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Found 564 results

  1. Guest

    2nd stage defacto

    Hey all!!!! Just thought I post on here to let everyone Know I have just applied for my PR, sent the 2nd stage forms of yesterday to the Brisbane office.... now playing the waiting game again....once again! Has anyone recently applied? if so what was your wait.... I'll keep you posted on the process... fingers crossed!! :eek:
  2. well we literally have all of our documentation now, we have begun trying to put it all in correct order and will go and photocopy everything this afternoon. Just wondering about our supporting documentation for our proof of our relationship... Should we go through with a highlighter and highlight our names on all the documents where we are both on it? And highlight things like, phone calls to each other on our phone bills? Does this help the CO to save time on looking through the documents to try and figure out what they are for...? This is our last question i think, then tomorrow i am going into london to see a registered migrant agent to certify our copies then lodge it on friday.... Also I think i asked the question before, but, can we just walk into Australia House in London and lodge it in person, do we have to book or do we send it off to them....??? Thanks
  3. spudmonkey32

    175 Visa & Defacto Issues

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone could shed any light on the following, and offer some advice. My partner and I are in Australia on a 457 visa (I’m on her visa as defacto). We want to apply for Permanent Residency but independently not through her work as we want the flexibility to work and live elsewhere in the country. We’ve been advised by immigration that we can apply for visa 175 whilst we’re in Australia. The main issue is that there may be a problem regarding proof of us being together more than 12 months – we were together for a short while (one month), then she went to Australia, then I joined her after 3 months of being apart. We were in constant contact throughout our time apart, and I couldn’t move to Australia any sooner due to work commitments. When I applied as a secondary applicant on her 457 visa there was no question over the length of our relationship – we just submitted joint bank statements for 6 months and several statements from friends and family. So are they more lenient with a 457 visa, or by already obtaining that visa would that be an indication that they are satisfied that we meet the relationship criteria? If we have to wait until August to show 12 months of us living together is it worth applying now then by the time it gets processed August would have passed? Or do you have to fully meet all criteria at the time you submit the application? What about if my partner starts the application and then adds me on it later? We just don’t want to submit the application then get rejected due to them not agreeing with our relationship timeline and losing $2500. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as we’ve had conflicting information from people we’ve spoken to at immigration. Many thanks Ian
  4. HI all - my first post here. My partner and I are both living in Australia and on our own 457 visas. Due to certain circumstances we are having to consider putting my partner onto my 457 Visa as defacto. We have been living together for over a year so dont see any problems from that point of view, but can anyone please advise me how one goes about doing this? Do we have to re-apply for a 457visa with both our names on the application or is another way? Any idea how long the process takes? Any advise, greatly appreciated Cheers
  5. Hi there, new here to this site.. We are both in a stress about to lodge this application but need to clarify a few things. 1. What documents need to be certified? Do we just send everything else that doesnt have to be certified as a copy? 2. I am the Aussie, Im here in the UK on a YMS and obviously dont have a job or house back home. I have been working casually in the uk, and back home i am a professional scuba dive instructor, so i should have no problem getting work again. My partner is working full time in london in an office and earns a lot more than me. and is also a scuba instructor so will get work easy aswell. we have a joint account which now has over 5000 pounds in it which will be for when we get home and my father has written a letter to say we can stay at his place free of charge for as long as we need. Will all of this be ok? I don't want them to think we are going back home to bludge off the government ... 3. The stat dec written by the 2 Australian citizens. Do we need a photo copy of their passport/birth certificate to go with their stat decs? 4. How exactly to we lodge and pay for it in London? and finally i will list all the documents we have to show we have been together for 3 years... - Stat Decs from both of us - 2 x Stat Decs from Australian Citizens - 3 x Stat Decs from other friends and family - Joint Bank Account details - opened in july 2010 - Proof of address from first place we lived in together in australia 2008, (seperate letters but posted to the same address) - Joint Travel documents - We lived in mexico in hostels for 3 months in 2009 and only have flight tickets to prove this - Proof from seperate accounts that money was spent in mexico from both of our accounts - Passport stamp photocopys - Proof of living at same address in UK from Sept 2009. ( Seperate documents but to same address) - Letter from Partners mother to confirm we payed rent together since sept 2009 to present (because we never thought about a rent reciept book) - Car insurance papers for the last 14 months with both names on it - Joint wedding invites - photos from all parts of the world - stat dec about how i will support my partner by staying at my fathers house I think thats about it... you think its enough?? Thanks guys :confused:
  6. Hi, Me and my australian boyfriend are looking into applying for the defacto visa. We have been looking into it for the last 2 years and now we are finally at that stage. We have been together for 2 years this March. I am a british citizen and went over to Australia on a working holiday visa where i met my boyfriend, when my visa ran out i had to move back to England and my boyfriend stayed in australia for 10 months saving money and applying for the british version of the working holiday visa. The whole 10 months that we were apart we stayed in contact with eachother everyday and was stilll in a relationship but long distance. In March 2010 my boyfriend came over to England where we both now live together. We both live in my parents house but we do not pay any rent as my parents have kindly said we can stay in their house for free as they live over in America, in order to help us save our money. Therefore, we do not have a rental agreement. We do have a joint bank account and all of our paychecks, bank statements, any type of mail all get sent to the same address where we both live. Can anyone please help us with any useful information. For example; What forms do we have to submit? What evidence do we need? Is it okay if we do not have a rental agreement but we can get a written statement from my parents confirming we do live together plus all of our mail go to the same address. If anyone could help us we would greatly appreciate it Thanks! :smile:
  7. We're in the process of gathering things to include in our visa application. We are going to include proof of our joint bank account so are going to include bank statements. Do we need to include every single statement going back to when we opened the account or will it be enough to just put in maybe the first one and the latest one? Thank you
  8. johnosmad

    Defacto Evidence

    Hi All, I'm currently trying to put together the De-facto evidence for my 176 visa app and was wondering if anyone had a statement from family or friends I could look over and send on to the people that are writing our statements as an example. Obviously I understand they are quite personal so even just an idea of what info was included or with all personal info removed would be great. The reason is that as we were in the British Army we weren't officially living together and didn't pay bills etc. so we are relying heavily on statements, my friends/family are more than happy to write them but a couple have asked if they could have some sort of an example, even a template would be much appreciated, Thanks again
  9. Guest

    DeFacto break-up!!!!

    Hi guys Not been on for ages, but got here recently after having to return to UK (from Adelaide) in 2010. Now living in Melbourne, but this time my wife is the (457) visa holder. We forgot how difficult it can be but the memories about priorities and how to go about getting things done, and generally familiarising yourself with a totally new environment soon come back to you and you are so busy that you forget that you're getting on with it. We Know we made the right decision to return, so up until a few weeks ago, everything seemed to be fitting into place. NOW......this is where I need your advice. Our lad applied for a DeFacto visa and went through the process of getting medicals, Police checks, references, proving they had a joint bank account and that he and his girlfriend generally intended to make a go of it as a couple where he is living in QLD. On this basis, and after our loaning him the money to apply (approx 2,500 GBP) he got a three month extension on his WHV whilst he awaits their decision. Imagine our shock (and his no less) when the poor bugger finds out that she has been cheating on him throughout the process of his applying. She came over at Christmas to meet us in the UK, and when we finally get out here, she has a fling with an ex. Now, we are faced with his having to go back to the UK for at least 12 months until he can apply again for a WHV or we can apply to sponsor him. Thing is, we don't have PR yet and we aren't likely to get it until six months has passed. Does anyone have any ideas about if he will have to go straight back to the UK, or whether we can do something for him now even though we don't have PR yet. He is going to Immigration tomorrow to tell them what he has only just found out himself. Obviously his DeFacto application will be nullified when he tells them. Any ideas guys would be (as you can all imagine) most welcome. Many Thanks Jasp
  10. Guest

    Separating from defacto partner

    Hi Guys, Really hoping someone on here can help me out. I moved to Oz 4 years ago to be with my partner. Once in on a WHV I successfully applied for a defacto spouse visa. Having completed my 2 year temporary residence period in June last year, I am now a permanent resident (I think the visa code is 806? But can't remember off the top of my head). Anyway, it looks like my partner and I are parting ways (amicably, mind you). I'm just not sure how I go about getting permanent residency in my own right. I have a great job and they've offered to sponsor me, but I'd rather not be tied to my employer, however great they are! A lot of my friends who came over on a similar or later date than me on 457 visas now have PR in their own right. Can someone on here tell me if/how I can go about doing the same? Any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. Can anyone please tell me how much time I need to spend in Oz after my two year defacto visa is up in order to become a permanent resident. Is two years correct? If so do you have to spend all of the two years here. If anyone has been in a similiar situation I would like to hear how you got on. Thanks :biggrin:
  12. Guest

    WHV to ETA to De Facto

    Hi all! I am currently in Australia on a WHV... I have been doing some fruit picking work as my original intention was to apply for a second WHV... However I am running out of time and in order to get my full 88 days I have to pretty much work everyday until my visa is up which isn't very appealing or practical at the moment... So, I am now looking at doing the following; staying here until my WHV is up, I have a return flight back to the UK booked so I am thinking about flying home for a few weeks then coming back out here on an ETA, my primary purpose for this, would obviously be to see my partner and also to do a bit of travelling as some of our friends are travelling out to see us (as my original intention was to have this second WHV)... The ETA would also mean that my partner and I can well and truly pass the 12 month living together requirement for a de facto visa... The questions I have are as follows, firstly my partner would not be flying back to the UK with me as he has work commitments here and therefore there is going to be a period of separation of about 2 weeks, will this be badly looked upon when we apply for a de facto visa? Or will it be okay as long as I explain that it was because of my visa restrictions and his work commitments that we were apart and give supporting evidence that we remained in contact during this time? Secondly, is there likely to be any issues getting a ETA so soon after my WHV?? And am I likely to face much questioning upon arrival in Aus?? I will have a return flight booked when I enter on an ETA, as I said previously my main reason is tourism but also to spend time with my partner. We also have open tickets to New Zealand booked, so I'm presuming it would be a good idea to book these for some time during the first three months of my ETA to support what I'm saying about traveling?? We originally were going to apply for our de facto visa on the last day of my current visa but we have decided we don't want to risk it, and would rather wait until we are certain that we meet the 12 month requirement... I hope this makes sense, sorry it's so long!! Any help would be very much appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you all!! Thank You :biggrin:
  13. Hello I currently have a 475 visa, I have been in a relationship with my current partner for almost a year with all the requirement for her to apply for this visa. (after we got the 12 months. About 4 years ago when I came to Australia I was sponsored under 457 visa and back then I came with my partner from my country, after a few months living in Australia she could not stand living here and due personal issues she left me. After that I never heard about her. So I started another relationship. I have got 2 previous sponsors under 457 the first one with my country partner, the second alone, and now my 475 alone. Is this previous defacto visa would affect to add my new partner for this further application ? Do I need to provide any documents of finishing that older relationship that was defacto as well ?? As my understanding is, I have not been legally married, with paperwork and no kids. So should be fine Please hope someone can help me. Thanks in Advance
  14. Hi Guys, Now this post isnt actually for me - Im in Melbourne on a defacto which I successfully applied for (on a sidenote - if anyone has any defacto questions feel free to PM me!). I have a British friend over here who is with her Aussie boyfriend of several years (they were together in the UK). Now they came over here on a working holiday as they hadnt lived together so didnt fulfill the criteria. They have been in Aus for over a year, living together, shared account etc. My friend is coming to end of her visa (I think its a temp holiday one as she overstayed the first one she came in on, but not really 100%, I just know it expires in Nov and she cant work on it) and isnt sure what is best to do. Is there a bridging visa she can use to apply for a defacto over here? Or is it best that she leaves in November when the visa expires and applies for a defacto at home? What are the current processing times, I presume its still quicker to do in the UK? When I was applying it took months and months to do it in Oz. If she could stay in Aus and apply for it here I think she would prefer to regardless of processing time as at least then she'll still be over here with her partner, but obviously she doesnt want to stay here illegally as that wont look too good when applying for a visa, haha! Any feedback, suggestions and advice would be really appreciated, and as I said feel free to PM me with any defacto questions as Ive been through it back home! Thanks, D
  15. Hey guys!! I know this probablly sounds like a stupid question! But on the form to Sponsor Paul for this Visa, which one do I tick as my citizenship/residence status in Australia?? I moved to Australia when I was 4 with my mum who became a citizen after marrying my step-father and living there for 2 years. I became a citizen because she did. Do I tick that I am a permanent resident or citizen by grant? I have lived in Australia for 19 of the past 20 years of my life (I am 23 almost 24). It's probablly a simple answer and I feel silly asking! hehe! xxx
  16. hi all, i applied for my onshore partner visa back in sept. still no word btw! in the mean time i thought that i should try to get more evidence for our paper trail isn't great- we live with his parents and dont pay any of the bills. my partner has reacently bought a investment property, i couldnt go on the morgage because i dont have an income so it's in his name. I was wondering, if we put the bills (council, strata etc) in our joint account could i use it for evidence? or would immigration disregard it because the property is souly his? any help would be great
  17. Guest

    Defacto Visa - Question

    Hi All, My girlfriend is currently in Oz on a 457 visa, when she orignally applied for this with her work I was unable to go with her so we didn't add me onto the visa (looking back a very silly decision!) I have tried to get sponsorship out there but with no joy. We heard about applying for a Defacto visa, we have been going out for 4 years now so have plenty of evidence of the realtionship but we have never lived together, is this going to be an issue? Thanks......
  18. Guest

    457 de facto same sex

    Hi All I'm new to the forum and this is my first post, having had a look around existing posts to see if i could find an answer to my question and i haven't been able to, i'd appreciate any advice that people have to offer or experience of those that have had this issue. My partner and I are in a same sex relationship, we have known each other since March of 2010, have been in a relationship since August of 2010 and have lived together since October of 2010. We have decided to emigrate to Australia and i wanted to seek some clarity around our visa situation. I can get sponsorship from the DHS for a 457 Working visa and i know that this includes family members, however, our relationship does not seem to meet the criteria of what is defined as 'same sex defacto' for the purposes of the visa. ***** What is the relationship requirement? Applicants seeking to demonstrate a de facto relationship with their partner must provide evidence that for the period covering at least the twelve months before the visa application is lodged: they had a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others the relationship between them is genuine and continuing they live together, or do not live separately and apart, on a permanent basis. ***** I would appreciate any advice that can be offered, thanks for your time! J
  19. Guest

    Defacto Visa Help

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone could enlighten me on a few things... I have been with my partner for just over four years now, he is an australian citizen (not by birth, he emigrated in 2000)... After we had finished uni and things in the UK we decided to come to Australia to see if this is where we wanted to settle down. Turns out, it is and we are both very happy here... I am currently on a WHV and I am planning on applying for a defacto visa. In the UK we lived together for a few months at my parents, we didn't pay rent or anything but in exchange for staying there my partner put a new kitchen in, decorated etc. I can easily get statements saying that we lived together but I'm unsure as to how much weight these statements would be given without any other proof. Since we arrived in Australia we have been living together, and although it was in my partners parents house, we have bank statements and all sorts showing that we lived there together (for most of the year alone as his parents spend 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Australia). I have read about people applying for a de facto visa on their very last day of their WHV in order to meet the 12 month requirement and i am wondering about whether it would be safer for us to wait until that date, rather than relying on the time we lived together in the UK (of which we have little proof)... I have looked into registering our relationship, but i spoke to a woman today at Births Deaths and Marriages and turns out apparently i have to have lived in Victoria for 12 months to be eligible. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me, it is very much appreciated. :notworthy:
  20. Guest

    Defacto visa- leukaemia...hhmm

    Hi all, I was hoping for some advice on my health related issue for my defacto/partner. I am an australian passport holder (by decent), and have been with my Swedih fiance for almost 6 years. We currently live in the UK. I have family and friends in Melbourne, we've been on holiday a few times there, I am an osteopth (skilled) and want to apply for a defacto visa for, with me as a sponsor. However, my fiance had a bone marroiw transplant 5 years ago for chronic myeloid leukemia. She's been in remission since then (apart from what called a molecular relapse 2.5 years ago, which was sucessfully treated with 3 x infusions from her donor). She's drug/med free and is in othr wise perfect health. I am wondering on the best way to proceed, and how much detail to provide re. her treatment etc. We will include a letter/report from her doctors (in sweden)- who are more than happy to say she 'is cured', with a very low risk of relaspe. She is 27, I am 31. We have spoke to a migration lawyer in Melbourne- she said that initally apply 'as normal' but provide as 'glowing reposrt' as possible from her doctors. Is this enough? Can I do more? If she is deemed to incur 'significant costs' then she suggests the 'health waiver option'- which while I'm prepared to go through- I'd obviously rather avoid (cost, stress etc). She received her transplant from one of the best centres in europe (if not the world- Those Swedes!)- do I need to get several opinions, of will just a letter from her Dr sufficice? If so, apart from the obious is there anything that should be included (or excluded) on the report, anything to emphasise or play down? Nothing would be picked up on her medical check, all blood test/ imaging is normal. Shall I contact a panel Dr in the UK to get a second opinion? Sorry if a little garbled- just want to ensure that we hit bullseye fiorst time. Thanks so much for any advice, Ollie
  21. Hi there We are compiling our evidence for a defacto partner visa, which we are applying for offshore. In the partner booklet it says that if you are outside Australia and you are unable to get Australian permanent residents to complete form 888 for you, you can obtain statements from people who know you and your sponsor, which should be appropriately witnessed. Friends and family and completing statements for us. Do they need to provide their contact details (telephone numbers) in their statements? And can anyone tell me if the Australian High commission contact the people who complete Stat Dec's... to interview them? I just want to make sure i get it right - its all a bit nerve wracking! I also want to give my friends and family advance warning that they might get an interview. Thanks in advance for any help Charlotte
  22. Thought I would give everyone a heads up of my current situation. 1.Applied for the De-facto visa on the 14th Feb (Fully Loaded including police and medical); 2.Money taken 17th Feb; 3. 24th Feb CO appointed, furhter information requested as we were travelling from oz to London during a period they want a written statement detailing this. Also my birth certificate was not a full one apparently, I did not know this but thought I would post and make sure people provide a full birth certificate, if you do not have one, you can order a certified copy from the below link; https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/default.asp 4. 1st March, all further info sent, now awaiting approval, CO said this could take up to 6 months. Anyone have ideas of timelines for De-Facto Visa processing times in London??
  23. Hi, nearly ready to send in my defacto visa application. Could someone please help me in regards to the personal statements, do they need to be signed by a witness and in this case an anyone do this. What wording needs to be used?? I have had conflicting info, saying that the personal statements do not require any witness.
  24. Hi, my situation is..... I met my Austalian Boyfriend whist on a working holiday visa in australia. we met June 2009 and lived together as a couple in australia until may 2010, we then left australia, travelled for 1 month and arrived in UK june 2010. my australian boyfriend is on a youth mobility visa for living and working in uk (same as working holiday visa for australia) this visa allows him to stay in uk for 2 yrs and that is what we were planning to do, leaving uk june 2012 to both head back to australia to live permanently, i would have applied for a defacto visa before hand. BUT.... now i have found out i am pregnant, and we wish to leave uk now as want to get settled in oz before baby due in september. we have our flights booked already leaving uk 4th march which is in 3 wks time!!!! I will need to apply for defacto visa when in oz, and understand i can get a bridging visa until a decision is made. BUT... i now have found out i will need to apply for a ETA visa to even enter australia for a 3 month period. does anyone out there know if this will affect me applying for a defacto visa whilst on an ETA??? we do not have time to apply for defacto whilst in uk as only have 3 wks here until we fly, they wont offer me bridging visa outside oz, so how do i get in to be able to live with my boyfriend and have our baby there?????? any help appreciated asap please
  25. Guest

    Help Needed with Defacto Visa!

    I would really appreciate it if anyone could shed some light for me. I moved to Australia in November from the UK on a working holiday visa to be with my boyfriend who is also from the UK but has been in Australia for three years and is sponsored by his employer. We have been together since February 2010. He is currently applying for his perminent residency which is anticipated to go through without any problems. We would have been living together for one year when my first year visa comes to an end. The question I am asking is would I be able to apply for a defacto visa in November and be able to remain in the country whilst a decision is being made or do I have to get my second year working holiday visa and then apply once November is over (given the 12 month rule)? I am asking as I will need to make enquiries for my specified work soon if I need to get my second year working holiday visa. Thanks for your help!