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Found 564 results

  1. welsh in oz

    defacto evidence confusion!

    Can anyone clear this up? Some people I've spoken to have sent in copies of bills / cards / photos etc as proof of the 12 month relationship requirement and others have sent originals, I am quite happy to send originals in but only if I will definately get them back. So, will the embassy in london definately send our things back or will they get rid of them?? Any answers would be great. Thanks, Naomi
  2. Hi, Just trying to fill out defacto spouse 47sp form and one of the questions is asking for my address in Oz for the second stage of the process. How do they expect me to know where i will be living over there before i get there? Intend to head to Sydney but don't have an address now! Can i leave this question blank or put "to be advised"? Help gratefully received...... Thanks. c
  3. welsh in oz

    Help with defacto spouse visa please !

    I'm in the process of filling in all the forms for the spouse temporary visa, it asks on question 9 for all previous visa numbers, I visited on a working visa which I have a number for, but I have no numbers for the two ETA visas I have had also, any advice on what to put? In fact, any advice at all on this visa would help us greatly....!!!! :smile:
  4. Guest

    Spouse Visa - De-Facto

    Hi Everyone, Myself and my partner (not married) are thinking of aplying for the Spouse Visa. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that has gone through it and can offer some advice? We have been together for a year now, but no joint accounts, we are renting, and have not signed a lease, our rent includes bills, so no bills in our names.... Real lack of evidence.............
  5. Guest

    de-facto partner work?

    Hello i have applied for my 175 visa and my partner is coming over as a de-facto partner she asked me today if she is allowed to work when we get there. i know it might be a silly question but i dont know the answer does anyone else know the answer?
  6. Guest

    Defacto Visa

    Hi everyone, My partner has applied for Subclass 175 visa. As we have only moved in together at my parents address in Jan 2008 so I have to go over on a working holiday visa. Does this mean tht untill we have been leaving together for 1 year i can only work temporary for 3 months at a time at a job. Also once we have lived together for 1 year and I can be sponsored is it a further 2 years before I wld be a prem resident? What is the cost of the visa? Any Help wld be great Laura And Matt :err:
  7. Guest

    Evidence for Defacto Visa

    Hi there, Is any one else in the postion of the Defeacto visa. Me & my b/f have only just moved in together at my parents house. What sort of proof do we need to confirm we are eligable for defacto visa in a year's time. We have opened a joint back account and have a rent book... Any advise would be great Laura & Matt
  8. Guest

    defacto visa

    Hi my name is jacqui and i have just recieved my visa to migrate under 136..hurray. BUT met my new partner 4 months ago, so all plans have changed and i have to wait longer. can anyone tell me if he can apply as a defacto partner after we have lived together for a year and if so will he be able to work as a painter and decorator his trade or any job under a defacto visa sa it will be more compliacted for him to apply as a trade person due to broken employment history whislt he travelled. all help welcomed as thanks
  9. Guest

    defacto relationship

    hi guys just wandering how much info do we need to give as we are in a defacto relationship been togther 7 years and getting married in 3 and half months but we hopefully would of sent off the 47sk before the deadline change so what do we have to hand over . thanks lisa and samuel x:swoon::wubclub:
  10. Morning All, Is there anyone living in London that is applying for a De-facto Visa to go to Oz with a partner/wife/husband? We are currently applying for it, boyf is aussie, I'm English. Chris is literally about ready to go back to Sydney whilst I wait here to see what the outcome is for our visa. Its quite a lonely time, no one really understands what I'm going through and what lays ahead. I was really wondering if anyone wanted to meet for a drink/coffee and talk it through together! Sammy :goofy:
  11. Guest

    interview for defacto visa

    Hello, Just wondered if anyone can help... Do they always ask for an interview for the de-facto visa? And at what stage do they do this? After the medicals and police checks go in, is there anything else that they ask for, or is the next step really the big YES! Thanks, Eva :biggrin:
  12. Guest

    De-facto Spouse

    Hey everyone, I've just started the first steps in applying for De-facto spouse visa, I'm English and my boyfriend is Aussie. Does anyone have a time frame of how long it could take for the visa to come through after its been lodged? I know it depends on your case and circumstances but just wondering what other people's experiences are? I don't know what I'd do without this site! Its so helpful and comforting. Thanks in advance, Sammy :wacko:
  13. Guest

    defacto evidence

    me again,have also been asked to gather evidence to prove me and oh are genuine,we have joint bank accounts and mortgage for last 18 months and our son bcert with both our names on it,any idea what else they could be after....have some pretty good poloroids from about 5 years back but dont think they would be after them would they:biglaugh:
  14. Guest

    Defacto Visas

    Hey people My partner and I plan on moving to Oz next October. I am aussie born and bred but have lived in the UK for 7 years. Has anyone here got in on a defacto visa? My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years, have lived together almost all this time, and have the documents to prove it. However we are young (I am 27, he is 25) and we do not want to get married for the sake of a visa unless we have to. I have got all the documents from Australia house and it seems a bit overwhelming, but we dont really want to pay thousands for an immigration service when we know we are legit. Can anyone shed some advice on what they went through, what we should expect, and, if your relationship is real, how easy it is. We have complete support from both families. I can understand why its so much harder applying for a defacto visa as we havent made that lifelong commitment yet...would we be better off applying for an engagement visa (we kinda are anyway, i just dont have a ring and we dont have a date). How much easier would it be if we got married first? I know i shouldnt be worried as we truely are real and we can prove it, but it just seems so overwhelming. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers!