes, CEO Stephen Wood, Deputy CEO Temporary Work Visas Discussed visa simplification for work visas There will be further consultations about simplification of temporary work visas. Visitor visas will also be simplified – there will be a paper out in a few weeks. DIAC has put out discussion papers in June and Dec 2010 and will be engaging with organisations, including the MIA, which responded to these. DIAC is not looking at extending eligibility just reducing the number of visas. They will meet with stakeholders in confidence prior to producing legislation. New Short stay activity visa o Will subsume business visitor visa within this subclass o Will most likely be e-lodged o 8112 will be abolished – there will be no work rights on visitor visas. Freedom of Information (FOI) Compliance rate was 40-45% in 2005-06 – this included movement records which are now not part of FOI. There was an ombudsman investigation and as a result changes were made. 2008 task force consisted of 60 staff over 6 months – worked on the backlog of some 3000 applications. Compliance rate now 90%. Centres operating: o NSW o Victoria o Nation Office – media and highly complex/sensitive cases. DIAC is trying to institute a cultural change in relation to FOI and openness – for example encouraging officers to hand over documents during processing (eg movement records, Xmas Island cases, copies of decisions). Investigation/compliance sections tend to be the most difficult – a lot of documents, many of which are sensitive, and there is a culture of resistance. FOI is pushing an “if not, why not?” approach to release of documents. 24 hour processing model being introduced – do as much as possible within 24 hours, including requesting the file, issuing acknowledgement. A case management approach has been introduced – talking with the client about what documents make sense to release – particularly where a very wide range of documents have been requested. Agents should not send $30 with an FOI request – this is no longer required and is troublesome to refund. Agents should make FOI requests as specific as possible. Where a client requests “everything” DIAC will send a standard letter back asking for a more specific request. Business Skills Program A discussion paper for review of Business Skills has been issued – 33 responses currently being reviewed. No policy position within DIAC has been formulated yet. The MIA’s submission was discussed. The MIA requested that DIAC provide more statistical information to allow for more informed submissions to be made. The feeling at DIAC is that a 2-stage process is preferable to granting PR then monitoring. Business training: DIAC acknowledges that there is a weakness in skills of case officers. Accountants have been hired at Adelaide and Perth to address these weaknesses. ENS/RSMS PAM for ENS is due to be rewritten, even after 2 April changes. ENS Review is at the gathering evidence stage. Discussion paper will be issued. Looking at “aligning” 457 and ENS – removing red tape for the transition, including looking at English, sponsorship approval . RSMS: DIAC is of the opinion that this delivers for regional business. Skilled Occupations List Skills Australia reviewed the SOL in October 2010. Refer to Skills Australia website for which occupations might be removed as they have an occupation by occupation analysis. New list should be announced in May 2011, to take effect from 1/7/11. If an applicant has lodged and occupation is removed from SOL then they will still be eligible, but will lose priority processing. DIAC is looking at changing regs to facilitate this. There are now fewer applications being lodged than available places in the program, and DIAC anticipates processing priority level 4 in the coming year. 457 457 Occupations List was recently changed – these were as a result of the ASCO -> ANZSCO shift. Occupations removed had dropped in terms of skill level. Occupations added had increased in skill level. WTO considerations require that most occupations at skill level 1-3 be included, and also keen not to disadvantage employers. DIAC analysed activity in the occupations removed – all had less than 10 applications lodged. A new 457 booklet has been released – seeking to make it clearer for employers Significant increase in demand this year. Priority processing for flood reconstruction – so far only 9 approvals. There have been delays due to sponsors needing to get documentation together. No update on new training benchmarks being introduced. No update on e-lodgement for overseas sponsors or centralised processing. National Resources Sector Task force Recommendations of task force included: o Improving information & support o Expedited visa processing o Enterprise Resource Agreements for large projects. The ERAs will involve a head agreement under which contractors can access labour agreements “off the shelf”. For labour agreements, 2/3 of these are now signed off within the department rather than needing to go to the Minister. Significant increase in approvals of LAs. OMARA Code of Conduct There will be changes to the Code of Conduct in Mid August – these will be minor in nature, and will be to clarify the requirements. Major ones are being discussed – there will be consultation before these are introduced. A tender has been issued for developing an ethics framework – this will result in an ethics statement and methodology to be used in an ethics “refresher course” which will need to be undertaken by existing agents. PAM3 updates The MIA raised the matter of delays in policy being updated in LEGENDcom. The Department to see if it is possible for any updates case officers may get before LEGENDcom is updated to be provided to the MIA. Case officers bypassing registered migration agents The Department has agreed to issue instructions to case officers, especially in certain overseas posts, that appointed registered migration agents should not be bypassed. Adherence to law The MIA brought to DIAC’s attention instances where some case officers appear to be failing to follow the law correctly because they are applying policy rather than the law. This is to be the subject of further discussions between the MIA and DIAC.
  4. Hi All Long story short (well I'll try!) our 1100 form was sat in WA due to a backlog and the rush to get as many applications processed before the deadline. After an email from our agent and a phone call from me the form has now been forwarded on to DIAC (after waiting for a month!). Does anyone know how long it will take for DIAC to acknowledge the form and allocate a case officer? Or is it a case of waiting until the 6wks are up before contacting the DIAC to ask them about the status? Also am I right in thinking that although we applied for 176 ss because they didn't have the form we have been sat in cat 4 for the last month?? :smile:
  5. OH is currently filling out 176 visa application online, he had points on his licence which have now been removed.. On the form the question is Have you or any other person in this application, ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)? Does anybody know does he need to include this information or does he leave blank; is this considered a crime/offence?
  6. Sherbetdip23

