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Found 564 results

  1. Hey guys... Ive just lodgd my application for my defacto PR visa... how long has it taken for you to receive your visa... the only peope I know here in Australia it has taken them 3-4 weeks.... please advice Kind Regards Tony xoxo
  2. joesmart

    De-faco or WHV?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post after days of looking for the answer to my question, so here goes: My partner has a business sponsor for the 457 visa and they want her to start in Melbourne ASAP. I not sure of all my options for getting out there, but I know I can take a WHV very quickly and easily. My concern is that it could be difficult to find work on a holiday Visa. I have experience in a fairly specialist industry but noting on the skill shortage list. Does anyone know if I can apply for the de-facto on my partners 457? Would her company need to sponsor me as well? We are not married but have been living together for 18 months and don’t want to be apart for ages. Has anyone been in a similar situation? And advice welcomed! Joe
  3. Good Morning PPL :-D I am in the final stages of getting my defacto visa 820 finalised so I will become a temporary resident. I applied for this in July 2011. So from what I can gather in July 2013 I will move onto the defacto visa 801 if i am still in the de facto relationship. My question is once I hit July 2013 how quickly does the visa 801 get granted? Will I have to wait another 9 months or whatever like I have done for my 820 visa or is it a matter of weeks? Many Thanks for any help.:em3600:
  4. Guest

    OZ or UK?? HELP!!!

    Hi Guys, Big decision to be made here so looking for some advise! Please please let me know of anything that might help me make my decision. I am from the UK and my partner (Sarah) is Australian. We were together in Oz when i was on working holiday visa and then have also been together for 18 months in the UK. I applied for our defacto visa in August last year for us both to move back to Oz. At the end of December I received the email letting me know that all paperwork has been received and there is nothing else they need from me and they will contact me once the process has been completed.... But.... On December 28th, my Partner, Sarah's visa in the UK expired so she went back to Australia. :sad: She has now been sponsored to work in the UK so she is eligible to fly back as soon as possible. However, we aim to move back to Oz as soon as I get my visa accepted as this will not cause a problem with her work/visa. With this in mind we are debating whether it is worth her flying back to the UK if my visa is going to be granted soon (ish). The main question is, how long is it going to be until I get my visa from this point? I know the lead time is 4-6 months according to the website, but is this from the beginning of the application (September) or from now? Please let me know your thoughts guys as Sarah has to accept or refuse the position ASAP!! Thanks in advance! I am stressing out here! Arn
  5. Hi All I am currently compiling our application for a Defacto/Partner Visa. I am Australian and Ben is English, we met almost 3 years ago I am looking to get examples from people of what they sent off with their applications to provide evidence of their relationship etc. Also I am wondering what sort of info they included in their personal statements. I have the basic stuff prepared to send off, but I've heard of people sending christmas/birthday cards etc. to support them? If anyone has been through this and has some advice, I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much Lauri
  6. Guest

    De-Facto Relatoinship Visa

    Hi, I August last year I started applying for my de-facto relationship visa, after being with my Australian partner for over 12 months in the UK. I completed my medical in the middle of December and a couple of weeks ago I sent off my police checks. Am I correct in saying this is all that needs to be sent now? Does anyone know how long it might take from this point? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  7. mtlboi

    Defacto 309/100?

    Hope everyone is just super!! I have a quick question regarding the 309/100 "defacto" visa. From what I understand, the 309 is provisional and that i will need to apply for a permanent 100 visa in 2 years time. My partner and I met in 2002 and have been living together since 2005... Is there any chance I will be granted a permanent 100 right away? or is it something I should have requested? Thanks for your input!! :biggrin:
  8. jank

    ENS 856: Some Questions

    Hello, First post on this great forum. I am applying for a ENS 856 Visa in the new year. Currently I am on a 457 visa. So I have been doing my homework and getting ready to submit my application but I have a few outstanding questions. I am not going to be using a RMA. My partner is on a defacto visa with me on the 457. She is going to be on the application for the 856 ENS. Do I have to submit defacto evidence again? There is no mention of this at all on the forms I have been looking at. In the new year I will be applying for the VISA as I will be on the 457 visa 2 years. This will enable me to NOT have to go through the skills assesment. My question is do I have to submit all my qualification documents, CV, etc anyway? Lastly, do I need to get my partner to get all the relevant police checks and clearnaces? I know that I have to as I am the primary applicant but wil she? No issue if we do. There ya go!
  9. Hi, i am new to this but could really really urgently need advise.....were do i start....ok....i was offered my ideal job in Syd in sept, we flew into Oz to finalise the offer etc but we were stopped at the border and questioned for hours on end and finally had our holiday visas cancelled as they considered us to be non tourists, we flew home. In the meantime the application started for the 457 visa....everything went well, sponsor approved, nomination approved, then our visa process started...its been a nightmare from start to finish, we done it all ourselves and provided everything under the sun we could provide.....evidance from 5 years of us being a couple living together etc....then we were told to provide a statement to waive an exclusion period, we were unaware we even had an exclusion period but apparently as our visas were cancelled at the border we automatically got a ban....so we provided compassionate and compelling reasons why it should be waived and a letter from my employer saying how much he needs me there....got an email back this morning saying my visa is approved but unfortunatly my partner did not meet the critera to have the exclusion period waived!!! What the hell!!!! Then they asked if i wanted to continue with my side and come and work etc i should let them know and they will withdraw my partner from the application.....how could this happen? How could i leave my fiance behind...and is there anything we can do?:sad: Any help would be greatly appreciated folks please im very confused.
  10. Guest

    De-facto visa and going home!

    Would be really grateful if anybody could help me out… I’m due my PR in June 2012 which I’ve been told will take 6-8 months to come through. I cannot wait this long & will be making the move back to the UK in Aug/Sept. What happens with my visa? My partner is Aussie and we are planning to settle in the UK so I’m unsure whether we will come back permanently. I would also like to access my super which I know means cancelling my visa if not granted the PR in time. Can we re-apply offshore for de-facto if we decided to ever come back? If anybody can shed some light that would be great. ShellBee
  11. Hi everyone , just wondering if anybody would be kind enough 2 help me out on visa options??? I have read up on here n immi.gov n think I may be able to qualify for defacto but not 100% sure .Here is my story:biggrin: I came to oz on WHV in 2008 and while on this I met my boyfriend whos Australian . We met In Nov 10 and moved in together in Dec 10. He works as a sheep shearer and his boss pays for the house n bills so no joint bills but boss can confirm we have lived here and we have bank statements ect for address . We can get lots of personal statements from people in town also to comfim our relationship. My WHV visa ran out in april 11 so I had to return home for a while 4 months . And now im back on a 6 months holiday visa living at same address with bf. Would the time apart effect the defacto requirments ??? We have txts n letters sent to each other for that time. As my holiday visa is up in march I would like to take bf home to uk to meet my family and we were thinking of applying for defacto while we were there as the hudge waiting times in Australia . Is this possible ???? Any help will be appreciated thank you x
  12. Guest

    De-Facto Visa; Please Help

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can provide more information on this matter. My partner has just been provisionally offered the possibility of a new job in Sydney with her current employer. Now unfortunately I do not fall under any skilled migrant visa etc so looking at the visa options the de-facto visa is the most suitable. However is this definitely a possibility as my missus will be sponsered by her company for a 4 year period. We have also been together 4 years (actually met in Australia previously while travelling) but apart from living together in Sydney for 9 months on a working holiday visa we have not lived permanently together in the UK due to paying off our travelling debts and saving for a deposit - the job offer came a bit out of the blue. Will this prove a stumbling block in applying for a de-facto visa? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Nothing is set in stone yet but we are just trying to gather as much info as possible. Thank you H
  13. mtlboi

    Payment for Defacto 309/100

    So, I finally sent my application in for a 309/100 (defacto)... They received it by 0930 this morning as a special delivery. I literally burst out laughing when I noticed they had taken payment by noon! I have to laugh at how quick the process is when it comes to taking payment!!! Hopefully, the rest of the process will be just as quick!!... LOL!! :biglaugh:
  14. Hello I recently entered Australia on an ETA visa with the intention of applying for a defacto visa once landing. I rang immigration yesterday and was told that regardless of how quickly my bridging visa was granted, it would not be activated until my ETA visa had expired (90 days from entering the country) and that I wouldn't be eligible to work until this time. Is there any way around this restriction? I can think of worse places to be unemployed for 3 months :biggrin: but am keen to get working as soon as possible! I also have a potential Australian job offer in the pipeline. Is there anything my prospective employer can do to get me into work more quickly? Immigration told me over the phone that a sponsorship visa also required my ETA to expire before being activated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi all Firstly I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who have helped with advice, support and information during this process - could not have done it without this site and the brilliant, fantastic, wonderful PIO members!!! :hug: Our visa was issued in Brisbane today. Received notification via email that the 820 Defacto partner had been granted!!! OVER THE MOON. Application submitted 21 JAN 2011 - incl medicals and UK police check CO allocated 01 NOV 2011 Additional information requested - OZ Police Clearence and non migrating child health assessment, which was supplied and....drum roll................. Visa granted 15 NOV 2011!!!!!!!! We did this without the assistance of an Immigration agent but would have been impossible with all you guys and the information and help you gave during the application process. Cannot say thank you enough times. I now have the love of my life and he is allowed to stay here with me forever......... LIFE IS GREAT!!! Good luck to those still waiting. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Lucy Lou and Black Country Lad
  16. Guest

    Defacto for State Sponsorship

    Hi all, first time to use your great site as me, but have looked through it a lot. my question is when applying for a state sponsorship do you have to have the 1 year living together requirement to apply, although we have been together for 18months but only living together since last Jan. Is it just me applying for the SS or will my partner have to be part of the application as well. many thanks:hug:
  17. Guest

    De-Facto Visa

    Hi all, can you apply for a de-facto (partner) Visa whilst in Australia working on a 457 Temp Visa? Thanks :biggrin:
  18. Guest

    Studying on De-Facto

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows if you can study on the de-facto visa? Thanks
  19. Hello Everyone!! So my partner and i are lodging a defacto visa at some point in the next 6 months! My questions are.. * How much is it in aussie dollars? *What is the processing time if lodged in NZ? *Can i still apply whilst on a tourist visa if in Auz, or whilst on a working holiday visa if we are in NZ? * Is it easier for me to have a medical in the UK or Auz? *Will they ask me about my previuos time spent on a holiday visa in auz, inc farm work etc? *Will i have to proove i have funds in my bank if only getting a 3 month tourist visa? Basically we have been together for three years in April, lived together for over 2 years and have all the evidence to proove our relationship is ligit. We have been in the UK (where i'm from) for the last 18 months. He flew back yesterday :sad: to surprise his family for his sisters birthday :smile: i will be joining him on Dec 29th!!!! :jiggy: Our plan was for him to work for the next 4 months in Sydney doing a job which pays pretty well, after i meet him i may do some volunterry work until march when our friend is meeting us in NZ. We were then BOTH going to work for 6 months in NZ until our visa gets granted and we finally settle in auz!!!! What are your thoughts on where i should lodge the visa? Is it cheaper if done in NZ? Sorry there are SO many questions!!!! I'm sure we've all been there!!! hehe.... Looking forward to hearing your responses!!!!
  20. helenccc

    Defacto Visa

    Hi everyone I've just got a couple of questions regarding this visa. The OH is currently still on the provisional 309 and in April of next year will have spent 2 years on this. What is the timeframe and process to being awarded the permanent visa 100? I am aware that you provide further info regarding continuing relationship but once you have provided this how long until you receive the new visa? Secondly has anyone on the provisional visa managed to secure a car loan? And if so with whom? Reason for asking is we currently drive are giving us expensive problems and we are just pouring money into these cars which is painful considering their value. We have previously looked into finance but as OH is main earner and hasn't a visa which gives him permanency this was a problem and on my wage (part time) wasn't sufficient to apply with. Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys Helen x
  21. Guest

    Migration options/advice?

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I apologise for the length of this post - there's a lot on my mind at the moment, so please bear with me! So, my name's Rich, I'm 27 and I'm looking at migrating to Australia next July/August. I've been thinking about moving for a few years, and have finally decided to make that move if I can but right now I'm looking for any kind of advice to enable me to prepare as much as I can. My plan had been to originally move over on a sponsored 457 visa having spent time looking for a job whilst still over here in the UK, however I've come to the conclusion having read a few articles and posts that I would be better off searching for a sponsored job when I am actually out there. Therefore I am planning to go out to Australia on a working holiday visa, so I can work and still enjoy myself whilst looking for a job that will sponsor me. So, first question - am I being realistic in my approach? I'm aware that sometimes this approach doesn't always work out but should my main efforts be focused on this? Unfortunately my job role here in the UK (IT Technical Specialist) doesn't fall into any of the roles listed on the SOL so I can't progress a GSM visa application under my own steam (to my knowledge anyway). In addition, I also have an Australian girlfriend here in the UK who is having to move back to Australia as her visa expires in February next year (her going back just happens to coincide with my plan to move out later in the year). We haven't been living together in the UK due to tenancy obligations which I know would put us at a disadvantage when it comes to pursuing a partner temporary visa. We'd also have been together well over a year when I get to Australia. Second question - My girlfriend was told by her work colleague that having a joint bank account with me whilst here in the UK would be of benefit for any defacto partner visa I apply for, however because we don't live together and she has less than 4 months left in the UK is it really worth it? My thoughts are no at this point. The plan would be to live together once I am in Australia and look to set up a joint bank account, I've got a feeling that this would still be thwarted by the powers that be because we cannot prove our relationship outside of Australia aside from countless photos, testimonials from friends and relatives, and the odd letter addressed to the both of us (nothing official unfortunately). Am I right to think that we'd still face problems on this front as we can't (officially) prove our relationship was "serious" outside of Australia? So, I guess I'm just looking for any advice, links or assistance really as I feel a little overwhelmed with it all at the moment! Many thanks, Rich
  22. Cinnamon007

    Defacto Visas

    My partner is now sponsored by his boss & I'm in Perth on a working visa which expires in June next year so I'm looking to join his visa as a Defacto. We have a joint bank account but no other proof that we've been living together. Has anyone else been in this situation & if so, what would be your advice?
  23. This is my first post on the forum - although I am very grateful for all the advice I have found through here previously! :cute: I hope someone can help clarify something for me.... My partner is currently on a 457 visa and his company are sponsoring him for an ENS 856 visa. (I am currently on a working holiday visa.) We intend to include me as his partner on his new visa application, and his employer is happy for this too. The checklist on the application form does not include the 12-month de-facto relationship evidence as an item to be included, I have seen it is listed on those for other PR visas. Does anyone know if this is something that should be included in the application anyway or will it be requested if required at a later date? Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give.
  24. Hi all I would appreciate some advice on one part of my 47/40 de facto ap. I am currently in Oz on a WHV with my partner. Visa runs out in 2 weeks so are in complete panic and rushing to submit 47 de facto application. We are v worried about my partners eligibility to sponsor me as he is not working and has not worked in the last 2 years due to a serious medical condition. So in fact I am supporting him and centrelink know about me and my income. I have a good job here and could get my employer to confirm that my contract would be extended once my WHV restrictions waived. We are terrified that we will be asked for AoS - we do not have any relatives in Australia and having only been here 11 months (partner returned to live here with me for first time in 15 yrs) so do not know anyone sufficiently well enough to be able to ask them to do it. I am hoping as we are already here and settled money wise with my financial support that this will not be an issue once explained... but I'm absolutley terrified will be deported! Anyone been in a similar situation or anyone with advice I would be extremely grateful! Thank you Rachael
  25. Hi everyone, I've managed to get most of the my documents ready for my application. The remaining section I need to cover is evidence to prove my relationship with my long term (same sex) partner. A bit of background: we've been together for over 9 years (we met in June 2002), dated for 8 and didn't move in together until June 2010 as we had to first finish studying and also get our families to accept our relationship. We've lived together since then, we've even moved once. My question relates to what evidence I need to provide. I propose the following: We have a lease for our first and second apartments, both leases are in our name and cover a period of more than 12 months We traveled to Australia in 2009 - I have our e-tickets and iteneraries, as well as the ETA date for my passport and the immigration/emigration stamps from his passport Photos - we have photos of us together at parties, as well as on holidays (including the trip to Australia). Unfortunately the photos aren't dated on the actual photos though. We can get friends to write letters vouching that our relationship is true and genuine - while I'm on this, do these need to be made under oath at a police station? Or can they just be signed? We share the cost of living - for practical reasons we don't have a joint bank account. We do have records of who spends what, and then we settle at the end of the month (whoever paid more gets re-imbursed) - we can get bank statements showing the transfers between our accounts and I can provide the records (it's just an excel spreadsheet) Would this probably be sufficient? Has anyone been through this before?