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Found 363 results

  1. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has recently applied for a 176 with DIAC lately? The issue I have is entering my spouse/defact partner. I get to the screen that asks you to enter migrating and nonmigrating dependents. Now, my spouse is not a dependent, she IS the other person on my visa, but I am not sure where to put in her deets. I did try to put her in the migrating dependents and I can choose 'engaged' or 'defacto' but then the 'related to me' drop down box all I get is brother, sister etc so I am not sure how I can enter her in. It's like its a mistake on the web page. Has anyone else done this recently? My other option is to ring them up tomorrow and ask. Kind regards, PW1.
  2. Bexy71

    Phoning DIAC

    Well, after seeing loads of people who have submitted their SS 176 visa after us I've been trying to ring DIAC tonight to see if there is a problem with our application. All I get is a recorded message saying their Adelaide office is now closed and to ring back on the next working day. I thought the working day should have started by now :confused: Has anyone else had any problems getting in touch? Thanks Bex
  3. Guest

    Diac v ielts

    Well here goes. My wife received her Ielts results on saturday and was given an overall band 8, which did not reach the Diac requirements because she did not get 8's in each section. What do you think Diac are trying to achieve with this new points system ? Surley if you achieve an overall score of eight then this should suffice. It seems to me that there are more people not achieving the score than are if the PIO forum is anything to go by. Do you think the numbers if potential migrants may drop ? Do you think they may change the criteria in the near future to perhaps 10 for a 7 or overall 15 for an 8 overall and 20 for a 9.? Who knows especially with Diac. I feel especially sorry for Trades people who when in their 40's probably need to get the additonal 20 points and lets be honest if youv'e been working as a bricklayer, joiner or spark you really have had no real need for anything acedemic in your working life so this makes it especially hard. Incedently my other half is a socialworker and writed reports for a living. Rant over!! Colin
  4. Sol2Oz

    SS and DIAC question

    If one were to get a successful state sponsorship - but by the time they can apply for the 176, the occupation is taken off DIAC's list. Can one still proceed with the application?
  5. Do they go by what ACS (or other skills assessment bodies) state on their results letters? Or do they go by what you tell them? I ask because ACS have done something a bit off with our number of years' experience and have put it at 4 years 8 months even though it should be greater, which obviously means we miss out on 5 points. Can't afford the time to reapply or appeal to ACS as hoping to apply for state sponsorship and need to get in before planning level is met. Any experience with this? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I need to ask one questions about how Australian 1 year work experience is calculated by DIAC. Here is my scenario: I worked full time from Monday, 2/03/2009 to Wednesday 23/09/2009 with company A and from Wednesday 30/09/2009 to Friday 26/02/2010 with Company B. Suppose if we count each week from Monday to Friday Will DIAC count my last week at company A where I worked from Monday to Wednesday which makes it more than 20 hrs week ? Similarly will DIAC also count my first week at compnay B where I worked from Wednesday to Friday where again I worked for more than 20 hrs as it' was a full time job ? In rest of the weeks I worked full time which should not be a problem and if DIAC count my last week at company A and first week at company B, I will have total of 52 weeks in which I have worked for 20 hrs or more. My second questions is can DIAC also argue that it is not 12 months of work experience as I did not have job between 24/09/2009 and 29/09/2009? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  7. Dear Experts, I am in a crucial condition. I assessed from ACS as IT professional. My state sponsorship will be expired on this 29th Oct. But till then my experience will be 4 years 11 month 28 days according to ACS assessment. So to get full 10 points for 5 years experience I have 3 days short. Now the thing is I have a one month full time experience which I didn't mention in ACS. Because i haven't taken that seriously as I already met ACS requirements without showing that job. But in DIAC I want to show that job expereince as it will turn my total job experience into 5 years. Can I show this to DIAC now? Or will DIAC strictly follows the timeline of ACS? It's an urgent issue and hope to get feedback from you at your earliest.
  8. Guest

    DIAC Help 176 visa timeline

    Hi I just got this reply from DIAC. Can someone help me decode this. I applied for a Subclass 176 in Feb 2011. Here is the reply I got for a question about where is my application. Your application has been batched for allocation. We are unable to provide you with a timeframe, however you will be notified in due course. We appreciate your patience in this matter. Does it just mean that you are in an infinite queue? cheers
  9. Dear All, I am little bit confused about my application to DIAC regarding total job experience. I have total 5 years job experience. But while assessing from ACS i didn't show my very first job which was in 1 month duration. Now can I show it in my DIAC application as without this 1 month experience my total job experience doesn't accomplish 5 years? Will someone give me a solution regarding this issue? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, All As per DIAC Web Site, DIAC Website outage on 23rd & 26th ,I think DIAC will definate bring some good news for cat 5.....:jiggy: jackd.
  11. Hi everyone, Has anyone managed to get a refund out of DIAC yet, I followed the instructions of a post that was "Stickied" (although it isnt there now) about emailed them and then waiting for the reply which should be a no and then complaining to the ombudsman. I had a reply on 17 Oct, saying my request would be expected to be dealt with within 10 days, I've not heard anything since! I agree with the reasons behind changing the immigration criteria to best suit Australia, after all that's one of the reasons we wanted to go, however I'm totally disgusted with the service they have provided to people who now have little (NO) hope of now getting a visa and refusing to refund VAC. I'm going to email them again today and complain that they have even failed to deal with my complaint within their guidelines and I'm not a happy bunny! Rob
  12. Hey All Prospective Migrants Check it out...Some useful stuff... http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/immigration-update/nom-july11.pdf Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/media/publications/statistics/ thanks and regards Big Bob
  13. Ike

    Your occupation on a 457.

    Hey all. Im currently on a WHV, and my company has said they would like to take me on long term. (Fantastic news!) I have got all the documentation for the 457, and fingers crossed it will be going ahead shortly. From reading the booklet, I read this; Now, im a 1st class welder (TRA recognised) and I will be primerilly welding. The job in hand is the modifacation and maintenance of vehicles, and there will be times where I will be doing other things such as electrical work. I also read that DIAC can run checks on the work place, both announced and unnanounced. Im probably blowing it out of all propertion, but whats the situation on 'straying' from your chosen field, and what the chances of DIAC turning up?
  14. Can any one help ... I have been racking my brains as to why family sponsor has been moved to cat 4 and yet state sponsor is cat 3. I understand the reasoning behind it , that diac wants to put people into specific states to fill the need for required trades/skills, but over the last few months I have been reading some post and it seems if you decide to change state once visa has been granted there is nothing that the diac can do ! Surley anyone considering applying for a 176 visa will opt for state sponsor over family and then go wherever they like . Is this the case ? :confused:
  15. Hi all, Quick q - does anyone know how long to remove a 175 Visa from the DIAC system (once the request has been received)? Also, for an online 'saved' application (176 Visa) - if you've forgotten the id number/password, how long does the Adelaide Centre take to clear that from the system (so you can start again)? I've been a complete wally, need to get this sorted asap. Thanks for any thoughts. K
  16. Hi, could someone please let me know how I find out when DIAC has received the form 1100 that SA sent to them, I presume electronically. I keep checking the tracking system at DIAC and nothing has changed. SA approved us for SS on 4/8/09. How long after they receive the 1100 form do you get a case officer allocated? I have a theory that SA applicants get case officers quicker than some of the other states, as it seems less people are applying there....... what are your thoughts?? Thanks in advance Tracey :cute:
  17. DIAC said they will not update the automated processing mail. But, they provide the following pages. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm The above page is information about allocation date.
  18. Cat 1 8 Aug 2011 Cat 3 All 2 Aug 2011 Cat 4 175 176 475 Online & paper. 26 Aug 2010 885 886 487 Online 15 May 2011 Paper. 30 Apr 2011 Cat 5 N/A Other 485 Online 8 Feb 2010 Paper 1 Jan 2010
  19. rebejes3

