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Found 564 results

  1. [it is the Partner Visa: Offshore Temporary and Permanent (Subclasses 309 and 100) i am wishing to apply for] Some information so you know where i am coming from: I am british and my gf is Australian. I lived in Australia for one year on a working holiday visa. Towards the end of my year in australia we were going to apply for the Onshore De Facto visa so I could stay in the country (and my job), but as time was running out and I was getting different answers every time i rang the immigration department about having a complete application, we decided it was safer to leave on the day my visa ran out and make our way to the UK to apply there. We have been travelling through Asia since then and now we are about to head back to the UK. The plan is to apply at the immigration office when we get back to the UK. We have all the required documents (statutory declarations etc) the only thing we won't have is police clearance from Spain (as I lived in Spain for over a year in the last five years so this is required) I have read through the application form and the document checklist but my question is.. Is it possible to apply as soon as I arrive in London and then give the police clearance documents once we have been to Spain to collect them? It could be a month or two later. We really want to get back to Australia asap, but don't want to risk applying and then being declined for something like one missing document. PS the reason we are going to Spain for the police clearance is that it is 400euros more expensive to organise a lawyer to obtain it on my behalf. I must go to Madrid to collect. Thank you anybody that can advise.
  2. This is my first post and I apologise if I confuse anyone as much as I've confused myself but I've been looking on the forum for a few weeks and thought it may be good to ask a question directly about my circumstances. I came to Australia in November 2012, currently holding a working holiday visa (expires November 2013). I still have around 6 months on this but would like to start looking at options now before time flys by even more. So I hold a UK LLB Law degree, I know solicitor is on the The Occupational list and so a skilled migrant visa may be available? Also I understand to practise as a solicitor in Australia I also need to complete a few subjects at an Australian Institution, therefore a student visa may be feasible. Finally on arrival in Oz I pretty much met my current boyfriend (who is Australian by birth), we have been living together for four months next week..... And so a defacto visa may be credible at the time my current visa runs out.... Although he will need to come back to the UK with me until the 12 month requirement is met. We are fully committed, it seems soon but I've never been more drawn to someone before. I pay rent and we share costs of food etc, other than that I travel by train and hold a pay as you go phone so have little financial evidence to show, this worries me. I hope my problem is clear, I just do not know where to start I've been looking at potential visas for the last month and feel completely crushed by the online information. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! thank you. PS I'm obviously in oz as well and do not want to leave the country if it will damage my chances of a further visa.
  3. I've currently got a 457 highly skilled visa, sponsored by my company. The role i'm in is likely to be made redundant very soon which could provide a bit of a challenge unless i find another role to transfer my visa to very quickly. As i've lived with my Australian partner for 18 months (and we're getting married in 10 months) can anyone recommend the best visa i can apply for which ensures i'm not exposed to the risk that potential redundancy can bring about? I'll be applying from within Australia. The prospective marriage visa is only valid from 9 months prior to the wedding - this could be something to consider next month once i am eligible. The IMMI page also has the 'Spouse with transitional Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa (EETV)' - could this be an easier option seeing as i already have a visa? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks all.
  4. Guest

    457 queries!

    My partner is abricklayer and WHV expires at the end of september. His friend has just started a new bricklaying company and has agreed to sponsor him for a 457. What implications are there that it is a new company (and thus wont have a good Business activity statement or bank statements with extensive use)? ALso what are the processing times on the 457's/ can a bridging visa be attained while its processing for when his WHV expires? We also only need to live with each other for another 3 months to apply for a defacto visa, but trying to get a 'holiday visa' for those months is difficult and risky, trying to prove your sole purpose is or travel when you have been in Australia for 2 years already. THANKYOU!
  5. So I'm in a very sticky and stressful situation right now and it's all thanks to my own stupid actions. My ex boyfriend, whom I still have a good friendship with allowed me to remain as his 457 defacto after we broke up almost 2 years ago, so that I would not have to leave or find an other visa. I met my current bf over a year ago now and we are In a defacto relationship. My ex is fine with this arrangement we were all good. I decided to try and start a process of getting a temporary partner visa with my current Ozzie bf and emailed immigration requesting to be taken off ex's visa. Have not heard back yet but I'm very worried as I did not think of the immediate action I would need to take and the cost, and the 12 month waiting period etc. I have no clue what I should tell them or what they will do. If anyone has any info or advise or even has had a similar experience please please post!! #stressed and worried.
  6. I did a quick search and could not find a any post related. So hope I will get some more information here. My question is: Can I swap sponsors on a partner visa? The situation is: 1) I moved to Australia over 4 years ago, in January 2009 . I applied for a partner visa and a health waiver due a health condition I found at that time. 2) In February 2011 my visa was refused by DIAC and I applied for a review at the Migration Tribunal ( MRT ) in April 2011 3) My relationship was over just after I applied for the review on MRT. I communicate the end of my relationship to MRT and kept my bridging visa. 4) On March 2011 I met a new person and we start date, we moved together on August 2011. And he makes me the most happiest person alive since then. So, my question again is: Can I swap my old sponsor for this new one?
  7. Kevin11

