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Found 363 results

  1. I was at ease in life until on one bright and pleasant day I decided to send a PLE to the DIAC questioning the status of my application; the response I got was: "Dear Client, Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. I can confirm that your application is in priority group 3. With the recent change in priority we are currently allocating applications received much earlier than your lodgement date. As yet we cannot advise how long it will take to be allocated to a Case Officer. However, existing applicants whose nominated occupation is included on a State and Territory Government's Plan will be processed under processing priority category 2. You do not need to provide any further information as the department will determine your eligibility for priority processing. Applicants will not be eligible for priority processing under a Plan until this department accepts a nomination. If you have already lodged an application with nomination you do not need to provide any further confirmation as nominations, approved before Plans were implemented, remain valid. Yours sincerely, Xxxx X. General Skilled Migration Department of Immigration and Citizenship" The shocker was "I can confirm that your application is in priority group 3"!!!:wacko: I'm quite surprised, to say the least, to find myself falling in Priority group 3 despite all the writings on the wall suggesting that I'm a Cat 2!!!! The DIAC release http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/priority-processing-14-july-2010.pdf found at Priority Processing Arrangements for General Skilled Migration Visas – 19 July 2010 states: "Applicants that have been nominated by a state or territory government agency in an occupation that is subsequently specified in their nominating state or territory’s state migration plan will receive processing under priority group 2.". Further, Migration SA's SMP http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/public/download.jsp?id=20174 found at State Sponsored Migration List 2011 states: "All occupations listed will receive Priority Processing 2 by DIAC regardless of sponsorship availability." My timeline is as under; could this have happened because DIAC might not have received my SS(Form 1100) from Migration SA yet? Just to be safe, I've emailed the SA guys today but haven't got a reply as yet. Have literally been going bonkers!:arghh: Can someone help, please?:cry:
  2. http://www.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/delivering-assistance/government-programs/settlement-programs/ccs.htm Is this what DIAC have been working on for the past 2 weeks?
  3. Guest

    Resetting DIAC password?

    Hi all, We left our agent - he is not well organized, and not responsive enough. He provided all the material, but forgot to include the password so we can continue uploading documents. He is supposed to send today, but I would not be surprised if it takes some time. Is there any way we can ask DIAC to reset our password and have a new one?
  4. Hi all, Anyone out there know if we can still put in 175 visa application as i heard that they are not accepting anymore offshore application at the moment. Please clarify if anyone knows anything... Thanks!
  5. Hi all, We`ve lodged our complete flawless application in Sydney 11 months ago and we haven`t heard anything yet (except for that confirmation letter right after lodgement), not even email. We don`t have case officer yet. I called them up and was told that it was put in a backlog. Fair enough but my question is - do I have to renew my medicals? I don`t want to keep on waiting and then be asked for new medicals.. Is there any rule that every year requires new medicals? I mean - if that booklet says 6-8 months for TR, 2 years for PR, does that actually mean something? Cheers:wacko:
  6. Guest

    Problem with WA & DIAC - ideas?

    Ok seriously now I need some advice. To recap, on the 4th May I got the email from WA saying my agreement has been sent to DIAC. On the same day I emailed DIAC to check they had received it. Yesterday I got an email from DIAC saying it hasn't been received yet and I should check with WA. So yesterday I sent two emails - one to WA telling them that DIAC have not received the agreement and asking them to resend it. The other one went to DIAC, basically copying the confirmation email from WA and asking them if maybe it was in a pile somewhere waiting to be checked. This morning I wake up to a snotty mail from DIAC saying "we can't confirm receipt of any documents. Documents should be sent by courier, or scanned and emailed to us". But I can't do that as I need WA to send the form - do DIAC even read emails or do they just have generic emails they can send in response to queries? I have scanned in the signed SS agreement but that was weeks ok and it still says 'required'. What should my next plan of attack be? Any ideas?
  7. tcillc

    DIAC Annual Report 2008-09

    DIAC's annual report 2008-09 has been released: Annual Report 2008–09 (PDF)
  8. connaust

    Australian Immigration Queues

    Lives on hold. Changes to Australia’s migration program have stranded tens of thousands of international graduates at the end of a queue that shows no sign of moving — and the immigration department has warned the issue could end up in court, writes Peter Mares.
  9. Guest

    How long to send 1100 to DIAC

    Ok, so I got my State Sponsorship approved on April 19th, and on the same day I lodged my 176 application and returned the Sponsorship agreement with my TRN number to WA. I still haven't had the email that says the form has been forwarded to the DIAC. Is this an unusually long time, or does it sound about right? Surely it doesn't take that long to forward a form via email?
  10. I have just completed my medical today using e-health. I was told your results could be immediately uploaded to the system. Can anyone advice where do I look to confirm it has already been updated in My application?
  11. Guest

    Diac 3 month email

    Hi there just received confirmation yesterday from my gent to go he'd nd get police checks nd medicos .I was just wandering if anyone else who got the email from diac has been asked to get there's done. Thankd:jiggy:
  12. Harpersgirl

    DIAC Server Issues...

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the website? I know there were problems earlier this week but I've been trying for hours and can't get on tonight :confused: I'm also trying to email our CO and not too sure if thats getting through either. We deal with the Perth COE. Can anyone shed any light please? Please?
  13. Sherbetdip23

    Uploading Police Check Certs onto DIAC

    Hiya Please can somebody advise.........We got our Police checks back today and hubby is just uploading them - it asks for document type - should this go under overseas penal clearance certificate or somewhere else???:wideeyed: Many thanks Carla
  14. :arghh:Hi everyone I lodged my 176 visa application with diac on 04/03/2011, I had an email from WA saying that they confirmed SS with diac on 31/03/2011 so I have been waiting expecting to be assigned a co anytime soon however I have read on here that form 1100 (the form that the states have to send to diac either by post or by email to confirm that they have granted ss) sometimes can get 'lost' in thin air & sometimes diac don’t receive it!! If this is the case you would just be assessed as priority 3 instead of priority 2 & diac could sit on your application for months. I had a funny feeling that this might be the case as we hadnt heard anything at all so I decided to phone diac early this morning only to be told that no they hadnt received form 1100 from WA!!!! Grrrrrrr!!! I was not best pleased! As I was up anyway I phoned WA straight away & they said they did email form 1100 on 31/03/2011! They said they don’t know what has happened to it, the only explanation could be that it has got lost in email somewhere! I confirmed our diac case file number with them & that was correct, I trust that they have emailed it to the right place as they email these forms all the time. WA said they would re send it. So now weeks have gone by without me knowing that nothing was accually happening. If there are some of you that have lodged your 176s with diac ages ago but havent heard that a co has been assigned I strongly recommend that you phone them to check to see whether they have received form 1100 as it wont be progressed quickly until they have this form. They don’t seem to respond to the emails so I would say its best to phone even if it is in the early hours!!
  15. Anyone have any idea what's going on with DIAC website?? Haven't been able to access it all day?? Thanks :wacko:
  16. Hi Everyone Any information or help would be greatly received. We moved here on a 457 and then we were lucky enough to have an employer that was willing to transfer straight to an 856. We have been on a bridging visa now since sept 2011 and been told that we now have been allocated a case officer. However, last week out of the blue we had a visit from DIAC, this was called a 'compliance visit'. They wanted to talk to me and my employer asking lots of questions regarding what I do, on a daily basis. Then spoke to my employer without me there asking about their finances etc and wanting more detailed information. Has anyone experienced a 'compliance visit' and if so what was the outcome. Just really panicking now that they will find something and send us back to the UK. Oh how stressfull this all is. Makes you think was it all worth it. ANY info would be helpful. Thanks sharon and carl.
  17. Guest

    Received a letter from DIAC

    Hi there, We lodged our 175 visa in July 2010 online and received the automated response that it was received. Last week we received an email from them saying that our application has been assessed as a valid application. Has anyone else received similar emails? Could a CO be near? On our online visa enquiry they have added a line "email sent to you" aswell. Thanks Bundy
  18. Did anybody call DIAC from Bangladesh? What's the number? I can't reach +61 1300 364 613. Anyone can shed some light?
  19. Guest

    acknowldgement from DIAC

    Hii alll, I send my 475 application on last month and still now i didnt get the acknowlgement and reference number. Its almost 30 days . After getting TRN only my NSW will send the form 1100. My Question is Will my application is valid if some changes come before submitting the form 1100 to DIAC? Usually how they r sending and how much time it will take? tonymm
  20. Hi All, I applied for 175 visa in Sep 2010. In my application I mentioned Past Employment is from 2005.6 to 2010.4, and attached valid ACS assessment result. Now I have started a new job (same area) since Aug 2010 and probation just passed. The question is, do I need to tell DIAC (e.g. by 1022 form?) about this change? I'm a little worrying about getting such working reference will make people know I'm leaving the company, which makes following days in work become awkward. Actually the information I had provided to DIAC is not 'incorrect', so I'm wondering if it is ok not to tell DIAC about this new job?
  21. Losing on long-term skilled migration. CITING a backlog of more than 140,000 applications for skilled migration, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship released amendments to the system of awarding points for applications last year. The result is it is more difficult and less attractive for international graduates of Australian universities to become skilled residents of this country. Key to this was the raising of the English proficiency requirement by more than 20 per cent, from competent to very good, so that successful applicants have "fully operational command of the language with only occasional unsystematic inaccuracies and inappropriacies. Misunderstandings may occur in unfamiliar situations. Handles complex detailed argumentation well." Native speakers may be feeling a little discomforted here. In addition to the second language hurdle, the immigration department maintains the slowest and most expensive skilled migration application process in the English-speaking world. Rule changes, delays and the expense of processing applications have combined to severely damage one of Australia's largest export industries with increasing numbers of overseas students choosing an easier and cheaper Canada, British or US destination......
  22. Guest

    curior of health checks to DIAC

    I have taken my health checks and the doctors want to know whom and on which adress do they send the medicals. Any help?
  23. I am preparing the application for my 475 visa . I am little bit worried about DIAC surprising news like suspension of visa during transition period same as the previous year. Can I expect this month for preparation and application of my visa? Will any such things will come out in this month?. I know noone cannot give an answer except DIAC... But I hope the senior members can give an approximate answer by the previous experiences. Thanks in advance tony
  24. tfarrell

    Email from Diac re 176 visa

    I got an email today bout my visa application for 176 family sponsored visa. We applied for it about 1 month ago and the email I got this morning was to say that a case officer will be assigned to us in 3 months from the date of the email and we should get our meds and police checks done now. This seems very quick. Im pregnant now so cant get meds done yet and Im starting to panic. Will I still be left waiting ages after this or does this seem quick to others. I was thinking visa would take bout 3 years???? HELP.. thanks!
  25. i have just renewed my ten year passport. applied for a 175 visa in august 2009. catagory 3. no co yet. just wondered do i have to contact anyone about my new passport or do i wait until im assigned a co many thanks nicola