    DIAC's Processing Update

    GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION PROCESSING INFORMATION This is an automated e-mail response which provides updated information on processing of applications for General Skilled Migration (GSM). Updated 18 July 2011. Please do not send enquiries or reply to this email address as this mailbox is not monitored. Important - GSM processing priorities have changed in line with Ministerial Direction No. 50. For details please see here - http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/24apriority_skilled.htm Processing Dates Applicants who lodged a GSM application before the following dates have been contacted by a case officer: Priority Group 1 Skilled – Regional subclass 887 VB 887 (e-lodged) 20 June 2011 VB 887 (paper): 20 June 2011 Priority Group 2 There are no GSM visa classes in priority group 2 Priority Group 3 *Priority 3 applications are currently being allocated within two weeks of DIAC receiving confirmation of a valid nomination from the relevant State/ Territory Government. Applicants in priority group 3 are therefore encouraged, where possible, to provide decision ready applications to enable efficient processing and finalisation of their applications. Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2011 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2011 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886: VB 886 (e-lodged) 10 July 2011 VB 886 (paper): 10 July 2011 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 10 July 2011 VF 475 (paper): 10 July 2011 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VC 487 (e-lodged) 10 July 2011 VC 487 (paper): 10 July 2011 Priority Group 4 Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 VE 175 (e-lodged):10 August 2010 VE 175 (paper): 10 August 2010 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 August 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 August 2010 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 10 August 2010 VF 475 (paper): 10 August 2010 Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) subclass 495 and Skilled – Designated Area Sponsored subclass 496 UX 495 and UZ 496 (e-lodged and paper): All applicants who have an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 have been allocated. Skilled – Independent (Residence) subclass 885 VB 885 (e-lodged) 1 May 2011 VB 885 (paper): 20 April 2011 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886: VB 886 (e-lodged) 1 May 2011 VB 886 (paper): 20 April 2011 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VC 487 (e-lodged) 1 May 2011 VC 487 (paper): 20 April 2011
  20. hi, i'm trying to check the status of our application on the DIAC website on this page: https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa but when I use the drop down box to click on my country there is nothing there for UK, England, Great Britain...! Am I on the wrong screen? Can anyone advise? cheers
  21. TraxFM

    DIAC fortnightly updates

    Hello people I just wondered if anyone who knew could shed any light on the fortnightly updates sent by the DIAC? It stated on the last one that they were up to Aug 2010 but for 175 visas,but what I don't understand is that my OH applied for a 175 visa back in June 2009 and we still havent heard a thing and I know people on this forum who have been waiting longer! Can anyone explain this to me?! Thanks
  22. fattony

    Employer 457 DIAC message/status

    Hi Guys , does anyone know if you are employer sponsored ..what message should you see on the DIAC website ,should it show the employers sponsorship approval also,my current status as below ? 24/06/2011 Application received - processing commenced Message 24/06/2011 Application fee received Message 12/07/2011 Application being processed further Message 12/07/2011 Health requirements finalised Message 12/07/2011 Further medical results received Message 12/07/2011 Further medical results received Message 12/07/2011 Further medical results received Message 12/07/2011 HIV blood test received Message 12/07/2011 Hepatitis B antigen blood test received Message 12/07/2011 Hepatitis C antibody blood test received
  23. Guest

    Did any Cat5 got mail from DIAC

    Did any Cat5 got any email from DIAC regarding recent implementation of priority processing?
  24. anlopa

    Phoning DIAC

    Just thinking out loud, will my agent find out if I phone DIAC? I know that you are supposed to go through your agent but he always makes me feel like I am bothering him, I am paying him a large sum of money to feel like this as well.:embarrassed: I just want to confirm that I am in Cat 4 and try and understand when my visa might be processed. I’m not impatient or anything honestly but this new ray of hope has got me all wound up. Kind of wish I never found anything out then life would still be plodding along as it was.:SLEEP: LOL ARRRGGGHHHHH :wacko:I need therapy:wacko:
  25. Hi DIAC has edited its processing time table and has included other visas categories which were forgotten in the last announcement. For instance the 176VE applicants who were included in SOL and off from SMP list were not listed in the first announcement and many believed that those applications will be considered in Cat5 and now are included in Cat4 which is a good news for them. There are some other changes in the table which can be seen through the following link http://www.immi.gov.au/about/charters/client-services-charter/visas/8.0.htm