    Defacto visa query

    Hey all, Just a quick question you folks may be able to help us with to put our minds at ease! :smile: Our offshore defacto visa has been lodged, case officer assigned and they have got back to us requesting further information which has been provided. Also been told to do the medical after a couple of months. The question I have is, at which point would a visa be rejected due to character issues if they have already obviously looked at the application and asked us to go for a medical. Would it be right at the start of the process or further down the line ? Thanks!
  8. My partner and I were preparing to apply for the defacto spouse visa whilst in the UK but are wondering about whether it might be worthwhile applying whilst in Australia as we both want to leave here sooner rather than later. Is it possible to go to Australia for a holiday on a 3 month visa and then apply whilst over there? Is that acceptable? I know there is a spouse visa you can apply for whilst in Australia but is that for people like us or more for people who are there because they are refugees (or something like that) with an Australian spouse or who are working over there and then met their partner? Thanks
  9. dodgydarji

    WHV on to Partner Visa Question Help

    Hi All.. Just start of by saying this forum has really helped me whittle down my decision on how to go about getting my Defacto Visa. I just have one question i was hoping someone could help me with.. If go to Australia from the UK on a WHV and lodge my Defacto Visa a few months into my stay.. does that mean after my WHV expires in 12 months I go onto the bridging A visa? I suspect getting the defacto visa will take 10-12 months.
  10. dodgydarji

    Defacto Relationship Requirements

    Hi All, This is my first post and have spent a fait bit of time trying to find someone in a similar situation but had no success. I guess everyone is in a unique situation. I (pom) want to go over on the 309 Visa with my Aussie girlfriend who I have been with for two years now. However we didn't move in together until 6 months ago. She bought a place and I moved in 10/2012. I am just a little confused to whether or not this disqualifies me from being able to get the 309 partner visa? I up until that point of moving in with her had been technically living with my parents, however spent nearly all my time at my partners rented accommodation. The evidence I can provide is we have been away together on holidays through the two year stat decs from 5 people in Australia (her mum, dad, sister and two friends) A joint bank account with savings going in from both of us for the last 13months Photos, letters and emails of us being together Last 6 months of bills being delivered to the same address. We both pay different house bills so no joint names. (i took car insurance, internet, tv) She took (gas, electric) I have proof in my own bank statements I sent money towards mortgage for the last 6 or 7 months So I have all form and proofs printed and ready to go, however just wanted to make this last minute plea in case anyoen had been rejected? I am under 26 so I could apply for the WHV and then apply for the defacto when I am in Australia. My only concern for this is a) employment restrictions or disadvantages with WHV visa. b) We are planning to move permanently so I would effective be lying by saying I am just taking the WHV visa then going defacto (has anybody else done this?) .. Any help and replies would be greatly appreciated Thanks you so much, Jay
  11. Hi Guys/Gals, I'm currently in the process of completing the 457 visa with my Partner of 5 years. Not only do we have to prove our relationship which isn't to hard. Basically October 2011 I was pulled over by the police for having someone who looked "dodgy" in my car. I note that I was not the reason I was stopped. Upon searching my car the police found a knife that I had been meaning to dispose of for my partners Nan who had confiscated it from my partners younger brother. (still with me?) Basically in January 2012, I was convicted of being in possession of a sharp or pointy object. The sentence I received was an absolute discharge as they were not questioning my character but because a knife was in my car (sheafed may I add) they had to apply case law and find me guilty but felt the experience was enough of a punishment. My question is how is this going to affect our chance of a visa? I am the defacto in the application as Ben is a Midwife and the main applicant. I am currently studying to be a primary school teacher. We are in a long term gay relationship and have no other dealings with the police. Your help would be much appreciated. :frown: :confused: Regards Aaron
  12. Hello everyone, I received a PR visa last year and been in Australia for the past 6 months, however I was advised not to add my GF of 10 years to the application since we didn't live together at the time, however now that I'm settled I would like to sponsor my GF to come and join me but I'm not sure which visa I should apply for. We have been in a committed relationship for the last 10 years but we have never lived together because of family issues, do we still qualify for a de-facto partner visa? or should we go for the prospective marriage visa? also because either of these will take at least 6-9 months to process would it be a good idea to apply for a tourist visa first so we can be together in the next few months?. Also are there any migration agents that specialize in de-facto/partner visas? Thanks.
  13. ohsogrey