    Recent DIAC email

    Hi All In light of the recent DIAC letter that went out to some applicants on Friday informing them that they would be allocated a case officer within 3 months I just wondered who will be front-loading ther meds and doing Police checks? Or are people playing it cautiously in case it doesn't happen :wideeyed: How much do meds cost at Maidenhead for a family of 4 please? And Police checks? Is it alot to pay out? Thanks
  7. jilla411

    DIAC has a Facebook page

    Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship - Government Organization | Facebook You have to click that you like it too comment.And I am not sure if you will get answers to your questions.They only joined on the 7th March 2011 so just for info really !
  8. I’ve finished DIAC online application form and after the payment (last step) there is a note saying: Before you exit you will need to complete the following steps: General Skilled Migration Document Checklist (required) Attach documents (recommended) Retrieve and print your application form (recommended) Retrieve your payment receipt details (recommended) In the document check list there is a list of documents. Do I understand correctly that they want me to send it to them by post?? I thought that the online application replaces the necessity to send anything by a classic post. Why can’t we just upload them? And mainly, there is no address where I should send it to.. And another thing. Among those documents, there are also reports about x-ray and another medical examination. But I’ve read on this forum that I should wait for a CO before sending these??
  9. Michelle32

    DIAC requesting more information!

    Dear poms in oz members, We have uploaded all our docs and everything is showing as met, then this morning we received an e-mail from our agent advising us the following: Dear xxxx Please note that even though the applicant has satisfied the AIM's requirements, the applicant is still required to satisfy this department that he worked as a fully-skilled supply and distribution manager during the threshold period. If the applicant does not have any formal qualifications as such the applicant needs to provide me a detailed statement as to how he became fully skilled in his position. If he received on the job training or completed a traineeship then he needs to provide details of this and also provide a statement from the employer attesting to this. The applicant may provide any evidence or documents that he feels would support his claims. We thought the AIM assessment was enough as oh passed. Has any one else received an e-mail like this? if so how did you get round it? We are so worried now our visa might get refused if we cannot provide this information. :unsure:
  10. A candidate in China called DIAC today, the operator's answer is He applied at end of last August Has anyone else called DIAC as well?
  11. Introduction of Public Interest Criterion Relating to Fraud from 2 April 2011 On 2 April 2011, the department is introducing a new Fraud Public Interest Criterion (PIC) that will be applied to certain visa subclasses in Skilled and Employer Sponsored Migration Program. The affected visa subclasses are as follows: Subclass Type of visa Title 175 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 176 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 475 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 476 GSM Skilled – Skilled – Recognised Graduate 485 GSM Skilled – Graduate 487 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 885 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 886 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 887 GSM Skilled – Regional 880* GSM Skilled – Independent – Overseas Student 881* GSM Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student 882* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student 883* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Residence) 495* GSM Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) 496* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) 457 TES Business (Long Stay) 119 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 121 PES Employer Nomination 856 PES Employer Nomination Scheme 857 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme * While these visas are closed to new applications on 1 September 2007, pending applications remain. GSM – General Skilled Migration PES – Permanent Employer Sponsored visas TES –Temporary Employer Sponsored visas Transitional Arrangements Your application will be subject to assessment under the Fraud PIC if you have lodged an application for a type of visa listed above and that application is yet to be decided as at 2 April 2011 either by the department or is under review. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/fraud-pic.pdf
  12. Anyone who has a confirmation on the emails selectively sent to applicants by DIAC? Are they choosing just particular professions? Have they done away with processing based on dates of lodgment?
  13. Guest


    I applied for 175 in Aug 2010. A close friend applied in Oct 2010 for the same. Though he applied two months after I applied he go a notice from diac that he will have a co in the next three months. What does this mean? Doesnt Diac allocate co based on dates of application?
  14. I am getting a closed message but it's tues 15th holiday was yesterday and it's 9.25 am Am I being thick ?
  15. If anyone wants an opportunity to bitch and moan, sorry offer thoughtful objective advice, about student visas (and migration pathways), the government is holding another...... review/inquiry....... no doubt due to universities (and TAFE) new commencements falling off a cliff..... Don't ever let anyone tell you Oz is a bureaucratic over regulated xenophobic indecisive country lacking in confidence because it's not, I don't think, is it, it's just all those foreigners making problems surely? "Student Visa Program Review The government has commissioned a strategic review of the student visa program, headed by the Hon Michael Knight AO, which is to report to government in mid 2011. The international education sector is important to Australia in supporting bilateral ties with key partner countries, supports employment in a broad range of occupations throughout the Australian economy, as well as delivering high-value skills to the economy. The review is an opportunity for education providers and stakeholders to share their vision of the sector's future. It is tasked with enhancing the continued competitiveness of the international education sector, as well as strengthening the integrity of the Student visa program. See: Submissions Invited for Student Visa Review"
  16. hi without going right into it we need to tell diac we need to claim points for ielts to be added to our app how do we do that? thanks kelly
  17. Guest

    Awaiting DIAC's comments!

    Capitalism at its finest! This is so disappointing! Union accuses Maersk of exploiting workers Updated Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:04pm AEDT The AWU claims Filipino workers are being paid less than $3 an hour on the North West shelf (ABC Rural) Map: Karratha 6714 The Australian Workers Union has accused a Danish company of trafficking Filipino employees to work on Western Australia's North West Shelf gas project. The AWU says the workers are carrying out painting and maintenance work on one of shipping company Maersk's oil rig vessels for less than $3 an hour. :mad: The union's Scott McDine says delegates have also found the workers have not been officially recognised by Australian authorities. "They were shocked to see these workers do not have their presence in Australia stamped into their passports, even though they come in and out of Australian waters," he said. "They are being trafficked; if they don't exist as far as Australian passport authorities are concerned, it is extremely easy to mistreat them." Mr McDine says the Government needs to take action. "We want to see them shut down the rorters and deliver a fair, transparent guest worker program," he said. "The AWU/MUA Offshore Alliance was approached by the Filipino workers, many of whom are scared of retribution against them and their families back in the Philippines and they were quite simply asking for the union to protect them and provide them with support." Both Maersk and the Immigration Department have been contacted for comment.
  18. Hi I asked out agent to send a PLE to DIAc about our application. Am I right in saying that as per DIAC's service charter they are obliged to respond within 5 working days ? Cheers Shane
  19. Guest

    Auto email from DIAC

    Hi. I got a auto email from DIAC saying that you need to submit following documents including - form 80 - Personal Particulars for Character Assessment; - form 1221 - Additional Personal Particulars Information; does it mandatory to fill those forms and upload ? Or its depend on CO? Appreciate your valuable feedback. Sorry i am 475 applicant
  20. Guest

    Do Diac accept debit cards?????

    Hi, Does anyone know if diac accept debit cards? We need to pay for a whv and don't have a c/card. Cheers Andrea
  21. Guest

    Do DIAC call your employer?

    I am the sponsor on my wife's Spouse Visa application. When I submit the application next week I will be employed... however, by the time DIAC looks at it... I will be on AUSTUDY. I was accepted into a highly sought after degree course here and because it's full-time, I need to leave my full-time job. As I said, my application will arrive with DIAC with me as the sponsor, and with my payslips and current employer info..(at time of lodging it will be correct). But, very soon after that, I will be on AUSTUDY.... do we have a problem? :confused: Will they go checking my employment status, if I have submitted current payslips?:wideeyed:
  22. Has anyone tried DIAC' online GSM application? Looks like it does not work anymore? I mean new applications. not with TRN. Professionals and other Skilled Workers - Online Applications
  23. sourse : Ombudsman finds DIAC dodged visa ruling A woman initially refused a partner visa by the immigration department has been allowed to come to Australia following an official investigation into her case. Commonwealth ombudsman Allan Asher said that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship had made a "flawed decision" to skirt a Migration Review Tribunal ruling and refuse a permanent partner visa to a woman who satisfied the criteria. The woman, known as Ms B, first applied for a provisional partner visa for herself and her children from Cairo in 2008. She wanted to join her partner, known as Mr A, in Australia but the department rejected her original application. The Migration Review Tribunal then overturned that decision on appeal and visa processing continued for 18 months. Mr Asher said Ms B was granted a provisional partner visa on May 3, 2010, but two days later the immigration department refused her a permanent partner visa. "It is concerning that this action may have been an attempt to avoid a tribunal decision that (the department) disagreed with but had not challenged appropriately," he said on Monday. Because Ms B hadn't entered Australia she could not have her most recent rejection reviewed, so Mr A lodged a complaint with the commonwealth ombudsman on her behalf. After an investigation by Mr Asher, the department granted Ms B a permanent partner visa.
  24. Guest

    DIAC - similar to Vogons?

    was thinking to myself the other day, the DIAC seem to want everything done to within and inch of its life and then they still hum and haw and want more.... reminded me of Vogons from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I'll let the guide do the talking... :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: [disclaimer: no offence intended, i'm just having a giggle!]
  25. hi everyone i called Diac today to askt if they got my 1100 form.........the guy said they hasnt receive any of form from sa then i ask should i call to SA to resent my form wait for 10 days n call diac again if they r going to get 1100 or not...............i mean i got ss year before they didnt get any thing how diac going to get in 10 days without contacting SA.......................worried what should i do??????????????pls suggest me should i call SA today or wait until next friday...........thanx:mad: