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Found 564 results

  1. Guest

    Tempary Defacto Visa

    Hello does anyone know what is going on with the Brisbane visa office? I sent my Visa off last October and I still havn't got my Visa yet. When we ring up they say there is no flags on my Visa we are just told "its processing" We havn't been contacted by them at all in 9months. Can anyone shed any light on what might be going on? I have a clean record and plenty of evidence of my relationship with my girl freind. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi, We have lodged for 176 SS visa. We have Stat Decs from 2 people from my side and 2 people from my OH side. Now we've written our own (separate) statements. Can we just sign them, scan and upload? Or is it required that own statements are also notarized and in the form of Statutory Declaration?
  3. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone could give me some advice. I am currently a permanent resident living in Victoria, but i am trying to get information together for a defacto partner visa for my partner. We met at university, whilst we spent nearly all our time together we did have separate accomodation. She came out to stay here to vic for 6 months on a holiday visa but then had to go back, at that time we lived with my parents and so did not have our names on any leases or bills , however did have a joint bank account. Unfortunatly i had a bad accident breaking my leg requiring surgery and ongoing rehabilitation so have only been able to work on a casual basis. We are trying to decide what the best approach to getting her out here permanently would be. We have lots of letters photes and things showing we have been together for a few years, but realise it will take more than this. Do you think the best approach would be to apply for a working holiday visa and then apply for a defacto while she is out here or what are chances if we apply while she is in the uk now. Would both my parents and her parents be able to complete statements of support to aid us in our visa application I look forward to any and all help and advice Many thanks Alex
  4. Hi all, Im planning on handing in my de facto visa application at the end of June, very close to the end of my current WHV. I contacted immigration about making an appointment to hand in my application but was told they no longer make appointments and to just turn up which was fine as that was what i was originally planning on doing. However, today i have read a few threads on another forum where people have been informed that you can no longer hand in de facto visa applications in person in Melbourne. So now i am a little confused and was just wondering if anyone had any recent experience of handing in an application in person at the Melbourne office? Thank youuu :notworthy:
  5. stephenhall444

    Defacto Relationship Requirements

    Hello, Hope you can help me as I don't really have anywhere else to turn for advice! I have tried looking around the site for a similar situation to mine but I guess that all are unique. My partner and I met Feb 2009 when I was seconded for my job in Taiwan (she is Taiwanese). She is an English teacher and will fulfil all other requirements of secondary applicant. I was living in Taiwan with digs paid for by my company so joint accounts, utility bills etc weren't required. All went well and she quickly moved in. I left Taiwan (due to project finishing) April 2010. In that 14 months or so we lived together for at least 12 of them, went on many holidays so have photographs, passport stamps, joint friends etc. My girlfriend then came to live with me in the UK for 6 months in July 2010 till January 2011, again I have photos, passport stamps, witness accounts etc. Since Jan 2011 I headed back to Taiwan for 2 months for a business trip/holiday. Later this month I am heading back to Taiwan with work for 1-2 years where we will be living together again. The plan is to submit a 175 visa application ASAP and once it is processed and the time is convienient we will move to Oz. So my questions are... Do we meet the de-facto requirement? I feel we can prove everything except a financial commitment together. We do plan on doing this as soon as I arrive in Taiwan in 2 weeks time such as joint bank accounts, utility bills etc. Should I apply on a 175 visa now and add my partner once the financial commitment aspect of the relationship is fulfilled? If not what other option is available? a WHV? My partner is 26 and would meet the criteria, but what happens after that. Hope somebody can help! Thanks, Stephen
  6. Hi Guys, Just a quick question re. "upgrading" my defacto visa from temp to perm. I have been in Melbourne for just over a year and am absolutely loving it! Took a while to get over missing friends and family in the UK, but now I feel completly settled. Anyway I was speaking a friend of a friend recently who told me that she knew people who hadnt spoken to immigration soon enough regarding changing their defacto from an 801 to 820 and as such the visa had expired and they have had to leave the country! Now I dont know how true this is, but it has made me wonder how do you go about changing your visa to permenant? Do immigration contact you or should you contact them? Obviously I dont want to get deported back home to the UK if I can help it and Im sure this is the usual scare mongering, but obviously wouldnt hurt to know the process so we can be organised. Also I cant seem to find any info about it on the immigration website, so any advice / experience on this would be great. As always, anyone whos going through the defacto process should feel free to PM me with any questions, I know how stressful that bit is! D
  7. Hi one and all, and probably Petals as I've seen you around on teaching threads! I'm a PGCE graduate about to start my NQT year here in the UK (mid-life career change from publishing) and am about to embark on the process of moving to sydney as a defacto on my partner's visa. Of course, I'll need to try and get my qualifications accredited with NSW Institute once I've completed my NQT year in the UK (Planning to move next summer - the timing of all this is a little off to be honest - I wouldn't have done the career change if I knew this was in the offing, but you just got to roll with it I guess.) The NSW Institute accreditation seems very daunting - and I have a few questions for anyone who's been through it - any help would be gratefully received. 1) in the NSWI minimum requirements they say you need: "Higher School Certificate minimum Band 4 in General Mathematics, or completion of Mathematics (2 Unit)". Does anyone know if they require A' Level maths - I only have GCSE Grade C, but have passed the UK's maths skills test as part of my PGCE, which also had masters elements as part of it. 2) They require academic transcripts, but I'm intrigued as to what the transcripts actually are! Has anyone submitted these - is it a detailed list of the course options you took over the three years? My undergrad degree was back in 1991-1995 and I can't even remember most of the things we even studied! I understand your degree has to reflect 4 strands of subjects, but that seems a bit crazy with a UK qualification - even with mine which was Humanities (Eng lit, hist and philosophy) but no science or maths! I haven't seen any guidance as to what a transcript is on any of the official websites, can anyone shed any light? 3) Several people have posted they have been required by the institute to do more degree level modules - Anyone have any idea of how you go about this and the cost/timeframe and whether you can do them part time around casual work? Having just spent a year creating debts to study in the UK I'm loathe to take on more debt and more study - especially as teaching jobs seem to be as rare as hen's teeth in Sydney. Is there any silver lining to this http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/images/smilies/arghh.gif - or do I hit the bars - if not for work then at least for a drink. Also, will defacto status allow me to get any job if the teaching goes belly up??? Any help would be most appreciated. Ta Duncdunc
  8. Hi Im sure this will have been asked but having looked through some posts im more confused. Could someone point me in the right direction. My partner has just been offered a job 3 year sponsored on a 457 visa, we are engaged but not married so Im presuming defacto? Does his visa application have me attached or do i need my own, if so which one? Will i need medicals, skills checks etc. Cost of visa? I will be following around 6 months after my partner but will be wanting to visit at least once how long does my visa take roughly. Thanks very much Vicky
  9. I am in Australia on a defacto spouse 309 visa. I've been here since January and have until January 2011 until I get the permanant visa, at the moment it is provisional. Things with my partner aren't that great at the moment and I'm feeling like I need a bit of space away from him to decide whether we are meant to be together or not. I know that we have to prove evidence of our relationship in order to get the permanant visa in a year and a half so if I had say a month or two away from him in a shared house or hostel would that affect things? I don't want to go back to the UK right away because of the expense and because I want to see if we can work things out before taking such a big step of returning to England. It's so hard being in this position in another country because I feel that we can work things out we just need a step back from the situation for a while but we can't risk ruining getting the permanant visa because that would ruin things for us long term. Does anyone know anything that may be able to help? Thank you!
  10. Hey, I posted this a few days back but no one had any suggestions at that time so I'm trying again:) I was wondering if anyone would be able to give just short summary of the checklist for the 801 visa? I know they'll send the papers out closer to the 2 years, which will be in a few months, but I wanted to be prepared as I'm going away. Plus I seem to not have left a single proof of address as we've moved around a bit and mostly have paperless bank statements, payslips, etc. Will that be a problem? Starting to get a bit concerned... Thanks!!
  11. Hiall. My British partner and I (Aussie) are currently living in Australia awaiting his 820 Defacto visa to be granted. As I understand it once this is granted we have to apply for his permanent visa (801 if applying onshore) 2 years after the original application date for his 820. My questions are: 1. Do we have to be Australia to apply for the permanent visa considering we applied onshore for the temporary visa or can we apply for his permanent visa (100) off shore in the UK. 2. Once his permanent visa is issued can we come and go in/out of Australia when we want or do we have to be living here? Our plan once his 820 Temporary is issued is to apply for my UK Defacto/Partner visa and move back to the UK. Look forward to your reply....thanks heaps everyone!!! :smile:
  12. Blazingmonkey

    Changing from defacto to married?

    Hi, We are hoping to start the process soon of applying for a 176 State sponsored visa. My partner is going to be the main applicant. We have currently been together for 4 years own our own home so providing evidence for the defacto part will be easy. Question is we are getting married in June (very excited ), is it easy to change when we are married? We want to get it in before the changes next year also if (big IF I know) we are approved before we are married can the visa be changed?
  13. I am applying for skilled working visa 175. I am a midwife and my partner is an electrician, we are both n the SOL, while my job is in very high demand. We are planning to apply on the same visa, with me being the primary applicant. The main issue we have is that although we live together, we live together in my parents house. We have had to do this while we are saving for a morgage. I am 24 and he is 26. This means we have no bills ect. We have a joint bank account which we put money into each month to save and also the council tax comes out of this account for my parents house. We also have lots of photos ect and could supply letters from friends and family. We have been together for over 2 years now. I just wanted to know if anyone else has been in this situation and if you had your visas accepted??? Please help as this is the main thing worrying me about our application! Thanks for your time. Francesca :em4600:
  14. Guest

    De-facto Visa Checklist

    Hey guys, have been a bit of a lurker!! Anyway coming up to submit our de-facto visa soon, just wondering how well it stands if your sending everything on the visa forms checklist and the added proof photos, phone bills and bday cards? is it just down to the CO to make sure everything sounds honest?? Not going to front load medicals but may do on police checks just due to cashflow, any idea how much this may slow things down? Getting exciting now! Regards, B
  15. Anyone received approval for an onshore Defacto 820 recently...Can you share your timeline please. Sumitted frontloaded application 24 January 2011 in Brisbane. Still waiting to hear, DIAC said 6 - 9 months but would like to know how everyone elses' applications are progressing. Maybe I just want some light at the end of the tunnel...... :goofy:
  16. HI! We submitted our defacto visa in Perth on 25th January 2011, around June 15th we got a call from Immigration recommending us to submit our Police Clearances and Medicals. We have finally got the medicals all completed and submitted them and clearances there last wednesday (13th July 2011). How long now should we have to wait for a final answer now? The fact that my partner hasn't worked now for 9 months is putting our financial situation in a pretty bad way, is it worth applying for financial hardship working rights? and how soon can they be approved if we go into immigration ourselves with all the info? Any info/advice would be extremely helpful :arghh:
  17. Guest

    Defacto or sponsorship? Help!

    Hello!! OK, so here is the run down: I am currently in Oz on a WHV and have been here for 9 months. I got together with my partner last November and moved in with him in Brisbane in January where I lived for 3 months before getting a job within my field as an occupational therapist up in Townsville. I am on a 6 month contract here and we have been commuting back and forth to keep things going. I finish my contract in September, I'll then head back to spend a month with him before flying back to the UK as a) my visa expires and b) I need to go home at that stage due to other commitments. He is coming over in December for 3 months before having to head back to Oz for work. He can not stay in the UK on anything but a tourist visa as he is too old for a WHV. We can't apply for a defacto for the UK as we need to have been together for more than 2 years so the main option is for me to come back to Oz next year but how can that happen if not on a tourist visa? My questions are: 1) Can we apply for a defacto visa in November? We will have been together for a year but not living with each other consistently during that time so wont have lease agreements or utility bills. We have set up a joint bank account though and I have all my mail sent there as I use it as my main residence. 2) I work as an Occupational Therapist. If i get sponsorship through my job in Townsville I have to commit to 2 years up here which isn't ideal as my partner is based in Brisbane. Is it possible to get sponsorship through Queensland health so that I can work in Brisbane without having actually already worked in a position there? Am I able to apply for a job asking for sponsorship? If anyone can offer any ideas I would be really REALLY thankful. I keep getting so confused looking through all the government info :wacko: Thanks in advance!
  18. The more I read the threads on here the more I am worrying we will not have enough evidence to support our de-facto relationship. We met in the UK weeks before my partner was due to fly back to Oz, he is a perm res. I flew out 3months later on a WHV & have lived with him & his parents for the 12 months of the visa (which runs out in 3weeks). We can supply (including all the relevant health checks, forms etc): Statements from 2 or more australian citizens confirming the relationship A statement from his parents confirming we pay rent, share the chores etc Proof that my address has been the same as his for the 12 months, such as banks statements, pay slips etc A copy of our joint car insurance Only a handful of photos of us together (I hate my photo being taken) Christmas cards sent to the both of us How else can we bulk this evidence up? We do not have any bills in our names as we live with his parents. I have spoken to someone from the Australian Government that said if a parent can confirm this, it is still classed as a de-facto relationship. Any help would be much appreciated, I am returning to the UK days before my current visa runs out & would like to drop off the application in London as soon as I return. So I have a good few weeks here to start collecting everything together. Thanks in advance
  19. kate25

    457 to defacto

    I'm currently in oz on a 457 visa which expires in Jan 2012. At the start of this month we submitted our De Facto application and was granted a bridging visa as was told the processing time is estimated at nine months!! My question is, now that my application submitted and i have the bridging visa as back up, can I work elsewhere or do I have to wait until after January?
  20. Guest

    Defacto visa help

    Hey all, So i am hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction as there is so much info out there. Basically im an Australian citizen and my partner is English. we were living in oz for 12months and now we are in England for another 7. We are going to apply for a defacto relationship visa before returning back to oz. Now we have done a bit of checking and believe we meet all the criteria to successfully apply however it seems like a lot of paper work. Just wondering if anyone has applied for this visa before themselves and how difficult they found it. Or if they could give us a few tips to help us out. Alternatively if anyone knows of reputable agents that would be able to help us such as nationalvisa or migrationexpert. thanks in advance Andy
  21. Hi Guys First poster here, with a real love for Australia and a real problem with my job. We moved over here towards the end of last year and since then I have not been loving my job and want to quit. I am on a sponsored 457 visa with my partner as my defacto. But I am wanting to quit my job and have my partner take over the sponsorship through his job, which should be possible, and me become the defacto. Is it as simple as this or do we have to start from the beginning again? Any help with this would be gratefully received. thanks.
  22. Guest

    Subclass 820 Defacto

    I am about to lodge a subclass 820 in Sydney. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of the processing times. Any help or information is much appreciated. Thanks, FT :jiggy:
  23. Hi all I don’t know if anybody can offer us any advice/personal experience for our de facto 457 3-year business visa as I was asked to provide further evidence about our relationship and I’m worried that our visa may be rejected. I was specifically asked to provide “... insurance policies showing each other as benefactors, can your family provide declarations of the relationship... joint bank accounts, investments ?” I was able to send our case officer family declarations from family and friends but we don’t have anything else. I had originally thought it would be straight forward because we’ve been together for about 6 years (and I sent lots of evidence) and I’m worried because I was asked to go for a medical/xrays and my partner was not. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a bad sign or am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks for any thoughts or advice, I'm feeling stressed!
  24. Guest

    question re 176 defacto

    Hi all just wondering if anyone knows whether you have to do stat decs as part of your defacto evidence, we have submitted a plethora of bills coveering mid 2007 to present, council tax things, mortgage statement, letters to both of us from landlord when we used to rent before we bought, utility bills in each name but at same address, car insurance and home insurance with us as joint policy holders, and joint bank account statements - I am assuming cut and sry that we are in a de facto relationship - so do you think we need to add anything else? I know it's bad, but it is just a hassle! We are not card and letter keepers, but obviously have years worth of photos, with my hair going from long to shaved and back to long, and can get friends and realtives to do stat decs, but I also quite like the neatness of just having official stuff. I know this will seem really weird to a lot of people, who will the think the more the better, but I sometimes think less is more! ~Anyway, any educated guesses (or even own experience) woul dbe much appreciated.:notworthy:
  25. lucylou1

    Partner visa for the UK

    I am hoping there is someone who can give me some advice on this issue please. My partner is British and is currently living in Australian with me. We have applied for his defacto 820 visa for Australia and are wiating for the approval. We also want to apply for the equilivant visa for me (an Aussie) to travel back to the UK with him. I can find too much information on this type of visa. POI was BRILLIANT with advice for his aussie visa but I would like to know what we will require for my UK visa, where to apply, how long will it take etc. Thanks in advance...Cheers Lucy Lou