    Break down in defacto

    Hi, I moved to Sydney a couple of years ago with my defacto partner (also English). We moved here for his work and I've remained on his 457. Recently, our relationship has broken down and I'm thinking about going back to the UK. Although I can afford the flight back, I thought the condition of the visa is, the sponsor (my partners work) has to pay for the return flight. Can anyone tell me if that's correct? I wasn't sure if it only applied if we were both leaving? Can anyone recommend how I should go about arranging the flight with my ex's employer? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi Guys, I am in a defacto relationship and at some point in the future we may decide to go down the spouse/partner visa route. However my partner and I both agree that we don't want to complicate the situation so I am unsure what exactly the below questions are on page 2 of the EOI. Does it lead to the application being processed any differently? Also we don't have any necessary paperwork to prove the defacto at the moment. Maybe in a years time as my PR is granted and we have built up evidence it would be possible., When I applied for the 457 as well I had stated I was in a defacto but it never asked if we intended to apply together in a future application. What are your thoughts?
  15. I was granted my first stage partner visa in March, at the time i thought my worries were over because this visa has no work restrictions, and in 2 years time so long as my situation hasn't changed, i should be able to get permanent residency. I was working for a small business as a labourer/ Trade assistant and everything was going great, but that job has sadly dried up now and I have encountered the same problem as before when looking for work, I have been told that i am perfect for the job, but they don't like my visa status because i am not permanent resident, so far it has cost me 2 jobs for definite, not to mention the countless jobs which don't even let you get past the automated questions the minute you put your immi status in. Have other people had this problem!? Is this just me? I don't have a trade or any particular skills, my background is in retail but i would like to start an apprenticeship and learn a trade, but I cant see a way to do that if nobody will give you a chance until your PM is granted! Its putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance, let alone stopping us from saving for the wedding, and getting our own place and all the other things which no doubt they will want evidence of to grant the visa!! lol, end of rant. If anyone has any similar experience how did you get around this? what industry/ jobs have people managed to get employed in on 820 temporary visa!? any ideas about what to do in terms of learning a trade!? thanks for listening!
  16. Hi all and thanks for your time. Background info - Im British and my lady is Australian, we are living in london and applied for our difacto visa from here. We met in Australia nearly 2 years ago and have travelled Australia and NZ together and now here in the UK. We submitted our application on 31/05/12 and recieved our pic's and flight itineries back in the post as i believe he does not need to keep these once viewed. since this i have heard nothing else but he emailed me asking to do a phone interview! Looking to see what questions he will ask. If you can remember any, please post them. Thanks!
  17. Hi All, Not sure if there is another thread concerning the same thing (I couldn't find one), but I was hoping if anyone in the same boat as my partner and I could post their Partner visa 309 application timelines. My partner Ben and I submitted ours last week to the Australian embassy in England. It is complete with police checks etc. and has been paid for. At the moment I only have the embassy's website processing times to go by, but I have been told a few different things. Our close friends applied for the same visa and it was granted in 2 days! Also, our migration agent has suggested that ours could be processed in around 4-6 weeks as it is a pretty straight forward application. My partner and I have been together nearly 4 years, he is English and I am Australian by birth, neither of us have any criminal history, we have a house together etc and it is only him applying so it's pretty straight forward. Has anyone else been through this or currently going through the process? :-) Lauri
  18. Hi there, currently wading through all the material needed for an offshore defacto partner visa - it's quite stressful! :arghh: (I am applying offshore) We've had lots of friends who have offered to write statutory declarations for us but I am a bit confused as to what I should ask them to write! 1) Can they use this form or is this out of date http://www.ag.gov.au/Statutorydeclarations/Pages/Witnessingastatutorydeclaration.aspx The link to the 888 form on the partner migration booklet doesn't seem to work - does anyone have a working link? 2) What should they write? Are details of how they know us, social activities we've done together etc appropriate or are they just meant to write that they confirm that we are a real couple? Thanks for any help you can give!!!
  19. Hey. I am James, long time lurker, first time poster. I am wondering if there is anyone else out there is the same boat as me now that the students are enrolling for their next year of uni. I am currently on the 2nd year of my WHV, it will run out on August 2nd. One year ago I met an American student (doing a 2 year masters) in the hostel where I was working in Melbourne. We started a relationship almost immediately and everything has been fantastic since then. After the company I work for made it apparent that there was no chance of sponsorship for my role we started to look at other ways for me to stay. I was surprised to discover that foreign students on a 573 visa are allowed to add a family member or partner onto their visas when they apply, and this could be done at the end of her first year (she has to get passing grades in the first year to then apply for the 2nd year of her 573 visa). Well she smashed the first year and so we are collecting the application together currently. Have my UK police check, waiting on the Oz one. Am doing my medicals as late as possible to make them as valid as long as possible. Have the joint bank account and stat decs from Aussies and PRs saying they know we have been together since July/August. Registered the relationship with BM&D's. Only have lived together on paper since Dec (my employment at the hostel came with a room so didn't seem necessary). I have these conversation points though: Wills - We can get these if it helps our app, though it is a little pricey. If people think its a big bonus I will. Cash in Hand Employment - The first few months of our relationship I was supplementing my income with some off the books work in various fields. So my bank account transactions to confirm our relationship at that point are pretty much non existence, though we do have some evidence we did stuff, we just can't prove how we paid for stuff. Would a statement declaring this is why there are no eftpos receipts for this time be ok? Or should I just not mention it as it could damage my character? Looking at our app, other than the stat decs we have very little to show we were together except a couple of photos and mobile phone bills. Insurance - Currently I am covered by my travel insurance from the UK, do I have to upgrade to Australian medical cover? Financing - The visa jargon asks her to explain how she will support her partner financially. Her parents currently give her an allowance to pay the rent and my income covers bills, food and everything else. So she really doesn't support me financially at all. I support her I guess. What can anyone suggest on that circumstance? Has anyone been through this process before and what was it like? I am terrified that it will not work out, though I would be happy just to be on a bridging visa for the next 12 months just to stay with her. The last phone call I had with Immi was a little scary as they mentioned I might not be allowed an extended tourist visa as I have already been over here 24 months as a "tourist". Anyone in the same boat? Cheers
  20. Hi all, so happy I found this forum! I am applying for my unmarried partner visa offshore and I have some questions about medicals and police checks. 1) can you submit these later than the rest of the application? I know that they normally expire after a year. I see some people mention front loading their application by sending these in first but can you submit them later? 2) does the Australian partner need a medical and police checks too? My partner and I both lived in Japan for two years so I know I need to submit a Japanese police check but I am not sure if he needs one (I didn't see it mentioned in the Aus gov helpbook but have heard that for a defacto visa for NZ both partners need it done so wanted to check if it's the same). Good luck to everyone in the application process. The amount of work involved is somewhat daunting but it'll be worth it!
  21. Thanks guys for your time....stressed! (back ground info) me (UK) and my lady (aussie) just submitted our defacto application from the UK to the London high commission. we met when i was on a working holiday visa in OZ and have since traveled NZ and now the UK. Been together for 20 months. (problem number 1) Our case officer has asked us a week after submitting our application to provide extra evidence for joint residence. we supplied the usually, travel doc's/employment address/pic's/some bills.....what i thought to be a very strong application however, we have already submitted all evidence we had, i guess its a bit tricky as we were travailing we would opt out of having paper copies sent to us by mail for new accounts/flights etc as its all too common to have had previous tenants mail still being delivered after they have left - threat of identity cloning! Our accomodation was also on a casual week-by-week verbal agreement found on free-to-ad web sites. it would be all inclusive so rent covers all bills and cash payment. usually sub letting. we would also take time (3 months) out to road trip/holiday, therefore not having a address and also not expecting mail. we have also spent time living with each other's families (6 months) so again it would be rent free and i'm most cases a holiday time so again no mail/no bills. The family members we have stayed with have stated in there stat dec's we stayed with them. He asked us to draw a timeline and i colour coded it with the different living arrangements *living in own accommodation *living with family *on the road/hotel/hostel along with the events that have happened in our relationship. trying to make the "picture" clearer for him. What other info/proof can i supply my case officer with? i typed him a message explaining what i have just said but in more detail...will this cause our defacto application to be declined? (problem number 2) today, a week and 2 days after submitting our application our case officer has sent back by post our pic's together and flight itineraries and booking forms, why is this? The application asks for this, some of the flight itineraries had my partners mothers address on as its the address the credit card was registered to (not all itineraries/booking forms) as its easier to keep a "base" address as we were moving around soo much?! Thanks soo much for any input however big or small, even a "i had the same" would be a nice reply!
  22. Guest

    De Facto Marriage Visa

    My Partner and I are currently filling out all forms and information for the De Facto visa, We have been together 3 years and have all the relevant documentation to support this, I am the sponsor as I have permanent residency,we are both pretty young, me being just 23 and him 26, any information or advice on this visa please!? Thankyou!!
  23. Guest

    Partner sponsored Defcacto visa

    I have been gethering research from Immigration about our situation regarding the Defacto visa process, if anyone here is or was in a similar situation I would love to hear from you all: My partner and I have been in a defacto relationship from July 2011, we have have evidence of living together from 26th of July. Our relationship is recognised Defacto through the Defence Department as he is in the RAAF. Our problem is that I have to leave Australia on 11th July as that is when my current visa expires (I was on a WHV until April, now on an ETA visa) of course I don't want to keep entering the country on a tourist visa and risk being turned away, plus I can't not work for much longer! The week after I leave my partner has to go on a military exercise for about 6 weeks, hence why he cannot travel with me. My plan is to apply for a Defacto visa in the UK once we reach the 12 month mark, however I am worried that they will see us as not living permantly together. I have phoned immigration many times to get different opinions and have been told that as long as we have evidence of this work exercise and we can prove we are in contact etc. we shouldn't have a problem nad that they underdstand that couples can not always travel together. I have also been told that stating 'visa conditions' as a reason for not being in the same country is acceptable. We have lots of evidence of our relationship; defence recognised, holiday, finances, insurance etc. and feel we have a strong case. But these few weeks being apart our really starting to confuse and stress me, it seems it may just depend on the case officer and how they interpret the legislation and policy. If anyone has been in a similar situation please advise, I am trying to get as many opinions as possible. I do not want to throw money away by applying in the UK and then being told that we do not meet the requirement despite having all the evidence to show our relationship is genuine and continuing. Thanks
  24. Hi, my partner and I have been lurking in the shadows of PIO for what seems like years!!! She is an Aussie citizen, returning home, I'm coming in on the "I'm with her visa" (OK, the 309/100 sub-class). We have been planning this since 2006! The planets are aligning and at last we have been able to tell people - what a relief.......!! Living together for 8 years, so defacto visa no problem. Business interests in UK and Oz, so job not really a problem - though I may start on a contract job first to fill the coffers more! Location not firm yet, though will start in Rockingham, WA staying with family and use it as base-camp for road-trips (and air-trips!) to find the ideal piece of land. ETA in WA? Well....target August-October, visa and 'leave to remove' permitting..... Interested in hooking up with people that know the Rockingham area (we lived there for for almost a month, but only checked out the beach!). Info needed about schools (especially Rockingham Senior High - anyone got kids doing the maritime programme?), dentists, doctors etc. Woo-hoo!! We're on our way! And the GBP/AUD rate is FINALLY creeping in the right direction!
  25. Hi all, I am facing a bit of a dialemma at the moment. I have been in OZ for 4 years, as a back packer (1 year) then on a 457 visa for (2.5 years) that unfortunatly didnt end up going PR, i believe my skillls to be one that needs the 2 year probation period. In the end my partner sponsored me, we were together for 3.5 years but was only awarded tempory residancy for which i have a year to run on that. Things between me and my partner are not good and so it looks like we might split up. Questions- 1)Is there any way i can get the PR moved forward from the 2 year wait, my partner would be willing to sign off now. Is there an appeal process? 2)My skills needing the 2 years with an employer, as i did the 2 years for another company can i just apply for perm with another employer? If i go down the road of applying for my own skilled migrant visa, the wait outside of OZ is 2 years, is it quicker here? Do i need stay on the defacto or can i get a bridging visa? 3) I am 30 now, i have earn't my 2nd year working holiday visa, would i be able to take this up seeing as am 30 now? Any advice greatly recieved, i love Australia it is my home now and i don't want to go back now :-(